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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Vegeta with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans and is a constant rival of Goku throughout the series. He was once a major villain and served under Frieza but over the course of the series became a better person. He is the husband of Bulma and father of Trunks and Bulla. He is also one of the most powerful fighters on Earth and in the Universe.

In the English dub of the Dragon Ball Z anime by Saban and Funimation Vegeta was first voiced by Ocean Group voice actor Brian Drummond.

When Saban parted ways with Funimation the role was recast and Chris Sabat voiced Vegeta from the Ginyu saga to the end of the series. Sabat also re-dubbed the episodes originally voiced by Brian Drummond and also voices Vegeta in the Funimation version of Dragon Ball GT and the anime films. Chris Sabat reprises Vegeta for Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Brian Drummond would still continue to voice Vegeta in the Ocean Group dub of the series for Canadian and European broadcasts.

In the Blue Water dub of the Dragon Ball GT, which aired in English territories outside the US, Vegeta was voiced by Roger Rhodes.

For the 1997 video game Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Vegeta was voiced by Milton James.

Vegeta was also voiced by an Unknown Voice Actor in a Malaysian English dub of DBZ Movie 12.

In the AB Groupe dubs of the Dragon Ball Z movies, produced in France, Douglas Rand voiced Vegeta in DBZ Movie 6, with Ed Marcus voicing him in everything after.
Created by Foxwolf on Apr 4 2009
Special thanks to Pokejedservo, Jackson_H, NCZ for additional sound clips.
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
VegetaChristopher Sabat
Christopher Sabat
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
VegetaBrian Drummond
Brian Drummond
Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (1997)
VegetaMilton James
Milton James
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler (2002)
VegetaDouglas Rand
Douglas Rand
Dragon Ball GT (2003)
VegetaRoger Rhodes
Roger Rhodes
Dragon Ball Z: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan (2003)
VegetaEd Marcus
Ed Marcus
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (2006)
VegetaUnknown Voice Actor
Unknown Voice Actor


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8000 Saiyans
said at 8:31 AM on Sun May 13 2018
 3 Shout Outs!
I honestly think Drummond's performance as Copy Vegeta in Super is the best we've seen him in the role.
said at 11:09 AM on Sat Apr 28 2018
Come on and give us a Kai clip. Unless there's an Ocean Kai, Sabat simply takes Vegeta.
Vocal Evolver
said at 10:28 AM on Sun Apr 8 2018
I gotta agree with the recent comments - Chris Sabat's improvement has been phenomenal, and from Kai and onward he's surpassed Brian Drummond as the best Vegeta voice, although Drummond is still great too, as seen in his performance as Copy Vegeta.
said at 5:53 PM on Wed Apr 4 2018
 7 Shout Outs!
Revisiting this.

As Boss Giovanni said, Chris Sabat's take on Vegeta from Kai and onward IS Vegeta. However, Sabat was also solid in the role starting from Season 5 and the first Budokai game (though he had his moments in Season 4, particularly all his power-up screaming and his "FINAL FLASH!"). The only time since then he didn't really work in the role was in the Remastered redub, which was mainly due to the voice he was using rather than his acting.

Brian Drummond is second best, easily. While his voice in the Saiyan Saga hasn't really aged well due to so much forced hissing and rasping, his performance at least made Vegeta sound intimidating and villainous. His voice and performance in the Namek saga was just perfect, and he was still around that level in the Ocean Dub of the Androids/Cell Saga, though poor voice direction caused his performance to falter at times, especially during the Cell Games. The Buu saga was his biggest miss, with his aged voice sounding too much like Ryuk and his performance not evolving much beyond "evil and menacing" even when the character was evolving past that. He did wonderfully as Copy Vegeta in the DBS dub, though. The part he always nailed during all his turns as the character was his rage. All of Drummond's Vegeta's angry seething and shouting scenes are memorable and wonderfully performed, especially the famed "Vegeta's Wrath" scene.

Roger Rhodes comes in third. The voice direction actually didn't harm his performance too much, but it still could have been even better. There are times when he sounds very much like Brian Drummond yet still his own unique take.

Milton James and Kaiji Tang (from the Bang Zoom dub of DBS) are both fairly mediocre when they didn't have to be. James does a good arrogant princely tone, but the voice sounds a bit too old and his delivery in that game, like everyone's, is awful, while Tang sounded like he was impersonating a Chris Sabat impersonator before he improved somewhat during the Golden Freeza saga.

The UVA from Fusion Reborn, who also voiced him in that studio's dub of Return Of Cooler, actually has a pretty cool and unique voice for Vegeta. Too bad the acting is so laughably bad. though you have to admit that "I'd rather die than doing that!" is hilarious.

Douglas Rand and Ed Marcus are two of the absolute worst Vegeta voices ever. There's nothing about them that remotely fit the character. The only one just as bad is the UVA from the Speedy Dub of the Super Android 13 movie, not listed here. While those other two are too deep, that one was too high and squeaky and just all around comical in how unimposing and badly acted he was.

As a side note: I sometimes wonder why Mike McFarland wasn't given the role of Vegeta by Funimation during Season 3. Listening to him as Baby Vegeta in GT, his voice sounds like it could pull off a better Brian Drummond impression than the crap that was Sabat's attempt at an impression when he first started voicing the character.
8000 Saiyans
said at 8:19 AM on Mon Apr 9 2018
@Galactic_Cyrus While we still have yet to see Ocean Kai, Drummond did change the voice for that one.
said at 8:39 PM on Mon Apr 9 2018
@8000 Saiyans Any source for this or clips where he uses the voice? I personally liked what he was doing as Copy Vegeta in Funimation's Super dub, so I hope it'd be something like that except a little bit less gruff due to Vegeta's younger age during most of Kai.
8000 Saiyans
said at 10:55 PM on Mon Apr 9 2018
@Galactic_Cyrus A member from the Kanzenshuu forums met Brian once. Brian told him that he would go for a lower pitch because apparently he didn't want to damage his vocal cords this time around, even though he can still do the higher voice that he did in the Ocean and Westwood dubs.

I suppose the voice will be similar to his Zechs Marquise voice that he did in Gundam Wing or something like that.
said at 10:21 AM on Tue Apr 10 2018
@8000 Saiyans Or Tiger of the Wind from Monster Rancher, Eddie Brock from Spider-Man Unlimited, and Hayato Shingu from Project ARMS.
said at 4:44 PM on Tue Apr 10 2018
@8000 Saiyans Oh and to clarify something - when I said that the Blue Water voice direction "didn't harm Roger Rhodes' performance too much", I was meaning to refer to his performance in the latter half of the series. Earlier on when Vegeta was regulated to a comic relief side role, the direction given to Rhodes made him sound HORRENDOUS. There are videos of some of his scenes on Youtube that display this, especially the scene where he's out shopping with Bura.
8000 Saiyans
said at 12:41 AM on Wed Apr 11 2018
@Galactic_Cyrus Roger even admitted that he was a terrible Vegeta.

Honestly, he'd be great if he had much better direction nowadays.
said at 4:36 PM on Tue Apr 3 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Chris Sabat's voice for Vegeta has evolved over the years - it started off as a, let's be honest, AWFUL imitation of Drummond. But by the time Vegeta made his entrance in the Android Saga and turned Super Saiyan for the first time, Sabat was doing his own thing and giving more of a gruff, tough guy voice. When he came back after dying in the Buu Saga, he had deepened that voice, and that's the performance most people know since he stuck with it for many years.

HOWEVER, it's his performance from Kai and onward that scores him my vote, since it is the most accurate-to-the-Japanese voice out of everyone listed here: very regally proud, far less gruff and more vaguely aristocratic to the point some words have a quasi-British delivery. In short, a voice that actually befits a warrior PRINCE, just like with the Japanese version. The princely quality Sabat now gives Vegeta stands out above all the rest, even though I'll always have a soft spot for Brian Drummond (how can I not - he's the one who gave us "IT'S OVER 9,000!!!")
said at 9:48 PM on Tue Mar 20 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Chris Sabat and Brian Drummond are both brilliant as Vegeta in their own way and always bring out the best in their performances
8000 Saiyans
said at 9:16 AM on Wed Mar 14 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
I'm really curious to see how Drummond's Kai performance will compare to Sabat's.
said at 1:01 PM on Wed Mar 14 2018
@8000 Saiyans Is Kai getting an Ocean dub?
8000 Saiyans
said at 1:04 PM on Wed Mar 14 2018
@Soul-dragon Kirby Morrow revealed the existence of an Ocean Kai dub in 2010, so yes.

According to a friend of mine on Kanzenshuu, Drummond will be going for a lower pitch this time around.
said at 1:53 PM on Wed Mar 14 2018
@8000 Saiyans That's...really nice to hear! I've been wanting to watch Kai for a while now and this is a good excuse. When is it coming out?
said at 6:41 PM on Wed Mar 14 2018
@Soul-dragon well it can`t becuase if legal reasons but there is interest in a canadian network to pick it up also richrd ian cox plays goku and lee tockar plays freeza and cole howard plays 17 and majority is same to my knowledge
Shaun Ince
said at 8:56 PM on Tue Jan 23 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
If we ever get the opportunity to see the Ocean dub of Kai, I think that will be the deciding factor whether I'll end up switching back to Drummond. His work as Copy Vegeta has given me a lot of hope that his Vegeta performance in Kai is just as good, if not better. He did get screwed over by weak voice direction in the latter part of the Ocean dub of Z. In some ways, much more than people think.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:26 PM on Wed Jan 24 2018
@Shaun Ince Yeah, but at least, he was one of the few people that did try to give his all along with Scott, Kirby and Brad.
said at 3:41 PM on Mon Mar 19 2018
@Shaun Ince
Drummond said in an interview that since Copy Vegeta was a casting choice for the fans, Chris Sabat told him to just do his old school "over 9000" Vegeta. So I don't think Copy Vegeta is what his Kai Vegeta will sound like.
Shaun Ince
said at 11:06 AM on Tue Mar 20 2018
@Lpfan120 Ooh really? That's going to be very interesting
8000 Saiyans
said at 11:29 AM on Tue Mar 20 2018
@Shaun Ince A friend of mine got to meet Brian at his gym and he told him that he would go for a lower pitch for Kai. And I recall that before he ever did Copy Vegeta and was asked to do Vegeta's voice at conventions, he sounded deeper, so it's very likely that he sounds a lot different in Kai than his performance in Super.
Shaun Ince
said at 1:57 PM on Fri Jan 19 2018
 4 Shout Outs!
I've started to notice that Chris Sabat's Vegeta is starting to get a bit inconsistent in parts. His Vegeta voice has gotten a whole lot raspier & throaty in terms of texture. Compare that to his performance in Kai where it wasn't as raspy.
said at 2:25 PM on Fri Jan 19 2018
@Shaun Ince
I also noticed that his Vegeta in Super sounds quite a bit deeper and gruffer compared to his Vegeta in Buu Kai.
said at 4:31 PM on Fri Jan 19 2018
@GreenGoblin75 As have I. Maybe it's because Vegeta has gotten older. Other than that he is still killing it in the role IMO.
said at 5:33 PM on Sun Nov 12 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
Brian Drummond was the first English Vegeta and he sounds great even now for the most part. I love how smug he played him, and his screaming was fantastic (Vegeta's wrath scene in particular). I do feel his performances got hindered a bit by poor direction in the AB portion of the dub, but even then he had one of the better and more memorable performances from the Ocean dub. It's a shame we might never hear him in the Kai dub, because I feel he could be at least as good as Chris Sabat and maybe surpass him if he got another chance at the role.

