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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Deadshot with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 24 2011
Special thanks to Foxwolf, Cypo, Music Meister, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.
Justice League (2001)
DeadshotMichael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
DeadshotTom Kenny
Tom Kenny
Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)
DeadshotJim Meskimen
Jim Meskimen
Batman: Arkham City (2011)
DeadshotChris Cox
Chris Cox
Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)
DeadshotNeal McDonough
Neal McDonough
Injustice 2 (2017)
DeadshotMatthew Mercer
Matthew Mercer
Justice League Action
DeadshotChristian Slater
Christian Slater (NEW CLIP)


Happy Easter Everyone! Yeah I know this is a rather strange choice for a VC on Easter (but hey this isn't the first time something like this has happened). Anyways today on the Batman Voice Compare section we do a little something for this hired assassin with a "Never Miss" reputation whom is one of Batman's various foes... DEADSHOT! We shall actually start off with the DCAU series *Justice League in which Deadshot made his debut by appearing in a few episodes voiced by Michael Rosenbaum. Michael played the role of Deadshot as a killer with a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor though this isn't the first time Michael ever had a remotely snarky role and Michael does that well here. Michael Rosenbaum's performance as Deadshot does have a good sense of cockiness as Michael does a good job playing the role of a villain whom would be more than happy to shoot off his mouth just as much as he would shot someone with his gun. Basically to make a long story short Michael Rosenbaum's performance as Deadshot is another good example of his work and another example of the voice work in the Justice League series.

Now we shall go for the Batman Gotham Knight feature in which Jim Meskimen gets to take over the role of Deadshot here. Unlike his DCAU counterpart Jim Meskimen played the role of Deadshot as a smooth talking sophisticated socialite whom also happens to be a hired assassin and Jim's voice and performance for Deadshot certainly does work for the role here. Jim's performance not only had a good sense of smugness but it also sounded elegant without sounding a bit too camp lets just say and its another fine example of the the voice work in that movie. Overall I am calling this one a tie as both Michael Rosenbaum and Jim Meskimen play the role of Deadshot rather well in their own way. 

(Update: Tom Kenny played Deadshot in Batman Brave and the Bold, Chris Cox played Batman Arkham City and Neal McDonaugh played Deadshot in Batman: Assault on Arkham. Tom's was an interesting surprise as Deadshot as he plays the role in a surprisingly serious way that actually works pretty well with the role. Chris Cox was quite a natural in the role as well as while he does sound suitably sinister yet charismatic as well. Neal was not bad as his voice is pretty good but his performance while not bad but is a bit on the generic side and not one of Neal's most memorable performances. Overall none of these guys are bad but I am going with Jim and Chris the most here.) 



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Shaun Ince
said at 8:05 PM on Fri Feb 23 2018
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I've had more time to think this over, so now it's time to delve into who my favourite voices are for Deadshot.

Christian Slater hits all the right notes. He snarky, sarcastic & sounds like a badass. That's what you need when it comes to Deadshot.

Jim Meskimen delivers a very similar performance & was my #1 pick at the time, but Christian edges him out just barely.

Chris Cox is not too shabby either. Definitely worth 3rd place.

Matthew Mercer isn't a bad choice, but he tends to sound bored & uninterested at various points. Not bad, but not outstanding.

Tom Kenny is kind of in the same boat, though he does show more sarcasm in comparison to Matt.

Neal McDonough makes him sound more like a noble good guy than a villain. He's portrayed villains before on TV, so it was confusing that he sounded this way. I think direction & the way the character was written is definitely at fault here. Not miscast, just misdirected.

