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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Sgt Savage with sound clips and images.
Franchise: G.I. Joe

(Note: A lot of sites claim that Michael Donovan voiced Sgt Savage in Sgt Savage and his Screaming Eagles but its pretty clear that this is false.)
Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 10 2011
G.I. Joe Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles (1994)
Sgt. SavageScott McNeil
Scott McNeil
G.I. Joe Extreme (1995)
Sgt. SavageMichael Dobson
Michael Dobson


Today on the G.I Joe VC section we have a little something from a G.I Joe character from the mid-90's in which we will actually start this off with the DTV movie Sgt Savage and his Screaming Eagles with Scott McNeil as the eponymous Sargent here. Granted Scott's Sgt Savage is very much like his Piccolo voice but I am not complaining as I do think that it genuinely fits St Savage rather well. Scott's voice and performance suited on how Savage is a big gruff soldier but also works on how Savage is a man from WW2 that has awaken into the future and is really trying to adjust to this. Scott's overall voice and performance gave off a good mixture of Gruffness and Humanity that work well and is one of the better performances in that DTV movie.

In G.I Joe Extreme, Sgt. Savage Michael Dobson takes over the role here. Granted Extreme had a different continuity (but the biggest difference is that the Extreme version of Savage didn't have a "Frozen WW2 Super Solider" back-story.) Anyways Michael Dobson also does a suitably gruff voice for the role as well. Michael Dobson plays the role of Savage as a loyal soldier whom may not always trust his team-mates but is genuinely willing to do the right thing. While its not one of Michael Dobson's best gruff voiced roles but it is a good example of his work especially if you view his performance by its own merits. Overall while I liked Scott McNeil's performance in this role more but both of these guys did well here.



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said at 5:24 PM on Sat Oct 28 2017
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Scott really sounds like a war hero here. Mike isn't bad, but Scott is much more memorable.
8000 Saiyans
said at 5:11 PM on Sat Oct 28 2017
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1. Scott
2. Michael
said at 10:48 AM on Sun Apr 10 2016
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Scott McNeil brings a lot of depth to the role of Sgt. Savage. He sounds very genuine in depiction IMO.

Michael Dobson honestly comes off as generic IMO.

Scott has my vote.

BONUS: I think Patrick Warburton could be a cool voice for Sgt. Savage.
said at 8:59 AM on Mon Nov 2 2015
1. Michael Dobson
2. Scott McNeil
said at 8:25 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
1) Scott McNeil
2) Michael Dobson
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Scott McNeil
Michael Dobson