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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Penguin with sound clips and images.

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Special thanks to NCZ, Music Meister for additional sound clips.
Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder (1968)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotTed Knight
Ted Knight
The New Adventures of Batman (1977)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotLennie Weinrib
Lennie Weinrib
Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotFrank Welker
Frank Welker
Batman: The Animated Series (1992)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotPaul H Williams
Paul H Williams
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotDavid Ogden Stiers
David Ogden Stiers
The Batman (2004)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotTom Kenny
Tom Kenny
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotStephen Root
Stephen Root
DC Universe Online (2011)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotDavid Jennison
David Jennison
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
Scooby-Doo PenguinJeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett
Batman: Arkham City (2011)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotNolan North
Nolan North
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012)
Penguin / Oswald CobblepotSteve Blum
Steve Blum
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014)
Penguin / Oswald CopplepotJB Blanc
JB Blanc


Today on the Batman VC section we have a little something for this portly gentleman whom is known as one of Gotham's sanest criminals (though that's only compared to most of the evil-doers there). Due to how enormous this VC is I shall be brief here as this is actually a hard one as a lot of these performances are actually pretty good. (I was even pleasantly surprised by Ted Knight and Lennie Weinrib's respective performances in which it was probably their best Batman Villain performances in their respective shows.) The weakest of the Penguin voices is probably Jeff Bennett though (but to be fair his performance was alright.) Well as for the performances that tried to make Penguin sound like a elegant gentleman I suppose I would go for Paul Williams' classic take on the role (though David Ogden Stiers is not too far off). Now as for the performances that seem to try to be more like the late great Burgess Meredith's work on the 60's Batman series I will actually go with David Jennison here. (I rather liked on how despite trying to sound like Burgress Meredith, David Jennison's performance actually makes the Penguin seem kind of menacing. However Tom Kenney is close behind in that regard as well since Tom's voice for role was very Burgess Meredith-inspired.) Overall I suppose I will go with Paul Williams and David Jennison the most but these performances for the most part did rather well.


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said at 11:30 AM on Tue Feb 3 2015
JB sounds very similar to Nolan's performance although he's more cheesy. But it's a Lego, what do I expect.

I never gave a full opinion on some of the other VAs when I announced my favourite.

Paul is pretty good so he's 2nd. Mainly because I found Nolan more menacing.

Tom is pretty creepy so he's 3rd.

Stephen & Jeff are pretty menacing.

David Ogen Stiers is alright.

Steve is average.

Don't enjoy the rest but I mention that in a previous comment.
said at 7:33 AM on Sun Feb 1 2015
I wish Blanc went for a Devito based voice instead. He's decent, but I think asomeone should try to pull off a Devito impression. and since they use the Burton movies as inspiration somewhat in the Lego games, why not there?
Shaun Ince
said at 12:12 PM on Fri Jan 30 2015
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Also I am getting some serious John DiMaggio vibes from JB Blanc's Penguin.
Shaun Ince
said at 12:11 PM on Fri Jan 30 2015
For the Elegant Gentleman Penguin, Paul Williams is the best. Although Arkham City made me take him much more seriously, and that Penguin is far more ruthless. Nolan North did a very good job with Penguin in that game, and it also shows his range. You can hardly tell it's him. My final vote goes to Nolan.
said at 10:14 AM on Fri Jan 30 2015
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Is it just me, or does JB sound like John Dimaggio here?
said at 9:17 AM on Fri Jan 30 2015
JB sounds decent in the role, my only problem is that I think he made him too cockney. Penguin had a sauve British accent (sometimes) but the raspy cockney that JB adds I just feel doesn't fit. It's kind of the same way I feel about North, I just don't really find the cockney kind of voice fitting for the character.
said at 12:17 PM on Tue Jan 27 2015
Sticknig with Nolan North, but Steve Blum was also good as the Penguin.
said at 11:23 PM on Fri Jan 30 2015

JB Blanc was also good as Penguin, though I'm sticking with Nolan North.
said at 1:26 PM on Thu Oct 2 2014
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For the more "gentleman-y" Penguin, I actually prefer David Ogden over Paul Williams. Partly because I heard and am more use to David's take before I heard Paul's.

