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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Mad Thinker with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Fantastic Four

The Mad Thinker is a Marvel Comics supervillain who debuted in Fantastic Four #15 (June 1963). Much of the Mad Thinker's past, including his real name, is unknown, but he began his criminal career by fighting the Fantastic Four. He had used his intellect and advanced computers to plan out the best way to defeat them and gather the crime bosses together under his rule. Nevertheless, he was defeated by the Fantastic Four and was sent to prison. He has remained a threat to the Fantastic Four and the Marvel Universe ever since. In the Ultimate Universe, the Mad Thinker was Rhona Burchill, a girl who rejected for the Think Tank project for her psychotic tendancies. She would get revenge against the Think Tank, but she was stopped by the Fantastic Four. The Mad Thinker has no superhuman abilities, but is an extraordinary genius and holds one of the most analytical minds on the planet. He has an eidetic memory and can organize and recall information rapidly. He has built a robot called Amazing Android which has superhuman strength and superhuman durability.

Created by UltimateCharm on Aug 14 2012
The Marvel Super Heroes (1966)
Mad ThinkerLen Carlson
Len Carlson
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009)
Mad Thinker / Rhona BurchillBrenna O'Brien
Brenna O'Brien
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)
Mad ThinkerDanny Mann
Danny Mann


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8000 Saiyans
said at 3:07 AM on Thu Nov 2 2017
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I think they're all good, but I'll go with Danny.
said at 2:52 PM on Sat Jan 16 2016
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Danny Mann and Len Carlson both sound pretty similar, Danny a bit more realistic and Len a little bit more cartoony though both are excellent perfect fits for the role of The Mad Thinker.

Brenna O'Brien works really well as the Rhona Burchill version, it's great to see that she can voice villains pretty well.

in the end I'm giving my vote to Danny Mann.

BONUS: It has been brought up before on here but when I first saw the EMH trailer back in 2010 I actually thought Maurice LaMarche was voicing the Mad Thinker, anyways I'd like to see him voice him just so it can go full circle.
said at 6:40 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
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1) Danny Mann
2) Len Carlson
3) Brenna O'Brien
said at 3:02 AM on Wed Jul 2 2014
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Brenna is the only woman therefore it's not fair to compare her, not to mention she's not prefect as female Mad Thinker.

I actually prefer Len, he sounds like he can really think like the Mad Thinker could.

Danny did very well meaning he's a close 2nd.
said at 3:25 PM on Sun Jan 6 2013
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I prefer the regular Mad Thinker to the Ultimate one so i'm going with Danny Mann.
said at 3:23 AM on Sat Aug 18 2012
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We Need Maurice LaMarchie as The Mad Thinker.
said at 8:38 PM on Sat Aug 18 2012
@Mr.Fennoy93 His Brain voice though a bit more serious would be perfect.
said at 1:28 AM on Fri Sep 14 2012
@pete I would love that. Maurice as the Mad Thinker. :D
said at 2:50 PM on Mon Oct 22 2012
@Mr.Fennoy93 Both Len and Danny sound like Maurice a bit though Danny does more.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 1:31 PM on Wed Aug 15 2012
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I like the unpredictable and the hint of mental unstable of Brenna who still feels intelligent, it makes for a more exciting villain.
said at 4:48 AM on Wed Aug 15 2012
Since I prefer the classic Mad Thinker, I'm gonna go with Danny Mann, though Brenna O'Brien did good as the Ultimate version.
said at 11:50 PM on Tue Aug 14 2012
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I really don't care for Ultimate Mad Thinker being a teenage girl, though Brenna O'Brien was good as her.

Between Len Carlson and Danny Mann, I prefer Danny Mann, so he gets my vote.
said at 1:14 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
Then Later, Maurice LaMarche as The Mad Thinker.
said at 1:23 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
@Mr.Fennoy93 Is he the genius or the insane one? Or maybe both? :-P
said at 2:39 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
@TheVengeanceKnight Both.

After All, His Gut says Maybe. :P
said at 10:37 PM on Tue Aug 14 2012
I find it strange he wasn't in any Fantastic Four media yet. You would think he would have made at least one appearance in the 1994 series or World's Greatest Heroes. That being said to avoid biasing and to be fair I''ll go with Len Carlson.
said at 10:27 PM on Tue Aug 14 2012
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Man, Mad Thinker would have been great in EMH. Too bad he was wasted in a small cameo.

At least AA got to use Mad Thinker to full potential.
said at 9:53 PM on Tue Aug 14 2012
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I vote for Danny Mann
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