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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Frieza with sound clips and images.
Frieza is one of the most significant villains in Dragon Ball Z and one of the most powerful fighters in the universe.

Frieza has several forms of transformation which make him more powerful although these forms are actually used to conserve his vast power. Frieza had a huge galactic empire and was responsible for the enslavement and destruction of countless planets.

In the video game Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Frieza was voiced by Eddie Frierson.

In the English version of the Dragon Ball Z anime, Frieza was voiced by Pauline Newstone for the Ocean Group dub.

In the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z Frieza was voiced by Linda Young. Linda Young reprises the role in the video games and the brief recurring role in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball GT.

She also voiced Frieza in the re-dubbed episodes originally voiced by Pauline Newstone as well as the Dragon Ball Z anime films that the Frieza appeared in. She also voiced Frieza for episode 1 of Dragon Ball Kai.

Christopher Ayres later replaced Linda Young for the rest of the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Kai.

In the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball GT Frieza was voiced by Maureen Jones.
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Special thanks to ItachiIshtar for additional sound clips.
Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (1997)
FriezaEddie Frierson
Eddie Frierson
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
FriezaPauline Newstone
Pauline Newstone
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
FriezaLinda Young
Linda Young
Dragon Ball GT (2003)
FriezaMaureen Jones
Maureen Jones
Dragon Ball Kai (2010)
FriezaChristopher Ayres
Christopher Ayres


When fans discuss the English voices for the Dragon Ball franchise one of the biggest complaints is Frieza's voice and how the character is often mistaken as a woman.

Chris Ayres and Linda Young are the best of the bunch IMO but Chris Ayres gets my vote.


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Shaun Ince
said at 7:13 PM on Sun Mar 22 2015
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
This one goes to Chris Ayres. His performance feels alot closer to what the original character was supposed to be, which is what Ryusei Nakao managed to do. Chris comes fairly close. I am curious about Lee Tockar's Frieza, and it would make for an even more interesting comparison, once his sound clip is eventually added. That's if Ocean Kai even get's a release. We're still in the dark about this.
said at 4:19 AM on Tue Mar 24 2015
@Shaun Ince Not to mention Richard Ian "Inuyasha" Cox as Goku. Let's hope for Paul Dobson as Cell and Mark Gibbon as Recoome with David Kaye no longer working for Ocean, sadly.
said at 10:10 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
I just don't see how anyone could vote for Young. Her Frieza is so grating, obnoxious and sounds like an old lady. Ayres, on the other hand, is perfect.
said at 1:20 AM on Tue Mar 17 2015
@BioZero216 Because people have a different opinion to yours?
said at 9:59 AM on Tue Mar 17 2015
@Fulgore2005 Okay, I apologize. I was just getting annoyed since I was just reading nostalgia tard comments. If you like/perfer Young, that's fine, but show respect to Chris.
said at 10:53 AM on Tue Mar 17 2015
@BioZero216 That is fine. I love Chris's performance in this cutscene. One of the things I actually like about Ultimate Tenkaichi.

Nightmare Crusher
said at 3:27 PM on Mon Feb 23 2015
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
When I decided to revisit the DBZ compares it was Freeza who I most wanted to comment on. I'm going to break my usual order just to get some things out of the way.

Maureen is awful. I don't even know how you can do a voice that forced without coughing up your own voice box. It is so irritating. I don't know what else to say.

Eddie is really weird. I'm not sure what exactly he was going for, especially with such limited material.

Now then, on to the main three.

Pauline seemed to have a decent idea, playing up Freeza's aristocratic qualities. Problem is her voice itself is pretty strained and she got cut off by the gap in the Ocean dub. Oh well, that's just how it is.

I know this is going to be controversial, but I've gotta say it. While Maureen is the worst Freeza, on a personal level I dislike Linda's more. As Freeza climbed up his forms her voice got more and more strained sounding. By the end she was so throaty and strained she could barely emote. What kills it though is the writing. The way FrReza was written in that dub was DREADFUL! All of the stupid, obnoxious, out of place jokes were awful. It turned Freeza into little more than a playground bully. No seriously can not tell me that pop goes the weasel or ride 'em cowboy are seriously threatening thing to say. I can't blame Linda. She was given crap and had to work with it. I just hate it, I can't help it.

Which brings me to Chris.What a breath of fresh air. He actually plays Freeza for what he is. A narcissistic aristocrat slowly losing his sanity as his empire is torn down by a single monkey. His middle forms have a unique voice that fits withe their size and brutality without sounding forced. The written compliments this with the kind of overly played up talk that is often seen in real world narcissists. And if you've seen videos of Chris doing the voice at conventions you can tell he really gets into character with his posture and even expression. When Revival of F inevitably gets dubbed then Chris Sabat ether make good on that tweet saying he would bring Chris Ayres back. He is the best English Freeza hands down.

I said something similar about Goku and I'll repeat it here. Lee Tockar, you've got big shoes to fill.
said at 10:26 AM on Thu Nov 6 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Lee Tockar has officially announced he's excited to be playing the new voice of Frieza on Dragon Ball Kai and that it's coming soon!
said at 1:24 PM on Fri Aug 8 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chris Ayres takes the cake, hands down: he nailed it perfectly: how Frieza is an pure evil, maniacal, posh, refined villain, more or less-- his voice suits Frieza to a tee.
said at 5:50 PM on Wed Jul 2 2014
If they ever tried to cast US actors outside of Funimation, I would suggest Seth Green using his Cobra Commander voice, because it's like a combination of what makes Chris Ayres and Linda Young great to me.
said at 10:24 AM on Sun Jun 15 2014
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Chris Ayres and Linda Young are my favorites.
said at 1:52 PM on Thu Jun 5 2014
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Frankly, I find Ayres to be overrated. His lines are overwritten, for one, but more than that he's just plain generic. Another posh conceited villain with an English accent. Never heard /that/ before. To me, it falls into the background of the many other generic English accent villains over the years.

Linda, on the other hand, is an unique, instantly rememberable performance. Each of her lines have passion flowing through them. Frieza's evil glee and distaste just emanates with everything Linda says, and it's her performance that has kept Freiza as a memorable, fearsome presence in my mind.
said at 5:55 AM on Thu Jun 5 2014
Pauline Newstone's voice is alright, and so is Linda Young's. But I don't think they really did Frieza's character justice, especially since they're partially what led to confusion regarding his gender.

Chris Ayres, on the other hand, really hit the nail on the head with his performance. He makes Frieza sound intelligent, sinister, and even a little ominous at times.

I especially like how his voice for Frieza sounds like LittleKuriboh's, especially when he's shouting.

Maureen Jones doesn't really fit Frieza at all. Her voice sounds like it would be more suitable for a giant spider or something.