Still sticking with Nolan though
said at 7:40 AM on Sun Aug 24 2014
What if Jason Statham played him?
said at 11:37 AM on Tue Jan 27 2015
@Fairfieldfencer No
said at 2:01 PM on Sat May 3 2014
So that's where Tom got his prefect voice for Ice King from. Forgot what his Penguin sounded like since I hadn't heard it for a while.
said at 12:59 PM on Wed Apr 23 2014
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For the Burgess Meredith based Penguins, Tom Kenny is the best though Ted, Jeff, Stephen, and Frank are pretty good too. Paul is my favorite gentleman version, and like his laugh, plus it's original. though David is good too. Nolan and David Jennison are great, and I like his Burgess Meredith esque laugh at the end. Lennie is good for his own thing. I'll put Paul in 1st, Nolan 2nd, David Jennison 3rd, Tom Kenny 4th David Odgen Stiers 5th, J Ted,eff, Stephen, and Frank in 6th, 7th, and 8th, and 9th, in that order. Lennie is 10, Steve is 11, he was the weakest Burgess Meredith esque one.
said at 7:40 PM on Thu May 22 2014
said at 7:41 PM on Thu May 22 2014
@pete *Ted Jeff, then Stephen.
said at 11:38 AM on Sun Feb 2 2014
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Corey Burton for Penguin anyone?
said at 11:35 AM on Sat Feb 8 2014
@Archerboy58 Speaking of Corey, I haven't heard his voice in a lot recent stuff. Hardly anything recent has him billed, it's as if the casting directors forgot about him for projects in general.

But to answer your question, I think he would make a good Penguin.
said at 12:44 PM on Sun Jan 26 2014
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"What the hell is happening down there?! Hello! Is someone gonna answer me?! I give you one simple task: stick up a couple of freaking machines! And what?! You couldn’t even get that right?! I hope Batman broke every bone in you stupid bodies! I hope you lie in there, desperately trying to breathe through fractured ribs and punctured lungs! And if you’re not, you better summon whatever strength you’ve got left and run! ‘Cause after I’m done with the Bat, you’re all next!!!"
said at 1:57 AM on Fri Feb 21 2014
@TheVengeanceKnight "Oh man up, you numpty prats!"
said at 12:29 PM on Sun Jan 26 2014
1. Nolan North- Nolan really showed his range in this role. It's a really unique take on the character, and sounds more menacing than most of the others here. 9/10

2. Paul H. Williams- Did great as the calmer, saner, more gentlemanly Penguin. 8.5/10

3. David jennison- Another good job as a darker version of the character. 8.2/10

4. Tom Kenny- He was really good, but it sounds too much like his Ice King voice (and yes, I know he played Penguin first; it just fits Simon better). 8/10

4. (Draw) Steve Blum- I'd love to here him try a more serious take on the character. 8/10
said at 3:52 PM on Tue Dec 24 2013
David Ogden Stiers was the best IMO. i also liked Paul Williams, Stephen Root, Ted Knight, Steve Blum, and Len Weinrib.
said at 1:31 PM on Fri Dec 20 2013
1-: Nolan North: Mainly for the Cockney accent that I can't get enough of, but the gruffer take on the character certainly makes Penguin a more credible threat. This is without a doubt one of Nolan's best roles, he really showcased how wide his vocal range is.
2-: Paul H Williams: A lovely take on Penguin, he really did a good job making Penguin sound like more of a mature gentleman.
3-: David Ogden Stiers: Deeper than Paul, but it still works in making Oswald come off as an experienced intellectual that does a good job hiding his criminal background.
4-: Tom Kenny: Fairly enjoyable to listen to, but he sounds a bit young for the character and feels more like Spongebob with a sore throat.
5-:David Jennison: Very creepy, and it's very intimdating, but comes off as forced sometimes.
6-:Stephen Root: Bland and generic but at least attempts an accent.
7-: Any pre DCAU performance and Steve Blum: Everyone is really high pitched, generic, and grating to listen to.
said at 8:52 AM on Sun Nov 17 2013
Until the 90's onwards, Penguins voice was awful, the only good thing was his live action actor in the 60's.

My vote goes to Nolan as he sounds serious & menacing at the same time.

