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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Mac with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Mac is one of the main characters of the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends franchise who has been in the series right from the start. Mac is the creator of Imaginary Friend Bloo (and Cheese) and is a kind smart and somewhat shy 10 year old boy in which Bloo was pretty much his only friend until Mac befriended the good folks at Fosters. Mac is a genuinely kind boy who has befriended the likes of Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Frankie Foster (whom he actually has quite the crush on). Although Mac is often annoyed by Bloo's antics Mac is a good loyal friend to Bloo and while Bloo may now reside in the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Bloo is technically still with Mac since Mac visits him everyday.
Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 28 2012
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004)
MacSean Marquette
Sean Marquette
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion (2011)
MacGrey DeLisle
Grey DeLisle


Today on the Fosters VC section we take a look at one of the main characters in the series... MAC! Let us begin...

Sean Marquette- Mac is easily one of Sean's more renowned roles and is quite possibly his most renowned performance and I can see why. Sean's boyish voice for the role does certainly work as his performance does suit Mac's kind persona rather well and is a fine example of the voice work in the show.

Grey Deslisle- First of all I do actually like the fact that Grey didn't really try to sound like Sean as her voice actually does work with the role quite well. Its actually kind of a shame that Grey didn't really have all that much material to work with here as her performance did suit Mac's pretty well.

Overall I will go with Sean here but Grey is a very close second and I would probably have liked her work a bit more if Mac had a bit more lines in the PTE games.  



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said at 3:38 AM on Wed Jan 31 2018
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Sean without a shadow of a doubt, Grey sounded too girly and generic.
said at 3:37 PM on Mon Jan 29 2018
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Mac was also voiced by Mac's mom
*Palpatine voice* Ironic.
said at 5:20 PM on Fri Dec 1 2017
Sean really fit Mac well, and seemed to improve as time went on, unlike the show itself.
said at 8:56 PM on Tue Feb 9 2016
Sean was much more distinctive and unique.

Grey is decent, but really flat sounding and generic.
Silly Sally
said at 8:11 PM on Sat Jul 4 2015
Grey DeLisle was annoying and generic in this role, and Sean Marquette was great.
said at 6:30 AM on Thu Dec 25 2014
Grey sounds rather girly
said at 9:18 PM on Sat Mar 23 2013
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Sean easily.
said at 10:01 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
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I have to go with Sean on this one
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 1:33 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
Grey sounds a little winy, Sean was pretty good and sounded natural.
said at 10:33 AM on Sun Jul 29 2012
Actually, Mac's 8. As for the VC, it's a tie but I'm siding with Marquette a little more...
said at 11:11 PM on Sat Jul 28 2012
Definitely Sean. Though Grey could've been good if she had more material to work with.
said at 9:21 PM on Sat Jul 28 2012
I'll go with Sean since he probably was young boy or pre teen when he made Foster's. Grey Delisle isn't bad but tries too hard at a young boy and I would have picked someone like Tara Strong or someone else used to voicing young boys. Geanted like Pokejedservo said she might be better if she had more material.
said at 12:17 PM on Tue Aug 20 2013
Grey's was recorded for Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. Tara already provided the voice for Dexter, Bubbles, Buttercup, Cheese where as Grey did Blossom & Mandy. Tara basically used her boyish voice for Chowder. It's weird that they didn't switch Tara & Grey's roles around.
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Sean Marquette
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