Eddie Firerson's voice would sound about right for a character like Garlic Jr. or Guldo, or maybe even Chilled. Frieza...not so much.
said at 9:21 PM on Thu May 22 2014
If you want my opinion, Linda's voice clips for this comparison aren't her best for Frieza. I guess I'm just more used to the "space hag" Frieza, though I do agree that Chris' take is certainly good OMG!
said at 11:52 AM on Mon Apr 7 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]

Though I'm going with... Chris Ayres. Billany was his inspiration, after all.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 1:14 PM on Mon Apr 7 2014
@BlankSlate "Billany was his inspiration, after all." No, he really isn't. Chris Ayres was basing his voice mostly off of the Japanese voice and Martin Billany's Freeza was just a throw away voice he did in an audition for Ginyu.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:37 PM on Mon Apr 7 2014
I would just like to say that the "saying your favourite is the voice from the abridged series" meme is getting old.
said at 3:37 PM on Mon Apr 7 2014
So you're saying they're not a naïve, cloud-covered people that number nearly 1.25 mil?
said at 5:26 PM on Sun Apr 13 2014
@NCZ Thank you so much for being the one to finally say it. It was starting to drive me bonkers.
said at 6:36 AM on Sat Apr 5 2014
Bahh Linda Young worked for me. Guess bc I was used to it O.o
said at 4:07 AM on Fri Jan 24 2014
I think Chris Ayres based his voice for Frieza on LittleKuriboh's performance, or so I heard.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 4:43 AM on Fri Jan 24 2014
@BlankSlate The chances of that are very low to nothing. If anything, they're both based on Ryusei Nakao.
said at 11:26 AM on Fri Jan 24 2014
@Nightmare Crusher But with an oily British accent to go with it.
said at 1:20 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@BlankSlate I think it's the other way around XD Littlekuriboh based is voice off of Chris Ayres
said at 3:17 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@Hinata47D Actually no. Dragon Ball Kai didn't even start in the US until late Spring 2010, whilst LK started voicing Freeza in the Bardock abridged special which was released in Winter 2009. :P
said at 3:23 PM on Sat Mar 1 2014
@BCHolbrook Told ya.
said at 2:12 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
 6 Shout Outs! [?]
This is the most controversal one of them all I know. In my opinion Linda young was pretty terrible as Freeza and a huge miscast. I can't recall any good performances from her directed as Freeza especially in the Video games, her Burst limit delivery was just horrendous. Though I think most of the problem was the awful script she had.

Though her Dragonbox rendition was pretty tolerable. When they took out that effect on her voice and let her speak naturally. I watch it from time to time just out of her being the classic Freeza.

As I've heard others say, Freeza was never portrayed correctly in the dub to his character ever (at least until Kai fixed a lot of his characterization). Most of the time Freeza's voices before kai were actually what ruined his character in the American version. People thought he was gay or a female rather than one of the most classic villains in anime. The old Freeza just didn’t sound very smart at all and his dialogue probably what inspired all the dub parodies.

Chris Ayres on the other hand was indeed the perfect choice for him in Kai based on Funimation's casting. I'm honestly glad they got rid of Linda and speculate think they made that choice from the abridged version's Freeza whom he sounds just like.

Though, yes he sounds like Invader Zim but with a good reason in coincidence. He conveys the one aspect of Freeza that the old one didn’t seem to have, he makes him sound educated, proper and concieted which was actually believable as a tyrant who is supposed to have authority. Hes also the right pitch for Freeza as well, nearly sounding identical to the Japanese version which was what they should have been aiming for from the start. The ONLY thing I don't like about Chris Ayres is the English accent he gives Freeza. Sounds too forced and obviously stereotypical and distracting. He also suffers a lot from Kai's over articulate script definitely, but it's balanced by the fact it makes him seem more intimidating as it emphasizes a more clear reason why he's so stuck up while spoiled compared to Cooler.

Chris' evil laugh in Kai in general is why he IS Freeza.
said at 5:45 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
Reading Pete's comment I do have to give Linda for at least sounding actually pretty solid with the remastered version (final form), she does deserve some credit for having a more flexable sense of personality when Freeza is being casual, and toys with Vegeta because it actually feels like it comes naturally with the situation.

When Freeza went 100% and started to get more agressive thats when the preformance dropped for Linda. Though Chris' battle shreaks are kinda annoying. I'd rather Linda for the show but her video game Freeza voices were terrible.

Where as Kai's Freeza often comes off as having a lot of forced dialogue sounding too preplanned. Its like he has no sense of being casual at all which is what you are when you're toying with someone. Linda's fight with Vegeta and Goku in Freezas final form (No voice effect) is actually pretty good. Linda can do it when she uses her calm voice just sounded too feminine.

Kai's Freeza seems too planned and as if Freeza always has some jumbled speech waiting to use as each comeback.. and I agree with NightmaeCrusher to say Kai is overwritten. The dialogue sounds way too clunky at times and unnatural to a point where its out of place because of the fact most people; even the smartest don't talk like that.

If people remember Big-Green's Paragus' shakespere death speech (very similar to kai's overall villain dialogue) its clear that the awkwardness comes out of how pretetious it is that they add such convoluted amounts of complexity in areas that arent.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 5:47 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
@MicroPhoneBass I did say Kai is overwritten at times, but I also said that Freeza was the one character that I like being overwritten.
said at 6:07 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
@MicroPhoneBass It's quite a pleasant surprise to find another person who's critical of Frieza's (Freeza, whatever) Kai dialogue like I am. To me, his dialogue doesn't sound organic. It DOES sound like he's reading off of an overwritten script rather than naturally being the terrifying villain he's meant to be; with a cold demeanor, disturbing ideals, and absolute ruthlessness. His dialogue is just so fancied up that it takes me out of the moment.
said at 3:23 PM on Sat Mar 1 2014
@MicroPhoneBass "I'm sorry. I had something in my throat."
said at 7:32 AM on Thu Dec 12 2013
WHAT?!?!?! Why isn't LittleKuriboh an option. He's my favorite Frieza voice.
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 11:01 AM on Thu Dec 12 2013
@LongLiveTheLionKing Because he's not an official voice of the character.
said at 5:14 PM on Thu Dec 12 2013
@LongLiveTheLionKing He also explicitly a parody of the character.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:35 PM on Thu Dec 12 2013
@LongLiveTheLionKing this is a joke comment, right?
said at 8:21 PM on Thu Dec 12 2013
@NCZ The part about LittleKuriboh being his favorite voice of Frieza or him not being a part of the compare? He hasn't even been on the site for a month yet, maybe he just doesn't know how it works that well.
said at 8:53 AM on Mon Dec 16 2013
@LongLiveTheLionKing As much as I love LittleKuriboh's take, it really doesn't count in this scenario.
said at 4:06 AM on Fri Jan 24 2014
@LongLiveTheLionKing I think Ayres based his voice on LittleKuriboh's take.

