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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Dormammu with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Doctor Strange

Dormammu is one of the primary antagonists of the Doctor Strange series whom made his comic book debut in Strange Tales #126 in November of 1964. Dormammu is an immortal creature whom is the Lord of the Dark Dimension whom can not only manipulate mystical energy but also commands a horde of creatures known as "The Mindless Ones". Dormammu frequently tries to invade the Earth Dimension but is unable to unless he can manipulate a human to aid him in his attempts to leave his own dimension. Dormammu is an incredibly intelligent creature whom is actually very patient though he is also quite arrogant and is easy to frustrate if his plans ever go wrong at all.
Created by Pokejedservo on Nov 27 2011
Special thanks to Music Meister for additional sound clips.
Spider-Man (1994) (1994)
DormammuEd Gilbert
Ed Gilbert
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)
DormammuJonathan Adams
Jonathan Adams
The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)
DormammuRobert Englund
Robert Englund
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)
DormammuMichael T Weiss
Michael T Weiss
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013)
DormammuPhil LaMarr
Phil LaMarr
Marvel Heroes (2013)
DormammuRobin Atkin Downes
Robin Atkin Downes
Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)
DormammuTravis Willingham
Travis Willingham


Today on the Marvel Universe VC section we take a look at one of Doctor Strange's most prominent foes... DORMAMMU! We will actually begin with the 90's Spider Man series in which Dormammu appeared for a few episodes voiced by the late Ed Gilbert. Ed's voice for the role was pretty good as it does seem to be suitably demonic enough (though I do think that it should've been at least a little deeper though). Ed's performance for the role does suit a prideful evil overlord pretty well, but while I do find Ed's work on the role to be above average at best but it does work with the role pretty well enough.

Dormammu didn't appear in adaptations until over a decade later in the Doctor Strange movie voiced by Jonathan Adams. Jonathan's voice for the role does have a suitably demonic feel to it (though the effects used on Dormammu's voice does sometimes feel a little overdone). Jonathan's performance does work with the role pretty well as it does suit a scheming demon lord pretty well. While its not one of the best performances from Jonathan Adams it is a fine example of his voice work nevertheless.

In the Super Hero Squad Show Dormammu appeared for an episode and was voiced by Robert Englund. While Robert's voice for the role is a bit lighter compared to the others it still works as it does have a suitably demonic feel to it. Robert plays up the "Arrogant Conquering Lord" aspect of Dormammu and does it rather well in which while it suit the show's light-hearten nature it is still pretty suitable to the role in general. So in other words Robert Englund's performance as Dormammu is a good example of his voice work and one of the better "special guest" VA performances in that show.

In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (original and Ultimate) Dormammu was voiced by Michael T Weiss. Michael's voice also had a suitably demonic feel as well and as for his performance well Michael's work is good when Dormammu was shouting but I especially liked it when he was calmly talking as he sounds really sinister. Michael T Weiss' work as Dormammu is suiting for an arrogant demonic lord and to be honest I did feel that Michael's performance is the most menacing of the performances here. Anyways Michael's work as Dormammu is a fine example of his voice work and is a great example of the voice work in MVC 3. Overall I am going with Michael T Weiss the most here with Robert Englund and Jonathan Adams close behind with Ed Gilbert at a decent third place.

(Update: Travis Willingham voiced Dormammu in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Robin Atkin Downes voiced Dormammu in Marvel Heroes while Phil LaMarr voiced Dormammu in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Travis does a decent attempt at sounding demonic but it doesn't sound quite menacing enough, though granted some vocal effects might've helped this voice out. But still Travis' performance is decent but his work on the role is slightly above average at best. Now Robin on the other hand his work on the role is very good. Robin's voice had a suitably demonic feel as while his performance is a tad bit mroe subdued compared to the others but Robin does a good job in making that work with the role well. As Phil's work as Dormammu it is pretty good as his voice does have a suitably demonic feel to it. However the quality of Phil's performance is a tad bit inconsistent as sometimes it can go from rather menacing to kind of forced especially when he is shouting. But still Phil's work as Dormammu is a pretty good example of his voice work and of the voice work on the show. So basically I am ranking Robin with Michael, Phil with Robert and Johnathan and Travis slightly below the late Ed Gilbert.)   



