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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Oracle with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Batman

Oracle is the alias Barbara Gordon, arguably the most well-known Batgirl, took after she was crippled by the Joker. Under this alias she acts as a behind-the-scene computer expert, giving help to her teammates.
Created by AMT on Apr 17 2012
Special thanks to Music Meister, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.
The Batman (2004)
Oracle / Barbara GordonKellie Martin
Kellie Martin
Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)
Oracle / Barbara GordonKimberly Brooks
Kimberly Brooks
DC Universe Online (2011)
Oracle / Barbara GordonKatherine Catmull
Katherine Catmull
Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)
Oracle / Barbara GordonAshley Greene
Ashley Greene
Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)
Oracle / Barbara GordonTara Strong
Tara Strong


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Shaun Ince
said at 7:09 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016
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I always wanted Tara Strong to have a shot at voicing Oracle. Now she has & can safely say she is great as Oracle. I still prefer Kimberly Brooks just a bit more, but Tara is definitely a worthy second place.
said at 6:44 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016
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Sticking with Kimberly Brooks, though Tara Atrong was pretty good as Oracle--even back in Beware the Batman, where she voiced a younger version of the character.
said at 11:17 AM on Wed Jul 27 2016
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VC thoughts update

Tara Strong is great in the role. I really love how likeable she sounds, plus, I love how she makes her sound determined to keep fighting crime as Oracle.

Ashley Greene is next. I love how much energy and emotion she puts into the role.

Kimberly Brooks also sounds great. Her sassy attitude is pretty nice.

Kellie Martin does sound pretty professional and sassy. Not much else to add.

Katherine Catmull is decent, but her delivery sounds a little off at times.
said at 2:17 PM on Thu Jul 7 2016
1. Ashley Greene
2. Kellie Martin
3. Kimberly Brooks (wish I could hear her w/o effects)
4. Katherine Catmull
said at 3:00 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016
Vote changed to Tara Strong.
said at 3:31 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
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Kimberly Brooks is dead-on as Babs, at this point in her life. Witty, tough, intelligent, and clever, she's everything I would imagine this character to sound like.

I like Kellie Martin a lot too, she makes me think of Sarah Michelle Gellar when I hear her lol, but still fitting. She sounds like she's having fun in the role and is more dry sounding.

I'm not a big fan of Ashley Greene. I was able to get over the recasting of Kimberly Brooks, despite how much younger Ashley sounds in comparison, because I do think Ashley sounded very good in scenes of the game early on in the story. She sounds incredibly phoned-in and emotionless later on though, which unfortunately hurts the performance a lot.

Katherine is by far the worst. Too old sounding and her acting is stiff, she just isn't very believable I'm afraid.

I really want to see Tara Strong take up this role someday. She will be reprising her role as Batgirl in The Killing Joke, which is essentially Oracle's origin story, so it would be cool to hear her as Oracle.
said at 9:57 PM on Thu May 5 2016
@chaosincarnate She was already Oracle in Beware the Batman.
said at 7:31 PM on Tue May 10 2016
@D.A.V.E. True, but it would be cool to hear her as the older, more traditional version.
said at 6:43 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016

Got your wish thanks to The Killing Joke.
said at 11:00 AM on Fri Aug 5 2016
@Anicomicgeek she did fine but I wasn't pleased with how she was written in the story, truth be told. Kimberly brooks is still my number one.
said at 9:51 PM on Fri Aug 5 2016

To be fair, no one really liked the prologue or how Barbara was written in it.
said at 11:45 AM on Sat Jan 2 2016
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Kimberly Brooks was perfect as Oracle, she's the right age for where the character would be at that point in the story plus she I am sucker for the dry wit she has.

Ashley is alright but I'm a little sore that they recast Kimberly. She sounds way too young and is too much of a departure from Brooks take in Asylum. Maybe if she was voicing her in another production, I could have enjoyed it more, she seemed fine but not up to par with Brooks.

Kellie Martin and Katherine Catmull are average, nothing bad but nothing that impressive either.

