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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Stoner with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Eureka Seven

Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 6 2011
Eureka Seven (2006)
StonerJack Murphy
Jack Murphy
Eureka Seven (2006)
StonerDoug Stone
Doug Stone


Today on the Eureka Seven Voice Compare Section here is another VC for another one of the members of the Gekkostate and this time its for that Pacifistic Philosophical Photographer... STONER! We shall begin this with the English dub made for North America by Bandai in which Doug Stone was the one whom voiced Stoner here. Doug's voice for the role is fairly suitable as it does have a somewhat beatnik feel to it which does suit him. (Though in case anyone is wondering aside from using a bit of Tobacco, Stoner doesn't take any substances that you might be thinking of thanks to his name.) Anyways Doug's voice and performance do suit Stoner's friendly easy going nature as while Stoner's Philosophical rants might come off as a bit pretentious but he is a generally decent guy nevertheless. Basically Doug Stone's performance here is nothing really special but its a alright performance anyways and its a good example of the voice work in the Bandai Dub.

Now for the Animax Dub that was made in Hong Kong for the SE Asia TV Market in which the Voice Director for that dub Jack Murphy takes over the role. Jack's voice for the role is a bit different from Doug's as it is slightly lower and a bit raspier but I do think that it works for the role of Stoner as well. Oh yes and as for Jack Murphy's performance as Stoner well to be honest I would pretty much say the same thing as I did for Doug Stone's take as Jack's performance also suited Stoner's friendly, easy-going personality rather well too. Overall I have to say that both of these guys did pretty well for this role here in their own way so I am going with a tie here.  



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said at 2:19 AM on Wed May 16 2018
Doug Stone sounds more enjoyable than Jack Murphy who sounds very forgettable.
said at 7:52 AM on Sun Feb 7 2016
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I still find it hilarious that he's named Stoner and doesn't do weed everyday.

Anyways Doug Stone's voice for Stoner, does give off a bit of a stoner(ish) vibe but considering how he's a mostly easy going guy it fits really well.

Jack Murphy's voice is very indistinct and forgettable.

I'm going with Doug Stone on this one.
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Doug Stone
Jack Murphy