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8000 Saiyans
said at 1:38 PM on Sun May 27 2018
 3 Shout Outs!
Marvel actually had Tony Todd recording lines for Dormammu in the MCU Doctor Strange as an alternative to Benedict Cumberbatch.

While we ended up with Benedict, Tony is a perfect fit for Dormammu. Hopefully, he gets to voice Dormammu in a Marvel animated project.
said at 7:22 PM on Thu Dec 7 2017
 1 Shout Out!
1. Gilbert
2. RAD
3. Weiss
4. LaMarr
5. Adams
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:13 PM on Wed Nov 29 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
All of them are great, but I'll have to give RAD the vote for giving an unsettling performance.
said at 8:25 PM on Sun Nov 5 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
1. Robin Atkin Downes
2. Jonathan Adams
3. Michael T. Weiss
4 . Ed Gilbert
said at 4:18 AM on Sun Oct 8 2017
 8 Shout Outs!
VC thoughts update

I really like Robin Atkin Downes the most. I really like his soft, seductive yet demonic voice and his delivery is quite unsettling.

Michael T. Weiss sounds good. He sounds pretty threatening and his delivery is solid. I just wish he had a more demonic sound.

Travis Willingham works perfectly for the Lego version. He does sound pretty sinister and unsettling, yet he's also quite enjoyable.

Ed Gilbert is also pretty solid. He has a pretty menacing voice and his delivery is excellent.

I also liked Jonathan Adams and Robert Englund in the role.

The UVA from the 1970's Spider-Woman cartoon is surprisingly good, especially considering the villain performances there weren't that great.
said at 5:26 AM on Wed Nov 29 2017
Forgot about Phil LaMarr. He's right in-between Travis and Ed.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:32 PM on Wed Aug 30 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Anyone else have a feeling that the votes on this voice compare could possibly be manipulated? I don't remember Robin having such a huge lead. And by huge lead I mean, over 150 votes that just came out of nowhere.
said at 8:47 PM on Wed Aug 30 2017
@Shaun Ince I think I remember posting a small forum discussion about it. Yeah you're not the only one who noticed.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:43 PM on Wed Aug 30 2017
@Shaun Ince

I was just on his page earlier today and thinking "I know we have a lot of Marvel fans here, but twice as many votes as Medic, Kaz, or Travis?"
said at 12:58 AM on Thu Aug 31 2017
@NCZ Someone has waaaaay too much time on their hands.
Shaun Ince
said at 11:52 AM on Thu Aug 31 2017
@NCZ It does make you wonder why someone would do this. Are they just a really big fan of Robin? Or are they just doing it because why not. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter.
said at 10:43 PM on Wed Nov 29 2017
@Shaun Ince Another suspicious point: Dormammu, while certainly a major comic book villain, has over a 100 more votes in his voice compare poll than his more famous nemesis Doctor Strange. Dormammu: 260
Strange: 126
Shaun Ince
said at 5:48 PM on Thu Nov 30 2017
@Bookman230 It's not just exclusive to this poll in particular. 3 other voice compares have unreasonably high numbers of votes which were definitely botted all the way to the top. I tend to look at the polls a lot just to see how the trends go, & who they gravitate to next when another addition gets made to a voice compare. Though in this case, I haven't seen it blow up to this magnitude, & the large influx of votes sticks out like a sore thumb.
said at 5:50 PM on Wed Aug 30 2017
I pick Robin Atkin Downes.
said at 4:04 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Robin Atkin Downes is the champ with evil characters like Dormammu! He's perfect!
EPA Deane
said at 4:28 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
@TrueMyriad Do You Think I can Bargain with Him?
said at 12:40 PM on Thu Mar 17 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
1. RAD
2. Michael
3. Jonathan
4. Phil
5. Travis
6. Robert
7. Ed
The Doctor
said at 12:51 PM on Mon Jan 4 2016
 20 Shout Outs!
1. Robin Atkin Downes
I just love this voice/performance. It is very subdued, but still demonic. He feels scary, manipulative and authoritative. In other words, perfect voice for Dormammu.