Michael Rosenbaum is very underwhelming. All the problems that Matt had, is way more blatant in the case. The delivery falls flat & he sounds bored. He didn't appear in the Justice League cartoons that much but this is just disappointing. He's great as Flash(Barry Allen & Wally West) but this is by far his weakest performance. Every cartoon that has a well renowned voice director is bound to have a few duds. This is one of them.
said at 12:00 AM on Tue Feb 13 2018
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New list (w/ Slater)
1. McDonough
2. Rosenbaum
3. Meskimen
4. Slater
5. Cox
Shaun Ince
said at 6:11 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
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Yeah, I'm changing my vote to Christian Slater. He's the ideal Deadshot voice. I didn't think anyone was gonna top Jim Meskimen, but he proved me wrong.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:02 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
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Well, Slater impressed me here. I'll change my vote on him.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:27 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
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Slater is pretty good as Deadshot, I love his delivery on some lines.
I might actually vote for him.
said at 12:26 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
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Like I said before, Slater is fantastic in this role. He has this cold and intimidating delivery, yet he can add a good amount of snark and sarcasm that fit the character very well. To be
said at 12:29 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
I never really thought there was a perfect Deadshot performance for a long time. Kenny was originally the closest in my opinion but it sounded a little too high for my taste. Mercer came around and I liked that performance quite a bit, though I do think the pitching is a teeny bit off. Still a great performance overall, he gets a lot of the snark and intimidation down well. To be 100% honest, I think Slater is the closest to a perfect Deadshot I've heard, so I'm going with him.
said at 7:47 PM on Tue Feb 13 2018
@skeletonking1234 can't wait to hear him in Suicide squad hell to pay I'm sure Slater gonna kill it as Deadshot in that
said at 12:03 PM on Mon Feb 12 2018
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Christian Slater is pretty awesome in the role. He has a really awesome voice and his delivery is fantastic. I also love that he's having fun in the role and he nails the character's cocky nature.

Chris Cox also sounds great. He has a really nice cocky attitude and some really good delivery.

Matthew Mercer also sounds good in the role. The effects added to his voice really help his performance, and he has a really cool cocky attitude.

Tom Kenny sounds surprisingly good. It's not every day he gets to play a badass, and he really does a good job with Deadshot.

Jim Meskimen does work in the role as well. He has a nice taunting attitude and he is quite entertaining.

Michael Rosenbaum and Neal McDonough just don't work for me.
said at 7:06 AM on Fri Jan 5 2018
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1. Matthew Mercer - he's my favorite because he's the only one that really got to showcase Floyd's fatherly side and the fact that he ultimately does most of the things he does for his daughter (her well-being, financial security, etc.), plus he was also great during Deadshot's cockier moments and I am certain he would sound just as good without the filter as he does with it. Basically the filter is a cool and fun bonus to his voice. The others are also great, but they mostly portray Deadshot just as an overconfident, smug assassin when he is in fact much more than that.
2. Chris Cox - perfectly portrayed Deadshot as a cocky mercenary and I liked he was totally fearless when he thought that Batman was about to kill him.
3. Michael Rosenbaum - love his deadpan and monotone tone, really got the impression that Batman couldn't terrify him. I always thought that Batman got him to talk by threatening to take away the money he was saving for Zoe (I'm referring to the episode "The Enemy Below, Part 1").
4. Jim Meskimen - I put him lower because his Deadshot was a coward and Floyd would never grovel for his life.
5. Neal McDonough - his voice a bit too indistinct here for my liking.
6. Tom Kenny - pretty menacing, but not much else.
said at 7:17 AM on Fri Jan 5 2018
*voice is a bit too indistinct*
8000 Saiyans
said at 9:18 AM on Sat Nov 4 2017
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I think my favorite here has to be Jim Meskimen. Really love his smug and overconfident tone and delivery. Definitely one of the highlights of Batman Gotham Knight.

Matthew Mercer also sounds pretty awesome and cocky in the role. I actually don't mind the filter since I believe it enhances his performance.

Chris Cox is also great. He definitely should reprise one day.

Tom Kenny sounds pretty menacing as Deadshot. This performance really shows that Tom is capable of playing more serious characters.

Neal McDonough has the right voice, but the wrong performance. He could do better if given another chance.

Michael Rosenbaum. Sorry, Michael, you're perfect as Flash, but you're just too bland as Deadshot.

Going with Jim.
said at 8:38 PM on Wed Sep 20 2017
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1. Jim Meskimen
2. Neal McDonough
3. Chris Cox
said at 9:51 PM on Fri Sep 8 2017
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1. McDonough
2. Rosenbaum
3. Meskimen
4. Cox
5. Kenny
said at 11:50 PM on Fri Dec 22 2017
@TheDayman I'm sure I've said this before, but Neal McDonough is one of the VA's whose voice fits well with alot of characters, like Deadshot, Green Arrow, Flash, and Nightwing
said at 7:51 PM on Mon Jul 17 2017
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Recently heard Christian Slater in one of the JLA shorts and in one of the recent episodes and for a casting choice I never would've thought of, he's fantastic. His delivery is cold and intimidating, yet he has this fantastic dry wit and sarcasm at the same time
EPA Deane
said at 2:22 AM on Sun Jul 9 2017
"Let me tell you something about me. Life is the most valuable thing we have, right? When you take a life, that should mean something, right? When I killed my brother, I felt nothing. No guilt, no remorse -- nothing. And he was the one person in this world I ever gave two damns about. They lied to me -- about the importance of life. The only life anybody really cares about is their own and I don't even care about that. You understand? I'm just killing time, waiting to die."