Every1 else did well.
said at 8:57 AM on Sat Nov 2 2013
The definitive winners are Paul Williams and Nolan North,Williams calm,smooth and sophisticated tone really blends well with the penguins,and while I was highly doubtful that North could pull it off,I was pleasantly surprised,he sounds very convincing as a aged British gentlemen
David Ogden Stiers while not the best stand in for Williams,still fits the role rather well
David Jennison sounds much more like mafia boss or crime lord,and I guess that fits for this version
Stephen root is okay as a campy penguin
Tom Kenny’s take is definently channeling Danny DeVitto,as in the rude, uncultured, perverted and deformed penguins,and this version is also much younger than the other,and who though a raspier and more grating version of spongebobs voice would fit him so well. I’ll say this is my favorite version of the penguins,while I found the other to be rather bland and boring as character that is,this version was much funnier and more entertainin
Steven Blum-even for a lego penguin he sounds rather forced,and dare I say it miscast
said at 8:52 PM on Mon Oct 28 2013
1. Paul Williams=great Penguin portrayal
2. Tom Kenny - his Spongebob-like voice was good for a more Cartoony Penguin...but still, I constantly hear Spongebob's deep voice whenever i hear this Penguin talk LOL.......
3. Nolan North
said at 1:54 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
1. Tom Kenny
2. Nolan North
3. Paul H Williams
4. David Jennison
5. Stephen Root
6. Ted Knight
7. David Odgen Stiers
8. Lennie Weinrib
9. Steve Blum
10. Jeff Bennett
11. Frank Welker
said at 5:04 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
1. Paul Williams - The definitive voice for gentleman thief Penguin.
2. Nolan North - The sneering voice and cockney accent are just perfect for the character.
3. Tom Kenny - A very fun take on Penguin, putting some Meredith and Devito into the performance while still making it his own.
4. Stephen Root - Was very briefly heard in that clip, but his voice really works.
5. David Jennison - A creepy performance, one of the best in that online game.
6. David Odgen Stiers - He's okay, but it's no Paul Williams. He's just using his Human Cogsworth voice.
7. Ted Knight - A decent Penguin for his time, and it holds up reasonably well compared to other voices of the same cartoon.
8. Lennie Weinrib and Jeff Bennett - They both sound the same. Fancy, but high pitched.
9. Steve Blum - He REALLY put no effort into this, just imitating a caricatured Meredith voice.
10. Frank Welker - Frank, what were you THINKING here?
said at 4:52 PM on Sat Oct 5 2013
North as Penguin REALLY surprised me. As much as I like the dude's voice, most of his characters use the same voice. His Penguin voice was not only really great, but really highlighted how his range can be real wide.
said at 6:29 PM on Sat Sep 14 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Most of them are Great. Tom Kenny is my favorite with Paul H Williams and David Jennison right behind him.
said at 5:19 PM on Thu Aug 15 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
It's a real shame that Tom Kenny's clip doesn't include the laugh, that was the best part of his take on the Penguin!
said at 7:20 PM on Fri Jun 14 2013
I like Paul H. Williams the best.
said at 4:27 PM on Fri Jun 7 2013
Nolan North is great!!!
said at 7:10 PM on Mon Apr 22 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
1. Nolan North (one of my favorite NN voices along with Nathan Drake and "Madara Uchiha". Hope he returns for Arkham Origins.)
2. Tom Kenny (probably the first time I heard Kenny doing something serious)
3. Paul H. Williams (If you prefer the genuinely high class Penguin, you can't get any better.)
4. Stephen Root (eloquent yet enjoyingly manic)
5. David Ogden Steirs (sounds like an aged Paul but still quite goo)
Special mention to Jeff Bennett for almost perfectly capturing the Penguin from the Scooby Doo/Batman team-ups I grew up watching)
said at 1:04 PM on Thu Mar 7 2013
Paul H. Williams, David Ogden Steirs, Tom Kenny, Stephan Root, David Jennison, and Nolan North are my favorites. Steven Blum suprised me too.
Grim Griefer
said at 1:05 AM on Tue Sep 11 2012
Although Nolan North's cockney accent was refreshing, unique and really menacing it didn't suit the Penguin's backstory. He's an American born trust fund baby who was spend much of his childhood in a rigid proper boarding school in England.

I still respect actors for giving their own takes on established characters and finding the soul of a character by self.
said at 12:51 PM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@Grim Griefer

No offense, but but AC Penguin could've picked up the accent while in England and his AC bio stated that he learned from the criminal underbelly of London after his parents fell on hard times.
said at 9:01 AM on Sat Aug 11 2012
Paul H Williams was a great fit for Penguin, but I'm going with Tom Kenny since I feel he had a lot more character in this role.