BONUS: As I've said before on the Batgirl page, I'd love to see both Britt McKillip and Janet Varney as Barbara and Danielle Judovits to take a stab at voicing Oracle.
said at 3:34 PM on Tue Aug 11 2015
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Kimberly has the personality 100% right. She's level-headed, dry-witted and with a steely resolve.

Ashley does good too and sounds younger, which works with how the timeline turned around in Arkham Knight (Arkham Asylum was meant to be set in the Batman comic books and be as up to date as possible).

As I said earlier, a nice go between like Natalie Lander would be THE voice of Oracle.
said at 6:21 AM on Tue Aug 11 2015
I'm torn between Kimberly Brooks and Ashlesy Greene.

Kellie Martin and Katherine Catmull were ok though.
said at 1:35 PM on Sun Aug 16 2015
@spidey1994 *Ashley*
said at 10:30 AM on Sun Aug 9 2015
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I thought Ashley does a much better job as Barbara than Kimberly. I like Kimberley as a voice actress but, and I hope I don't sound racist, considering this is an african american woman voicing her; but... Kimberly's Barbara sounds little... Black.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:46 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
@Troodon2 :|
said at 12:59 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
@NCZ Yeah I said it, and again I don't want to be racist.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:04 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
@Troodon2 While it may not have been your intention, it might not hurt to be a bit more careful, since you seem to be saying it as though it's a bad thing. Just something to keep in mind.
said at 1:10 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
@NCZ Alright. How can I put this in a less hurtful way?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:30 PM on Sun Aug 9 2015
@Troodon2 Well, I don't mean to put words in your mouth or anything. I will say I don't really hear anything particularly "black" about Kimberly Brooks' work here though. If the problem is that she sounds too, say, low or mature, then I would say that.
said at 12:05 AM on Sun Aug 9 2015
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Ashley Greene is all right, though I think Kmiberly Brooks is better, so I'll stick with her.
said at 12:04 AM on Sun Aug 9 2015
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Ashley does a fine job, but in all honesty how much younger she sounds in comparison to Kimberly Brooks makes it much harder for me to imagine that this is even the same character in the Arkham series, lol.

No offense to Ashley Greene at all, and she did an OK job, but Kimberly Brooks did this role much better, and I really don't see why they couldn't have just gotten her to reprise the role, even if Oracle is written much differently and less confident than in previous games.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:58 PM on Sat Aug 8 2015
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While all the other VA's sound older & more mature, in Ashley Greene's case it's the exact opposite. She sounds a lot younger than she is.
said at 7:23 PM on Sat Aug 8 2015
1) Ashley Greene
2) Kimberly Brooks
3) Kellie Martin
4) Katherine Catmull
said at 6:48 PM on Sat Aug 8 2015
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Ashley does OK, but I thought Kimberly was stronger as the Arkham series's Oracle.

1. Kimberly Brooks
2. Kellie Martin
3. Ashley Greene
4. Tara Strong
5. Katherine Catmull
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:40 PM on Sat Aug 8 2015
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Ashley is probably the weakest, she sounds super generic and has some flat acting.
said at 7:27 PM on Sat Aug 8 2015
@Music Meister
I was about to comments exact opposite. Ah well, different ears, I guess.
said at 8:31 PM on Thu Jul 2 2015
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I'm aware of the fact that Ashley Greene hasn't been added yet, but to anyone that played Arkham Knight, how is she in your opinion for Oracle's voice?
said at 4:50 AM on Fri Jul 3 2015
@llawliet159 All I can say is that I was expecting her to play Oracle, and after playing the game, I'm not disappointed.
said at 1:17 PM on Sat Jul 18 2015
@llawliet159 She did a fantastic job as Oracle.
said at 10:29 AM on Wed Apr 15 2015
Kimberly Brooks hands down.
said at 7:06 AM on Thu Mar 5 2015
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1) Kimberly Brooks
2) Kellie Martin
3) Katherine Catmull
said at 12:07 AM on Mon Jan 12 2015
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Katherine sounds surprisingly good considering her stiff Rurouni Kenshin roles
1 Kellie
2 Katherine
3 Kimberly
said at 4:40 AM on Fri Jan 9 2015
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I'd like to see Natalie Lander play Barbara Gordon in general. She's got the perkiness, the feisty attitude and the smarts all down.