2. Michael T. Weiss
He hits all the same notes that make Downes so great and he is extremely close second, but he is missing that certain punch that gives Downes the edge.

3. Jonathan Adams
He is little bit more in-your-face demonic, but he doesn't go too over-the-top with it and it fits the design their used for the character in the movie. Plus, it is very cool voice and overall performance, so I can forgive some of the shortcomings.

4. Ed Gilbert
His performance is fine and I don't mind that they went with something more low-key than big-bad-demon-voice, but I do wish that there would have been something little bit more otherworldly to his voice.

5. Phil LaMarr
I give him credit for doing something outside of his usual roles, but he is lacking little bit. You can tell that he has trouble with keeping up that voice and he slips to his normal voice every now and then. It is by no means an awful peformance, but you can tell that Phill is outside of his comfort zone.

6. Travis Willingham
Kinda generic monster voice. I get that all the characters are streamlined/simplified in Lego games (usually for comedic effect), but I wish that he had even a hint of authority. Now he feels more like a lackey of Dormammu rather than the big guy himself.

7. Robert Englund
I'm all for Robert Englund hamming it up as villain, but his voice doesn't feel fitting for Dormammu at all. It's just his normal voice and that's it. Maybe if he went with something closer to his Freddy Krueger and/or they used some effects on his voice, it could have worked, but for now he feels completely out of place.
said at 7:02 PM on Mon Nov 16 2015
 6 Shout Outs!
When did Robin get that big of a boost? I swear about two months ago he was still behind Michael by several votes.
said at 10:35 PM on Mon Nov 16 2015
@skeletonking1234 I was wondering the same thing myself (not that I disagree with it though).
Shaun Ince
said at 9:11 PM on Tue Nov 17 2015
@skeletonking1234 In some cases it happens all so suddenly. All I know was that I had voted for Downes when I first visited this VC.
Shaun Ince
said at 9:16 PM on Mon Dec 19 2016
@skeletonking1234 The same thing happened on the Carnage compare when people heard Dee's new take in Marvel Heroes. He got a huge boost in votes as well.
said at 12:45 AM on Tue Sep 8 2015
Sticking with Michael T Weiss, though Robin Atkin Downes and Phil LaMarr were also pretty good and Travis Willingham was okay.
Caped Crusader
said at 9:55 AM on Fri Aug 21 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
They are all good in their own way, but Robin wins for me. His voice cannot be matched.
First Avenger
said at 12:13 PM on Fri Aug 14 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
I couldn't agree more with Shaun Ince and Starscreamsfan. As long as Robin is in the lead, I'm okay with that. In my book, he is to Dormammu what is Mark Hamill to Joker. I liked Michael in the beginning, but immediately when i heard Robin, I was like "man, all the other ones were inferior to him". The main reason is the way how he is talking, plus the vocal effects added to his already good delivered lines made him even more menacing badass. Not only is that combination well suiting an ancient, arrogant demon from another plane, but it also gives you the feel that Dormammu is one of the most powerful entities that can give most characters a run for their money.
Shaun Ince
said at 11:31 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
Robin get's my vote. He's beats Michael T. Weiss just by a smidge. Robin has that demonic flare. Marvel Heroes has some pretty good casting for a lot of their characters & Robin here is no exception.
said at 11:33 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@Shaun Ince My thoughts exactly. I really love the casting in that game.
said at 5:05 PM on Thu Aug 13 2015
1) Robin Atkin Downes
2) Gary Martin (BBC Spider-Man radio drama)
3) Michael T. Weiss
4) Travis Willingham
5) Phil LaMarr
6) Ed Gilbert
7) Lou Krugman (Spider-Woman cartoon)
8) Jonathan Adams
9) Robert Englund
said at 7:35 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@Starscreamsfan Lou Krugman voiced Dormammu?!!? Cool!
said at 7:46 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@Archerboy58 Yes. Although I'm not too fond of the villain performances in Spider-Woman, but Krugman's performance is a real exception to the rule. He really surprised me, because he sounded pretty demonic for the time:
First Avenger
said at 9:26 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
We can't be sure if Lou voiced Dormammu, because the ending credits are only listing the actors who were involved in the episode, but they didn't listed which actors voiced which character. So I think that for now, until we find some good source that confirms that Lou voiced him, we"ll have to put that speculation under dispute, but that's just my opinion. I mean, I have watched Lou Krugman in many movies, and I can't recognize him at all in Dormammu's voice.
said at 9:35 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger Yeah, actually, Voice Chasers lists Lou as Dormammu, and even though there are some mistakes in there sometimes, I trust that site a lot more than Wikipedia or IMDb.