Speaking of Chris, yeah he wasn't all that good at the start, doing a pretty awkward Brian Drummond impression, but he was gradually improving over time, developing a much more natural voice and performance, and once he got to Kai he pretty much nailed it, sounding arrogant, warrior-like, princely and smug, and he was able to make the character his own in the process.

Kaiji Tang's take is very promising but he still needs to polish it a bit, as he can sound a bit strained at times. Oddly enough there are times where he sounds like Lanipator.

Roger Rhodes seems to have the right idea, but he's rather inconsistent. He has a pretty fitting voice and delivery for the most part, but he tends to sound too nerdy at times. That said, he's pretty okay as is, though perhaps under better direction he could be a great Vegeta.

Ed Marcus is entertaining but he sounds too old and deep for the role, though he does fit King Vegeta pretty well, despite the uneven delivery.

Doug Rand is also entertaining but sounds too stilted and forced here, though like Roger I do think he could actually work pretty well under better direction.

Milton James sounds too old and nothing like a warrior, the others at least make me think so.

The UVA is just plain silly.

My vote goes to Sabat, with Drummond at a very close second.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:37 AM on Tue Nov 7 2017
 1 Shout Out!
If I had to rank all of these guys:
1. Drummond
2. Sabat
3. Rhodes
4. Rand
5. Marcus
6. James
7. UVA

Yeah, I know, it's blasphemous to some that I'm putting Drummond over Sabat.
said at 5:35 AM on Tue Nov 7 2017
@8000 Saiyans hey I like Sabat but there are some moments Drummond did that Sabat cannot sadly top over the years. looking at u "you won`t escape my wrath!!" scene
said at 8:34 AM on Tue Nov 7 2017
@8000 Saiyans Hardly; Drummond does a good job and is the popular runner up. Generally, if people don't vote for Sabat, they vote for Drummond. If you voted for, say, Rhodes or especially Marcus, that would be much more out there.
8000 Saiyans
said at 10:36 AM on Sun May 13 2018
Oh, I forgot Tang. He's in third place, Sabat keeping second place.
said at 1:49 PM on Mon Nov 6 2017
 1 Shout Out! saw this clip between Vegeta and Whis from the BZ dub and Kaiji is pretty entertaining in the role.
said at 3:39 AM on Sun Nov 5 2017
 1 Shout Out!
Kaiji Tang’s take is improving quickly. I’m still not sure what to make of it, since it basically sounds like Lanipator’s Vegeta in an official dub (and even then its what Sabat made in the first place), but I can see him already being a stand-out in the dub. Would need to see how he handles the action scenes, though.
said at 7:23 AM on Sun Nov 5 2017
@Ghosty404 Yeh Kaiji has improved but I thnik he should stop taking inspiration from previous vegetas especially parody ones even though he said he has done it it might be some invluntary action from him cus he has major respect for the previous actors.
said at 5:58 PM on Tue Oct 24 2017
The only way to outdo Funimation Kai performance is for Ocean to dub Kai. The Kai performance (funimation) was just tooooo good.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:51 PM on Tue Oct 24 2017
@Diorgenson4321 Ocean Productions already did. It has yet to be shown in Canada. Or anywhere for that matter.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:19 AM on Wed Oct 25 2017
@Diorgenson4321 That seems like an easy task for someone like Brian Drummond.
Shaun Ince
said at 10:48 PM on Mon Nov 6 2017
@8000 Saiyans Brian Drummond is a great actor & is pretty consistent when it comes to his performances
8000 Saiyans
said at 6:55 AM on Tue Nov 7 2017
@Shaun Ince Indeed. I could see him sound closer to Horikawa than Sabat.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:57 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Even though Sabat has improved a lot in Kai, I still have a preference for Brian Drummond. After so many years of experience, I can't help but feel that if Ocean Kai ever comes out, Drummond could outdo Sabat in the role.
8000 Saiyans
said at 8:25 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
While it would never happen, I think Robin Atkin Downes would be an amazing Vegeta.
8000 Saiyans
said at 9:39 PM on Sat Oct 21 2017
And Keith Ferguson as well.
said at 2:54 AM on Tue Aug 15 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Both Brian Drummond and Chris Sabat give excellent performances.
While they are both different, they both fit the character Vegeta really well. I believe that they are as good as each other.

But I decided to give my vote to Drummond since I believe he deserves just as much credit as Sabat gets.

In all fairness, when Chris Sabat was first cast in the role, I thought that he did sound very forced.
Luckily for him, he got to improve, thanks to having the chance to redo the role over and over (through redubs, games, Kai etc.)

Drummond I believe, was already doing a good job from the start. Even in the later "Ocean" dub, I thought that he (and many of the other Ocean VAs) still did a good job in their performances, regardless of the lower production quality.

I think that Roger Rhodes from Blue Water dub also did well. I haven't heard much of his performance, but I can see that voice coming from Vegeta.
said at 9:32 AM on Sun May 13 2018
@BoFerret thoughts on Brian voicing copy vegeta for dbs
said at 8:14 PM on Fri May 18 2018
@Abdullab lol copy Vegeta is not at all different from Vegeta in his early years. So I'm sure that Drummond could pull it off.

I actually wasn't fond of Vegeta's character development in Super. I feel that he's been turned into a grumpy goof-off (much like Donald Duck). While he's done awesome things all throughout his story arc, Character-wise I think that Vegeta was at his best in the Saiyan and Freeza arcs. Very conniving and someone not to be crossed.
said at 6:02 AM on Sat May 19 2018
@BoFerret Not what I meant, How did u feel about Brian returning to the franchise for just a few eps. lots of people who liked Brian`s Vegeta praised the move
said at 4:35 PM on Sat May 19 2018
@Abdullab O.O I did not know that. Wow childhood just came full circle. That was clever.
said at 2:03 AM on Sat Mar 25 2017
 10 Shout Outs!
1. Christopher Sabat (Kai) - Now this voice and performance is without a doubt my favourite for Vegeta. The power, arrogance, accent etc. Just everything about his take in Kai is perfect for "the Prince of all Saiyans" and his performance in Goku's version of Vegeta in particular is amazing. Overall the man did a phenomenal job here.

2. Brian Drummond - He's a pretty good fit as well. And honestly was my favourite before Kai's dub came along. He absolutely nailed the yelling scenes and he did a great job bringing out Vegeta's smugness. Granted his performance wasn't at it's best during the "Westwood" dub. However he did start to get back his into his groove as Vegeta during the Buu part of the show for what it's worth.

3. Kaiji Tang - He's pretty decent I think. I mean in his first episode as Vegeta he sounded kinda forced IMO, but his take is definitely starting to become more natural IMO.

4. Roger Rhodes - He's not the best admittedly. But I can hear some potential in his take however, because he does tend to play characters like Vegeta well with much better voice direction. Regardless I do still think he's decent all things considered.

5. Chris Sabat (1999 Funi/Remastered dub) - I'm sorry but... I'm not a particularly big fan of either of these voices. His first one was a rather weird-sounding Brian Drummond impression with really awkward inflections (most of the time) And his voice in the Remastered dub was this overly gruff, "badass" voice which made Vegeta sound more like a wannabe tough guy IMO. That being said, I suppose his voice in the "Buu Saga" of the original dub was probably my favourite performance from him at this point.

6. Ed Marcus - I honestly think he's better than Doug Rand if I'm being honest. Yes he sounds old I agree, but at the very least he also sounds like a prideful warrior, and I honestly find his delivery to better as well (although admittedly that probably isn't saying THAT much haha) plus the voice itself is pretty cool and fun to listen to IMO.

7. Douglas Rand - Not a big fan of his voice for Vegeta at all really. It doesn't match the character at all, and the delivery isn't particularly great either. Even with better voice direction I just can't see this take working. His voice more suited for other characters really.

8. Milton James - He honestly makes the character sound kind of pathetic to me and just doesn't sound like a warrior at all. I'm sure he's had better roles though.

9. UVA - Do I even need to comment on this one? I got a laugh out of his line in the clip however, for what it's worth XD
said at 5:06 AM on Fri Apr 21 2017
@HylianBelmont I have to give credit to Kevin Seymour & Milton James for at least giving that regal attitude to Vegeta. Keeping in mind it was 1997 & the English voices for Vegeta were so throaty & gravelly, I think that's kind of refreshing. Although, as on the Freeza page, it's a shame the production issues kept it from being truly great. (That, & he maybe sounds too old)
said at 5:22 AM on Fri Apr 21 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed I can sort of see where you're coming from... but I'd honestly still take those voices over Milton James's voice for Vegeta though.
said at 9:54 PM on Fri Apr 21 2017
@HylianBelmont Milton James could have made a better Vegeta. But it's more about the attitude of being more in tune with who that character is, that I appreciate. For what it's worth, though, I really think Kirk Thornton would've made a great Vegeta if Animaze had dubbed it long-term.
8000 Saiyans
said at 1:43 AM on Mon Oct 23 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed I have a hard time imagining Milton James doing a much better Vegeta than he was in Final Bout.

He isn't a bad VA or anything like that, but there's something about his voice that doesn't feel Vegeta to me. Horikawa has a youthful quality that James lacks in the role.

