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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Torch with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 23 2011
G.I. Joe (1985)
TorchFrank Welker
Frank Welker
G.I. Joe Sigma Six (2005)
TorchTed Lewis
Ted Lewis
G.I. Joe: Renegades (2010)
TorchMatthew Yang King
Matthew Yang King


Here is yet another Voice Compare for one of the Dreadnoks from G.I Joe and this time its for that Australian Pyromaniac.. TORCH! We shall being with the original series in which Torch was one of the various characters voiced by Frank Welker. Unlike some ofthe other Dreadnoks whom are European such as Buzzer and Monkeywrench, Torch is an Australian whom is generally known as a illiterate dumb brute (even though he is rather knowledgeable about Flamethrowers.) Torch (alike Wild Bill) is a fine example over how Frank Welker can handle accents as he does a pretty good Australian accent for Torch here. I admit I suppose the tone in Frank's Torch voice is a maybe a little high for a fairly big burly man like Torch but the tone of his Torch voice is moderate and Frank was still able to get his voice to work for the role pretty well. While Torch much like most of the other Dreadnoks had a rather secondary sense of presence unlike their leader Zartan, Frank Welker's performance does make Torch one of the more memorable Dreadnoks.

During the mid-2000's Torch (and Buzzer) were the older Dreadnoks who actually got a speaking role in G.I Joe Sigma Six in which Torch was voiced by J. David Brimmer. While Torch did get to have a speaking role he well had a very small amount of lines in the series. While I am aware that Torch was never all that much of a prominent character to begin with but he and Buzzer didn't really get to have all that many lines. (Granted the Dreadnoks were kind of lucky to even get screen-time as after the original series Zartan was usually the only Dreadnok to actually appear in G.I Joe productions after the original series.) I suppose David's voice for Torch was a little too high (but to be fair its probably so he won't sound too similar to his Machete voice) but other than that its okay. Namely on how David also tried to do the rough Australian accent for Torch but his attempt at the accent seemed okay at best. But of course like I said before Torch barely had any lines in Sigma Six so its not like J. David Brimmer had all that much to work with but while what we got was okay but I could've pictured it going better.

Now for G.I Joe Renegades in which Matthew Yang King takes over the role of Torch and I must say its kind of a mixed bag here. I understand that Torch has a different design in this series and all that but still Matthew's Torch voice seems to be WAY too nasally to me and doesn't seem fitting to his look in this series at all. Granted much like his Sigma Six counterpart Torch didn't have all that many lines in G.I Joe Renegades either but still Matthew does seem like a bit of a miscast here for the role of Torch. Don't get me wrong I am not calling Matthew Yang King a bad VA as he does a good job with Tunnel Rat but still well to be fair I did like Matthew's maniacal laughter as Torch at least so that is one good thing about his performance as Torch. Overall while the voice work in G.I Joe Sigma Six and Renegades can be very good I am clearly going with the original series in this case with Frank Welker here. 



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said at 3:28 AM on Sun Apr 29 2018
Frank Welker's pretty fun in the role, he has a nice Aussie accent and gets the pyromaniac tendencies down.

Matt Yang King's take is odd since he seems to be going for a Southern accent but it works well for his version Anyways and Ted Lewis is rather generic.
said at 11:30 AM on Sun Apr 29 2018
In Renegades, the Dreadnoks were a Southern biker gang.
said at 12:48 PM on Sat Oct 28 2017
VC thoughts update

Frank Welker is tons of fun in the role. His raspy, gravelly voice with that accent fits Torch perfectly.

Matthew Yang King works for his version.

Ted Lewis is meh.
8000 Saiyans
said at 12:16 PM on Sat Oct 28 2017
Frank Welker is just amazing as Torch. He has a great Australian accent and really captures this pyromaniac to a tee.

The others are fine, but not as great as Welker.
said at 11:04 PM on Thu Jan 26 2017
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Frank Welker definitely gets Torch's pyromaniac tendencies down best of the group with a really believable Australian accent to boot.

Ted Lewis' impression is decent enough, if a bit generic, and Matthew Yang King's take seems like he's going for a Southern accent, which is a little strange for Torch but it works in its own way with the different design for him.
said at 5:27 PM on Mon Jun 20 2016
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1. Frank Welker
2. Ted Lewis
3. Matthew Yang King
said at 8:28 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
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1) Frank Welker
2) Matthew Yang King
3) Ted Lewis
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Frank Welker
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