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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Molecule Man with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Fantastic Four

Molecule Man is one of the various members of the Fantastic Four's Rogues Gallery whom made his Comic Book debut in Fantastic Four Volume 1 #20 in November of 1963. Molecule Man was once a man by the name of Owen Reece whom was a weak-willed bitter man whom was a disgruntled laboratory technician at a nuclear plant but thanks to an accident with a particle generator he was then given the powers he has as Molecule Man. Molecule Man has the powers of Molecular manipulation and one of the first things he did after he got his powers was to try to take over New York in which he ended up picking a fight with the Fantastic Four and won at first (until Reed Richards figured out how to beat him with help from Alicia Masters and Uatu the Watcher). The energy that has given Molecule Man his powers is from the same power source as the Cosmic Cube (such as the Beyonder)  but is also known for being with the fiery super villainess Volcana. 
Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 17 2012
Fantastic Four (1967) (1967)
Molecule ManHenry Corden
Henry Corden
The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)
Molecule ManFred Stoller
Fred Stoller


Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! Today in the Fantastic Four VC section we take a look at this green (and purple) costumed foe... MOLECULE MAN! Lets begin...

Henry Corden- Henry's voice and performance for the role was pretty good (even though his voice did occasionally slip into his Fred Flintstone voice). The only problem I had with Henry's work on the role is that his laugh was a little too high pitched in which it sounded kind of annoying to be honest. But other than that Henry's work as Molecule Man is a decent example of the late great Henry Corden's work.

Fred Stoller- Decent but it does come off as Fred Stoller basically playing himself (in which the special guest voice talent normally does try to  get into character). But to be fair Fred's work on the role is not really bad though its for like an average example of the voice work in the show.

Overall neither one of these guys is seemingly perfect for the role but I will easily go with Henry Corden a bit more here.



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said at 6:21 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
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1) Henry Corden
2) Fred Stoller
said at 9:40 PM on Sun Feb 10 2013
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Henry Corden appeals to me more.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 5:15 PM on Thu Mar 22 2012
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I normally don't like older voices but I do like Henry's take on the character even if it's not perfect
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Who do you think has been the best from these Molecule Man voice actors?
Henry Corden
Fred Stoller