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Dragon Ball Dragon Ball

Voice Compare » Dragon Ball » Dodoria

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Dodoria with sound clips and images.
Dodoria was one of Frieza's top henchmen along with Zarbon. On planet Namek Dodoria killed many Namekians to collect the Dragon Balls for Frieza. Dodoria was the one who told Vegeta that it was Frieza who destroyed planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race; hoping this information would allow Vegeta to spare his life but Vegeta killed him anyways.

In the English version of the Dragon Ball Z anime, Dodoria was first voiced by Paul Dobson in the Ocean Group dub.

In the re-dubbed version by Funimation, Dodoria was voiced by Chris Forbis.

In the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Dodoria was voiced by Mike McFarland.

For Dragon Ball Kai's English dub Dodoria is voiced by John Swasey.
Created by Jackson_H on Jan 18 2010, 33 Comments
Special thanks to Pokejedservo for additional sound clips.
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
DodoriaPaul Dobson
Paul Dobson
Dragon Ball Z (1996)
DodoriaChris Forbis
Chris Forbis
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (2009)
DodoriaMike McFarland
Mike McFarland
Dragon Ball Kai (2010)
DodoriaJohn Swasey
John Swasey


I think all these voices suited the character. I don't have much more to say. Pretty good work by everybody so IMO this VC is a draw.



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said at 2:51 AM on Sun Jan 10 2016
Just heard Ed Marcus...he's so terrible that it loops back around to being downright hilarious. He makes Mike sound like a God in the role.

said at 4:23 PM on Sat Jan 9 2016
I like John Swasey best as Dodoria. He just has that gruff and rough sounding voice that just feels the most appropriate to his design.

Paul Dobson sounds way too light which is unfortunate because has the type of voice that would fit very well. If he deepened it a bit more, I'd say he'd be on par with Swasey.

Chris Forbis doesn't sound gruff or rough at all which just makes him feel generic IMO.

Mike McFarland at the beginning of his clip sounded a bit like Alvin Sander's Demolisher but then it just gets too light which is a shame, he could have done better but I think he was just a temporary fill-in voice till John Swasey was cast.

John Swasey has my vote.
said at 10:10 PM on Thu Dec 10 2015
1 Chris Forbis
2 John Swasey
3 Mike McFarland
4 Paul Dobson
said at 2:53 PM on Sun Oct 18 2015
1. John Swasey
2. Paul Dobson
3. Chris Forbis
4. Mike McFarland
5. Ed Marcus
said at 8:53 AM on Mon Oct 19 2015
@SmartyBoyboy Personally, I think Ed should've used his Frieza voice for Dodoria. It would've put a different spin on, "With His Majesty's compliments!"
said at 6:20 AM on Thu Nov 5 2015
1. John Swasey
2. Chris Forbis
3. Paul Dobson
4. Mike McFarland
5. Ed Marcus
said at 4:18 PM on Thu Sep 17 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Paul Dobson's the only one who actually sent chills down my spine here, honestly.

Chris Forbis was pretty good, but sounded a bit flat and generic at times.

John Swasey...eh, sounds like a generic Southern thug to me, don't really care for it.

Mike McFarland sounds pretty forced and bland.
said at 6:21 PM on Tue Aug 4 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
1. Paul Dobson
2. John Swasey
3. Chris Forbis
4. Mike McFarland (sounds way too much like Sabat's Vegeta)

I also liked Paul Bandey (better known as "the Old Bastard") from the AB Group's Big Green dub. He gave the character a smooth, sort of royal sounding voice, as opposed to the VAs here who have gone with either a gruff voice or a raspy voice.
said at 6:11 PM on Fri Sep 18 2015
@Miscast "With His Majesty's compliments!"
said at 12:58 AM on Sun Apr 19 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
Paul Dobson gets my vote!
Shaun Ince
said at 8:11 PM on Sun Apr 12 2015
Swasey & Forbis. Paul Dobson sounds really forced, particularly in this sound clip. Dobson makes for a better Zarbon than Dodoria.

Mike McFarland is OK. Just OK.
said at 3:29 PM on Fri May 16 2014
I'm going with John Swasey. The others are also good.
said at 8:31 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
1. John Swasey - His take is just perfect. He combines the voices of his predecessors and melds them into one, and he performs it very menacingly. And for a villain who ultimately didn't amount to much, he needs all the menace he can get.