Heck, Kinzie from Saint's Row is basically like an adult Barbara Gordon.
said at 7:29 AM on Mon Jan 12 2015
My favorite Saints Row character as my favorite member of the Bat-Family? (In the words of Maurice LaMarche as The Brain) YES!!
said at 6:16 PM on Mon Sep 15 2014
....Has Kimberly Brooks been recasted for Arkham Knight???

Ah well, there goes another fantastic Arkham series VA. Her replacement sounds like a bit of a downgrade, but I hear Tara Strong at certain points (which would be, quite frankly, pretty dang cool.)
said at 10:32 AM on Tue Sep 16 2014
Yeah, sounds like Tara to me. To be honest, I'd be perfectly fine with that. (Not saying Kim is bad in any way. Don't misunderstand that.)
said at 3:37 PM on Wed Oct 8 2014
@chaosincarnate - Wait, they're replacing Kim? Where was this?
said at 8:17 PM on Wed Oct 8 2014
@HyperVoiceActing Watch any Arkham Knight gameplay footage, Oracle sounds completely different.
said at 1:29 PM on Thu Oct 9 2014
@chaosincarnate - I'm having trouble finding a video with her in it. A link if it's not too much trouble?
said at 5:22 PM on Fri Oct 10 2014
@HyperVoiceActing Will do. Here's the E3 gameplay footage (same video that revealed Scarecrow, coincidentally with a different VA as well.) Notice how much light and younger Oracle sounds this time around? That strikes me as a sign of Kimberly Brooks being recast for whatever reason.
said at 1:45 PM on Sat Oct 11 2014
@chaosincarnate - I see. Thanks again for the link.

STILL wondering why Crane has a radically different voice.
said at 3:00 PM on Sat Oct 11 2014
@HyperVoiceActing It bothers me too that Scarecrow has been recast. Dino Andrade was just so perfect for Crane in every single way, and he doesn't seem to get enough work.

I've gotten used to whom I believe is John Noble taking over, though. I think he'll fit fairly well for being the big bad, it's just that the transition between Dino and his voices happens to be very jarring.

Consistency with The Arkham Series voice cast hasn't always been stellar (Gordon has been voiced by a completely different VA in each game, but I'm hoping on David Kaye making a comeback), but as performances on their own, they work just fine. I'll just give Rocksteady the benefit of the doubt and hope they know what they're doing replacing them.
said at 2:03 PM on Sun Oct 12 2014
@chaosincarnate - Oh I'm not complaining about the quality of the replacement. I'm complaining that it's, like you said, a jarring difference.
said at 7:27 AM on Mon Oct 13 2014
@chaosincarnate - Yeah I can hear the difference. The voice itself isn't terrible by any means, but I can tell the difference.
said at 4:53 PM on Sat May 30 2015
@chaosincarnate It's actually the casting choice I've been expecting: ASHLEY GREENE!!!!
said at 9:05 PM on Sat May 30 2015
@Starscreamsfan I'm not familiar with her work. I'm sure she'll do fine, but she's a step down from Kimberly Brooks for sure.
said at 4:13 AM on Sun May 31 2015
@chaosincarnate This is Ashley's first VO role. She has done a lot of on-screen roles, and whenever I heard her voice, I thought to myself "Dang, she could be an awesome Oracle". Well, my dream has come true.
said at 4:55 PM on Sat Jun 6 2015
@Starscreamsfan Well, as I said, I'm sure she'll do fine. I just think Kimberly Brooks is a hard act to follow, as this character.
said at 9:57 AM on Sat Sep 13 2014
Kimberly Brooks is HANDS DOWN the best voice for Oracle. I pretty much agree with what editor AMT had to say about her on this 1.

