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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Jeice with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Jeice is a member of the Ginyu Force. He is an overconfident and flamboyant fighter.

In the English dub of Dragon Ball Z by Funimation & Saban with the Ocean Group he was voiced by Scott McNeil.

In the Funimation English dub of Dragon Ball Z he is voiced by Chris Sabat.

In the English dub of Dragon Ball Kai he is voiced by Jason Liebrecht.
Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 9 2009
Special thanks to Jackson_H for additional sound clips.
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
JeiceScott McNeil
Scott McNeil
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
JeiceChristopher Sabat
Christopher Sabat
Dragon Ball Kai (2010)
JeiceJason Liebrecht
Jason Liebrecht


Yes folks at least we shall have a Voice Compare with one of the members of THE legendary force that is the Ginyu Force, and the first member to receive the VC treatment is none other than their token pretty boy Jeice!

And first of all we go to the first man whom voiced him which is none other than Scott McNeil! I have been told that Scott McNeil's voice for him was a Brummie accent, really? It always sounded like Australian to me (but then I am not familiar with what a Brummie accent is). But still it sounded quite natural and his overall performance was indeed fitting.

Though when FUNi did the dub by themselves with their now well known in-house talent Jeice was one of the many roles done by Chris Sabat. However his attempt at an Australian accent wasn't quite as... natural as Scott's attempt was. Its not really bad but to be fair when he took over the role of Jeice this is when FUNi's voice talent got their not-so well received start. But he alike much of his cast did improve over time and his work as Jeice is no exception. Though to be fair both sides do have a bit of an advantage over the time, one probable reason why Scott McNeil's accented voice sounded more natural well the fact that he is Australian probably did help. But on the other Chris Sabat lets just say definitely got to voice Jeice a lot longer than Scott ever did.

Overall I like both but I do prefer Scott McNeil more, yeah I know not a shocker there but still...



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Shaun Ince
said at 6:30 AM on Tue May 29 2018
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I'm switching my vote to Scott McNeil. Jason sounds somewhat annoying at times. And my thoughts on Sabat's Jeice remain unchanged. Just not a fan of it.
said at 10:40 AM on Tue Apr 10 2018
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I think the Jeice voices kept getting slightly weaker, though Sabat's later work as Jeice, especially in the recent games, have been highly entertaining to listen to and almost on par with Scott McNeil. But McNeil is still my favorite Jeice due to his Liverpool-Scott accent and his epic rock star scream.

This is a role I could hear Rob Paulsen voicing too, if not only for the fact that TFS Abridged Jeice sounds exactly like a Rob Paulsen voice.
Vocal Evolver
said at 11:42 AM on Sun Apr 8 2018
Sabat. Jeice coming from "Space Australia" is just too funny.
said at 7:29 PM on Thu Mar 8 2018
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My vote easily goes to Liebrecht here. All Sabat is doing is British or Australian Yamcha.
said at 9:34 AM on Wed Apr 4 2018
@schaljac000: Actually, Sabat's improved vastly since he returned in the video games recently - he actually manages to make Jeice sound distinct, whereas before, yeah, he was definitely just doing an Australian version of his Yamcha.
said at 4:08 AM on Tue Dec 5 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
I vote for Jason. I just don't envision Jeice to have a deep voice. A lighter voice just suits him better, imo.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:22 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
I'll go with Scott McNeil for this one. Sabat is good as well.