Lou was a radio actor, and most radio actors had a lot of range, so they could pull off voices that were almost unrecognizable (Matt Crowley's Batman sounds exceedingly different from his Der Teufel, you can't even tell they were the same person).

But I agree that it shouldn't be added until we're sure.
First Avenger
said at 10:32 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
For radio voice actors, i am aware of their versatility and range, but still we will need to find some actual and reliable confirmation or see if someone (from cartoon staff or I don't know) can confirm that. Voice Chasers on the other hand (and some similar cites) can be very unreliable and untrustful, unfortunately. I know because I stumbled across several mistakes hat were unsolved for long time, like Toshiyuki Morikawa being the voice for Kazuya since Tekken 4 and onward, or Troy Baker being the voice of Bryan Fury (just to name a few) etc. Anyway, they can be very wrong, especially if it's about a cartoon that was released very long time ago, like Spider-Woman (1979) and if the voice actors were not credited to their characters, or if they aren't sure either who voiced who, so they are like "who cares, we'll just add that this actor voiced this character because that character sounds like him and call it a day" even if they aren't 100% sure.
said at 10:44 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger Oh, glad to hear that. And I agree about making sure of the source of the information.

I guess nowadays the only thing that seems to be reliable are radio encyclopedias (which do have some mistakes, but I've heard a lot of corrections on interviews with radio actors).
First Avenger
said at 11:02 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
I agree. These days, if you want to know the truth about which actor was involved for which character, the only way to find out is to somehow ask the staff or someone from higher rank (in this case, Stan Lee :D because he was probabbly contributed to the show). But still, this case about Lou voicing Dormy is very low and far from the truth and is still very questionable. IMO , it can be anyone from those actors from that episode. Since they were all uncredited to their roles, it can be any actor that was the voice. Or maybe even, he wasn't voiced by anyone, maybe his voice was computer-made :D but that's just my opinion.
said at 11:13 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger That's right. A lot of people were credited at the end, but their respective roles were never listed. :(