If Animaze had dubbed DBZ with this cast, I don't think I could have taken Vegeta seriously whenever he spoke.
8000 Saiyans
said at 11:32 PM on Mon Oct 23 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed That being said, Kirk would have been a great Vegeta, much more fitting than Milton James.
said at 7:29 AM on Wed Feb 22 2017
My fave is Sabat. Honestly I always thought Drummond was extremely overrated, so kaiji tang would be the 2nd best dub voice.
Shaun Ince
said at 5:12 PM on Fri Mar 24 2017
@darknessflamegeass That's the first time I've seen someone call Brian Drummond's Vegeta overrated
said at 12:09 PM on Tue Feb 21 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
Chris Sabat: It took a little under a decade since the initial FUNi recast, but he came into his own with Kai. As people said before, he was basically a terrible Brian Drummond impersonator. Chris struggled a bit transitioning to a more natural delivery, but he came into his own. I look forward to more Vegeta scenes with him in Super.

Brian Drummond: Hot damn, he can yell. Really, his peak was from his first appearance to the Namek saga. I really wish I could say the same for his Westwood performance, but.. Westwood. A shame we can't hear his Kai dub, cause he really would've given Sabat a challenge.. still, someone else might surpass him. Someone like--

Kaiji Tang: Like Sabat, it was an impersonation of someone else, but he's finding himself rather quickly, seeing as he's improved during Beerus' visit to earth in Super. From the Twitter post he made for Little Kuriboh, he might just have Brian beat, and could go toe to toe with Sabat.

Roger Rhodes: I.. egh, rather forced. Not the worst, but I don't care about Roger's take.

Raymond Buyco ( Decent.. doesn't really leave a strong impression, but it just sounds kinda bland.

Douglas Rand: Sounds sorta fitting, a shame that his delivery and inflections suck pretty hard. He's at least better as Broly.

Milton James: Sounds too old, as well as it sounds like he's faking it.

Ed Marcus: Big Green, face realityyyyy! Sounds like a gruff mumbly old man, terrible delivery and inflections, not a good Vegeta.

Speedy VA: Here, he sounds too calm. In another video, he sounds too much like Popeye. Terrible.
said at 3:52 PM on Tue Feb 21 2017
@Ghosty404 One thing I like about Milton James is, unlike most of Vegeta's English voices, he did give Vegeta a regal, somewhat pompous attitude. Bandai Namco actually had much more input in this dub than Toei was doing for the show's dubs at the time. Steve Blum I would say is miscast, but most of the guys in the Final Bout dub I can see just fine if Pioneer had brought over DB, honestly. Animaze was a fine studio.
8000 Saiyans
said at 2:57 AM on Sun Nov 5 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed Doesn't mean the Final Bout dub was good, though.
said at 4:21 PM on Sun Feb 19 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Revised order:

1. Chris Sabat (Kai)
2. Brian Drummond
3. Kaiji Tang
4. Chris Sabat (Z)
5. Roger Rhodes
6. Raymond Buyco (Philippine dub)
7. Milton James
8. Ed Marcus (more for Movie 7)
9. Doug Rand
10. Speedy dub
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:36 PM on Sun Feb 19 2017
@Kioea I'd switch Ed and Milton but otherwise I agree completely.
said at 3:50 AM on Mon Feb 20 2017
@Nightmare Crusher Maybe I should differentiate between Movie 7, and the rest of Ed's performances?

Also, I realise I forgot about Sharon, but sadly, we all know where that goes...
said at 12:38 PM on Sat Feb 4 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
Going to update my ranking right now, I feel this way currently:

1. Chris Sabat
2. Brian Drummond
3. Kaiji Tang
4. Roger Rhodes
5. Douglas Rand
6. Milton James
7. Ed Marcus
8. Unknown Voice Actor
said at 1:31 AM on Thu Jan 19 2017
So who do you think bang zoom will get to voice him
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:13 AM on Thu Jan 19 2017
@Plevak Kaiji Tang, this was announced awhile ago.
said at 8:15 AM on Tue Dec 20 2016
 11 Shout Outs!
With Brian's image change, I'm now imagining the scene in Super where Vegeta exits the Time Chamber with a beard.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:06 PM on Sun Jan 8 2017
@Kioea Toei definitely needs to give Ocean Studios the chance to dub Dragonball Super.
said at 3:36 AM on Fri Oct 14 2016
 11 Shout Outs!
I don't think people give Brian Drummond enough credit. He had to work with a crappy localization, script and sometimes director. This was also one of his first major roles.

He could make Vegeta sound downright scary at times, and the powerful moments like the "Wrath" scene from the Namek saga carry more weight because his performance has real emotion behind it whereas Sabat's always sounds phoned in. Sabat's take is iconic and I have a lot of nostalgia for it, but as the years go by it sounds more and more cartoony to me.

I look at Drummond's performance as Ryuk in Death Note and I wonder what it would be like for him to redub Vegeta today with so much more experience behind him. He would likely surpass Sabat in pretty much every way.
Shaun Ince
said at 9:29 AM on Wed Oct 19 2016
@BlazeHeatnix Unfortunately since the Ocean Dub of Kai was cancelled we may never get to hear it. Unless it get leaked online somewhere.
said at 12:32 PM on Sat Nov 5 2016
@BlazeHeatnix I already admit that Brian did the performance far better in the old dubs, but in Kai, Chris already outdid him.
said at 5:08 PM on Fri Jan 20 2017
While his performance as Vegeta isn't my favorite, I will say do think Brian deserved another chance to play Vegeta again- I've said this before, but I would've been really interested to see him try his luck at it again, under better direction than the AB Groupe dub gave him- I think he could've really done well with that opportunity.

I guess Kaiji Tang will get a shot at it now, though, so for those who didn't find Chris Sabat's take to their liking as much as Brian Drummond's, you will at least get some sort of alternative there.
8000 Saiyans
said at 5:13 AM on Sat Dec 9 2017
@BlazeHeatnix Yeah, I agree.
said at 12:00 PM on Fri Sep 30 2016
 8 Shout Outs!
1. Chris Sabat:

When he started out, he was honestly just doing a mediocre impression of Brian Drummond, and some of the stuff he did is hilariously bad in hindsight.

He started getting more used to the role in the Cell Saga, but he was still really inconsistent and the voice got more gravelly as well.

Around the Buu Saga of the old FUNimation Z dub, like Schemmel
did with Goku, Sabat began to sound more comfortable & natural as Vegeta, adopting a deeper, more princely, voice for the role, but was still a little gruff at times.

He wasn't that good in the Remastered dub, sounding very deep and croaky, but he's done a pretty outstanding job in the Kai dub, sounding very princely, commanding, intelligent, and smug at the same time, but also able to nail scenes when Vegeta's trying to be comedic or emotional ones.

Overall, my vote goes to Sabat, because he really has a genuine understanding of Vegeta now and performs the role admirably these days.

2. Brian Drummond:

He's pretty good throughout his run as the character, and in particular he nails the angry moments when the character loses his mind, but Drummond tends to struggle when it comes to the softer, gentler moments and doesn't really sound princely. If he toned it down a little and went a little lower pitched, then he could be truly great, though.

3. Roger Rhodes:

He does sound like a warrior and pretty smug, but he's really just doing a deeper, gruffer forced impression of Brian Drummond, and it's mediocre at best.

4. Douglas Rand:

He actually sounds alright for a warrior character, but his delivery is pretty stilted and forced, like when he says, "It's going to be ME that eliminates you, not HIM!" He doesn't sound princely at all, though.

5. Milton James:

He does sound princely, but he doesn't sound much like a warrior at all, and is kind of prissy at points.

6. Ed Marcus:

He sounds way too old, deep, and gruff in the part, not to mention, his delivery is extremely poor.

7. Unknown Voice Actor:

No comment.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:56 PM on Fri Jul 22 2016
This is something I've noticed when it comes to the ABGroupe voices of Vegeta & Piccolo. Ed Marcus hasn't voiced Piccolo as far as I know. And David Gasman hasn't voiced Vegeta.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 9:26 PM on Fri Jul 22 2016
@Shaun Ince Ed voiced Piccolo for like two seconds in History of Trunks and Doug did Piccolo's yell when he gets captured in World's Strongest.
Shaun Ince
said at 6:14 AM on Sat Jul 23 2016
@Nightmare Crusher I stand corrected. This mysteries behind this dub unravel themselves even further. We have to dig deeper...
said at 5:14 PM on Mon Jul 3 2017
@Shaun Ince Just a minor correction, but having finally watched AB's World's Strongest in its entirety a few months back, I can say that it is in fact Paul doing Piccolo's yell. It doesn't sound like him at first, but the longer it goes on, the more obvious it becomes. Then again, Funky Cops has shown he can yell..
said at 1:54 PM on Wed Apr 20 2016
Never addressed the foreign VA additions well looks like they mixed up the voices again. Ed sounds more like Piccolo or Kimg Vegeta) and even a bit like Chris(as Piccolo or King Vegeta).

Doug Rand is better here than in certain other roles of his.

The UVA not botherumg with his ad as he is but Ed Marcus is better so is Ed losing the poll and not the UVA?
said at 7:39 PM on Sun Apr 3 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
1. Chris Sabat (Kai)
2. Chris Sabat (Remastered)
3. Brian Drummond
4. Roger Rhodes
5. Chris Sabat (Initial)
6. Doug Rand
7. Ed Marcus
8. Milton James
9. UVA
said at 6:01 AM on Sun Mar 20 2016
 10 Shout Outs!
I have to wonder if those criticising Drummond's performance in the Buu saga have even seen any of it or if they're just parroting the opinions of others.

In my opinion some of Drummond's best work comes from the Buu saga. As Majin Vegeta he was able to cut loose and shine as a villain once more, we even got shades of his Saiyan saga performance with more of Drummond's maniacal laughter! Sabat in comparison sounded pretty flat and the same as he always does which I don't see as an improvement. You also had moments later on such as Drummond's monologue of Vegeta conceding to Goku which I personally think puts Sabat's version to shame.