Not a fan of Liebrecht's version. His accent just annoys me.
said at 12:16 AM on Wed Oct 4 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
I've noticed that this VC seems to be the most even out of all the db ones. Interesting.
said at 6:09 PM on Sun Feb 26 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Jason Liebrecht gets my vote. It shows his range if nothing else.
said at 9:14 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
Jason makes him sound the most "prissy" in a way. Which is how I always pictured Jeice. Just this wimp that kept trying to sound intimidating.
said at 3:18 PM on Wed Nov 16 2016
 1 Shout Out!
I think all three work very well in the role. Yeah, he obviously doesn't have an Australian accent in the Japanese version, but honestly adding the accent at least gives him a fun quirk; without it, he's pretty plain, especially compared to the rest of the Ginyu Force. As for who I'm voting for, I'd say Chris Sabat, mainly for his improved performance in the Xenoverse games, with Jason Liebrecht at a close second.
said at 9:25 PM on Sun Jul 16 2017
@RabidSonicFan A lot of fans rag on Chris' performance, focusing on the 'Space Australian' voice. Is it really any more ridiculous than an alien speaking an Earth language?
Shaun Ince
said at 12:48 PM on Sat Nov 5 2016
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There is something I find very interesting about Jeice in the English dubs. Even though he doesn't have an accent in any of the Japanese versions, the dubs took a somewhat interesting liberty and gave him an accent. It did make for a somwhat throwaway character from the Ginyu force, more memorable.

Jason & McNeil have the stronger performances in this VC. Sabat's Aussie Jeice has not aged very well & it's not very distinct from his other roles. It just ends up sounding like Austrailian Yamcha.
said at 11:54 PM on Sun Nov 6 2016
@Shaun Ince
LOL, Australian Yamcha!
At least it's nowhere near as bad as his Recoome, though.
Shaun Ince
said at 6:16 AM on Tue Nov 8 2016
@WrightWay It was the best way to describe Jeice's voice
said at 4:32 PM on Thu Oct 6 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
None of them really fit what he's supposed to sound like at all, with McNeil doing a Liverpool accent, Sabat doing an Australian accent, and Liebrecht doing an Irish accent, but considering Jeice is nothing more than a one-time character, I'm alright with that.

I guess my preference leans towards a combination of Liebrecht's acting with Sabat's voice, but this is one of those compares where no one truly outshines the others to me.
said at 4:38 PM on Thu Nov 3 2016
@WrightWay Teh, i'm in a minority that leans on the distinctive vs. shared voices, so for me i take Jason's Jheese over others.
said at 6:23 PM on Thu Nov 3 2016
Understandable. I will concede that I do believe Jason's acting is the strongest, though, so I can see why you voted for him.
Borax Joe
said at 9:40 AM on Mon Jul 10 2017
@WrightWay Really? I felt that McNeill's take on the character gave him a Scottish accent.
said at 9:45 AM on Mon Jul 10 2017
@Borax Joe
I actually thought so, too, but a fan asked Scott and he was going for a Brummie accent, apparently.
said at 11:42 AM on Sun Jul 31 2016
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I gave my vote to Jason.
said at 11:29 AM on Sun Jul 31 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
Yeah i'm gonna be in the minority saying this, i feel like Jason's Jheese (Using that name in this, don't ask me) felt more distinctive sounding even without Australian accent than Chris' Jheese in Funimation dub, when they did Kai (Which it was now Okratron5000).

In the original, i think that Scott's Jheese sounds at least more different compared to Chris' (He did better for Vegeta (Normal & Ozaru), King Vegeta, Piccolo Junior, Piccolo Daimao, Shenlong, Porunga, Bubbles and Kami), which is why i'm putting him in second.