And being a parody of the character doesn't make him any less awesome.
said at 2:01 AM on Tue Nov 26 2013
I actually can't vote for this one sadly. I'm tied between Chris and Linda.
said at 8:14 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
 12 Shout Outs! [?]
1. Chris Ayres - He simply IS this role. He took it and defined it. The voice, pitches, inflections, mannerisms, and air of mock affability and sophistication all shine through. I love his high, soft, effeminate voice for his first form (that sounds somewhat like Invader ZIM at points when he emotes), his Chouji Suitengu voice for his second form, his deep, gruff voice for his third form, and his final form voice that sounds like a perfect English equivalent to Ryusei Nakao. This is just an epic voice performance.

2. Linda Young - One of the few who was actually great in the Season 3 dub and declined in performances that followed. Her early renditions of Freeza, shown in the clip, were very solid and hold up a great deal. She gets the sadism and arrogance down perfectly, and I loved her voices for the forms. Her first form voice is just an evil Genkai, but it's appropriate for the very feminine looking form, her second form voice is rougher and altered to sound deep, her third form voice is freakish and robotic to match the design, and her final form voice is an excellently creepy, raspy androgynous voice. It sounds both feminine and masculine, and it really works. Sad that Linda's Freeza took a decline into the "tranny granny" voice after a while, but she's still the second best here.

3. Pauline Newstone - She actually got the faux polite, regal, fancy characterization down in this performance, which Linda Young did not. Like Ayres, she has this semi-British accent. It's the voice itself that's the problem. It's either a raspy, throaty reptilian sounding voice or a borderline Ertha Kitt impression. People have problems with Linda Young (who was cast as a sound-alike) sounding like an old lady, but Pauline REALLY sounds like an old lady! This becomes even more apparent whenever she shouts. It's an okay effort and nostalgic, but it doesn't suit the character or hold up too well.

Eddie Frierson - His voice is too high-pitched and nasally, and the bad direction doesn't do him any good either. Weak.

said at 5:10 PM on Mon Sep 30 2013
 4 Shout Outs! [?]
Chris Ayres, oh my man, CHRIS AYRES BY A LONG SHOT!
said at 9:06 AM on Mon Sep 30 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chirstopher Ayres Nuff Said...
Dragon Warrior
said at 6:27 AM on Tue Sep 17 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Christopher Ayres is the best ever he sounds like the Japanese
said at 8:57 PM on Sat Aug 24 2013
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
As much as i like Linda Young, I have to give to Chris Ayres. Initially when I heard Frieza was being recast, I wasn't too pleased. However his performance is just eerie and when he gets angry I get chills. And unfortunately I can't say the same for Linda.
said at 6:44 PM on Fri Aug 16 2013
Chris Ayres is amazing as Frieza, he has every reason to make Fireza one of his favorite roles. Linda Young is also very memorable as she knew how to sound deep, cranky, and empowered.
said at 1:29 AM on Thu Aug 8 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Combine Pauline and Linda's, and you'd get Chris's version. I think Kai's Frieza embodied the best of both previous version at his different stages. I still think Pauline's suited Frieza very well, especially in his first form.
said at 2:14 AM on Tue Jun 25 2013
I'll definitely pick Chris ayres for best frieza only out done by the legendary ryusei nakao
said at 3:50 PM on Tue Jun 18 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Going to put in last two cents on this(at least for a while) well fans do complain about the script and Frieza's dialogue and voice in Ocean and the first FUNimation Dub at least Linda's toying, puns, and quips were in character. It gave Frieza a smug arrogant attitude and her version played around because Frieza was full of it in the original dub he actually thought he should have some fun with his enemies since he didn't believe in Super Saiyans and thought no one could top him. I love Linda's pun and quips and changing them to make Chris's version more realistic just came out as bland especially changing "Oops that almost tickled" to "Well now that didn't real good". I mean really that was so obvious the line was boring and bland one of many I had a problem with in Kai. They couldn't with something better like "Really is that the best you got" or something that would be taunting whoever he was fighting. Chris just acted a bit more sophisticated than he should and less arrogant than he could have been Well that is the writer's fault I prefer Linda more for acting more psychotic and arrogant like Frieza an all powerful evil being who supposedly can't be surpassed in power should plus throw in the evil laugh and that's as psychotic as Linda or any female VA could get in male villain role.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 9:17 PM on Tue Jun 11 2013
I like how overwritten Frieza is in Kai. I imagine that he would try to make himself a lot more cultured than he really is as seen in his bursts of rage and to that extent he overdoes it.
said at 3:31 PM on Tue Jun 18 2013
@Nightmare Crusher Well Chris is more accurate Linda did the same things her puns, quips, and playing with and taunting her enemies gave her Frieza a smug and arrogant feel. I like how she lost after Goku went Super Saiyan and flipped out quoting "SEE WHAT HAPPENS YOU MESS WITH THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE".
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:27 PM on Tue Jun 18 2013
@pete I thought the short quips made him sound more brutish than arrogant. Being a sarcastic jerk is more like what I picture Cell doing.
said at 2:24 AM on Tue Apr 2 2013
 4 Shout Outs! [?]
Keeping in mind I grew up hearing Linda Young V.A Frieza, and now Christopher Ayres V.A Frieza...I actually think Pauline Newstone makes Frieza sound absolutely like someone not to be trifled with. Christopher gives Frieza an almost "I don't care" feeling mixed with "Okay. Now you've done it".. And Linda gives frieza a "I'm just toying with you" sound though.
said at 3:27 PM on Tue Jun 18 2013
@al13nm4rc At least Linda's toying was in character. It gave Frieza a smug arrogant attitude and her version played around because Frieza was full of it in the original dub he actually thought he should have some fun with his enemies since he didn't believe in Super Saiyans and thought no one could top him. I love Linda's pun and quips and changing them to make Chris's version more realistic just came out as bland especially changing "Oops that almost tickled" to "Well now that didn't real good". I mean really that was so obvious the line was boring and bland one of many I had a problem with in Kai..
said at 5:53 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
@al13nm4rc I kinda like Pauline's Freeza as a stand alone. Not as a character reflecting the japanese version but she kinda gives him the voice based on what he actually looks like. An asexual alien, she gives Freeza that alien type voice that doesnt sound like anything Earth can compare him to.
said at 12:12 PM on Sat Mar 9 2013
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Christopher Ayres is in my eyes the best Frieza we have so far. However, he overdid it on the British accent and like Pgirts said the script was written in a way that he almost never got to savor his dialogue and made Frieza sound annoying and over the top instead reserved and cold like Ryusei Nakao.