I feel as though Sabat just didn't have the acting experience to surpass Drummond at the time and this is evident in most of his Z performance. His overly gruff and throaty voice seemed to come at the cost of his acting (and screaming) which seems to me like a mistake of an inexperienced actor. Say what you will of Drummond's voice but it had enough versatility to really infuse this role with character, his Vegeta seemed larger than life and a bit theatrical which was befitting of the prince of all saiyans. It was only until recently with Kai that I heard much varied emotion in Sabat's Vegeta, meanwhile Drummond had all the emotional range from the start not to mention the superior screaming ability!

I hear a lot of people dismiss Drummond as "sounding too evil/villainous" but I feel as though this argument doesn't hold much weight when you consider that a) Vegeta started out as a villain and b) was still doing villainous things all the way throughout the series. His heroic acts are far and few between and it's really only during and after his sacrifice to Majin Buu that he starts to resemble anything close to being a hero. All that considered I don't see how a villainous sounding voice is unfitting for Vegeta, in fact I think it makes scenes with him toying with weaker opponents like Android 19 and Pui Pui all the more fun to watch. It's the restrained murderous warrior finally getting a chance to cut loose and be his old sadistic self.

Drummond has mentioned at a con that he thought Sabat's Vegeta "sounds more princely" which I would agree with (only due to the faux British accent he uses) but in spite of that I still think Drummond's version is equally as valid without having the to use the same accent. Vegeta is after all a warrior first and foremost and not your typical prince. King Vegeta I can understand having a accent befitting a monarch, Vegeta? Not so much.

In short; I like Drummond's Vegeta and I think his critics aren't always fair or accurate in their judgements. This man deserves a second chance to dub this character!
said at 7:22 AM on Sun Mar 20 2016
@NitroEX I would also like to hear how Drummond would sound nowadays in Kai. I mean Sabat's my favourite right now because of his improvement with portraying Vegeta's emotional range but I can't help but feel like if Brian got the same chance he would do even better.

One scene in particular I REALLY want to hear Drummond's take on is the scene with Goku's vision of Vegeta.
said at 7:14 PM on Sun Apr 3 2016
@NitroEX Yeah I have to admit Brian's sound more intimidating-like in earlier dub than what Chris did at first, but in Kai Chris himself gotten more clearer and more warrior like, which beats Brian by an improved performance, which for me it's the reason why I voted for him.

And honestly, I've grown attached to Dragon Ball Kai more than Z just because their said improved performances.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:48 PM on Fri Aug 26 2016
@NitroEX While I can agree that Drummond post android to Buu Saga was better than Sabat in that same arc, at the same time there are other examples where Drummond does not sound all that spectacular. That being said, Sabat in recent stuff has proved to be a great Vegeta. Maybe Ocean's dub of Kai might be the performance that might change my vote to Drummond.
8000 Saiyans
said at 11:46 PM on Thu Nov 2 2017
@NitroEX You explained exactly why I preferred Drummond's Vegeta in the Westwood dub over Sabat's. At least he could emote unlike Sabat.
said at 10:52 AM on Tue Mar 8 2016
I think Chris in Z only works when Vegeta is a villain. His Kai performance is more natural and overall an improvement. Brian is second. I don't really like his voice but his delivery was AMAZING! See Vegeta's Wrath for an example.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:48 AM on Fri Nov 3 2017
@GreenGoblin75 Some people consider that scene to be over the top, but hey, it's an anime.
said at 11:36 PM on Thu Jan 21 2016
 1 Shout Out!
I cried with laughter after hearing Milton James do Vegeta...
said at 8:12 AM on Mon Jan 25 2016
I did that upon hearing Ed Marcus and UVA.
said at 2:13 PM on Sat Jan 9 2016
 9 Shout Outs!
"The Prince of All Saiyans"

Here we enter another round of Christopher Sabat vs the Ocean VA. Christopher Sabat and Brian Drummond both have great strengths and weaknesses in this role.

Christopher Sabat excels at nearly everything IMO. He can pull off sounding like an arrogant pompous villain but can totally pull off his more anti-heroic and eventually heroic moments in the series. He does have a slight accent in his performance which is how he sounds more princely. The only thing I have an issue with Sabat's performance is that he never could do Over 9000! as well as Drummond does.

Where Brian Drummond excelled is at making him a true force to be reckoned with as a villain, the Over 9000 scene and My Rath scenes are amazing. I've always been amazed with how much time and energy he put into making Vegeta's rage so legendary. What holds Drummond back is that he doesn't pull off the more heroic moments as convincingly. His voice is a very villianous sounding type of voice which worked perfectly when he was originally cast, however I get the impression the producers never got the memo Vegeta was going to become one of the heroes someday and I feel that's where he sadly falters. Sabat was cast around the time when Vegeta and the Z Warriors had an enemy mine situation during the Namek saga and that's why I feel he pulls this off a lot better. Still I very much admire Brian's performance and hope he can re-tweak this performance something more like his Hayato Shingu but with the regality of his Zechs Marquise, no doubt that could have worked so much better.

I actually like Roger Rhodes and Douglas Rand honestly, they both have an aggressive approach to Vegeta which is great and could work either as a hero or villain. With better direction, they could nail Vegeta.

Milton James and Ed Marcus are both extremely unfitting. James sound like an old foppish gentleman and Marcus sounds way too deep for Vegeta...Although I could see him working as King Vegeta with this voice though.

The UVA's accent is too thick and the voice is too calm and frankly nothing at all like what Vegeta should sound like.
said at 9:36 AM on Thu Mar 31 2016
@Autovolt He actually did do King Vegeta as well.
said at 1:57 PM on Mon Dec 7 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
Sabat and Drummond are awesome, but the others are basically garbage, IMO.
said at 1:26 PM on Mon Nov 30 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Unlike Piccolo, I don't think either of Vegeta's Big Green voices are decent, though personally I feel Doug sounds better than Ed between those two.
said at 1:46 PM on Wed Apr 20 2016
@Dr.Who Ed sounds. ore like Piccolo too.
said at 1:49 PM on Wed Apr 20 2016
@pete more
said at 6:05 PM on Sat Nov 28 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
Sabat and Drummond own this role. Sabat takes it for me but only just. Why? Well, even Drummond said that Sabat makes Vegeta sound "more princely".
said at 10:28 PM on Sat Jan 30 2016
@Aussieroth I don't know when Drummond said that, but I would not be surprised if it was in reference to how Sabat's voiced Vegeta from the Kai dub and onward. He just sounds so perfect in the role these days.
said at 7:42 PM on Fri Nov 27 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
1 Brian Drummond the king of OVER 9000!!!!
2 Chris Sabat
3 Milton James
4 Roger Rhodes
5 Malaysian unknown
6 Douglas Rand/Ed Marcus- both sound identical and are pretty weird
said at 4:36 PM on Thu Nov 26 2015
 9 Shout Outs!
It also kind of amazes me how almost all of Vegeta's VA's are bald.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:48 PM on Thu Nov 26 2015
@Metabad Vegeta himself has kind of a receding hairline going on too.

(Ryo Horikawa's still got a full head of hair
said at 5:59 PM on Thu Nov 26 2015
@NCZ Nick Landis and Keith Ferguson have full heads of hair too (yes I know they don't count).
said at 7:36 PM on Fri Nov 27 2015
@Metabad Except for the true originator of OVER 9000!!!!!!!!
said at 9:05 PM on Fri Nov 27 2015
@HienFan And his hair's black, just like Vegeta.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:10 PM on Mon Jan 9 2017
@Metabad Makes me wonder if the Unknown Voice Actor is bald just like the majority of the VA's for Vegeta.
said at 4:34 PM on Thu Nov 26 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
I just realized, if you play Doug Rand's clip right after Ed Marcus' clip, it sounds like they're responding to each other.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:53 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
you know, there's something about the Big Green dub of the Broly movie that bugs me and Ed's clip is a prime example of that. For reasons that I can not fathom everyone in that opening garden scene has a way deeper voice than at any other point in that movie or any of the others. It's really noticeable on Trunks who sounds almost like Broly at the start before returning to his usual voice later in the movie. What the hell were they thinking?
said at 8:12 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Nightmare Crusher to be fair that clip might have been artificially deepened a bit (sounds like it anyway).

this is what I mean

either that or the video was actually at a higher pitch than normal, I honestly can't even tell.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 8:17 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Zillah I thought about that, but it only seems to happen in the garden scene, but not the other scenes around it, like Goku and Chi-Chi at the school. And with Trunks it's not just that it's the same voice but deeper, he's actually doing a different voice. It's just really weird.
said at 8:34 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Nightmare Crusher I actually did notice the inconsistencies. It's really weird indeed.
said at 8:58 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Nightmare Crusher Ed's voice actually sounds deeper for almost the entire movie. He certainly wasn't that deep in Movie 7.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:52 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
Now this is exactly what I was waiting for. The Big Green dub additions to the DBZ VC's. The ABGroupe dub has the, so bad it's good feel to me. Other than that, Now both Douglas Rand & Ed Marcus are terrible Vegeta's. Doug sounds really akward & Ed Marcus sounds too old. It actually sounds older than Milton James.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:01 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Doug Rand is so stiff and weird it kind of walks the line between funny and just plain awkward.

Ed Marcus is kind of in the same boat as Milton James. He makes Vegeta sound more like an old fop than a warrior prince. I guess his rougher voice is a little more fotting, not that that's saying much.

New Order

1. Chris Sabat
2. Brian Drummond
3. Roger Rhodes
4. Ed Marcus
5. Milton James
6. Douglas Rand
Polyester Funk
said at 12:31 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
 10 Shout Outs!
Ed Marcus makes Vegeta sound like he's 85 years old.
said at 11:15 PM on Tue Nov 24 2015
 9 Shout Outs!
I'm so glad "THIS IS HIS ENNNND" was included in Doug Rand's clip, like you don't even know.
said at 1:12 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Metabad I'm actually happy that Ed's "I will confront this super warrior, whoever he may be! andyougoalongwithmeBroly" was included myself.
said at 1:51 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@HylianBelmont It's also pretty crazy that Ed Marcus is in Doug Rand's clip as well.
said at 1:55 AM on Wed Nov 25 2015
@Metabad Yeah, with the exact same voice that he would go on to use for good old Vejita:)
said at 9:55 AM on Tue Nov 10 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Malaysian dub of Movie 7:

Shaun Ince
said at 2:40 PM on Wed Nov 11 2015
@Ghosty404 XD!
said at 4:38 PM on Sat Jan 30 2016
Malaysian Speedy Gonzalez!
said at 9:16 AM on Sun Nov 8 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
New order:

1. Chris Sabat (Kai)
2. Brian Drummond
3. Chris Sabat (Z)
4. Roger Rhodes
5. Milton James
6. Philippine Dub VA
7. Ed Marcus (AB Movies 7-9)
8. Doug Rand (AB Movie 6)
9. Speedy Dub VA
10. Sharon Mann (AB Bardock Special)
said at 6:34 PM on Sat Sep 19 2015
 6 Shout Outs!
1: Chris Sabat: At first, his Vegeta was an extremely forced impression of Brian Drummond. It improved over time, but it was still overly raspy. However, by the time Kai came around, he had truly made the character his own. He sounded smooth, regal, angry and arrogant. When most people think of Vegeta, Sabat's voice is what comes to their minds, and it's easy to see why.