Yes Chris' Jheese has changed in remastered and games, but it still doesn't beat Jason's Jheese so i'm voting for him, here's hoping if Jason return as Jheese in XenoVerse 2.
said at 9:46 PM on Tue Jul 12 2016
 8 Shout Outs!
Jason Liebrecht's take reminds me of Rob Paulson's Pinky for some reason lol
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 8:31 AM on Wed Jul 13 2016
Can't unhear
Shaun Ince
said at 12:33 PM on Sun Jul 31 2016
@doodlebugfour Considering Rob Paulsen's Pinky does have a sort of psuedo British accent, I can definitely hear the similarities.
Borax Joe
said at 9:41 AM on Mon Jul 10 2017
@doodlebugfour Oh, yeah. I hear it too! Though at some times he also sounds a little like Jeff Bennett.
said at 5:13 PM on Mon Mar 7 2016
 1 Shout Out!
1.Jason Liebrecht
2.Chris Sabat (Remastered and Games)
3.Scott Mcneil
4. Chris Sabat (Initial)
said at 3:02 PM on Thu Apr 7 2016
1. Jason Liebrecht
2. Scott McNeil
3. Chris Sabat
said at 7:34 AM on Sat Jan 30 2016
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Okay, this is one thing I never got about FUNi Kai. If FUNimation was intending on having Kai be closer to the original Japanese Manga (and that includes recasting certain VAs to sound closer to the japanese ones or at least capture the spirit of the character) then how come Jeice still even has an accent at all? You would figure that this would be something they would get rid of, but why didn't they? Was Akira Toriyama or Toei just intending to have Jeice with an accent in thier own versions? I highly doubt anyone in Japan is really that familiar with the outside world, considering that there aren't that many foreigners there. I just don't get the accent thing. :/
said at 8:28 AM on Sat Jan 30 2016
Same here, but at least it's still better than their interpretations of King Kai and Recoome: Liebrecht at least acted the part well, even though like the others the accent doesn't really suit Jeice well.
said at 8:26 AM on Mon Jan 18 2016
 9 Shout Outs!
It's kind of ironic that Chris was the one who used an Australian accent, since Scott's the one who was actually born in Australia.
said at 4:45 PM on Sat Jan 9 2016
 7 Shout Outs!
Scott McNeil is easily my favourite Jeice, I love the pitch (Duo Maxwell voice), the energy and the Brummie accent he used. To me it's perfect and I'm very glad he's back as Jeice for Ocean Kai.

Christopher Sabat did well for the most part, he manages to sound a bit like Scott though sounding more Australian plus it's a nice change of pace for him.

I love Jason Liebrecht, he's fantastic as my homeboy Yato in Noragami but I'm sorry I think he isn't that good as Jeice. My issue is with the accent and pitch, he just makes Jeice sound like a pansy in my books, I consider this one of the weaker castings from FUNi's dub of Kai.

Overall I'm giving it to Scott McNeil.
said at 2:35 PM on Sat Oct 24 2015
 1 Shout Out!
All of them work but I guess I'll rank them in this order.

1. Scott McNeil
2. Jason Liebrect
3. Chris Sabat
said at 9:44 AM on Sat Oct 24 2015
Jeice's English voices aren't really great fits for him to me, but I guess Sabat in Xenoverse was the best version so far.
Shaun Ince
said at 6:13 PM on Wed Jun 17 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
So we have Space Liverpool, Space Australia & Space Irish. Not really sure why they gave them accents in the first place, but it is what it is. Anyway I'm going with Liebrect, Mcneil & Sabat. In that order.
said at 10:30 AM on Sun Jan 17 2016
@Shaun Ince Actually Jason was trying to do an Australian Accent, he based the voice off the Crocodile Hunter.
Shaun Ince
said at 5:12 PM on Wed Jan 20 2016
@munsonx4 Oh really?
said at 10:09 PM on Fri Jan 22 2016
@Shaun Ince Yeah that's what he told me lol
said at 1:53 PM on Wed Jun 17 2015
 6 Shout Outs!
Scott McNeil wasn't trying to do a Australian, Brummie, or Scottish Accent. He was trying to do a Liverpool accent. He based his voice for Jeice off of Dave Lister from Red Dwarf.
said at 3:54 AM on Mon Nov 30 2015
@munsonx4 I always did think that Jeice sounded like he was from an episode of Coronation Street in the Ocean dub actually. That's pretty cool to know!
Borax Joe
said at 1:45 AM on Tue Dec 6 2016
@munsonx4 Sounds Scottish to me.
said at 10:25 AM on Tue May 12 2015
I think Jason's trying to do a less-exagerrated Australian accent. With that in mind, it's actually somewhat ironic that the genuine Australian - Scott - is the only one who DIDN'T attempt an Australian accent.
said at 6:52 PM on Tue Jun 14 2016
@Kioea You are correct! Jason based his voice off the crocodile hunter!
said at 10:49 PM on Sat May 2 2015
 1 Shout Out!
1. Sabat (Xenoverse)- Pretty convincing Australian accent and excellent voice acting.

