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Hakufu Sonsaku

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Hakufu Sonsaku with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Ikki Tousen

The protagonist of the Ikki Tousen anime series. Hakufu Sonsaku is a busty attractive girl and powerful fighter who is also one of the strongest fighters at Nanyo Academy. She isn't very smart and is one of many female characters in the series who are unlucky victims of having their clothes ripping when fighting...

For the first anime series Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens, Hakufu was voiced by Carrie Savage. Battle Vixens was licensed by Geneon Entertainment and the English dub was produced by New Generation Pictures. Funimation Entertainment currently has the license for distribution.

For the second anime series Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, Hakufu was voiced by Debora Rabbai. Dragon Destiny was licensed by Media Blasters and the English dub was produced by Headline. Media Blasters choose not to rehire the New Generation Pictures cast and created a new English dub with local New York City talent.
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Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens (2004)
Hakufu SonsakuCarrie Savage
Carrie Savage
Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (2009)
Hakufu SonsakuDebora Rabbai
Debora Rabbai


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said at 2:17 PM on Tue Apr 29 2014
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Carrie Savage is excellent as Hakufu. She brings the sweet and likeable aspect to the character while maintaining Hakufu's eager to fight character as well.

Debora Rabbai wasn't bad by any means. I just think that her version is as likeable as Carrie's IMO. I think that Lisa Ortiz would have been a better choice. She could easily pull off the high-pitched sweet and likeable voice as Carrie could.
said at 2:42 AM on Wed Apr 30 2014
@Fulgore2005 *isn't as likeable
said at 2:13 PM on Thu Oct 3 2013
Debora Rabbai's take is ALOT less likable than Carrie Savage's. Carrie Savage FTW!
said at 12:33 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
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Carrie's voice had a bit more character, and her overall performance is pretty classic, but Debora's voice wasn't too bad either, though her acting could've used some work.
said at 1:36 AM on Wed Oct 31 2012
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Carrie Savage going to voice again for the the last two seasons? so glad to see he her again!
said at 6:59 PM on Mon Jul 16 2012
carrie savage all the way she has the best voice for hakufu when i listened to the show i noticed it right away and thought the show was horrible with new voice actors
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Carrie Savage
Debora Rabbai