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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Green Lantern / Guy Gardner with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Green Lantern

Guy Gardner is one of the various members of the Green Lantern Corps whose comic book debut was in Green Lantern Volume 2 #59 in March of 1968. Guy was originally a back-up member of the Green Lanterns for Hal Jordan but he did become a full-time Green Lantern (and is occasionally depicted as a Justice League Member as well). In the 1980's Guy became a parody of the really Macho Hot-Blooded American Man and is often considered to be obnoxious and this has been his known persona since the 80's. But still despite how abrasive Guy can be he is still very much a hero and a good member of the Green Lanterns. 
Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 9 2012
Special thanks to Foxwolf for additional sound clips.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
Green Lantern / Guy GardnerJames Arnold Taylor
James Arnold Taylor
Superman: Red Son (2009)
Green Lantern / Guy GardnerJim Meskimen
Jim Meskimen
DC Universe Online (2011)
Green Lantern / Guy GardnerJoey Hood
Joey Hood
Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2012)
Green Lantern / Guy GardnerDiedrich Bader
Diedrich Bader


Alright folks here in the Green Lantern VC section we take a look at... GUY GARDNER! Lets get this started!

James Arnold Taylor- As much as I normally like JAT's work in this show I do have some mixed feelings here as I do think that his voice for the role is perhaps a bit too high. Though JAT's performance did have a good sense of energy though (and while I am aware that Guy is suppose to be obnoxious in this show sometimes JAT does it a little too well). But JAT's work on the role is certainly not bad though as it does fit Guy's depiction on the show but its not one of JAT's better works.

Jim Meskimen- Jim's voice for the role was kind of generic, but to be fair his acting was pretty good as he does a pretty good job in playing Guy as a rather scared soldier pretty well. However its only an okay example of his work and of the voice work in that Motion Comic.

Joey Hood- I was actually rather pleasantly surprised with Joey's work as his voice actually felt rather natural for the role as it does suit Guy's rather brawny persona. I also liked on how Joey's performance does sound strong and commanding as a Soldier who needs your help and is one of Joey's better performances in that game.

Overall I am actually going with Joey this time as James and Jim are an okay second.



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8000 Saiyans
said at 7:19 AM on Thu Dec 21 2017
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Diedrich is the best.
said at 6:50 PM on Wed Dec 20 2017
1. JAT
2. Bader
3. Meskimen
said at 9:56 PM on Thu Jun 22 2017
1. Diedrich Bader
2. James Arnold Taylor
said at 6:56 AM on Sat Jan 9 2016
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Guy Gardner can be such a jerk but he can also be a fun kind of jerk, when he's great....he's really great.

Diedrich Bader is no stranger to voicing jerk jocks but what I think separates him from the rest is that he has a great amount of charisma and most importantly likeability as Guy. He wasn't the first voice I was exposed to but he was the one that resonated with me the most. If I were to read the comics, it's his voice I'd most likely hear. Bader really is a fantastic VA between doing Guy and Batman.

Joey Hood sounds a bit too deep sounding but it does fit the role quite well.

James Arnold Taylor was the first voice for Guy I ever heard but I never found his take that likeable. I know it was intentional made to be unlikable but his voice just doesn't fit Guy the right way Diedrich does.

Jim Meskimen works for The Red Son version but he's easily the weakest here as he isn't even close to the traditional portrayal.

Overall I believe Diedrich Bader owns this voice compare and thus gets my vote.

BONUS: I could totally see someone like Trevor Devall, Troy Baker or Wayne Grayson bring out the likeability in this jerkass. Under the right direction someone like Jason Marsden could work really well too.
said at 9:08 AM on Sat Aug 8 2015
Along with Hal Jordan and Alan Scott, Guy has always been one of my favorite GLs. All of them do good in the role, but Eric Meyers (who played Guy on BBC's "Doomsday and Beyond" radio drama) and Diedrich Bader are PERFECT CASTING CHOICES!!!!!

1) Eric Meyers (BBC DC radio dramas)
2) Diedrich Bader
3) James Arnold Taylor
4) Jim Meskimen
5) Joey Hood
said at 12:57 AM on Sun Dec 24 2017
@Starscreamsfan I can't help but be impressed by your knowledge of audio dramas and radio plays.
said at 2:55 AM on Sun Dec 24 2017
@nikipotamus Thank you.
said at 8:11 AM on Tue Jan 21 2014
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I wonder if T.J. Miller would make a good Gu Gardner?
said at 8:18 PM on Sun Sep 14 2014
@Finister2 I always felt that Patrick Warburton might be good in the role.
said at 3:55 PM on Wed Jan 23 2013
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Diedrich Bader was obnoxious yet heroic plus he was funny. Joey Hood is also good.
said at 5:49 PM on Sat Sep 21 2013
@pete Not to disagree, but I gave this one to James Arnold Taylor, because seems like he's sort of a jerk.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 8:09 PM on Mon Jan 21 2013
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1. Diedrich Bader- I'm a big fan of his and performance here is a good example why. FIrst off he plays the role of the jock douchebag really well, you disliked him but not to the point where he enraged you. THough I loved how the show didn't jsut make him a jerk jock, he had a charming and relatable side and Bader did wonders with it. He flowed into the relatable side to jerk side really well.

2. Joey Hood- He does sound like quarterback that's gown up and he does sound arrogont, brash and bossy without overdoing it.

3. James Arnold Taylor- Not his better work, it's a bit too much on how much of a jerk Guy is and he barley differs from his Green Arrow in fact it's just his Green Arrow with some gruffness. Could have been better.

4. Jim Meskimen- He was just kinda generic and doesn't really show any of Guy's personalities
said at 5:33 PM on Thu Oct 4 2012
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Diedrich had a charisma to his role, but he didn't really feel like Guy. It was too smooth to be Guy, from what I've read of guy he's not like how he was in GLTAS
said at 10:35 AM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@GothamRed Guy's a bit a jerk, but he's a jerk with a good heart, and Diedrich portrayed that well.
said at 3:58 PM on Thu Oct 4 2012
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Cant go wrong with Batman as Guy Gardner. :D

Why do I feel that Nolan North would've voiced Guy Gardner?
said at 6:40 PM on Sat Jul 6 2013
Nolan would be absolutely perfect! :D
said at 2:50 PM on Thu Oct 4 2012
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I think Diedrich Bader is the best guy so i'm voting for him.
said at 1:03 PM on Thu Oct 4 2012
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Diedrich Bader was better as Guy, so I'm gonna change my vote to him.
said at 7:43 AM on Thu Oct 4 2012
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Diedrich Bader was awesome in GLTAS. He gets my vote. :-D
said at 1:41 AM on Thu Jul 12 2012
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Can't wait to hear Diedrich Bader's take on Guy in the Green Lantern series!
said at 4:18 AM on Thu Jul 12 2012
@D.A.V.E. Kinda funny considering Batman one-hit KO-ing Guy in that episode of Brave and the Bold, and now he's on the receiving end of the Dark Knight's "hammers of justice". XD
said at 2:55 AM on Wed Jul 11 2012
It's to hard to choose. Joey Hood and James Arnold Taylor sound perfect.
said at 12:27 AM on Tue Jul 10 2012
Gonna go with James Arnold Taylor for Guy.
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