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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Kanto with sound clips and images.
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Kanto is a DC Comics character, primarily a New God of Apokolips, who first appeared in Mister Miracle #7 (March/April 1972). Originally known as Iluthin, he was a student and warrior of Granny Goodness who was accused of stealing weaponry and was punished with exile to Earth during the Renaissance-era by Darkseid himself. While there, Iluthin was taught much from the many teachers in Rome. However, Kanto 13, Darkseid's master assassin at the time, traveled to Earth to track down Iluthin and managed to kill Claudia, Iluthin's lover. Iluthin retaliated by beating the assassin and Darkseid was impressed with the fight. Darseid executed Kanto 13 for his failure and Iluthin returns to Apokolips as the new Kanto, Darseid's new master assassin. Holding a strong connection with the Renaissance, Kanto can be seen wearing clothing reminiscent of a nobleman from that era. One of the few superheroes Kanto respects is Mr. Miracle, who escaped a trap he sent for him. Kanto has the typical physiology of a New God, and by trade, he is a master swordsman, fighter and is capable of using any weapon imaginable.
Created by UltimateCharm on Aug 4 2012
Special thanks to TylerMirage for additional sound clips.
Justice League Action (2016)
KantoTroy Baker
Troy Baker
Justice League Unlimited (2004)
KantoCorey Burton
Corey Burton
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
KantoMichael York
Michael York


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EPA Deane
said at 1:17 AM on Thu Feb 22 2018
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Troy Baker should have used a More Malevolent Version of His JARVIS Voice.

Kanto's Pompous Nature feels more Natural with a British Accent.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:26 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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Troy was okay, but he could have been a lot better.
said at 3:48 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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Troy Baker was alright.
said at 1:11 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
Troy Baker has a really awesome stuffy attitude and he really sounds quite entertaining as well. It does fit Kanto's design rather well.

Out of the two DCAU actors, I prefer Michael York. He really sounds rather stuffy and he does seems to be having fun. One of the better performances of that show.

Corey Burton emulates Michael nicely, but honestly, he just sounds kinda pathetic compared to Troy and Michael.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:10 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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Troy is my least favorite, he is rather generic.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:41 AM on Tue Dec 19 2017
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Michael York is far more memorable than Corey Burton as Kanto.
said at 3:13 PM on Fri Mar 25 2016
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Michael York is more distinctive and memorable, plus he nails how smug and affable Kanto is.

Corey Burton does fit Kanto but is lacking in presence the way Michael brought to the role, though to be fair it is a small cameo role.

Going with Michael York.

BONUS: I think Jeff Bennett could fit Kanto rather well.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:32 AM on Thu Apr 9 2015
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Michael York. Corey Burton was good for what little he had. He'd be good in a larger role too, but I'd still go with York.
said at 6:20 PM on Mon Oct 27 2014
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Is it just me or does anyone thing Michael York sounds a little like Tim Curry here?
said at 3:25 PM on Tue Dec 24 2013
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i prefer Corey Burton
said at 8:50 PM on Sat Dec 8 2012
I'm going with Michael York. Corey Burton was fine with the small part he had.
said at 5:30 PM on Sun Aug 5 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
But what does it all MEAN, Basil?
said at 3:00 AM on Sun Aug 5 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
A major role in an episode vs. a cameo? Yeah, gonna go with Michael York, though Corey wasn't bad.
said at 10:07 PM on Sat Aug 4 2012
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I'm gonna go with Michael York for Kanto.
said at 9:25 PM on Sat Aug 4 2012
Honestly Michael York's work was the same as his Count Vertigo though I'm assuming that's his regular voice or very close to it but it's still not an original performance. Not saying it's bad though either way. I'm going with Corey Burton even if he is impersonating Michael York's voice(at least to me it is) it's an original voice on his part since to my knowledge he's never used York's voice before.
said at 3:26 AM on Mon Feb 4 2013
@pete How is it original if he's impersonating someone else?
said at 3:02 PM on Mon Feb 4 2013
@TheVengeanceKnight Two things. 1. I'm not sure if he used that voice before. 2. Read my last sentence again.
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