The thing is though, there are a few moments when Ayres got it just right. When he killed Krillin his comment "I think the brat should go next" referring to Gohan was brilliantly done. There were several points where he had it right, cold, sadistic, and reserved. However, throughout most of it he is too over the top and laying the British on WAY to heavy for me to say he was perfect or even great... and his screaming is extremely annoying.

If he had portrayed Frieza as a more reserved and cold villain instead of flashing around his poshness and chewing the scenery so much, as well as use a slightly deeper voice and not as high-pitched on the screams he might have been perfect. Unfortunately, poor direction and script was standing in the way.

My runner up is Linda Young. I look forward to seeing Lee Tockar's take.
said at 4:52 PM on Wed Jun 19 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy I have some further thoughts for this which I feel express what I was trying to say in the first place much more clearly.

For a long time I just couldn't see what people saw in Linda's Frieza that was preferable to Christopher's, but now I do, somewhat. I just really, really can't stand how fast-talking and overwritten Frieza's dialogue is in Kai. It gets to the point where he sounds more in-love with the sound of his own voice rather than enjoying causing the others pain. His aristocratic, refined blabbing gets a little tedious to me. Linda's dialogue may often sound idiotic, but she delivered her lines in a way where it sounded like she was just soaking in their pain and enjoying it. Therefore, I think her rendition of the character deserves a bit more credit than it gets from some communities.

What I like about the Japanese actor is that half the time his manner of speaking made him sound as if he thought of himself as a God. His calmness gave me the feeling that he truly believed himself to be a higher being to the point he felt he didn't need to waste too many words on others. He saw himself as a God and took pleasure in causing inferior beings pain, that's what I gathered from his personality. He seemed almost serenely absorbed in himself. Sure, when his own mortality is presented to him he may start to lose it, but Chris' performance makes him sound so animated to the point it didn't represent what's so cool about the character, IMO.

Chris could have done this so perfectly if he had better material, but in my eyes, portraying Frieza correctly is a delicate thing and a lot of the time his over-the-top shouting and dialogue bulldozed over what makes Frieza a great villain.

Ryusei Nakao is the only one that really excelled at Frieza in my eyes, Chris came close, but he had just a few things holding him back.

Okay I'm done, I just felt like I didn't express my thoughts very well with my first comment.
said at 2:18 AM on Tue Jun 25 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy while i agree with the dialogue being over the top at times i think ayres was great as frieza he really captured his posh and arrogant attitude and cold and calculating persona while not as good as nakao i still think he was great as frieza definitely an improvement over linda young's performance who always sounded unatural and strained imo and her dialogue never really helped either
said at 9:45 PM on Sat Jan 12 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
It was so close, Christopher Ayres and Linda Young. Wow.
Darth Bugs
said at 12:21 PM on Thu Jan 10 2013
Though I did like Linda Young's Frieza voice for many years, despite the fact that Frieza isn't a girl, Chris Ayres has done an even better job in my opinion. Not only does he sound more like Frieza's Japanese VA, but he also makes Frieza sound more cunning and calculating.
said at 1:06 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Pauline was attrocius in the filler scene in Other World where she is knocked out by Pikkon. She always paused during her sentences. She sounds alright here though. I'm not so sure it was her there. I do like Linda and think her voice suited Frieza just fine. Her evil laugh was just awesome plus her anger and the way she delivered her lines was pretty suite.
said at 10:15 AM on Thu Jan 3 2013
I disagree. Frieza sounds the same there and even in the Frieza flashbacks during the Cell Saga, where all she did was a short chuckle or two in final form.

Also, if there are credits for the Outer World episode, you really should confirm their existence before claiming otherwise.
said at 3:26 PM on Sat Jan 5 2013
@rosebr10 I'm not big on Ocean Dub post Cartoon Network but just to how horrible she sounds there I didn't think it was her. I never claimed it wasn't just thought so. I never even said there were credits it was a guess. She sounds different but as Metabad explained below everything was rushed later on.
said at 2:35 PM on Fri Mar 8 2013
@pete I didn't mind Pauline's voice for the scene in Hell, but it did come across as a bit silly for a couple of lines. She was so much better in the Namek saga.
said at 10:57 PM on Sat Mar 9 2013
@PurpleWarrior13 Yeah I agree, maybe she was just misdirected.
said at 10:51 PM on Sun Mar 10 2013
@Metabad I am VERY curious to hear how she would've sounded in the Goku/Frieza fight. It's one of my greatest voice curiosities ever. Maybe they would've recast the character (Probably not seeing as the ones in charge of casting worked with both Pauline and Linda)? Too bad we'll most likely never know. If I ever meet Pauline one day, I will totally ask her to say some lines as Frieza from the Frieza saga. XD
said at 9:26 PM on Mon Mar 11 2013
@PurpleWarrior13 "If you were a dog I'd scratch your belly, if you were a cat I would give you warm milk until you started to purr."

"Having these balls makes me feel something that resembles joy, I think. I want to caress them..."