2. Sabat (Remastered)- Much improved acting and delivery over his initial 1999 forced performance.

3. McNeil- Nice Brummie accent but a bit forced with the acting, though THAT SCREAM is epic.

4. Liebrecht- I'm sorry but the Irish accent was strong and he was incredibly annoying in this role.

5. Sabat (Initial Dub)- Very annoying with a terrible laugh and irritating grunts.
said at 11:17 AM on Wed Apr 22 2015
 1 Shout Out!
For me...

1) Jason Liebrecht
2) Chris Sabat
3) Scott McNeil
said at 5:27 AM on Wed Mar 11 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
Jason's accent was the least overdone and his acting was the strongest.
8000 Saiyans
said at 2:39 PM on Tue Mar 27 2018
@BioZero216 Really? He felt like he was overdoing the accent to me.
Shaun Ince
said at 3:18 PM on Tue Mar 27 2018
@8000 Saiyans To be fair, all of them have a really exaggerated accents. Though personally I think Sabat's Jeice sticks out more to me, just on the basis of how bad the accent is.

It's even worse with Salza, but I'll save my thoughts for that when a voice compare is made for him.
said at 2:39 PM on Mon Mar 9 2015
i like everyone except Jason tbh
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:11 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
Xenoverse has won me back over to Chris. His accent got much better and his voice seemed more natural.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 11:20 AM on Wed Apr 22 2015
@Nightmare Crusher Eh, never mind. He had some good stuff in Xenoverse, but ultimately lacked in material.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:14 AM on Thu Oct 2 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
I kinda like all three of them, but I like Scott the best. Not sure if I have any real reason.
said at 10:39 PM on Wed Sep 10 2014
1 Chris
2 Scott
3 Jason
said at 1:44 PM on Fri Aug 8 2014
I like Chris Sabat's take the most on Jeice, but in the Remastered 2005 dub: it sounds natural, but it's also amusing to listen to, though I can see why some would find it OTT.

I like Jason Liebrecht's acting for Jeice, but the voice with a (Scottish?) accent is kinda jarring for me when he screams, if that makes sense.

Scott McNeil's Jeice is amusing like Chris Sabat's, but the acting wasn't as good as his, IMO.
said at 1:47 PM on Fri Aug 8 2014
Actually, Jason's Jeice has a more Irish accent to it, while Scott's has a Scottish accent lol. xD.
said at 1:51 PM on Wed Jun 17 2015
@Savate Scott McNeil was doing a Liverpool Accent. He based it off of Dave Lister from Red Dwarf.
said at 6:31 PM on Fri Apr 18 2014
 6 Shout Outs!
I actually like Jason Liebrecht the most. I think his sniveling, slimy sidekick type voice meshed well with Kai's Ginyu. I guess in second I'd say McNeil and Sabat in third. But do like them all.
said at 5:40 AM on Thu Jul 17 2014
@PacoSlimee Agreed... but its it me, or does Jason kinda sound like a Badass Rob Paulsen?
said at 10:52 AM on Thu Jul 17 2014
@Aussieroth Now that you mention it, yeah he does a bit.
said at 2:12 PM on Thu Jul 17 2014
@Aussieroth I was thinking the exact same thing for so long...
He really does sound like Rob Paulsen, I couldn't get that out of my head.
said at 8:48 AM on Mon Feb 10 2014
 1 Shout Out!
1. Scott Mcneil - Exactly what I thought Jeice to sound like. Captures both his menacing and goofy side. plus the screams were a BIG +. Its a shame he didn't get much time in the role though.
2. Chris Sabat - Wasn't a huge fan of his Scott McNeil impression in the original funi dub. It seemed kinda ironic how his remastered take sounded more like a McNeil impression than his original voice. Well once the remastered dub came a long he did a good job imo, fitting voice, improvement in acting and the australian accent works well.
3. Jason Liebrecht - While the voice was pretty unfitting imo, his acting was solid enough to fit my tastes.

Overall, I like all of them, but yeah, McNeil still gets my vote.
said at 12:30 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
I have a huge gripe with dubs that give characters bizzare added accents they never were intended to have and hated it most with Jeice and Salza...

