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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Aiden Avalon/Fujitaka Kinomoto with sound clips and images.

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CardCaptor Sakura (2000)
Aiden Avalon / Fujitaka KinomotoBrian Drummond
Brian Drummond
CardCaptor Sakura (2000)
Aiden Avalon / Fujitaka KinomotoMichael McConnohie
Michael McConnohie


I'll go for a slightly different take on a VC for Cardcaptors with Sakura's oddly very well aged father. (Okay to be fair it wouldn't be strange to believe he is Sakura's father but there is Tori/Touya to consider whom is a college student. I know on how people can age well but if you look at Aiden/Fujitaka and Tori/Touya in the same room they look more like siblings than Father and Son.)

But anyways in the English dub of the series he is voiced by Ocean Group VA Brain Drummond. As you might be able to tell in Brian Drummond's history of voice work he normally doesn't voice father figures (let alone nice ones) but this is an interesting change of pace for him that he did well with. Brian Drummond does a nice moderate toned voice that's genuinely friendly and fatherly and one of the better performances in the dub of the show.

In the English dub of the 2nd movie he was voiced by VA Michael McConnohie. While Micheal doesn't voice Anime Bishounen often he is fairly well known for doing fatherly roles well and this is no exception. While its not as blatant as his other fatherly performances its not too hard to tell that Aiden/Fujitaka is voiced by a middle aged man not that its a bad thing mind you.

Overall both did well with this role and gave convincingly warm and fatherly performances that fit this role. (Though for slightly different reasons but still.)


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said at 3:56 PM on Thu Aug 9 2012
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Brian Drummond voiced THIS guy? I didn't here a EEEEEEE or anything annoying in Aiden's voice! Brian Drummond received my vote, though McConnohie was pretty good too.
said at 12:33 AM on Tue Mar 13 2012
As poor as the dub was for "Cardcaptors", I always hear Brian Drummond while reading the manga. Michael McConnohie does a good job as well, and while he does sound a bit gruff, I think it helps remind us that Fujitaka's a middle-aged man. I give Drummond the vote here, if just for personal preference.

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