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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Hanzui with sound clips and images.
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Hanzui is one of the antagonists of the Giant Robo Anime OVA and a member of the Evil Organization Big Fire's Magnificent Ten. However while he is known as "The Evil Messiah" unlike most of the other antagonists in the story he doesn't really seem all that evil as he seems to be more of an Anti-Villain. When Hanzui was first introduced he is concerned of where is Alberto the Shockwave and questions the actions of Genya and Cho-Katsu Komei on whether if their plans are really good for Big Fire. Hanzui also takes care of Sunny the Magician whom is Alberto the Shockwave's daughter, Sunny refers to Hanzui as an uncle but it is unclear if Hanzui is actually a relative of hers.
Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 26 2011
Giant Robo: The Animation (1993)
HanzuiEric Stuart
Eric Stuart
Giant Robo: The Animation (1993)
HanzuiTom Wyner
Tom Wyner


Today on the Giant Robo VC section we have a little something here for this member of the "Magnificent Ten" whom is none other than... HANZUI THE EVIL MESSIAH! We shall of course start this one off with the 90's dub of the OVA from U.S Manga with Tom Wyner whom voiced the Messiah here. First of all I must say that Tom was a rather suitable casting choice for the role as he does have a rather distinguished older male voice for the role that sounds refined but not too stuffy at all. Tom Wyner's performance for the role was also rather suiting as it did have an older Gentleman feel but also suited on how Hanzu was very determined to find the answers he needs and to protect those he cares for. So in short Tom Wyner's performance as Hanzui is probably one of the better performances in the 90s dub and it does reflect on how Hanzui at least doesn't seem to be living up to his title.

In the 2000's dub of the OVA done by Media Blasters/Anime Works Eric Stuart has taken over the role here. Now I like Eric Stuart, really I do however to be honest as far as his voice for Hanzui goes it is why I think Eric was kind of miscast for the role here. Eric Stuart's voice for the role felt a bit too inconsistent as his Hanzui voice can go from a little too similar to his Seto Kaiba voice to somewhat like his Seto Kaiba voice but deeper. As much as I normally like Eric Stuart's work here his voice feels a bit too strange for the role and there are NY voice talent whom would have most likely been more suitable for the role. But to be fair at least Eric Stuart's performance for the role did have a good nobleman feel (even if it did sound a bit too young for the role). Overall this time I am clearly going with the 90's dub as I feel that Tom Wyner's performance for the role is clearly the better one here.



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said at 1:54 AM on Tue May 1 2018
Eric Stuart has a good nobleman feel but his voice is rather Kaiba-esque to be honest.

Tom Wyner sounds a little more distinctive.
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Tom Wyner
Eric Stuart