...Who wouldn't? XD
said at 10:20 AM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy Those lines are some of my favorite hilariously bad spoken words ever. The scene was thankfully rescripted for the FUNi redub though for obvious reasons.
said at 12:49 AM on Sat Dec 15 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Chris was incredible. In a group of VA's that made the character sound so feminine, he made Frieza sound not only like his gender, but as his character. Very sophisticated that you wanna punch him in the face. Linda also did relatively well, so honorable mention, but Chris still gets my vote
said at 7:38 PM on Sat Dec 8 2012
I like Chris Ayres the most. He made Frieza sound like a man. While the voice is still kinda feminine you can tell it's a man. After him are Maureen, Linda, and Pauline. They all make him sound so girly. Linda sounds like a smoking old lady. Pauline has an awful voice for Frieza. Maureen is just awful too. Her acting and voice are off. The less I say about Eddie Frierson the better.
said at 5:37 PM on Wed Nov 28 2012
They should have LittleKuriboh do the voice of Friezar! Even though he's from an abridged series, I just love his take on Friezar :) Of those 5 I think I prefer Pauline :)
said at 8:15 PM on Fri Nov 23 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Actually, listening to Ocean Dub more, I used to not be a fan of Newstone, but now I'm actually enjoying it. I think she's tied with Young now for first form. Too bad we didn't hear her do 2nd and 3rd forms.
said at 9:10 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
cont: I just find the British posh boyish accent so unfitting for Frieza he doesn't sound evil at all he sounds annoyed, bored and too calm. While Linda has that raspy chilling evil voice that makes Frieza sound so threatening (especially that laugh) and her sadistic asshole remarks.
said at 8:39 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Honestly I don't know why so many people like Christpher Ayres voice as Frieza it sounds WRONG. He sounds too posh eloquent and dignified. Linda brings out a certain kind of sadistic/evil/coldness with her Frieza. Also will you please stop saying the Japanese voice actors are the best when you don't understand a single word of Japanese...
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 8:46 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
@Roxas People naturally prefer the Japanese voice actors in spite of the language barrier because they were the ones who originated the characters and thus what the English actors base (or rather should be basing) their performances on. Because Ayres is the closest to Nakao's performance (which was also posh, eloquent and dignified), he's naturally getting the most votes.
said at 8:56 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
@CatsTuxedo Thats my point sir people ALWAYS have a fascination with Japanese dub even though they dnt know a single word if these ppl spoke perfect Japanese AND English then yes it whud make sense I just hate the way English voice actors get short changed.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:20 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
@Roxas The thing about Frieza is that even though he's evil, he's also supposed to be polite and refined in his sadism. Chris manages to hit both the intelligent and sadistic sides of Frieza.
said at 9:24 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
@NCZ Oh.... well I wasn't even aware of that I've never read any of the comics or watched the original Japanese dub all I know is when I listen to Linda speak as Frieza it just feels right to me
said at 12:56 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@Roxas Might be the simple fact of the gender of the prevoius VA's.
said at 12:57 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@pete previous.
said at 12:57 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@CatsTuxedo Sure the VA's gender has nothing to do with it?
said at 3:03 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@CatsTuxedo They are pushing it. English VA's should go for their own thing. Impersonating a seiyu is really hard to do. Copying their performance(or doing something inspired by it) is easier but I still think they should go for whatever voice they choose or think fits. The English version is the English version and the Japanese version is the Japanese version.
said at 10:28 AM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@CatsTuxedo Not necessarily. People are just voting for who they think is the best, not necessarily who did the best impression of another voice actor. Only certain parts of the DBZ fandom even WATCH the Japanese version. Besides, no voice actor should ever have to copy another's performance. What would happen if someone tried to copy the Japanese Goku? EVERY SINGLE non-Japanese version of the franchise has cast a male in the role (well, the adult version).
said at 8:00 PM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@PurpleWarrior13 I agree, if they aren't allowed some creative liberty with the material then what's the point? Anime, as well as any other form of entertainment is an art form, and this art when it becomes popular is spread out all over the world. Sure, being faithful to the original work is encouraged, but giving a respectful, adaptive, diverse take on it when dubbing Anime should be encouraged. Otherwise, it wouldn't have reached nearly as many people, or be loved by nearly as many people.
said at 11:35 AM on Sun Mar 31 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy Exactly! Besides, DBZ wasn't the only anime dub that tried some creative liberties. And I agree with PW13, the English actor doesn't need to copy the Japanese VA. If whether a performance is closest to the Japanese was important, then Peter Kelamis would be the most popular English Goku.
said at 12:37 AM on Mon Apr 1 2013
@Fulgore2005 Was Peter Kelamis actually trying to sound close to the Japanese VA or was that unintentional?

I see a lot of statements on how close he sounds to her and at this point and while I sort of doubt it was intentional I just can't help but wonder...
said at 7:46 AM on Mon Apr 1 2013
@Metabad I doubt it was intentional. But if you compare his performance in World's Strongest to Nozawa's, they don't sound too far off one another.
said at 7:52 AM on Fri Nov 9 2012
 4 Shout Outs! [?]
After watching DBZKai, my favorite Frieza is Chris Ayers. I was quite impressed with his take on Frieza. He sounds the way I'd imagine a person like Frieza would sound; small, eloquent, slithery, demanding, even scary. And hey Frieza now has a male voice.
But if I had to choose between Linda Young from Funimation dub and Pauline Newstone from Ocean dub, I'd choose Newstone.
The thing I don't like about Linda Young's version is that she made Frieza sound like an old lady who smokes too much. Frieza's meant to be the All-Powerful Overlord of the universe, but they made him sound like that!
So why would I choose Newstone over Young when she too made Frieza an sound like an old lady. Well she at least made Frieza sound like a decent old lady. And Pauline also got down many of the same aspects as Chris; small, eloquent, slithery, and even intimidating.
said at 4:01 PM on Fri Nov 9 2012
@BoFerret Linda had a great evil laugh though pls I liked her sarcastic and witty remarks.
said at 3:03 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@BoFerret Linda was intimidating as well.
said at 8:35 PM on Sun Nov 4 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I like Linda personally, the others don't really fit that well. Though some of the others fit better then others.
said at 10:34 PM on Tue Oct 30 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
listining to some of these are just painfull the best frieza IMO is achually Little Kuriboh from the Abriged series
said at 11:35 AM on Fri Sep 14 2012
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Everyone but Ayres sounds like ****.
But even he can't outshine Nakao =)
said at 9:50 PM on Mon Aug 27 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
My opinion about each of the voice actors

1) Chris Ayres: His voice for frieza in his 1st and final form were alright but it sounded too high. But his 2nd and 3rd form for frieza are outstanding! Overall he makes frieza sound the most evil out all these voice actors so far.

2) Linda Young: Her performance as Frieza in his 2nd, 3rd, and final form were good! But the 1st form voice was kinda annoying. But I loved how she made him sound like a comedian and a villian at the sametime. Kinda fit when he was fighting Goku.

3) Pauline Nestone: Her voice for him was actually alright. Wasn't great but it was tolerable. Loved the lizard like voice she gave him. Cause to me in his first form he kinda looks like a reptilian creature. Although its kinda sad she never got to do his 2nd and 3rd form. Would've been interesting to hear what she could've made him sound like in those forms.

4) Eddie Frieson: Not that great. But it honestly made me lol!

5) Maureen Jones. Sounded like a woman dressed as a pirate with a bad sore throat. It was bad.
said at 4:57 PM on Sun Jul 22 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
1. Chris Ayers, absolutely perfect, not only the fact that he makes him sound like a MAN , he captures the gentleman aspect of Frieza perfectly and makes him sound evil as well

2. Linda Young, she sounds like a chain smoking grandma, but you do sense the evil in her voice.

3. Pauline Newstone, she sounds WAY too much like a woman, but she does capture the polite nature of Frieza, but still doesn't sound sinister enough.

4.Maureen Jones, the raspiness of this voice is unbearable, she sounds more annoying than evil

5. Eddie Frierson, absolutely awful, horrible acting, nothing convincing at all
Pgirts (AYVO S1 Winner / Master Of Memes)
said at 3:40 PM on Sun Jul 1 2012
 7 Shout Outs! [?]
They are all pretty straight up awful, but overall I found Linda Young to be the most convincing in the role. She did the best job of making Frieza sound like an unrepentant mass murderer, which is what he is. Had she not been burdened with a truly awful script, she might have been able to really shine.

Pauline, Eddie, and Maureen are agonizingly bad. They all make me want to punch something.