2. Ward Perry - I like his snarly tone of voice, though I'm not sure I agree with the pitch.

3. Chris Forbis - His voice is close to the Japanese version, but the casual tone and delivery is a bit off.

4. Mike McFarland - A decent but unremarkable imitation of Chris Forbis.
said at 8:32 PM on Thu Jun 13 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Chris Forbis is the best overall in my opinion. He sounds a little menacing and crafty, but also a bit brutish and dumb at the same time. Ward Perry makes him sound way too high-pitched and scratchy, and John Swasey is guilty of the same, only to a lesser extent. Mike McFarland sounds a little like Yajirobe and he doesn't sound evil enough, but he did a decent voice.
said at 1:02 PM on Mon Sep 3 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
They are all pretty good but I honestly don't care about Dodoria that much
said at 11:20 AM on Sat Aug 25 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
My favorite Dodoria is Chris Forbis for giving Dodoria that menacing and tough voice that really suits a loyal servant of Frieza.

Second would have to be Ward Perry for sounding sinister and threatening as Dodoria, he would actually be my pick if he wasn't so high pitched, shame that.

Tied for third are John and Mike: Mike does a decent impression of Chris, but he sounds a little forced. Now John's voice is by no means bad, but it just doesn't fit Dodoria for me.

Chris has my vote.
said at 1:26 AM on Sun Jun 10 2012
Chris Forbis is easily the greatest voice for Dodoria out of the entire bunch John Swasey is a close second!
said at 3:16 PM on Fri Oct 28 2011
Toss up between John Swasey and Chris Forbis - the others are not bad.
said at 10:12 PM on Sat Jul 9 2011
I prefer the Ward Perry rendition of Dodoria. He is, after all, my 2nd most favorite character in the history of the show. (Zarbon is #1 for me)
said at 1:46 AM on Sat Apr 16 2011
They're all great but Swasey is probably the most menacing.
said at 9:41 PM on Sat Mar 5 2011
 1 Shout Out!
What's the difference? They all sound the same to me.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 12:06 AM on Thu Jun 24 2010
John Swasey now added!
said at 5:46 PM on Sat Jan 23 2010
BTW I like Chris Forbis the best here because he sounds the most like the character should: A tough and evil villain.
said at 12:14 AM on Thu Oct 18 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 Why are you on here as guest and a moderator? Or is that not you? Look above Jackson and below me.
said at 6:12 PM on Mon Jan 18 2010
 1 Shout Out!
I'm 100% sure it's Ward Perry. Paul Dobson played Zarbon, and people must be getting them mixed up. Ward Perry also played the Ocean Dr. Kochin in The World's Strongest, and they sound very similar. I'm very sure it's him.
said at 10:09 AM on Wed Jun 18 2014
@PurpleWarrior13 Sorry but that's not Ward Perry. I can tell because I can hear parts that comes from his transformed Zarbon voice when he fights Vegeta again. Ward did both Misokatsun and Dr. Wheelo in that movie not Alec Willows and Paul Dobson. While Paul Dobson did both Koichin and Kishime. Another role that Ward was miscredited as was Kid Buu. Brian Drummond said it was Brian Dobson.
said at 10:11 AM on Wed Jun 18 2014
In conclusion Paul Dobson was both Dodoria and Zarbon
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 5:35 PM on Mon Jan 18 2010
Some sources say that Paul Dobson voiced Dodoria not Ward Perry. If anyone Ocean dub fan knows this to be true I'll update this VC asap.
said at 3:29 AM on Fri Oct 19 2012
@Jackson_H I was just thinking that as I was watching this. I think Paul Dobson DID indeed voice both Dodoria and Zarbon at the time. Ward Perry voiced Turles, which is mistakenly listed as Ted Cole.
said at 5:47 PM on Thu May 30 2013
I have no right to speak for truths or for anyone, but from what I can gather Ward being linked to Dodoria came from his being linked to Kochin (and to a lesser extent Kishime) in World's Strongest. Unfortunately these people did not know of other shows such as Darkstalkers, where Ward Perry is confirmed to be Huitzil in the credits. Wheelo isn't too far off from that. Therefore Paul Dobson and Perry switch places; Perry is Wheelo and Dobson is Kochin and Dodoria by extension; Perry also voices the deep voiced Misokatsun, not Willows; Willows instead voices Kishime, who has a very Burter-esque scream.
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Who do you think has been the best from these Dodoria voice actors?
Paul Dobson
Chris Forbis
Mike McFarland
John Swasey