David was surprisingly good considering DC universe online has received a lot if criticism, he has a great serious type of voice for Penguin.

I also liked Nolan North and David Ogden Stires in this role.
said at 4:55 PM on Tue Aug 7 2012
1.David Jennison
2.Tom Kenny
3. Paul Williams
said at 10:36 PM on Sat Jul 28 2012
I love Jeff Bennett's Classic Funny Penquin voice!LOL
But for the more serious type, I like these the most...
2.Tom and Paul
3.Nolan, David Ogden, and Stephen Root
said at 10:09 AM on Fri Jul 27 2012
tom kenny will always be penguin in my personal opinion..
said at 4:29 PM on Sat Jul 21 2012
I like Steve Blum's Burgess Meredith impression though it can't top Tom Kenny's
said at 8:24 PM on Tue May 15 2012
I voted for Stephen Root because of the laugh! I mean come on, thats got penguin written all over it! XD
said at 5:49 PM on Tue Jul 17 2012
@AMT Now that I think about it, Paul's is much more iconic and even now I keep hearing that voice from that character style when I think of penguin... but I still like root's laugh!
said at 4:29 PM on Sat Jul 21 2012
@AMT I agree it sounds just like Burgess Meredith.
said at 12:08 AM on Sun May 13 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Nolan has my Darn Vote I tell you what.
said at 3:45 AM on Fri May 4 2012
tom kenny cause he pulls penguin with voice that can really tell you that this guy is a bird obsessed freak
said at 12:14 PM on Sat Apr 21 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Paul H. Williams no question. Gave Penguin that dignity that the character needed. I've been keeping away from saying I outright dislike any of these voices but I'm just pointing it out there that I absolutely hated Nolan North's Cockney rendition.
said at 4:44 AM on Fri Apr 20 2012
Loved Paul Williams' version, but I grew up with his voice so there might be a definite bias there.

I also really like Nolan's Cockney accent in AC. So fun to hear him go outside his normal voice.
Spider RedNight
said at 2:15 AM on Tue Mar 13 2012
I actually voted for Paul Williams; I think he captured the right amount of class and dignity while still maintaining the fact that he's indeed a villain.

Tom Kenny and Nolan North jockey for second place, as I feel both of them were much more evil with the role and I love how North's was actually cockney. As for Kenny's, he was always visually appealing to me; he wasn't as unattractive as is usual for the Penguin and his gadgets were always awesome. Noting the Rock Hopper hairstyle, it was a nice touch.
CatsTuxedo (Moderator)
said at 8:51 PM on Tue Jan 31 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
I really liked Tom Kenny's version of the character, though North comes a close second.
said at 5:52 PM on Sun Jan 22 2012
Steirs sounds like Jumba sans the Russian accent
said at 4:07 PM on Mon Jan 9 2012
I absolutely adore Williams and Norths renditions of Cobblepot, they are far different but I like to think Norths is minus the facade of high society. I do hope he finds his way into the third Arkham game when it's made and he is seen playing nice round some rich socialites at a new Iceberg Lounge.

I feel no need to explain why I like Williams version, he very much speaks for himself.
said at 11:42 AM on Fri Dec 30 2011
1: Ted Knight
2: Frank Welker
3: Lennie Weinrib
said at 3:36 PM on Wed Nov 30 2011
Tom Kenny is the Best Penguin ever!!!
Pgirts (AYVO S1 Winner / Master Of Memes)
said at 1:17 PM on Thu Oct 27 2011
Gotta give it to Paul H Williams, who plays my favorite rendition of the character; physically deformed but still gives an air of sophistication despite his boorish nature.

Tom Kenny is really good as well; I would venture to say that he is the only voice actor that I enjoyed in "The Batman".

Not a fan of North; I find the accent very irritating, and I don't think it fits the character. The Penguin is a sophisticated monster, a very interesting combination, and that aspect of his character is totally lost in North's interpretation. Even Burton's Penguin was a character attempting to put forth a facade of being sophisticated in the public eye. North just makes him a brute.
said at 6:45 PM on Wed Oct 26 2011
That is funny someone says Penguin shouldn't sound british when 90 percent of the voices ARE British 90's version included.
said at 12:31 AM on Sun Oct 23 2011
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Despite completely loathing Burton's Penguin and the fact that the Penguin in Arkham City is basically that personality wise, I gotta give it to Nolan North on this one. I kinda like the accent, even if I don't like the personality.

