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Violet Beauregarde

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Violet Beauregarde with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Violet Beauregarde is an arrogant, competitive girl with a penchant for chewing gum for weeks on end. She is the finder of the third of five Golden Tickets, which allows her to attend a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. In the factory's Inventing Room, she helps herself to an experimental gum containing the condensed essence of a three-course-meal, which transforms her into a human blueberry and necessitates her to be juiced as a means of treating her ailment.
Created by CatsTuxedo on Aug 16 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
Violet BeauregardeAnnaSophia Robb
AnnaSophia Robb
Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017)
Violet BeauregardeDallas Lovato
Dallas Lovato


Robb could've amped the delivery up a tad, but she's certainly got the arrogant quality across clearly. While Lovato gets the character's haughty cockiness across fine, her sound is a tad mature for the part and her delivery feels a bit put-on. Since Robb's a little more convincing, my vote's going with her.



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said at 8:35 AM on Mon Sep 11 2017
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They both seem perfectly serviceable, but I'll go with AnnaSophia for sounding more age appropriate.

Also off topic, but that picture of Violet from the book you guys used is terrifying lol
EPA Deane
said at 11:12 AM on Thu Jun 7 2018
@HyperVoiceActing I much prefer Quentin Blake's Illustration of Violet.
said at 10:40 AM on Fri Aug 25 2017
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AnnaSophia Robb is pretty enthusiastic as Violet Beauregarde and comes across as energetic, whereas Dallas Lovato comes across as kind of nondescript and bland in comparison, but still alright.
said at 7:18 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
So far all of the kids I hear in the cartoon voices are... either bland or bad the opposite was true with the adults and reversed for the 2005 film/game

AnnaSophia Rob is great, she sounds arrogant and excited for my favourite of the five kids, Dallas is generic like the other two we have so far
said at 6:26 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
Just like Winter's Salt, the game does not do her justice, and just O'Brien's Salt, the approach is noticeably older-sounding compared to the source material.

The trend appears to be that performance-wise, the kids shine in the 2005 adaptation, while the adults were more memorable in 1971, and more often than not, the same appears to hold true in their voiceover counterparts.
said at 3:16 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
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1. AnnaSophia Robb- Her acting is better than some of the other characters, though it could be improved a little more. Despite that, she sounds arrogant and full of herself.
2. Dallas Lovato- She also sounds quite competitive and arrogant as well, but her voice sounds a little too old and her delivery is kind of flat.
said at 2:26 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
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Sophia amazingly enough was one of the few best in the game considering either everyone else sounded so-so or so bored.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 2:14 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
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Violet was always the least interesting of the children. Her existence can basically be summed up as, "Gum is bad because Roald Dahl doesn't like it." The Burton movie for all its faults did a good job at expanding Violet into being overly competive in general which gives AnnaSophia a leg up from the get go. Both performances are servicable otherwise, but AnnaSophia again has the advantage of being an actual child.
said at 12:09 PM on Thu Aug 17 2017
@Nightmare Crusher She was less interesting than Augustus Gloop? He barely said or did anything.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 12:16 PM on Thu Aug 17 2017
@GothamRed Augustus at least had a clear moral attached to what little we see of him. Violet is just, "do not do this thing Roald Dahl doesn't like."
said at 2:02 PM on Wed Aug 16 2017
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AnnaSophia's acting is surprisingly good, especially considering that some of the children sounded kinda stiff in the game. Like Emily O'Brien, Dallas' delivery is all over the place.
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