2: Brian Drummond: At times, he can sound great. Particularly during the famous wrath scene, in which, he sent chills down my spine. However, I always though his voice was too high, and he started to get worse towards the Andriod saga.

The other two don't really do anything for me and I don't really have much else to say about them.
said at 7:42 PM on Sat Sep 19 2015
@BioZero216 lol other *two*
said at 9:01 PM on Sat Sep 19 2015
@Zillah Yeah. I think the UVA's clip speaks for itself.
said at 9:35 PM on Sat Sep 19 2015
@BioZero216 agreed
said at 10:15 PM on Sat Sep 19 2015
"And I'd rather die than doing that."
said at 1:13 PM on Thu Sep 17 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
Chris Sabat for me: he plays up the regal and pompous sides of Vegeta really well, while also giving Vegeta a sense of humanity and kindness in later sagas that's really crucial to this character. His Kai take removed the gravel and roughness in Remastered, and I think that's really allowed Sabat to shine as the character like never before. I hated his Drummond imitation when he took over back in the day, but he's improved vastly in the role.

Brian Drummond does a great villainous Vegeta, but I felt his portrayal of the character was very limited in scope, and didn't extend beyond capturing the evil and smug side of the character at all. Drummond's Vegeta is also too high pitched for me, honestly, which doesn't mesh well with the character's prideful or warrior attitude.

Roger Rhodes is just generic and comes off as doing a bad imitation of Brian Drummond's Vegeta (much like Chris Sabat did back in 99-00 as others have mentioned).

Milton James sounds too old, too feeble, and weak as Vegeta, though played up the princely part of the character well.

UVA is a Malaysian Man doing a Jamaican Accent, I guess?
Shaun Ince
said at 9:52 AM on Thu Jul 23 2015
 6 Shout Outs!
Drummond=/=Sabat(Kai)> The rest.

Drummond's performance is good in the earlier episodes but terrible in later ones.The only issue that I take with Drummond is that some of his powering up screams sounds like a motorboat or a motorbike. The Vegeta's wrath scene however is a great example of Drummond's Vegeta at it's best. Sabat was pretty bad when he started out. His performance in Buu Saga becomes more tolerable. Sabat started out as impersonating Drummond back in 99-2000 before developing his own voice for Vegeta. When they redubbed the first two arcs with the FUNi cast, he sounded too much like Piccolo. When it came to the Kai dub of Z up to now, he has improved alot. He has a better understanding of the character now. So for now, my vote stays with Sabat. Rhodes sounds like a poor mans Drummond, Milton sounds super generic. Malaysian dub Vegeta is just so bad it's hialrious. It's tied with the Big Green/ABgroupe dub voice for him in DBZ Movie 6(The one guy that voices almost everyone in that dub)
said at 7:36 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
@Shaun Ince In terms of Big Green voice actors, I'd say Paul (Move 7 onwards) is slightly better than Doug (Movie 6). Sure, Paul makes him sound too old, but his delivery is reasonably acceptable. Doug, on the other hand, is so forced that he sounds like he was sitting on a broom the entire time.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:37 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
@Kioea Yeah, I agree.
said at 8:19 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
@Shaun Ince Actually, it's kinda funny that Doug sounds so forced as Vegeta, because, to give ONE example, he uses the same voice for Broly, and yet he doesn't come across as forced. Hilariously over-the-top, yes...
Shaun Ince
said at 5:39 PM on Tue Jul 28 2015
@Kioea Yeah. I noticed.
Shaun Ince
said at 2:47 PM on Wed Nov 11 2015
@Kioea Remember in the ABGroupe dub of the Bardock movie, they actually had Sharon Mann voice the adult Vegeta for a brief moment. I believe there is a clip of it that exists on Youtube somewhere. Was really weird hearing that voice come out of Vegeta's mouth xD!
said at 12:16 PM on Tue Jun 16 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
1. Brian Drummond - I think the Ren Hoek type voice he gave Vegeta was pretty fitting, although in the later Sagas he sounded like he had stopped caring.

2. Chris Sabat - The gruff pseudo-British voice does a good job playing up the royal aspect of the character, although i don't think the voice suits Vegeta's smaller design in the earlier Sagas.

3. Roger Rhodes - Doesn't sound Saiyan enough. This sounds like some generic voice you could hear in any anime dub.

4. Milton James - Hard to make a judgement since he only ever said a few lines as Vegeta. I'd say his voice is somewhat fitting, but the delivery is bad.

5. Unknown voice actor (Big Green dub of Movie 6) -

In the Big Green dub of the second Cooler movie he's played by some unknown voice actor doing a pretty bad Chris Sabat impression.

6. "Old Bastard" (from the Big Green dub) - In most of the Big Green dub movies he is played by an unknown voice actor who fans like to call the "Old Bastard"

He makes Vegeta sound like some old Adam West impersonator, as you can see in this clip.

7. Unknown voice actor (Malaysian dub) - Do i even need to explain why this guy is at the bottom?
said at 2:07 AM on Mon Jun 22 2015
@Miscast You left out "Clearin's" VA, who voiced him in Big Green's Bardock special. Yes, I know she mainly voiced him as a kid, but there was also a brief flashback when she voiced him as an adult fighting Goku. I still laugh every time I see that.
said at 5:30 PM on Sun May 17 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
1. Chris Sabat (Kai)
2. Brian Drummond
3. Chris Sabat (Z)
4. Roger Rhodes
5. Milton James
6. UVA
said at 8:10 PM on Mon May 11 2015
1. Chris Sabat
2. Milton James
3. Brian Drummond
4. Roger Rhodes
5. Unknown
said at 1:28 PM on Mon May 11 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Of the official voices, Chris Sabat (especially in Kai) is the best. I appreciate Brian Drummond's take on the character (and he of course gave us one of the greatest memes ever), but I just think Sabat a whole lot more with this character.

But while he's my favorite OFFICIAL voice, he's not the best in my opinion. That goes to Nick Landis, aka Lanipator from Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. His voice is basically a Sabat impression, but with this layer of hysteria at some points and extreme smugness at others laid over it. He perfectly captures everything about Vegeta's character, the cockiness, his attitude toward Goku, his plain distrust of people, and so forth. He just oozes that sense of "I really wouldn't want to hang around this person because they're so unpleasant, but it's so much fun to make a joke at their expense.....but that's probably not a very safe idea, considering he's a Super Saiyan." While Laurence Simpson (MasakoX from Abridged) and Sean Schemmel are tied in my mind for Goku, Lanipator edges past Chris Sabat purely because he captures all of what makes Vegeta a great character, while also making him incredibly funny.
said at 11:40 AM on Sun Apr 19 2015
Chris Sabat for sure: he has this suave, almost Bond like tone to his voice lately in DBZ Kai that really sells his take to me. Plus, it evolves from when Vegeta's a bad guy to when he become a good guy on Earth- you can really see how much Vegeta changes over time with Chris.

Brian Drummond was good as well, but unlike most, I much preferred his later Canadian dub over his earlier one here from the Saban dub, where he just sounded way too high pitched-- he got better to me, but still has this scratchiness to his voice that if removed would help him a lot.

Roger is just generic and forgettable: too plain sounding.

Milton sounds very old and feeble, yet does sound princely.

Unknowns, again, no comment.
said at 4:31 AM on Thu Mar 5 2015
1 Christopher
2 Brian
3 Milton
4 Unknonw
5 Roger
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:53 PM on Thu Feb 19 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Ah Vegeta, he's always been one of my favorites. Let's get right to it.

Brian Drummond: At the beginning if the series he was great. Very smug and sinister. The problem is that as Vegeta changed Brian's voice didn't. As the series went on his harsh and scratchy tone became less and less fitting. By the end of the seris he's completely out of place. Let's hope that Kai let's him properly grow with the character. Still, he can scream like no other.

Chris Sabat: Alongside Sean Schemmel's Goku, Chris l' Vegeta really shows how far Funi has grown. He started from this horribly forced "impression" of Brian that didn't even sound like him to begin with, but became so good. He gradually ditched the forced rasp and these days he's one of the finest voices in DBZ. Not to mention he perfectly pulls off Vegeta's changing personality over time. Fantastic.

Roger Rhodes: If you asked me to pick a Blue Water voice for Vegeta then I probably would have recommended Roger. Too bad that the direction made him sound more like a thug than he should have. What a shame.

Milton James: Really now? I know Vegeta is techemically a primce, but he's obviously a warrior at heart. Milton ends up playing him like a snobby aristocratic dork, not a hardened warrior. Come on now.

Unknown: No

1. Chris Sabat
2. Brian Drummond
3. Roger Rhodes
4. Milton James
said at 2:03 PM on Tue Feb 3 2015
Brian: the hissing and piercing screams hurt your ears after a bit, if he took out the hissing and toned down his voice he would be good

Chris: would vote for him but the clip used is bad

Milton: he's good except for the laugh, voted for him anyway

Roger: actually decent.
said at 9:01 AM on Wed Dec 10 2014
Brian- OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
said at 3:46 AM on Mon Nov 17 2014
 4 Shout Outs!
I`ll go for Drummond, I`m an Ocean dub fan.
said at 1:05 PM on Thu Oct 9 2014
Since i heard Chris voiced Vegeta multiple times more than the others i'll vote for him.
said at 7:43 AM on Wed Oct 8 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Drummond and Sabat are the best ones here. Roger Rhodes isn't too bad while Milton James seems to be miscast in this role. And the UVA is absolutely terrible.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:27 AM on Wed Oct 1 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
This is a tough choice between Christopher Sabat and Brian Drummond, but I'm going with Christopher. He is powerful, angry, prideful and he still did well when Vegeta mellowed out later on in the series.