Ayres really stinks in the role, too. Granted, the script he had to read was pretty terrible as well. While Kai's script was more mature and dramatic, it was also written in such a way that nearly all of his lines had to be delivered as though he were on an episode of Speed Racer, speaking as swiftly as possible without savoring the dialogue. Not to mention I find the idea of giving an evil character a British accent (and an inconsistent one at that) immensely lazy. There is no weight to his performance, no sense of an individual that is personally responsible for the deaths of billions of people. He just sounds straight up annoying, especially when he screams.

Really, Frieza's only good voice is his original Japanese voice, Ryusei Nakao, who is fantastic in the role.
said at 10:40 AM on Wed Aug 1 2012

Agree with this entirely. So far, I feel that Linda is most convincing dub-wise IMO.
said at 12:23 PM on Fri Aug 3 2012
@Pgirts Very well said man. :) I agree, Chris Ayers sounded a little over the top for me.

While Linda Young didn't sound natural, she was my favorite for truly sounding evil and a mass murderer like you said.

The rest just flat out sucked altogether! lol
said at 6:17 PM on Sat Aug 4 2012
@Torak I don't think Pauline Newstone was that bad, probably could've been better with more time in the role? Yeah, but certainly not bad.

Then again, that's just my opinion.
said at 5:02 AM on Sun Aug 5 2012
@Metabad I hear you with Pauline Newstone. I liked her slithery tone and that she had a very creepy voice for Frieza. But like you said, Frieza didn't have a lot of time in the Ocean dub. A shame because Ocean handled the Saiyan and Namek sagas at an incredibly professional level.
said at 1:02 AM on Wed Oct 17 2012
@Pgirts While I don't entirely agree with your assessment, you did bring up some interesting points, especially about Linda and Chris. Well said.
said at 1:08 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@Metabad In the Other World filler she's terrible but doesn't sound bad here. See above.
said at 1:10 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@Pgirts I liked the lines they gave Linda. Especially the quips. She delivered in a really evil and threatening manner. Made her sound arrogant and cocky as well and they were enjoyable to me.
said at 2:06 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@pete I don't remember that, do you have a clip of it?
said at 3:19 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@Metabad Of her quips?
said at 3:22 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@Metabad Here's one. I remember them being better but this one of my favs anyway. Copy the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHxXTXkoe8o
said at 3:34 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@pete I meant of the Other World filler for Pauline Newstone.
said at 10:25 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@Metabad Oh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCIXbmx7e0w
said at 4:30 PM on Sun Dec 30 2012
@pete OH RIGHT now I remember!

Yeah, I remember hearing somewhere that the Ocean dub had a really rushed production in the later sagas, at least until the Buu one. Granted there are some voices in that clip I really liked but yeah, I can see why other people wouldn't like it.
said at 10:42 PM on Sun Dec 30 2012
@Metabad I did like Cell. He sounds better than his clip on here. The Ginyu Force really has no lines. Pikkon sounds good judging by his clip. Goku IMo is miscast and sounds too young. But Frieza and King Cold I mean WTF? Pauline just pauses between lines and King Cold sounds just not right. I'm not even sure it's Pauline there because as I mentioned above it doesn't sound like her clip on here but if she rushed/forced the voice then that maybe why.
said at 3:39 AM on Thu May 16 2013
@Pgirts I think the reason he was given a British accent was because Freeza spoke in a well mannered aristocrat like fashion in the original version, so a British accent would probably be the best equivalent to that. As for his fast way of speaking I personally like it as it gives his Freeza a very sinister Joker like vibe which works IMO especially when he looses it.
said at 6:19 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
@Ringworm128 Thats probably the case but I personally hate it. The British accent was just unecessary altogether. Its just a western stereotype that poorly transfers into this anime. The way he spoke was formal enough but the stereotypical rich boy attitude they gave him just over did it. Its like if they gave Recoome a Russian accent just because hes big and musclely + his dub voice. It isnt adding in anything but distraction only because they're adding nonexistant archtypes + the fact there was no remote hint that it was needed.

If we compare cooler in the same way HE is what Freeza should sound like imo. Cooler has the same stuck up arrogant personality (just a bit more agressive) but he conveys his personality with a natural tone without the added fluff. Aliens with accents just sound stupid.
said at 10:12 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
@Pgirts Chris ayres matches Frieza flawlessly.
said at 6:39 PM on Sun Mar 22 2015
@Pgirts Also, don't you think you sounded pretty harsh? Calling all of them awful is a huge overstatement. I also highly recommend you listen to Ayres in Xenoverse, where his Frieza truly shines. Linda Young, however, just can't be Frieza IMHO. She was completely miscast and gave one of the most grating performances I've ever heard in my life. But that's just me.
said at 10:37 AM on Thu Jun 21 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chris was good, so was Linda, I have to agree. Pauline is my favourite though, just because it's the version I remember from being a kid and, I'm pretty sure, the original English dub. To me it is Freiza's voice.
said at 11:27 AM on Tue Jun 19 2012
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Chris Ayers but a mile. I can't believe it took the people at Funimation so long to discover...shock, a man can play Frieza. I read on Dragon Ball wiki that in the Ocean dub of Kai Frieza will be voiced by Lee Tockar. That will be interesting as well.
said at 8:42 PM on Fri Nov 16 2012
@PusoPimp Frieza kinda reminds me of a woman thats why they got so many women to play him
said at 3:46 AM on Fri Jun 1 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Again with Ocean and Kai, the similarities are apparent. Although more so when Frieza is in his first form. I love the initial Ocean dub and I was pleased with how Chris did Frieza. Reminded me a lot of Pauline. I think Linda's Frieza good, but is a bit too rough. I suppose it works for some of his forms, but Frieze requires that slithery, regal tone IMO.
said at 7:11 AM on Sun May 27 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Christopher Ayres.... need I say more?!
said at 10:32 PM on Sat May 5 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chris, Trunks (kid) wants his saying back. "Writing on the walls" is copyrighted. Thanks.
Linda's is so much better.
said at 10:12 AM on Mon Mar 16 2015
@Cat_Z No. She really isn't. She was horrendous, but Ayres was perfect.
said at 5:46 AM on Tue May 1 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I'm going with Linda Young. I liked Ayres' Frieza too, but his shouting/screaming was incredibly annoying.
said at 10:14 PM on Mon Apr 16 2012
Out of all of them, Pauline, Chris, and Linda were the best. Maurine had a little too much high-pitch and Eddie absolutely did not cut it.
said at 6:09 PM on Mon Apr 2 2012
Linda was great back in the day, but Chris just sounds better (plus he reminds me of LittleKuriboh from DBZ Abridged).