However of the listen voices here beyond that my favourite without a doubt is Scott's. He just gives jeice that wannabe rockstar side to his character that I just loved. His steven-tyler screams are where my decision was made. Thats the humour in it. Though he nails the intimidating part to him too in this clip for me.

Chris just sounds like an impersonation of Scotts.

Jason was meh to me. Nothing stands out.
said at 6:46 PM on Fri Dec 6 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
said at 5:09 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Space Scotland Jeice > Space Australia Jeice > Space Ireland Jeice.
said at 10:29 AM on Mon Jan 13 2014
@Galactic_Cyrus Space Ireland and Space Scottland??
said at 8:42 AM on Mon Feb 10 2014
Space Ireland = Jason Liebrecht
Space Scottland = Scott McNeil
said at 1:59 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@Galactic_Cyrus Space Brisbane, actually. Go Space Broncos!
said at 12:06 PM on Sun Feb 23 2014
@Zillah Yes, that!
said at 2:15 PM on Wed Apr 16 2014
@Zillah Jason Liebrecht sounds more Space London and Scott McNeil sounds more Space Liverpool
said at 2:59 PM on Tue Aug 20 2013
Out of pure nostalgia and the fact that I can't take Jeice seriously, and prefer him to be comedic and a joke villain for the most part, Chris Sabat receives my vote. He brought the most life to the character and gave me so many laughs I have to vote for him: he made Jeice entertaining to me.

Leibrecht's voice is much better than Chris or Scott's voice, but he was rather dull and I struggled not to fall asleep at times listening to his performance.

Scott was hilarious with the Brummie accent but he didn't get much time in the role and wasn't as memorable as Chris was for me.

I have to go with Chris, if only because I get the most laughs out of his version of Jeice.
said at 10:53 AM on Tue Jun 11 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
I don't see why people are saying Jason Liebrecht's voice is unfitting or too light, if anything, I would say Scott and Chris's voices are a little too deep for the character. Jason's matches his personality more-so than the others in my opinion. Also, I guess I would rather him have no accent at all, but his accent is still the least obnoxious, IMO.
said at 3:38 PM on Tue Jun 18 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy They're probably used to Scott or Chris and don't like the voice change/no accent even f it is more "realistic" and is probably why Chris recasted himself. I prefer Chris because I like Aussie accents but still.
said at 9:49 PM on Sun Dec 30 2012
 5 Shout Outs!
I'm going with Jason Liebrecht. I didn't really like the others.
said at 4:01 PM on Sat Sep 8 2012
 6 Shout Outs!
Hearing Sabat in BT2 and BT3... he gets my vote, though the other two were pretty good. :)
said at 1:46 PM on Fri Aug 8 2014
I wish Sabat kept Jeice and dropped Recoome, tbh, for Kai's dub: I actually really like him in this role, but can't stand him as the latter character.
said at 10:50 AM on Fri Aug 10 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Scott McNeil and Chris Sabat both did a good job as jeice! IMO
said at 6:27 PM on Mon Jun 4 2012
 1 Shout Out!
All three of these guys give Jeice a hilarious voice, which makes him stand out from the rest of the Ginyu Force.