LOL, computer-made voice!!!
said at 11:18 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger And even if it isn't Lou, I still think it's the best villain performance in that show (whoever it was).
First Avenger
said at 11:34 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
I gotta say, that thing about computer voice can be funny, especially for a long-time cartoon, but hey if you can't be sure who the actor was, or if the voice can be too generic, then the computer-made voice can be the only option :D LOL
First Avenger
said at 11:37 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
For that I must admit that whoever that actor was, the voice was certainly good for that time. BTW, nice to say that Robin (my favorite Dormy voice) is winning. IMO his voice fits Dormammu's character and nature much more than the others.
said at 11:43 AM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger I agree with you about Robin. I think his soft-sounding, seductive voice is a pretty excellent fit (plus he sounds pretty demonic thanks to the way he delivers his dialogue). One of my favorite casting choices from that game.
said at 12:01 PM on Fri Aug 14 2015
@First Avenger Also, you may notice that I'm a big fan of old time radio and cartoons, which is why I tend to like a lot of vintage performances, but the Spider-Woman cartoon had some pretty crappy villain performances (I blame the direction for that), but Dormammu was definetly an exception and a stand-out. He sounds pretty demonic (which is pretty unusual for the time) and he does have some sort of regal sound to him, but I think I like the others better (with Robin being my favorite).
First Avenger
said at 12:17 PM on Fri Aug 14 2015
I completely agree with all of that.
said at 1:47 PM on Tue Oct 28 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Regarding Bendict Cumberbatch, I like it but I think he's more suited for Dormammu, with Joaquin Phoneix still doing Dr. Strange, although I fully support a dual role as both, and if he alters his Smaug a bit, it's potential Dormammu material.
said at 11:43 AM on Sat Oct 25 2014
 5 Shout Outs!
Maybe it's just me but I think Robert deserves a second chance as Dormammu, maybe using his Freddy Krueger voice.
said at 1:47 PM on Tue Oct 28 2014
@LordofEvil96 Ic said that a while ago. Some others agreed as well so not just you.
said at 2:22 PM on Tue Oct 28 2014
@pete I
said at 9:00 PM on Sat Sep 20 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
I say all of them work well in their own ways, but Robin Atkin Downes is the only voice here who sounds distinct. If you ask me, he nailed the dude's frightening nature to a tee.
said at 12:34 PM on Sat Jul 5 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Jonathan Adams is my favourite here, in my opinion he's just as amazing at voicing Dormammu as he is voicing Galactus. He seems to have a wonderful talent at voicing giant, unearthly creatures I guess.

Robin is 2nd while Michael is 3rd. Both did really well so be proud guys.

Robert, Phil & Travis are all average.

Ed does a decent job but my problem is that he just doesn't sound threatening enough.
said at 6:00 PM on Fri Apr 11 2014
 10 Shout Outs!
Ed Gilbert- The rasp he adds fits very well in his portrayal here, and the echo effect on his voice fits very well, and he does have a great sinister sound to his performance. 7/10

Johnathan Adams- While he is heavily vocally effected, again he does fit very well. His voice is hard to describe but it sounds almost like it is if fire could talk, because of the sizzles of flame in his voice, especially in that laugh. Not one of Johnathans better performances but still a great performance. 6.75/10

Robert Englund- Roberts energetic performance works very well here, being both hammy and sinister which fits extremely well with the tone and humor of the show. It's nice to hear Roberts voice in this role and it's nice that it isn't as heavily effected like many of the other performances yet still works incredibly well. 7.5/10

Michael T Weiss- I think this role is just okay at best. Liko Dino as Scarecrow, this is a voice that I always felt sounded very unfitting. I mean it's not as bad as Dino in my mind, and he does sound okay in the role, but there isn't really anything sinister to his voice, and it almost sounds like a thug voice with a vocal effect. Not bad, but not fantastic either. 6/10

Travis Willingham- Travis deep voice fits very well in this role, but he does sound a bit awkward in a few lines, especially with his yells, but at other times he sounds pretty good. It's a pretty mixed bag performance like Michael's but again, it's not bad, but I feel Travis could've done a little better, but to be fair it is a Lego game and it isn't supposed to be a completely seriously intimidating performance. 6/10

Robin Atkin Downes- Not only does Robin sound fantastically creepy, but the vocal effects are just fantastically fitting and are not completely overused, it's a perfect middle ground. This performance to me is exactly how Dormammu should sound to me, it's on the exact same level as Jeffrey Combs Scarecrow, it's chilling, fantastically delivered, and the effects on the voice are just at a perfect level. 9/10

Phil LaMarr- At time Phil sounds good, but at other times he sounds pretty odd, mainly that "THE WORLD BELONGS TO DORMAMMU" line. I feel that the effects put on his voice, and his voice in general is somewhat inconsistent. Not saying it's bad, it is just very inconsistent, and I just feel this is a kind of role that Phil just isn't used to, or it could've been the voice directing, and considering a show like this, that might've been what it was. 6.5/10