P.S. Frieza Rules You
said at 8:14 PM on Thu Mar 29 2012
funny that the one that is the highest is a guy :) ( I LOVE YOU CHRIS AYRES!
Starwind Amada
said at 7:59 PM on Thu Mar 22 2012
Chris Ayres. Conversation over.
said at 12:09 AM on Fri Mar 16 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
1st form Linda Young
2nd form Linda Young (still can't believe that's a woman voice in 2nd form!)
3rd form Chris Ayres
4th form Tie Young and Ayres.
said at 10:34 AM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@TommyBNSF To be fair, the voice filters helped out a bit with both Linda and Chris' voices in Form 2.
said at 5:21 AM on Sun Mar 11 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
I'll somewhat update my opinion (no particular order):

Eddie Frierson was too cartoonish and pretty generic.

Pauline Newstone was... interesting, to say the least. It was pretty feminine sounding, but pretty dark and mysterious to say the least. She never voiced Frieza when the character really got going, but she was decent for the little that she did.

Linda Young worked in the same way that Mercedes McCambridge worked as Pazuzu/the Devil in The Exorcist. Casting a female as a dark male non-human villain is not new, and can be extremely creepy if done right. While some of the voice filters got a little extreme (not Linda's fault), and her voice sometimes got a little scratchy, her delivery was spot on and her laugh was so deliciously evil. Her voice was also far from generic, was interesting to listen to, and was very memorable. While it's never been totally perfect, I've always enjoyed listening to her voice for this character.

Maureen Jones - Possibly the most god-annoying thing I've ever heard...

Christopher Ayres - His voice actually sounded the most feminine out of the bunch, very similar to Newstone. Even though he is a male, his performance is really not much different than Young or Newstone (especially Newstone). He got better as the series went on, but he didn't get as much of a chance to shine since Kai did cut out a lot of scenes with Frieza (including several memorable moments). His delivery was the best part of his performance. Sometimes his voice got a tad annoying and scratchy when the character yelled or got angry (just like Linda), but nothing too distracting. He's actually used that voice for several other characters (the same could be said for Young using a variation of her Frieza voice for Genkai). His performance was, once again, anything but generic, and it was very memorable to say the least.

Overall, I like Linda and Chris about equal, but I'll probably give Linda the slight edge since her voice was a tad more interesting and unique (although Chris's voice wasn't too far away). Newstone would've probably been good had she had more time in the role, and the least said about Frierson and Jones, the better.
said at 8:28 AM on Fri Feb 24 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I grew up hearing Linda Young, but I absolutely LOVE Chris Ayres' take on him.
said at 9:53 PM on Wed Feb 22 2012
Chris Ayers is the best IMO he takes all that was great about Linda Young's Freeza and ads a chilling elegant performance while showing just how much of a psychopath Freeza is. Linda Young is 2nd best IMO she may have lacked the elegance of Ayers performance but her voice was still great at showing Freeza's sadistic side, his arogant side, and to some extent his intelligent side. And over all its a great and memorable voice very few voice actors pull the raspy/scratchy villain voice off well IMO Linda Young is one of those few. And she did a decent job in the orginal season 3 dub considering she had no experience as a voice actor back then. Pauline Newstone is 3rd best her voice was good but because of the performance/direction it comes across to me as very generic, something you expect from a saturday morning cartoon. If she had of put on a more elegant performance like ayers with an over all better direction she may have made a good to great Freeza. In short I think she might of had potential but if she did it was never fully shown. Eddie Frierson his voice was fun very cartoon like. Not great but not bad either. Though I can't help but wonder what it would sound like with a more darker direction. Maureen Jones is the worst of the bunch her voice and performance are so over the top that it almost seems like a parody of Linda Young's or Pauline Newstone's Freeza voice. And I don't think a darker performance would have saved the voice, listen to the Chris Ayers audio clip then imagine Maureen Jones as Freeza delivering those lines.
said at 10:32 AM on Fri Mar 22 2013
@Ringworm128 Linda Young had been doing radio for a long time before hand, but I agree that it's impressive that Frieza was her first animated character voice.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:41 PM on Mon Jan 30 2012
1.Ryusei Nakao: I know, he's not on the poll, but he has basically never stopped playing Frieza(or rather various ripoffs.) and it really came to fruition in Kai.
2. Chris Ayres: His performance both emulates Ryusei Nakao's performance and can stand on its own too.
3. Linda Young: I really like her Frieza, but the original script really held her back.
4. Pauline Newstone: This one is just kinda bland. It sounds like Frieza had just smoked 20 cigars at the same time.
5. Eddie Frierson: Not really special in any way.
6. Maureen Jones: MY EARS! THEY BLEED!
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:10 PM on Mon Mar 12 2012
@Nightmare Crusher
Andendum: I watched a little bit of the old English Funi dub and I have to say this, final form Frieza's voice is TERRIBLE! I often joke about how most of the characters sound constipate or have strep throat, but final form Fireza sounds like he has both. I'm so glad Linda did the voice differently in the video games.
said at 1:19 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@Nightmare Crusher he had a pretty great laugh and delivered her lines in an evil and threatening manner. At least in the Frieza Saga afterwords it went downhill a bit.
Gutsy Goat
said at 8:31 PM on Tue Dec 27 2011
Linda Young
she has a way of speaking that makes it feel right
also not to change the subject but she was also the voice actor for gen kai on yu yu hakisho
said at 11:49 AM on Wed Dec 21 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I'm used to Frieza sounding like a woman, so I prefer Linda Young.
said at 1:33 AM on Tue Dec 20 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chris Ayres takes the Cake

Pauline sounds like a snake, so she's a good substitute with Linda
said at 6:51 PM on Sat Nov 26 2011
chris chris is really good
Madness Abe
said at 5:46 PM on Sun Oct 9 2011
Eddie's is the worst here. It just sounds too annoying here. Maureen's is only slightly better but not so great. Pauline and Linda's sound so similar to each other, and they're both equally great. But Chris's the best here by making Frieza sound more like a man, while adding a depth of being proud, cunning, and overconfident.
said at 11:22 PM on Wed Aug 31 2011
Just fyi for everyone here, Frieza is supposed to be a transvestite; the anime (including the original Japanese version, sadly) mistranslated the manga, which explains why Frieza is referred to as a "he" by every other character.

I mean, even if Frieza really is male, "he's" so feminine in SO many different ways (some of those ways being completely inappropriate) that it's just plain WRONG to acknowledge "him" as such.

Anyway, I can't really say which VA I like best.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:09 AM on Thu Sep 1 2011
@pokemastanumba1 No. Frieza is not a transvestite.