I think Michael Yurchak could be an interesting choice as his voice is quite similar to Jeice's Abridged actor.
said at 8:17 PM on Wed Mar 14 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Sabat is the best, and McNeil isn't too far behind, but Liebrecht is just not fit for this role.
said at 4:50 AM on Sun Mar 11 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Both Sabat and McNeil have always been pretty good. The voice Liebrecht came up with was good, just not for this character. He was horribly miscast.
said at 7:24 PM on Fri Mar 16 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 I think you're just not looking at his voice the right way, I didn't like his voice at first to but I listened to it a bit more and started to see how great it was, he does a great job of show Jheese's cocky and vain side as well as his cowardly side and does a great job of showing overall what a suck up to Ginyu he is.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:31 PM on Thu Feb 16 2012
 6 Shout Outs!
I don't know about this one. Scott McNeil is great, as usual. Jason Liebrecht's voice sounds really natural and the acting is great. Chris Sabat's accent is absolutely terrible, but I think it has a certain charm to it that the others lack. I'm calling this a three way tie.
said at 1:40 AM on Tue Dec 20 2011
Jason definitely does the best accent. The other two are just cringe-worthly.
Madness Abe
said at 5:36 PM on Sun Oct 9 2011
Scott's is good, but I like the other two better. Although Jason sounds like Ron Paulsen, Chris is better here.
said at 2:09 AM on Fri May 27 2011
You know what I don't get? The accent. I dunno. It fits the character's look, but it doesn't make sense. What? Is there a Space Australia in Akira Toriyama's mind?
said at 6:10 PM on Mon May 30 2011
@ConfusedPhantom Or Space Scotland? Or Space Ireland?
Gutsy Goat
said at 8:58 PM on Tue Dec 27 2011
Jason Liebrecht
i lmao when you said space australia
it reminded me of how teamfourstar did theyres
and the space joke
said at 4:12 AM on Mon Apr 2 2012
@Galactic_Cyrus Try Space Liverpool. :p
said at 1:01 PM on Thu Jan 16 2014
@ConfusedPhantom Go Space Broncos!
said at 9:22 PM on Sun May 15 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Also I think the voice clip for Chris Sabat's Jheese should be changed. I don't think the current one does him justice.
said at 9:18 PM on Sun May 15 2011
Why on Earth did I wright "to hearing to hearing"? I think I should concentrate more on what I'm typing.
said at 9:15 PM on Sun May 15 2011
 1 Shout Out!
This is a tough one. All three sound good and fit Jheese's cocky and vain attitude McNeil's British(?) accent as the editor does say sounds a bit more natural possibly from McNeil coming from Australia who accents are meant to be derived from a type of British accent. Chris Sabat voice sounds a bit forced and a bit over the top but I think it only ads to it since the Ginyu Force are meant to be comic relief characters. Jason Liebrecht's voice. After listening to it a bit more I've come to appreciate it a bit more it sounds very cocky and that high pitched Australian (Scottish?) accent sounds very funny and suits him pretty well. Though there one thing I don't get, Chris Sabat gave away a few of his roles because Funi now has alot more voice actors to choose from. But I don't get why he got rid of his Jheese voice yet kept his Recoome voice. Alot of people liked his Jheese voice (in fact I would go as far to say it was one of the most memorable voices in the dub). and every one hated his Recoome voice. So why get rid of the voice everyone liked and keep the voice everyone hates? Its a shame Chris Sabat didn't voice Jheese for Kai, I was really looking forward to hearing to hearing the voice with improved acting and scripts.
said at 1:37 AM on Sat Apr 16 2011
They keep on getting weaker. Scott McNeil and his Scottish accent was the best.
said at 9:36 AM on Wed Apr 4 2018
I'd say Liebrecht was better than Sabat, but Sabat's been really good since re-taking the role in the video games.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:36 PM on Wed Dec 29 2010
IMO, Jason sounds more Scottish than Australian.
said at 2:21 PM on Fri Jul 15 2011
@NCZ I kind of hear a bit of a british accent more than anything in Jason's performance.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:51 PM on Tue Nov 30 2010
 2 Shout Outs!
I like Chris a bit better than Scott, but they both sound very similar. Jason Liebrecht's is too light.

"Don't play stupid with me, wanker!"
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 10:11 AM on Sun Sep 19 2010
Ok thanks for reminding me people.

I'll record some new clips (WITH ACTUAL DIALOGUE) and have all 3 updated. ;)
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 2:50 PM on Tue Jul 20 2010
1. I know there are other clips, post above yours (mine) says I plan to upload longer clips.

2. Not my VC but will see what can be done.

3. Waiting for Cell saga in Dragon Ball Kai for Colleen's Gohan to make it a fairer VC, since the other 3 VAs have clips from around that saga in Dragon Ball Z.

If one was uploaded now it would just be taken down and reuploaded with a new one later on when the time comes.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 11:37 PM on Wed Jul 7 2010
Jason Liebrecht now added!

In the future I might have these clips re-uploaded with more dialogue (but still include the current clips by merging them)
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