While I haven't seen the later episodes that Ocean dubbed, I've read that Brian still makes Vegeta sound too sinister even when he's supposed to be more mellow and good at that point. Brian did a wonderful job with the sinister, evil Vegeta, however if he still makes him sound to evil when he's not supposed to be then I think he looses some points.

Milton James: He sounds princely and regal, yet he lacks that "I'll rip you apart!" warrior aspect of Vegeta.

Roger Rhodes: He's alright I guess. He sounds like he has potential to be better if given another go.
said at 10:07 PM on Sat Aug 30 2014
Why didn't they just get Christopher Sabat for all of them? He's so good that I remember him being the voice for Vegeta in GT instead of Roger.
said at 11:51 PM on Sat Aug 30 2014
@Ikrani Roger Rhodes was only in the Blue Water dub, which only aired in Canada and I believe the UK as well.

It might have aired elsewhere, but I'm not sure. At any rate America definitely got the Funimation dub, so that's most likely why you don't remember Roger in the role.
said at 2:44 PM on Sat Jun 21 2014
 4 Shout Outs!
#1) Christopher R. Sabat (DBZ Kai Dub > 2005-2010 FUNimation Z Redub Saiyan- Buu Saga > 2002 Buu Saga FUNimation DBZ Dub > 1999-2001 Frieza-Cell Saga FUNimation DBZ Dub)- Perfect. He nails the prideful, angry, warrior that Vegeta's character personifies, the arrogance in his abilities, the princely demeanor of the character, acting as if he is a smug guy who is superior to everyone especially that low-class clown Kakarot...he IS Vegeta in the English Dub now. 10/10

#2) Brian Drummond- Evil, chilling, blood curdling...these three things define Brian's take on Vegeta. His screams are unmatched, but his's not bad at all, I like it, but he sounds more like an evil gnome or evil cartoony guy/weasel than a prideful warrior. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Brian Drummond in many of his other roles (he IS Ryuk, for example), but his Vegeta was lacking that deeper, more princely tone Chris Sabat's had, but he was pretty good for what its worth as Vegeta. 8.5/10

#3) Roger Rhodes- He sounds so flat, generic, and bland in this role. Roger has had good roles, but this isn't one of them. He's simply average/okay, really, as Vegeta. 7/10

#4) Milton James- He has a nice princely/regal tone to his voice, but the voice is WAY too wimpy and soft for a Saiyan warrior like Vegeta and doesn't fit a fighter that much. Weakest of the (actual) English VAs for Vegeta, sadly, but he did have potential. 5.5/10

#5) Unknown VA- Ugh, awful: like Goku's Speedy Co./Malaysian VA, this guy is downright atrocious in the role-- he sounds Jamaican even though he's Malaysian, though = lol. 0.5/10
said at 12:26 PM on Sat May 3 2014
Brian's delivery of"Does an android like you ever experience fear?" was really chilling. Be good for a creepy villain like Scarecrow. It makes him 2nd on my list, but the quality of Ocean went downhill, and so did his performance, sadly.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:32 AM on Sun Apr 27 2014
 9 Shout Outs!
Roger and Milton need second attempts, they have potential in their past roles.

Brian has a great voice for Vegeta...for the first two seasons. Brian's voice is very sinister and threatening yet fits for a prince, he captures all of Vegeta's personality. A great example of Brian as Vegeta is the "I'll get you, you won't escape...MY WRATH", his deliveyr really is chilling. As much as I like Chris he can never deliver that the same way. That being said, once it came time for Vegeta to be good...he started to become less fitting. More in Buu saga is where you see his Vegeta really become unfitting. Brian was good for when Vegeta was more of a villain/anti-hero but once he joins Goku his voice is TOO sinister, an example of this is the moment where Vegeta does the speech about his family before he tries to kill Buu that Brian really didn't seem right.

Chris was just an overall better fit. I don't know what I can say, he just was perfect.

Leaving unknown out because it speaks for itself, not 100 percent feel like he belongs in the compare.
said at 9:23 AM on Fri Feb 28 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
I still can't decide whether to vote for Drummond or Sabat here.
said at 4:31 PM on Mon Mar 24 2014
@Zillah took me a while... but my vote went to Sabat thanks to DBZ Kai. He was my favourite either way but he proved himself as the best in Kai thus far.
said at 5:16 PM on Mon Mar 24 2014
@Aussieroth After looking at it again, I'd have to agree.
I still think Drummond did an very good job in the role too, but yeah I think Sabat has the edge thanks to his performance in the kai dub.

And now as for the other 3 since I never said anything about them before:

Roger Rhodes is... okay I guess, but there really isn't much to be said about it

Milton James: pretty much the same deal as Roger, but with a different voice.

And as for the UVA, well, Malaysian-English dub, ladies and gentleman.
said at 11:03 PM on Sat Apr 26 2014
@Aussieroth He was FANTASTIC in "Kai". Not since Brian Drummond in the Namek saga did I find a Vegeta voice so perfectly fitting for a prince of a warrior race.
said at 8:38 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
You know how Roger Rhodes was pretty good as Chibodee in the G Gundam dub? This is kinda the opposite.
said at 11:16 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@Damolisher I'm still disappointed by how bad he is as Vegeta. He was perfect as Vile! If he used a voice similar to that he'd make for a fantastic Vegeta.

He's normally great at playing anti-heroes. I just don't understand why they directed him to do this voice, out of all the voices he could have done...I guess it could've been worse, but it obviously could've been much, MUCH better!
said at 12:45 AM on Wed Jan 15 2014
Christopher Sabat, certainly.

(Though again, Nick Landis is my favourite).
said at 10:25 PM on Sat Dec 14 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Chris still wins in my book and I'm not really a fan of Brian's Vegeta, but my god, his screams were astounding..
said at 9:44 AM on Thu Nov 14 2013
 7 Shout Outs!
This one's pretty tough for me. I really don't know how to compare the two now, since their voices for the character are so different.

Drummond was really consistent with the role and his delivery was great. The delivery in his "MY WRATH" scene was AMAZING, and he obviously put a lot of passion into his voice.

While Sabat started out terrible (like most, if not all, of the other cast), he really improved over time and came up with his own Vegeta voice. And when the kai dub came along he was by far at his best

If we were in the year... 2000 or 2001 (idk), then I would give it to Drummond pretty easilly, but given how much Sabat has improved since he started, not just as Vegeta, but as an actor in general, I really don't know which one to go with.
I guess this one's a tie between the two for me.
said at 8:47 AM on Fri Nov 15 2013
@Zillah It's interesting to see how both Chris and Brian both totally outdid each other in specific scenes. Brian Drummond nailed the Vegeta's wrath scene in a way that Chris couldn't accomplish even after doing it twice, but Chris also did a much better job on the Vegeta's pride scene in his clip here. It's kinda funny how they both outdid each other in scenes called "Vegata's Wrath" and "Vegeta's Pride." Kind of interesting huh? Ha ha.
said at 4:29 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
 13 Shout Outs!
1. Chris Sabat (KAI) - He NAILED it here. The voice sounds epic and perfectly fit for a warrior prince, and the acting is sensational and passionate. This IS Vegeta.
2. Brian Drummond - Started off a bit overly raspy, but his voice and performance after a while was just total awesomeness, and still holds up. His best delivery was the famous "MY WRATH!!!" scene. (Though we have to give a shout out to his overacting of "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!" too. XD)
3. Chris Sabat (pre-KAI) - He started off as terrible as most of the cast, but gradually got better and better. But then he kept using that deep, gravelly, croaking chain-smoker voice for Vegeta in everything, even re-dubs of the first saga, where the voice didn't fit. His acting was solid, though.
4. Milton James - The voice sounds appropriately regal, but that is horrendous acting. Under good direction, maybe he could have lived up to his potential.
5. Roger Rhodes - It's okay, but again, needed better direction.
6. UVA - Hilariously awful. "I'd rather die than doing that!" XD
said at 8:11 PM on Mon May 11 2015
@Galactic_Cyrus Out of all of them, besides Chris, James is the closest English VA to Horikawa
said at 10:29 PM on Sat Jan 30 2016
@gokaiblue That's why I wish he could have voice Vegeta in something that would've allowed for a better performance.
said at 1:43 PM on Fri Aug 30 2013
can't imagine any other vegeta than christopher sabat
said at 5:47 PM on Mon Aug 19 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Chris Sabat is the best for Vegeta all-around as of the end of DBZ Kai's dub. He has the princely demeanor nailed and while he's still a bit rough around the edges, he has the right tone and inflections for the warrior. His voice suits Vegeta to a tee.

Don't get me wrong, Chris Sabat was TERRIBLE when the switch happened back in 1999. His Brian Drummond imitation was like a fandub gone wrong, and I HATED it with a passion.

Then we had the croaky voice that was an improvement but also too rough in the early Cell Saga, but later on in the middle of the Cell Saga Chris really began to nail the part. He started to really get the character down in the Buu Saga and from there he's shown remarkable capability for the role of Vegeta. He's my favorite actor for the Prince of all Saiyans, hands down.

Brian Drummond is my second favorite. He's a little too high pitched for my tastes, but his voice is just too awesome to listen to. The man is an excellent actor, and he is superb when it comes to yelling, screaming, or in the pissed off scenes. He was a great Vegeta as well.

