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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Gruffi Gummi with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 23 2010
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985)
Gruffi GummiCorey Burton
Corey Burton
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985)
Gruffi GummiBill Scott
Bill Scott


Ah yes as for the 2nd Gummi Bears VC we have the more practical minded realist of the Gummi Bears whom is well lets just say a rather bit of a grouch but does have a soft side as well namely Gruffi Gummi! Granted one could point out that for a bear named "Gruffi" neither one of them sounds all that gruff but fortunately the fine quality make that a very minor detail. Anyways in the first season of the series he was voiced by the late great Bill "Bullwinkle Moose" Scott in which this role is a somewhat interesting change of pace for his work to be honest. Bill's voice for Gruffi and his performance suited Gruffi's personality whom is a bear that is rarely amused but is deep down a kind creature despite his not-so friendly disposition. Its probably one of Bill's better performances and is a fine example of the VA quality in the show.

However Gummi Bears was for the most part the late Bill Scott's last show in which he died in the mid 80s so after the 1st season Corey Burton took over the role for the rest of the series ever since the 2nd Season Premiere "Up, Up and Away". And I must say that Corey Burton was a fine replacement in which he did do well in trying to sound like the late great Bill Scott (though there is a little bit of a noticeable difference such as Corey's Gruffi voice sounds a bit younger. But hey I'm not complaining especially considering on how there was a 35 year age difference between the two guys.) But still Corey's performance was also quite suitable as it definitely reflects well on how Gruffi was always a bit of a hardcase whom can show a soft side. And its not only a classic example of Corey's work but also a fine example of the show's great voice acting, so overall I am not entirely sure who to go with here as both did rather well for the role.



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said at 9:51 AM on Thu May 29 2014
I wonder if John DiMaggio would make a good Gruffi?
said at 11:35 PM on Thu Aug 2 2012
Funny how they're both born on August 2nd.
said at 11:16 PM on Sun Jun 3 2012
I prefer Corey Burton because his voice for Gruffi is nothing like the voices we all know and love
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 4:31 AM on Sat Sep 25 2010
I see the Corey Burton fans have made an appearance! haha I like both of them as actors but I truly like Scott more on this role!
said at 11:27 PM on Sun Jun 3 2012
@OptimusSolo Can you imagine Corey as Tigger?
That would be really odd
said at 1:23 AM on Fri Sep 24 2010
The same that I have been using namely Freecorder (with the occasional use of Mediaconverter). Maybe its just due to the quality of the video that I got the audio from (but it didn't seem too awful to me though but then again I guess I am not a big enough stickler for these things). But then again I pick which vids I could find so I suppose the Corey clip isn't perfect but I was able to understand it enough to go with it. I suppose we could change the Corey clip if possible but it didn't seem to be too much of a bother.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 11:49 PM on Thu Sep 23 2010
What are you using to record sound these days - The recordings you have added lately have had lots of hiccups, scratches, static etc which never used to happen before
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Bill Scott
Corey Burton