Golgo 13 / Duke Togo
Golgo 13 Golgo 13

Golgo 13 / Duke Togo

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Golgo 13 / Duke Togo with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Golgo 13

Golgo 13 is the code name of the world's greatest assassin. His real name is not known but he is known by the pseudonym Duke Togo. His age and birthplace are unknown as well but he is suspected to be of Asian ethnicity or at least half Asian. In one episode is was stated he might be half Japanese and half Brazilian.

Golgo 13's payment for a mission is always millions of dollars. Most of his jobs are completed by using a customized M16 rifle.

He is in peak physical condition and his shooting skills can only be described as "God-like" and "impossible".

Golgo 13 is also very intelligent and always analyzes all things when in a situation such as camera men, other snipers, escape routes and preparing a confirmed alibi if taken into custody on suspected charges.

He has never failed an assignment and always completes his contract (even if his client dies or the odds are against him).

Golgo 13 rarely shows any emotion and can easily scare people with just a glance.

Golgo 13 is also a very cautious man. Some of his habits are checking to make sure his client isn't a former enemy and to never let ANYONE stand behind him.

"Don't stand behind him... if you value your life."
Created by Jackson_H on Sep 19 2010
The Professional: Golgo 13 (1992)
Golgo 13 / Duke TogoGregory Snegoff
Gregory Snegoff
Golgo 13: Queen Bee (2001)
Golgo 13 / Duke TogoJohn DiMaggio
John DiMaggio
Golgo 13 (2010)
Golgo 13 / Duke TogoDavid Wald
David Wald


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said at 3:29 AM on Tue Feb 20 2018
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John DiMaggio's my favorite. Once again it's a case of an actor going out of his comfort zone and he sounds so badass here. One of my favorite roles from him to date.

David Wald is alright but sounds too gruff at times and Gregory Snegoff is generic at best.
said at 8:14 PM on Fri Sep 22 2017
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John DiMaggio sounds cool and badass in the clip I got to watch that movie
said at 3:32 PM on Fri Aug 19 2016
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1. John DiMaggio
2. David Wald
3. Gregory Snegoff
said at 2:11 PM on Thu Mar 10 2016
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I like them all actually.
said at 12:10 PM on Wed Jun 11 2014
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DiMaggio really goes against his usual type and range here, and I dig it. It's a very engrossing, alluring, yet intimidating and emotionless voice.
said at 10:24 PM on Sun Jul 21 2013
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David Wald hands down.
said at 1:08 PM on Thu May 30 2013
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John DiMaggio is the only one who really nails the character. Gregory Snegoff sounds like a typical eighties action hero, and David Wald puts too much force into it and he sounds a little too angry. John DiMaggio is the best at sounding like an expressionless killer and by far the most intimidating.
said at 12:58 PM on Mon May 20 2013
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Difficult to say which voices matched this character perfectly, Sneoff & Dimaggio's voices seemed to blend very nicely with this character.

Snegoff adding something of a stern feel to duke, Dimaggio adding a much more deeper and lower feel to the character, Wald's voice though just does not work for the character and sounds like he is doing a Christian Bale Batman and the gruff voice does not work for a character like this.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:39 PM on Wed Mar 7 2012
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John is my favourite.
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Gregory Snegoff
John DiMaggio
David Wald