The others...not so much. Roger Rhodes is OK but he sounds too generic. Milton James nailed the princely demeanor but sounds a bit too feeble and weak as Vegeta, and the less said about our good buddy the Unknown Voice Actor here, the better.
said at 4:31 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
@OldSchoolFTW I love that African/Jamaican sounding UVA, especially how he says "DOING that" instead of "DO that." It's so bad it's comedic gold!
said at 9:33 PM on Sun Aug 11 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Christopher Sabats deep voice seems to fit Vegeta better.
said at 2:13 AM on Sun Jun 9 2013
Chris Sabat is my favourite. I don't really like the others.
said at 7:53 PM on Mon May 27 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
For the first two sagas of Dragon Ball Z, I prefer Brian Drummond as Vegeta. Not the best voice but nailed the screams and anger. But from the Ginyu Saga to the Kid Buu Saga, I prefer Chris Sabat.
said at 6:44 PM on Sat Apr 20 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Guys, GUYS...Christopher Sabat. How could you pick anyone else? How is this even a contest? He deserves this. He's been Vegeta longer and more dedicatedly than any other. He owns this role, and his raspy voice will live in my heart forever.
said at 2:07 AM on Mon Mar 25 2013
 5 Shout Outs!
Brian Drummond had a decent performance, but I felt that his voice was a little too light and high for Vegeta overall.
Christopher Sabat is the voice most commonly associated with Vegeta and with good reason. His lowish, raspy voice fit his appearance perfectly and his performance had that mix of arrogance and anger that Vegeta needed. (Though I agree his early dub work was not too good, to say the least.)
Roger Rhodes gave an okay performance, but the voice wasn't very fitting, though oddly it does sound like it could fit Trunks if he tweaked the delivery a bit.
Milton James gave Vegeta a... New Yorker accent? What!?
The Unknown's heavy accent and (possibly) questionable English, gave him an awkward, stilted delivery.
said at 2:13 AM on Mon Mar 25 2013
@Red524 Went with Sabat
said at 10:03 AM on Fri Mar 8 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
I'm going with Chris. I prefer his performance in Kai. Brian Drummond is good too.
said at 11:17 AM on Thu Mar 7 2013
 10 Shout Outs!
Christopher Sabat is by far the better Vegeta. Brian Drummond had his moments had his moments, but his voice was a little too high and he often sounded like a generic cartoon villain. Even Drummond admitted that Christopher Sabat sounded more princely and it's true, at least in Kai.

Yes, when Sabat started out he was absolutely horrible, and he didn't start to get tolerable until the Majin Boo saga. His acting had improved in the redubbed parts released on the season sets but his voice was still poorly defined. However, all of that changed with Kai.

In Kai he hit nearly all the aspects of the character. He sounded like a bad-ss and sly anti-hero, princely as well as a tiny bit prissy when his fight with Goku wasn't going his way. His voice was much more clear, consistent, well defined and really toned it down on the rasp.

He still sounds pretty gruff, but considering the character's warrior mentality I think that really fits. The only faults I can find with his current Vegeta is that his screaming is a little inconsistent and the script, which has been criticized for using too much fancy English to make it sound Shakespearean. Making the character fairly articulate works pretty well, but they still overdid it a bit and with Frieza they especially went overboard.

They were so intent on making the script of Kai sound adult that they made the characters, especially the villains sound needlessly articulate and it just didn't fit the scene in a few cases. Aside from those two things his interpretation of Vegeta is nearly flawless in my eyes. I freaking love it!

However, if Brian Drummond reprises his role in the Ocean Dub of Kai that's taking forever to come out I would like to see him use a somewhat different voice. Otherwise I think he would be fantastic in the role as well.
said at 6:38 PM on Thu Mar 7 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy Oh, and just in case anyone gets me wrong, I actually love Brian's Vegeta voice. It is immensely entertaining, I just don't think it suits Vegeta that well, and I love his screaming too.
said at 7:54 PM on Thu Mar 7 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy So never mind about me calling it generic, it's actually really cool and I think Brian Drummond is great, I just think he should do a voice that isn't quite so high and be a little more true to the character, other than that I would love to see him play Vegeta again.
said at 12:56 AM on Tue Jun 11 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy The voice direction in the original dub is up there with Spider-Man TAS IMO. Great voices and have good moments but the voice direction was not always the best. Kai changed all that for the most part and Chris is actually a good voice director. He did way better than whoever the first voice director was.

As far as his performance in the original dub is concerned it started as a Drummond impression then I think he took over Burter and used his Vegeta and then recycled it after Burter was killed off with the voice we all know. If that's wrong he took over after for the remastered sets. In either case try having your boss telling you "Ok you're dubbing over so and so" or "Stop impersonating Brian and try something else" and coming up with an original voice and perfecting it right off the bat.
said at 1:21 AM on Tue Jun 11 2013
@pete I know, right? I get tired of people that give Sabat so much crap because he wasn't good at the start. Now he pretty much personifies Vegeta. Unfortunately, he used to smoke and had no acting experience, so his voice as well as his performance suffered. But, anyone that tries to tell me he can't act nowadays can kiss my- wait, no, I don't want someone that stupid even touching me! They can go kiss their own butts while they rethink their lives! XP
snake pliscon
said at 9:05 AM on Wed Feb 13 2013
chris has the voice of a more mature more powerfull vageta brian was perfect for a yunger less mature vageta
said at 12:34 AM on Tue Feb 5 2013
Christopher Sabat no doubt!
said at 12:46 PM on Thu Jan 31 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Brian is awesome
said at 9:51 PM on Sat Jan 12 2013
Christopher sabat is BAD ASS buuuuuut ima have to go with Brian, Its like a little evil asshole kind of voice, it fits.
said at 5:52 AM on Wed Jan 9 2013
Christopher Sabat will always be the best
said at 6:45 PM on Sat Dec 8 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Brian Drummond is definitely Vegeta. Sabat's original Vegeta voice is practically indistinguishable from his Piccolo, and his voice in Kai is pretty much an impersonation of Drummond's Vegeta.
said at 5:02 PM on Tue Apr 3 2018
@JaredTaylor94: Sabat's Kai voice sounds NOTHING like Drummond. WTF?
said at 5:32 PM on Mon Dec 3 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Chris and Brian are the best.
said at 3:50 PM on Fri Nov 23 2012
It has to be Sabat, I love all the other voices as well, execpt for Milton James in Final Bout, he made Vegeta sound like a Homosexual, someone with an awful Essex accent or someone like... Zarbon.
said at 1:55 AM on Wed Aug 8 2012
 17 Shout Outs!
Chris is the clear winner in my book.

Now that doesn't mean I think Brian Drummond is terrible. I actually started out as a huge fan of his Vegeta and really hated that Chris tried so hard to imitate him early on.

But once he really got to make the role "his own" so to speak, he completely nailed it. I can't imagine anyone else as Vegeta now. He gives him a perfect balance in my view: Still tough and still full of pride, yet he's able to tone it down and show that Vegeta has a soft side underneath those layers of toughness and it works beautifully, especially in later episodes.

I've heard some clips of Brian's work in the second half of the series and I just don't feel that same sense of balance that I do when I listen to Chris's take. Brian's take seems to lack intensity and seems very stiff and forced.

I don't blame Brian for this though because he wasn't the only one that didn't sound as good in the second half. The quality of the dub went dowhill after the Namek saga iIMO.
said at 4:03 AM on Sat Oct 6 2012
@SparklyShake12 It was ll Chris could come up with at the time. He used the more modern voice we all know for Burter originally and after he died the voice was recycled for Vegeta and lated dubbed into all episodes.
said at 3:13 PM on Sat Oct 6 2012
@pete all
said at 9:34 PM on Sat Jun 30 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Omigod! I remember Drummond's voice! But unfortunately, I have to go with Chris Sabat's voice on this one. The minute I heard his recorded dialogue at 00:17, my childhood came back to me in a flash, and just like that, I voted for Sabat! lol :D
said at 5:03 PM on Sun Jun 17 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Brian Drummond.

Okay, really, some of the audio clips on this site are poor. Drummond wins it for me, as well, but Milton James and the unknown guy were a bit hard to hear.
said at 3:21 AM on Fri Jun 1 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Brian Drummond wins it for me. There is just something about his slithery, sinister voice that fits Vegeta so well. He also has some pretty great yells and screams. When Chris Sabat took over it was pretty ridiculous, but I feel he came into the character and obviously a lot of people like it when he perfected his take. I think it's very good and works with the philosophy a lot of people adopted that "the characters got older" when the voices switched. Still, Brian's Vegeta just works, though neither are bad.
said at 3:28 AM on Fri Jun 1 2012
*well, not "pathetic", but more of just trying to stay consistent with Ocean. Like I said on Goku's comparison, Kai reminds me A LOT of Ocean's dub and Chris' Vegeta is similar at times. Not as deep as it once was.
said at 2:48 PM on Sun May 27 2012
1. Christopher Sabat
2. Roger Rhodes
3. Brian Drummond
4. Unknown Voice Actor
5. Milton James
Dillon Taylor
said at 1:47 AM on Wed May 23 2012
Chris is fantastic as Vegeta. He nails the frustration in his voice when he sees Goku surpassing him and also the reluctant heroism when he chooses to do the right thing.

I love Brian as an actor but I just feel that Chris covers ALL aspects of Vegeta's character in a more well rounded performance.
said at 1:15 PM on Thu Apr 19 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
Chris Sabat: One of his best roles he's ever had, makes Vegeta sound tough, ruthless and like a prince. Kai is where he truly shines, great job!

Brian Drummond: He makes a great young Vegeta, sounds like an ambitious and intimidating fighter, which is surprising considering the Ocean dubs poor reputation.
One of their better voices none the less.

Rhodes, James and UVA: All pretty bad, especially the UVA. James sounds too old, while the other two just don't fit the character at all.
said at 6:16 PM on Thu Apr 12 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Now that Kai's over...

Sabat (Kai): A bit inconsistent, but an improvement regardless. He still sounds like a chain smoker trying to be a rogue warrior prince, and that's partially why it's inconsistent. He's best when his voice is calm, and somewhat smoother than usual. His yells sometimes sounds like Horikawa. He'd be amazing if he dropped the rasp and gruff, and ditched his other characters in favor for Vegeta, but alas.

Drummond: ....Starscream. He never voiced Starscream, but that's all I hear from him. A Starscream that yells and drags words in ways most people don't. I like how smug he plays him, though. But, he keeps overacting the part after Ocean got Dragon Ball Z back.

Rhodes: Sounds like a deeper Eric Vale's Trunks. It doesn't fit.

James: He has potential and as I said in a previous comment, the voice is more in line with his prince-like persona, but he sounds a bit too aged.

