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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Cheese with sound clips and images.
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Cheese is one of the various Imaginary Friends in Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends in which  Cheese appeared in the 20th episode of the series "Mac Daddy". Mac originally thought that he accidentally created Cheese and is therefore Bloo's younger brother in which they were both not pleased about this (especially Bloo) however Cheese was actually created by one of Mac's neighbors a girl named Louise.  Cheese is a rather strange-mannered Imaginary Friend who has a love of Chocolate Milk and is often considered to be incredibly obnoxious by just about everyone at Fosters due to Cheese's hyperactive antics. While Cheese's hyperactive stupidity is a very consistent attribute of his whether he is a somewhat harmless pest or a rather destructive one does kind of depend on the episode.
Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 29 2012
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004)
CheeseCandi Milo
Candi Milo
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion (2011)
CheeseTara Strong
Tara Strong


Today on the Fosters Home VC we take a look at this somewhat infamous Imaginary Friend... CHEESE! Let us begin...

Candi Milo- Candi's voice for the role does work for a rather deranged child-like creature rather well. As Candi's performance did suit Cheese's hyperactive persona rather well (whether if Cheese is being energetically eccentric to a borderline insane sociopath). Anyways its a fine example of Candi's work and of the voice work in the show.

Tara Strong- People have complained that Tara's Cheese voice is basically "her Timmy Turner voice but sound stupid" but to be honest I actually don't mind that as her voice for the role does work with the role. Tara's performance also suits Cheese's demented child-like persona rather well. (However despite the fact that a good portion of Cheese's lines are him screaming, Cheese is not as much of a pest in this game as he is in the show which does kind of help Tara's work on the role a little.) Anyways Tara's work as Cheese is one of the better stand-in performances in that game I will say that much.

Overall I suppose I will go with Candi but Tara is a very close second here.



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said at 8:30 PM on Wed Jan 25 2017
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Never liked Cheese, but I always thought Candi Milo's performance as him was pretty good & fitting for his wacky and eccentric nature.

Tara Strong's performance sounds like Timmy Turner on a sugar rush to me, total miscast.
said at 10:15 PM on Fri Sep 16 2016
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1. Candi Milo: As annoying as Cheese is, Milo's portrayal is more tolerable and child-like.
2. Tara Strong: Umm... Why am I picturing a dumbed down hyperactive Timmy Turner?!
Shaun Ince
said at 6:24 PM on Fri Jun 17 2016
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As annoying as Cheese was in this show, Candi Milo makes this performance so hilarious, that I can't hate it in it's entirety. Just great overall.

Tara Strong- Sounds like a crazier version of her Timmy Turner voice.
said at 5:43 PM on Fri Jun 17 2016
Candi Milo voices Cheese?
said at 8:52 PM on Tue Feb 9 2016
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Candi was much better, even if it could get a bit annoying.

Tara...oh dear...not fitting at all, sounds like a more hyperactive, insane version of Timmy Turner.
Silly Sally
said at 8:14 PM on Sat Jul 4 2015
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Real Cheese vs. evil Timmy Turner with no brain cells.

Hmm... who to vote for....
said at 7:28 AM on Wed Dec 10 2014
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Candi, Tara's sounds like Cheese is snorting pixie sticks
said at 6:55 PM on Thu Dec 26 2013
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I love Tara and all, but Candi's voice for Cheese was way better in my opinion.
said at 9:19 PM on Sat Mar 23 2013
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Candi is better.
said at 10:44 AM on Tue Jul 31 2012
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"I'm a lady!"

Apparently you are. XD
said at 2:13 AM on Mon Jul 30 2012
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Tara's sounds like Timmy Turner after snorting crack.
said at 3:50 AM on Mon Jul 30 2012
@Cartoon_fan87 I wonder why Candi was unable to voice Cheese and Dexter in this game
said at 5:18 PM on Mon Jul 30 2012
@MatthewC17 Most likely they hired a cheaper VA to save money or they couldn't contact her or she had personal matters to attend to. I think it's the same reason why certain VA's didn't reprise their roles.
said at 1:06 AM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@pete Simple: The game's producers were saving money on voice actors by only using a small staple of sound-a-likes.
said at 5:32 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 This is Candi's reaction to this: Wow - would love to know who cast and voice-directed this. They are permanently on my **** LIST. I love Tara, but shame, shame, shame... I was never contacted for this project.

Sorry if she used that language but it's her reaction
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:57 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@MatthewC17 Well, at least she's honest about her opinions. Anyway, it provides some interesting insight into how this game was cast and even developed.

I'm guessing that the game likely didn't have a huge budget to begin with (since it's a relatively low-key fighting game that likely doesn't have emphasis on voice acting), so most of the budget was probably spent on licensing and actual development (you know, programming, concepts, the basics). Voice actors I'd assume were a lower priority.
said at 6:37 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@MatthewC17 Based on your previous bogus comments about Michele Knotz being pissed at Rachael Lillis over "stealing her role", I have no reason to believe that your quote here is true.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:43 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 I wouldn't be surprised if it is real based on some of the things she's said on Twitter, but yeah, it might not be legit now that you mention it. Some picture proof would be nice.
said at 6:49 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
I don't have PhotoBucket so deviantART will have to suffice
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:01 PM on Tue Jul 31 2012
@MatthewC17 Cool, thanks for the link.
said at 12:11 AM on Mon Jul 30 2012
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Candi Milo is the true Cheese
Tara Strong like most people said is Timmy Turner dummed down
said at 11:48 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
Tara, I love you, but Candi's got this down.
said at 10:43 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
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when I hear tara's cheese voice, all I hear is timmy turner, but sans brain
said at 10:35 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
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In addition to my previous comment I'm going with Candi as her voice made the character what he is and made him somewhat popular appearing in commercials, a Macy's float, and even on billboards though Tara is a good replacement.
said at 10:33 PM on Sun Jul 29 2012
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Is that supposed to be the Foster's theme in the background of Terra's clip? Do all or anymore levels have the respective show's theme in the background?
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