1. Robin
2. Robert
3. Ed
4. Johnathan
5. Phil
6. Travis
7. Michael
Polyester Funk
said at 11:29 PM on Tue Apr 8 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Phil did quite well. He sounds deep and menacing and I didn't recognize him. I knew that voice seemed familiar and that I kept thinking I knew who it was, but that's not something I've heard from him before.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:04 PM on Tue Apr 8 2014
 5 Shout Outs!
Phil is a mixed bag for me. He's great in many moments, especially when his voice gets gravelly. It's the world will bow down line that sounds really plain compared to the rest of the clip. It's pretty jarring.
said at 5:24 AM on Wed Apr 9 2014
@Nightmare Crusher I personally think Keith David would've been a much better choice.
Polyester Funk
said at 11:39 PM on Wed Apr 9 2014
@Nightmare Crusher He sounds pretty flat on that part, but I think the rest is good.
said at 6:26 AM on Tue Nov 26 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
God, Dormammu always gives me chills, despite being... y'know, hot but anyway: Jon, Michael and Robin are my favourites. Ed and Robert are a little hammy, whilst Travis sounds like a generic tough guy.

Jonathan Adams's deep, whispery voice is very effective and suits a demon like Dormammu.

Robin has another cool whispery voice, perhaps a bit light but does sound threatening even though it is reminiscent of his Mum-ra voice.

However my favourite has to be Michael T Weiss, yeah I know it's predictable because he was in MVC3 but he is just great, he gets just the right balance between threatening and arrogant yet subtle and menacing, whilst also retaining a demonic feel to his voice.

1. Micheal
2. Robert
3. Jonathan
4. Ed
5. Robert
6. Travis
said at 6:27 AM on Tue Nov 26 2013
Oops I meant: *2. Robin :-)
said at 7:19 AM on Sun Sep 14 2014
@Torak I'll put Phil in 5th above Robert and Travis
said at 5:43 PM on Mon Nov 25 2013
Robins neck in neck for second place with John
Polyester Funk
said at 11:41 PM on Mon Nov 18 2013
I'd say I like Robin, Michael and Jonathan. Don't know if I can pick between them.
said at 6:45 PM on Mon Nov 18 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
Does anyone think Tim Curry should voice Dormammu soon?
said at 3:00 PM on Mon Nov 18 2013
Michael and Robin for me. Jon and Travis are a bit generic, and while Ed and Robert were entertaining, they could have done better.
said at 5:55 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
Robin basically recycled his Mumm-Ra but it fits. Needs more material though.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 4:35 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
 8 Shout Outs!
Robin is freaking scary. Much as I enjoyed MTW here, Robin takes this one. He NEEDS to reprise Dormammu.
said at 3:55 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
I'm definitely changing my vote to Robin. That is exactly how I think Dormammu should sound and the finally got it right.
said at 3:38 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
Travis and Robin are good but I prefer Michael T Weiss.
said at 3:01 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Going with Robin Atkin Downes
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:31 PM on Sat Nov 16 2013
Nice change of pace for Travis, a little forced but it's good.

Robin does a cool whispery voice, not much power to it but he got limited screen time so he's at a disadvantage
said at 6:45 AM on Thu Dec 20 2012
 5 Shout Outs!
As much as I love MvC3, listening to the clip of Jonathan Adams makes me think, "Damn, dis guy be evil."
said at 4:39 PM on Mon Dec 3 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I like all of them but Michael T. Weiss is the best.
said at 9:15 AM on Fri Apr 20 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I'm gonna go with Michael T. Weiss, though I also liked Jonathan Adams and the late Ed Gilbert as Dormammu.
said at 10:40 PM on Sat Dec 3 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
I'll go with Ed Gilbert since he has no votes and I always liked his performance. Robert Englund used his Freddy Krueger voice and made it lighter which was probably due to the show being aimed at kids. I'd like to see him play a more threatening Dormammu with his Freddy Krueger voice sometime.
said at 2:24 AM on Mon Nov 28 2011
 3 Shout Outs!
Tie between Jonathan Adams and Michael T Weiss
said at 11:14 PM on Sun Nov 27 2011
 1 Shout Out!
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