That said, Paul Willaims, David Ogden Stiers, and Tom Kenny are good, too.
said at 4:28 AM on Fri Oct 21 2011
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
Hmph. Can't decide between Tom Kenny and Nolan North. I'll go with North, since he has an accent (even if it isn't perfect British).
said at 1:43 PM on Wed Oct 19 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
As much as I love Nolan North's voice acting, I can't go with him on this one.
I'm picking David Ogden Stiers.
said at 3:40 AM on Wed Oct 19 2011
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
I gotta say, Cockney Penguin quite worked for him. Easily the best version of the character. For the first time, I took him seriously.
said at 10:38 AM on Tue Aug 19 2014
@D.A.V.E. Finished Arkham Origins and still enjoyed Nolan as Penguin.

Too bad we'll never see Penguin in "Beware the Batman" since there planned for him in season two. A shame.
said at 9:25 PM on Tue Oct 18 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
No way should the Penguin have a British accent that is the worst thing ever
said at 12:09 AM on Wed Oct 19 2011
@ghelba2 Why not he IS British
said at 6:42 PM on Wed Oct 26 2011
@ghelba2 So you don't like David Ogden Stiers or Nolan North? Nolan didn't use a full british accent. Just Cockney.
Shrapnel Leader
said at 3:59 PM on Fri Sep 23 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Paul H. Williams takes the cake for me, hands down. He has that sophistication that doesn't sound cheesy or over the top.

I can't take Tom Kenny seriously for two reasons;

1. His voice doesn't fit the Penguin's character
2. He's voiced by Spongebob / Patchy the pirate!
said at 12:18 AM on Wed Oct 19 2011
@Shrapnel Leader He based his Penguin on the live action 60's version and at beginning of the clip when he says I LOVE THIS MOVIE you can almost hear Spongebob
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 4:26 PM on Wed Oct 19 2011
How does his Penguin sound like Spongebob?
Shrapnel Leader
said at 8:54 PM on Sun Oct 30 2011
@Music Meister

Because he is voiced by the same actor as Spongebob/Patchy the pirate.
said at 1:15 AM on Mon Nov 19 2012
@Shrapnel Leader His Starscream sounded more like Spongebob than his Penguin did. Probably why I can't take him seriously. :-P
said at 8:19 PM on Tue Sep 13 2011
Tom Kenny for me
said at 9:51 PM on Thu Sep 1 2011
I like the laugh stephen root does for Penguin! =D
Blue Paratroopa
said at 11:38 PM on Sun Aug 14 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I like David Ogden Stiers, since the Penguin always struck me as more of an upper-class, professional criminal. In that respect, Paul Williams and Stephen Root also sound quite good.
said at 10:35 PM on Fri Mar 11 2011
I'm still not convinced that was Frank Welker voicing Penguin in Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. It doesn't really sound like him. It sounds more like Robert Morse.
said at 12:17 AM on Tue Mar 8 2011
i think it depends on how you want to portray the character. if you want him as a gentlemen, then I would def. go with Paul H. Williams. If you are going for the kinda goofy version of him I would say Tom Kenny hands down. Paul is my favorite here though with Kenny is second place.
said at 6:36 PM on Mon Mar 7 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Paul H Williams. I much more prefer the "gentleman" version of the Penguin vs the freak of nature type and he has the perfect balance between villian and aristocrat for the role.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 11:30 AM on Mon Mar 7 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Ted Knight's was the worst, in my opinion, and Lennie Weinrib's voice was where the character started to go in the right direction. I hate to say it, but Frank Welker's was...disappointing. :( I know, take me out and stone me for such blasphemy. It's okay, but it's just a little too campy for my liking. I had no doubt that he could pull it off, but there's just something 'off' about it, in my opinion. (Don't hate me, Mr. Welker). Paul H. Williams was good (though not too memorable), and David Odgen Stiers does the best "sophisticated" Penguin. Tom Kenny does a fantastic rendition, David Jennison's seemed too bland for my liking, and Jeff Bennett's was even adequate.

My top three choices would be:

1.) Tom Kenny
2.) Stephen Root
3.) David Odgen Stiers
said at 10:16 PM on Sun Mar 6 2011
This is one of those rare instances where I actually don't have a strong opinion as all of these voices work well with the character!

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