1. A transvestite is a person who enjoys wearing the opposite gender's clothing. Frieza is naked in his true form.
2. Where on Earth are you getting this from? Frieza is male and always has been.
3. Just because somebody acts or looks feminine doesn't mean they aren't male. All that matters is what gender they identify as. Since Frieza isn't a transvestite (there is NO PROOF to this theory) and clearly identifies as male (Cooler calls him "brother", his subordinates say "Lord Frieza" instead of "Lady Frieza"), referring to him with masculine pronouns is correct.
said at 5:37 PM on Sat Sep 3 2011
@NCZ and this is supposed to make it better?!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:47 PM on Sat Sep 3 2011
@Smarttamarr94 Make what better?
said at 3:34 PM on Mon Sep 5 2011
@NCZ By telling us that Frieza is naked in his true form now I feel like I'm gonna blow chunks
said at 12:32 PM on Tue Sep 6 2011
@Smarttamarr94 If you think Frieza is disgusting, you do NOT want to know anything about Orochimaru from Naruto. @_@
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:56 PM on Wed Sep 7 2011
@Smarttamarr94 Well, considering that he has no visible inappropriate parts, him being naked really isn't a big deal...
said at 9:35 PM on Thu Oct 20 2011
@pokemastanumba1 "Frieza is supposed to be a transvestite"

Where do you get this stuff?

No he's not.
said at 5:46 AM on Sun Feb 12 2012
@penguintruth (Reply to your comment you made before you made a profile) Being a gentleman wasn't the ONLY personality trait Freeza had, he was also sinister, sadistic and power hungry. And as the Freeza saga progressed he became less gentleman like. And Linda Young and Pauline Newstone did a great job at showing these personality traits.
said at 1:14 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@NCZ I;m pretty sure he's a hermamphrodite. I read the same for King Cold.
said at 1:15 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@pokemastanumba1 Proper term would be hermaphrodite.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:29 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@pete Frieza is male, period.
said at 1:33 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@NCZ It mightbe a rumor theory but I heard King Cold had male/female reproductive parts which is how he was born.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:24 PM on Sat Dec 29 2012
@pete That is definitely not true.
said at 6:21 PM on Thu Dec 19 2013
@pete Nope. DB has never examined any secondart sexual characteristics on anyone but Bulma.
said at 12:10 AM on Fri Jul 22 2011
I think it's a tie between Ayres and Young
said at 11:26 AM on Fri Jun 24 2011
Chris Ayres. His portrayal is effeminate like the DBZ Frieza (Linda's) but the manner of speaking is a lot like the Japanese Freeza (spelled that way for a reason). Chris voices each form quite well (the 3rd form especially) it's really one of the best things about DBZ Kai.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:16 PM on Tue May 31 2011
I've grown up listening to Linda as Frieza so at first I thought I would always choose her as Frieza but when I heard Ayres was torn.
I like how both change their voices for each of Frieza's forms (at least Linda did for the first time but later for some reason they just used her 1st form Frieza voice, which is kinda disapointing) anyway I like Linda did a deep voice for the 2nd voice and the 3rd form had like a double voice effect but compared to Aryes much deeper voice for the second and even deeper for the third he does do better.
In their first forms both did a good job though Aryes did sound like Invader Zim but that's not all that bad. In all I'm going with Linda for the first.
Now the tie breaker, the final form. Aryes NAILS the parts of Friza when he talks calmly and cocky but when he gets mad and yells he kinda loses me. With Linda she doesn't play the cocky side of Frieza that I would have liked but I like she does play to Frieza angry side and I do like that. One problem I have with Linda's Final Form Frieza is that she has several moments where she sounds like she's forcing the voice. In all I guess Ayres gets my vote though I will always love Linda as Frieza.
said at 1:52 AM on Sat Apr 16 2011
 4 Shout Outs! [?]
Chris Ayres is the definitive English Freeza; he nails the effeminate, sophisticated, cruel and psychotic tones for Freeza perfectly.

Linda's performance as Freeza was one of the best ones back in the poorly dubbed Freeza saga and I just loved the voices she had for each form, especially the final one. Afterwards however, she just started using this unfitting "tranny granny" voice for Freeza and sounded obnoxious in the role.

Pauline Newstone is too forced and womanly, Eddie Frierson doesn't sound right, and Maureen Jones is ear shatteringly horrible.
said at 2:07 AM on Wed Apr 13 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Chris Ayres. BY A LANDSLIDE.
said at 2:33 PM on Sat Mar 19 2011
I voted Maureen by mistake She and Linda sounded a little similar but she was more deeper like a Woman but with a very-husky and bold voice

Linda was more edgy and threatening sounding wheras Chris makes Freeza sound exactly like a boy so They get my actual vote however I like Linda Young a bit more...eh I already voted so I can't change or vote again

But my proper vote is Linda Young with Chris comming in a close second while the other three are last :S
said at 9:14 PM on Sat Mar 5 2011
Probably gonna have some cyber whacks for this but I prefer Linda over Chris she had and delivered the best lines. Very well too. Chris was ruthless and menacing and did a good job but they took most of Freiza's best lines from Kai(which pissed me off to no end) so he never got a chance to deliver some of Lind's best quips like " Ouch that almost tickled" (my personal favorite). He did have few quips and them well a shame we couldn't him deliver them all.
said at 7:34 PM on Wed Mar 9 2011
@pete They took away those lines because Funimation just made them up and they don't suit the character at all.
said at 1:16 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@penguintruth They make him sound arrogant and cocky.
SM Scorx
said at 11:48 AM on Thu Feb 10 2011
Chris Ayres is the best for me.
said at 4:10 AM on Sun Nov 28 2010
Yay! If you notice, Chris Ayres and Linda Young's clips now feature the voices for all 4 main forms.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:32 PM on Tue Nov 16 2010
Chris Ayres is awesome as Frieza. He makes him sound truly sinister yet also calm and composed. And while his voice sounds a bit feminine like Linda Young's, it's also got some male qualities to it. He's my pick, easily (and Linda's the one I'm used to).
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 2:56 PM on Thu Jun 24 2010
You do a have point. I'll consider changing the clip :)
said at 11:39 PM on Thu Jun 17 2010
I actually agree with Penguintruth on this one. I got the very same feeling.

@apex347 Frieza was a guy in the Japanese version too. He was even voiced by a guy.
said at 6:31 PM on Thu Jun 3 2010
Looks like someone else will play Frieza in DBKai. We will add him as soon as sound clips are made available.
said at 11:08 PM on Tue Jan 19 2010
I can honestly say that Linda Young's Frieza made me like DBZ. I remember being attracted to the show during Goku's battle with Frieza, and I was obsessed with Frieza because of his chilling voice. Pauline Newstone was also brilliant. Eddie Frierson wasn't all that great, and Maureen Jones was extremely annoying.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 6:59 PM on Tue Jan 19 2010
hey VC fans. I'm not 100% sure if Maureen Jones voiced Frieza in the Blue Water dub of GT. If anyone can confirm or proove that another VA did the role (providing a valid source) please tell me asap. thanks :)

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