The other 2 were great as well.
said at 11:31 AM on Tue Jul 15 2014
I'd like to see Alyson Stoner voice Oracle once
said at 11:31 AM on Tue Jul 15 2014
@Archerboy58 I meant hear
said at 11:59 AM on Mon Aug 11 2014
@Archerboy58 If she had actually voiced her in the YJ/Gargoyles/Spidey Radio Play, you could have. :/
said at 6:49 PM on Sun Mar 16 2014
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I wonder what would happen if Tara Strong voiced Oracle with her Batgirl voice?!
said at 9:18 AM on Mon Mar 24 2014

Wait for more Beware the Batman. She's already appeared as Oracle in the tie-in comic, and the new eps apparently feature a foreshadowing.
said at 9:00 AM on Sat Mar 29 2014
In the game Batman: Vengeance, there's a lot of time where Batgirl's talking to you over comms. So i guess that's the closest Tara got to playing Oracle
said at 7:18 PM on Sat Feb 8 2014
I really hope Tara Strong gets the chance to voice Babs as Oracle one day.

That said, out of all the VA's here, Kimberly Brooks is the most fitting, and easily gets my vote.
said at 11:16 AM on Sat Jan 25 2014
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I hope that Beware the Batman starts airing again so we can see more of Oracle
said at 6:52 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
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Gotta agree with the editor's opinion: Kimberly Brooks nailed this role, having a nice balance of maturity, intelligence, sarcasm and mischief in her voice. Kellie is somewhat more youthful but very smart and plucky. Katherine is okay, but a bit too old sounding. Not bad, though.
said at 1:49 AM on Mon Jun 17 2013
Kimberly has my vote.
said at 3:00 PM on Sun Dec 2 2012
They'rae all good but I think Kimberly Brooks is the best. The voice from Batman Dark Tomorrow wasn't the best.
said at 9:49 AM on Mon Dec 3 2012
@coolgeek176 I meant to say They're all good
Sarge Ray
said at 8:38 PM on Thu Jul 19 2012
I gotta agree with the people here. Brooks has this one.

If I had to give credit to someone, though, Laura Post did a good job in an audio dramatization of "Batman: No Man's Land".
said at 12:49 PM on Sat Apr 21 2012
Kimberly Brooks hit it on the nail for me. Would have been interesting to hear her Batgirl. But I would also love to hear Tara Strong's Oracle as she was my favourite Batgirl Barb.
said at 12:33 AM on Mon Apr 23 2012
@EmpireGrotesk I agree, Id like to hear Kimberly as Batgirl, and Tara as Oracle
said at 4:28 AM on Wed Apr 18 2012
Kimberly Brooks, though they're all good.
said at 3:09 AM on Wed Apr 18 2012
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I'm definitely going with Kellie Martin here, though Kimberly Brooks wasn't bad. Considering all the bad performances in the DC Universe Online (*COUGH*Wonder Woman*COUGH*), Katherine Catmull wasn't too bad!
said at 1:10 AM on Wed Apr 18 2012
Kimberly Brooks for Oracle, though Kellie Martin was also good.
said at 1:07 AM on Wed Apr 18 2012
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What about her VA from batman dark tomorrow? I posted a link a while ago on the batman forum page with it.
said at 10:42 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
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Kimberly Brooks was amazing as Oracle. You could definitely hear all the little inflections in her voice and her character shined through even in seemingly dry dialogue such as the clip here. Kellie Martin was also superb, but a little less nuanced, though that's only in comparison. Catherine Catmull did a decent job, but it's not really how I imagine Barbara Gordon to sound. Still, it was a good performance even if it was the least of the bunch.
said at 9:16 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
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Wow! They are all pretty good! I'll go with Kimberly, but Kelly and Katherine (triple Ks) are good as well.
said at 9:52 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
@D.A.V.E. I love alliteration.
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