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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Big Barda with sound clips and images.
Franchise: DC Universe

Big Barda is one of the protagonists of the "New Gods" storyline whom made her comic book debut in Mister Miracle #4 in October of 1971. Big Barda is the super strong and durable immortal wife of Mr Miracle whom works with Mr. Miracle's miniscule manager Oberon when Mr. Miracle does his work as an Escape Artist. But before Barda became Mr. Miracle's wife she was originally raised by the evil Granny Goodness to be a powerful soldier for Apokolips' ruler Darkseid but after when she met Mr. Miracle they fell in love and now she fights the forces of evil. Big Barda is a little naive to the customs of earth and while she does love to be Mr. Miracle's wife and his homemaker but she never hesitates to continue her fight against the forces of evil.
Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 4 2012
Special thanks to Music Meister for additional sound clips.
Justice League Unlimited (2004)
Big BardaFarrah Forke
Farrah Forke
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
Big BardaDiane Delano
Diane Delano
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)
Big BardaJulianne Grossman
Julianne Grossman
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year (2016)
Big BardaMisty Lee
Misty Lee


Today on the DC Universe VC section we take a look at the beloved wife of Mr. Miracle... BIG BARDA! Let us begin...

Farrah Forke- Farrah's voice and performance for the role suited Big Barda's strong persona very well. But I also liked on how Farrah's performance also suited on how she is very much Mr. Miracle's loving wife and is a fine example of the voice work in the DCAU of course.

Diane Delano-  While I know that this is basically a one-liner cameo and I suppose Diane's delivery is decent enough but her voice for the role is a little too high and it sounds a little too old, basically it maybe for a brief cameo but its still kind of a miscast.

Julianne Grossman- Julianne's work on the role also has a suitably strong feel which suits the role very well. While Julianne's performance doesn't seem to have as much personality as Farrah's take on the role but her performance does have a rather heroic feel which does suit the role well.

So overall I am going with Farrah the most with Julianne at a close second with Diane at a distant third.



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said at 8:28 PM on Mon Jun 26 2017
1. Farrah Forke
2. Julianne Grossman
EPA Deane
said at 6:02 AM on Wed Jun 14 2017
"It's what you feel for your little ones. The fear for their safety... and the happiness that they're here with you. It's need... and want... for something to care for you as you care for them. It's knowing that someone does care. Love... is being loved. Everyone needs love... especially the strong... especially those who fear it most! "

Big Barda is Awsome and IMO Deserves more Love..... What more needs to be said.......?

Oh... Of Course.... Here are My Top 5 Favourite voices for her:

5. Diane Delano
4. Laura Post
3. Misty Lee
2. Farrah Forke
1. Julianne Grossman

Future VA Suggestions:

When it comes actresses who could portray Barda in Animation or Live Action, I think Gwendoline Christie would be Perfect as her..... I feel Christie's voice has the Right amount of Dignified Strength and Womanly Sensitivity for the part.

I know I've said this already, But I also think Megan Hollingshead would be solid as Big Barda, using a more Boisterous version of her Caster voice

I also Recommend Vanessa Branch, Kathleen Barr, Eva Green and Wendy Powell.
said at 5:22 AM on Wed May 17 2017
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VC thoughts update

I really enjoyed Laura Post a whole lot. She had a great tough gal voice and she managed to have fun at the right times.

Farrah Forke also delivers a pretty cool performance. She did have quite a bit of energy and her delivery was quite solid.

Diane Delano sounds pretty cool as well. It's a one-line wonder, but she works quite excellently in the role.

Julianne Grossman also delivers an awesome tough gal performance. She sounds tough and has quite a bit of presence.

Misty Lee is cool, but sounds a little bit too bombastic. Fits a younger Barda well, though.
said at 11:05 PM on Tue May 16 2017
Not sure about Misty Lee as Barda. Sticking with Grossman.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 8:33 PM on Tue May 16 2017
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I see what Misty's going for but at best she's only decent.
said at 2:24 PM on Tue Dec 13 2016
1. Farrah Forke
2. Julianne Grossman
3. Diane Delano
said at 2:04 PM on Thu Apr 9 2015
I don't get the hype for Forke. In JLU she might as well have been voiced by Eisenberg with that portrayal and in her comparatively better Beyond performance it was one-note tough girl.

Grossman conquers all here.
EPA Deane
said at 10:48 AM on Wed Nov 30 2016
@rosebr10 Wonder Woman was actually supposed to be a member of the Batman Beyond version of the Justice League. Due to executive meddling, that plan was scrapped.

Julianne Grossman is my favourite voice for the character.

I'd love to hear Megan Hollingshead voice Big Barda.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:40 AM on Thu Apr 9 2015
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Julianne Grossman
Farrah Forke
Diane Delano
said at 11:57 AM on Tue Feb 17 2015
1) Diane Delano
2) Julianne Grossman
3) Farrah Forke
said at 6:04 AM on Tue Mar 17 2015
1) Farrah Forke
2) Diane Delano
3) Julianne Grossman
said at 2:00 PM on Sun Dec 29 2013
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Farrah Forke has the sexiest voice of all 3
said at 12:49 PM on Sun Dec 2 2012
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I really like Farrah Forke and Julianne Grossman but i'm gonna give this to Julianne.
said at 3:12 AM on Mon Mar 5 2012
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Farrah Forke and Julianne Grossman are nearly tied for me; ultimately went with Julianne.
said at 12:46 AM on Mon Mar 5 2012
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Personally, I'm gonna go with Julianne Grossman for Barda. I thought she was the better voice actress for her.
said at 12:16 AM on Mon Mar 5 2012
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No Batman Beyond? or was that the same voice actress as for JLU?
said at 12:27 AM on Mon Mar 5 2012
@Curt The Same
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Farrah Forke
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