Unknwon Voice Actor: It sounds like an OK voice, but....
said at 12:19 AM on Fri Mar 30 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Sabat's Vegeta is just too classic to pass up, but Brian Drummond wasn't too bad either, at least in the earlier FUNimation/Saban/Ocean dub of Seasons 1-2. He wasn't as good in the later AB Groupe/Westwood/Ocean dub of the 2nd half of the series, but I blame that on the direction and the fact that the whole dub's voice acting took a nosedive in quality.
said at 5:34 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
Brian Drummond's Vegeta voice for "It's over 9000!" as not to bad, but Chris Sabet's Vegeta voice for "It's over 9000!" was awesome.
said at 11:07 AM on Mon Mar 19 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Definitely Sabat! His Vegeta screams are legendary, and are God-like, compared to Drummond's.. Also, he has a lot more arrogance and pride in his voice.. Not to mention the ample amount of emotion Chris puts into his voice!
said at 9:35 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
@TheUltimatePhantom1 How are Drummond's screams bad?
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:55 PM on Wed Sep 26 2012
@TheUltimatePhantom1 I prefer Sabat as Vegeta, but saying his screams were better than Drummond's should be a crime.
said at 2:58 AM on Sun May 10 2015
@Nightmare Crusher Watch Kai, and say that again..
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:34 AM on Sun May 10 2015
@TheUltimatePhantom1 I have seen Kai and had already done so when I made that comment.
said at 9:35 PM on Tue May 19 2015
@Nightmare Crusher Oh, sure.. Because you don't agree with something I said, it should be a crime that I even said it? And besides, I've compared Drummond's scream as Majin Vegeta to Sabat's in the lot of DBZ games, and he turned out better..
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:24 AM on Wed May 20 2015
@TheUltimatePhantom1 It's hyperbole. I'm not being completely serious, relax.
said at 11:17 PM on Thu Mar 8 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Most of you here are American, and grew up with Sabat. For me, hearing him was a shock (as was finding out there were two dubs lol), since as a Canadian I was used to Drummond's specific voice. I got used to Sabat, and I think he's great, but idk I still have to go with Drummond. To me, he screams Vegita.
said at 1:04 AM on Thu Mar 8 2012
Both Are My Favorites I Like Them Both
said at 11:50 AM on Fri Feb 17 2012
Sabat, followed by Vegeta's 1st German voice Santiago Ziesmer. Both voices are strong and raspy and both ham it up rather appropriately, although both have their problems. Sabat could not avoid the pitfall of sounding flat, as most actors tend to do when dubbing anime, while Ziesmer, doesn't quite ham it up in Vegeta's famous scene, instead choosing to go low and intense.
said at 12:37 AM on Wed Mar 12 2014
@BlankSlate Oh, wow. Did I really say that back then? Sorry, Zies, Lanipator gets second place now.
Dark Kuja
said at 1:33 PM on Fri Feb 10 2012
I have to go for Sabat on this, especially his new work on Kai. It simply encompasses the idea of a warrior prince whose pride is both his greatest asset and his greatest weakness.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:50 PM on Mon Jan 30 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Chris Sabat is my favorite, but Brian Drummond could scream like no other.
said at 6:44 PM on Sat Jan 7 2012
everyone knows sabat is the real vegeta and always was.
Gutsy Goat
said at 8:29 PM on Tue Dec 27 2011
i choose Christopher Sabat
as my number 1
his voice just fits the part
said at 11:49 PM on Sat Nov 12 2011
 1 Shout Out!
There's something I just realized.

In the Blue Water dub, Vegeta has a high voice and Baby has a deep voice.

In the Funimation dub, Vegeta has a deep voice and Baby has a high voice.

Were they intentionally trying to make Baby have the opposite voice of Vegeta for both dubs, or was this just a coincidence?

Definitely something to think about, at any rate.
said at 1:03 AM on Tue Nov 8 2011
Roger Rhodes sounds like Trunks.
said at 3:32 PM on Mon Oct 10 2011
I prefer Sabot over Drummond mainly because Chris makes Vegeta sound more intense and more of a bada__. As for the others I just don't like them much.
said at 1:09 AM on Wed Sep 28 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Roger Rhodes is kind of disappointing in the role, since he's played rival characters like Vile before and nailed the role, but as far as Vegeta goes...its rather...unremarkable and forgettable.

Has anyone ever heard Vegeta's AB Groupe (Big Green) voice? It sounds way too deep, like Orson Welles deep, but its hilarious. He also sounded like a kid in one of the movies for some reason, even when he was older, I guess he was recast.

Milton James fits his more prince-like attitude, but I'm not sure if he'd really fit the evil or good Vegetas of the show.

The less said about the unknown actor, the better.
said at 1:19 PM on Sun Sep 18 2011
I grew up with Sabat, so I'm more inclined to listen to what I'm used to. But I like him because that's what I'd imagine Vegeta sounding like. It's not because of skill or talent, it's the character portrayal. Think, Vegeta is a warrior. He's one of the last of his race, and he's a prince that just can't surpass a low class warrior. His son can even be more powerful. He's going to be bitter, savage, and altogether mean because of his humiliation. When I imagine someone with all of that pent up emotion, I imagine a voice that's gruff, throaty, and arrogant. That's why Sabat takes it for me. The deeper tone sells it completely.
said at 10:09 AM on Thu Sep 15 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
It's a crime that Drummond isn't voted higher than Sabat. Drummond surpasses him on every level.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:36 PM on Sun Sep 18 2011
@NitroEX No, it's not a crime. It's just that the majority of voters have a different opinion than you do.
said at 11:00 PM on Sat Aug 27 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Chris Sabat!! DEFINITELY!!
said at 12:46 PM on Tue Aug 16 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
This is a pretty hard for me. I have listened to both Sabat and Drummond, and here's what I have to say: originally, I thought Chris was nearly forcing his own voice for Vegeta, and it probably has to do with all those screaming bits of his... And Drummond's no better, yet at the time, I preferred him because those days for Toonami, I literally grew up with the Ocean dub.

But then when FUNimation started to dub Dragon Ball Z Kai, I actually gained a whole new respect for Sabat's Vegeta... And if you compare FUNi's original dub to Kai, then you realize that they wanted to make the script as true as the original version (manga or the Japanese version of the anime, you name it), and the filler was cut that. So overall, Drummond utterly beats Chris Sabat in the past for me, but as of right now, Sabat is a god with that improved Vegeta voice... Just wow.

As for Rhodes, eh... He's alright, but just using his Vile from Megaman X8/Maverick Hunter X isn't cutting it for me. Milton is just awful, as if Bandai weren't even trying with the voice work in Final Bout and made it half-decent, rest all horrid. The unknown person is........ That's all I can say. Hail the Prince of All Saiyans!
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 2:36 PM on Sun Aug 7 2011
Chris Sabat has a new clip now.

Maybe now you will all stop complaining. :p
said at 4:57 PM on Tue Aug 9 2011
@Jackson_H He did i loved the other one. I liked the part where chris sabat screams when he did final explosion.
said at 4:30 PM on Thu Jul 21 2011
Chris sabat is way better! He is awesome!
said at 3:51 PM on Fri Aug 5 2011
@Sayin Gingi Yay! All right! Chris Sabat FTW!
said at 1:16 AM on Thu Jul 14 2011
Brian Drummond and Chris Sabat sound really similar, it's really close, but since I grew up with the Ocean Dub, and because Drummond sounds a tad more evil, I'm voting for him.
said at 10:15 PM on Thu Jun 30 2011
 1 Shout Out!
I vote chris Sabat, but I think his Kai voice should be added too. He voices Vegeta a little differently in DBZKai
said at 10:59 AM on Fri Jun 24 2011
Chris Sabat is definitely the best voice. I enjoy Brian Drummond's version for early Z, but think it fails in the later sagas. The other voices I don't really care for.
said at 4:05 PM on Fri Jun 17 2011
Ohh they picked the worst quotes for Sabat. made me cry all over again D: AND btw, Sabat is the best voice actor; not just for Veggie, but in general!!
said at 3:50 PM on Fri Aug 5 2011
@Torysama Yeah it's a horrible clip of him; btw do you know Chris personally in real life? If so, how?
said at 1:51 AM on Mon Apr 25 2011
I like the somewhat regal, arrogant tone Milton James has. It's a shame we won't be able to hear more of it. It's a voice that I believe that's coming out of a prince.

Though to Sabat's credit, he's done a good job in Kai so far. Though I wish he'd just dump his other roles and play Vegeta with a more normal voice.

I do like how Brian Drummond played Vegeta though.
said at 1:24 AM on Sat Apr 16 2011
 4 Shout Outs!
Brian Drummond's potrayal was excellently psychotic and evil for Vegeta in the Saiyan and Namek sagas, especially with his memorable "You won't escape MY WRATH!" line. Sabat could be hit-or-miss in the role but his performance as the character in DBZ KAI has been perfect in every way. He got the arrogant warrior prince voice down perfectly, so for that he gets my vote.
said at 1:07 PM on Thu Apr 14 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
With respect to English Voice Actors, I always used to swear by Brian Drummond's Vegeta. As of DBZ Kai, however, i'm slowly warming up to Chris Sabat's rendition of the character. His delivery has substantially improved. Additionally, he's taken out that hoarse raspiness he used to bring to the character and seems to be approximating his natural voice more closely (something consistent with his Piccolo as well). I will say, however, that i'm not a fan of his deep tonality. I'm of the opinion that its difficult for him to sustain this low pitch range while attempting certain emotions/dialogue. It's also a bit divergent from the source material.

Listening to Brian's Vegeta now, it seems to be perpetually angsty and hyperbolic. Assumingly, he was directed in this manner. I actually think Brian's voice for Lt. Zechs (Gundam Wing) would fit Vegeta rather nicely - perhaps a little less monotone and a little more animated, though.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 7:29 PM on Tue Jan 25 2011
See his profile page his Kai clip is there
said at 1:25 AM on Sat Apr 16 2011
@Jackson_H Which is good because he NAILS Vegeta in the Kai dub.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 11:50 PM on Tue May 25 2010
from what I heard 9000 will be kept for the TV version but for the DVD & BD it'll be the properly translated 8000.

If you want to hear Sabat's "exaggerated/overrated" 9000 like Drummond's is go to youtube and search Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box trailer. :)
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 11:58 AM on Sun Jul 5 2009
actually, I was able to get the same clip for B. Drummond as for C. Sabat. but as a personal choice, i felt the acting for the current clip was a lot better than his later dub.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 1:12 PM on Sat May 23 2009
 1 Shout Out!
I prefer Chris Sabat.
Brian Drummond is a very talented guy (ex: Ryuk in Death Note) but Sabat's voice suits the appearance of Vegeta more and is good for the entire series.
I saw a clip of DBZ's ocean group dub /w Drummond for the final episodes and it was kind of awkward since the high pitch voice didn't match Vegeta's mature look.
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