Deadshot is an entertaining presecense in the DC universe when written well (especially in Gail Simone's Secret Six book).

Here are My top 5 Favourite Deadshot voices:

5. Tom Kenny
4. Matthew Mercer/ Neal McDonough
3. Chris Cox
2. Jim Meskimen
1. Michael Rosenbaum

Future VA Suggestions:

Richard Cansino would be solid as Deadshot if he used a more Sardonic version of his Legato Bluesummers voice....

For a Will Smith inspired version, I believe Ahmed Best has potential in the role, using a more malevolent version of his Cloak Voice......

I also recommend Steve Burton, Vincent D'Onofrio, Aaron Krohn and Lou Diamond Phillips.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:16 AM on Wed Jun 28 2017
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Matthew Mercer has become my new favourite Deadshot voice. Switching my vote to him.
said at 11:49 AM on Tue Jun 27 2017
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I don't think the filter changes the overall performance, but that said it's weird that he has it at all. Mercer is alright.
said at 10:25 AM on Tue Jun 27 2017
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Not really feeling the filter, but Matthew Mercer was alright.
said at 11:15 PM on Mon Jun 26 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
Changing my vote to Matt and it's not even a contest. Also the filter really doesn't effect my opinion at all cause i personally don't feel it takes away anything from the performance.
said at 10:37 PM on Mon Jun 26 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Matthew Mercer has the perfect tone and dead pan attitude that fits Floyd to a T... is what I would be saying if that stupid filter wasn't added.

With that being said I'm voting for Michael Rosenbaum. He has the dry wit and boredom which works with Deadshots professional attitude and his death wish.

Everyone else tries to portray him as a cocky assassin when really thats not who his character is.
said at 3:28 PM on Thu Jun 22 2017
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1. Jim Meskimen
2. Chris Cox
3. Michael Rosenbaum
said at 8:18 PM on Wed Jun 14 2017
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Matt Mercer is a seriously awesome Deadshot.

He's cocky without going overboard and I actually think the effects add to his performance in this case. I'm probably going to change my vote when he gets here. Plus, he gets some great lines.

"Hola, amigo."

"Only one of us has the best shot."
"Hit me with it."
"Fire away."
said at 2:07 AM on Sat May 20 2017
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Mercer's a lot of fun. I like that he's more cocky as I feel the character should be, and I honestly don't mind the pitching all that much, I honestly think it makes the performance sound cooler. I think he might be my new favorite.
said at 7:04 AM on Mon Feb 27 2017
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1. Chris
2. Jim
3. Neal
4. Tom
5. Michael
said at 7:19 PM on Mon Sep 26 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
Even if Jim Meskimen isn't really voicing an accurate version of Deadshot (Floyd would NEVER beg for his life), his smug voice is still the most fun to listen to.

The rest are all good though, but Jim leaves the best impression on me, making Deadshot a villain I love to hate in Gotham Knight. Chris Cox, Neal Mcdough, and Michael Rosenbaum are all very close seconds though.
said at 1:04 PM on Fri Mar 11 2016
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The first time I ever saw Deadshot was in Batman: Gotham Knight so naturally Jim Meskimen's rendition really stood out to me. He sounds to me the most cool and fitting voice for Deadshot. He sounds like a smug, cocky professional hitman for hire and I feel he's enjoying every minute of it. This is definitely one of the standout performances in Gotham Knight. I really would love to hear him back in the role in the future.

Chris Cox definitely fits the mercenary hitman aspect really well. Think of this as the anti-Hawkeye essentially.

Neal McDonough has the right voice but the performance isn't really up to par unfortunately.

Tom Kenny really does sound menacing in the role, it's a nice change of pace for him.

Michael Rosenbaum is a too flat sounding.

Jim Meskimen easily gives the best performance here so I'm going with him.

BONUS: Alex Zahara as Deadshot anyone? An evil Lockon Stratos would fit perfectly. I could see Khary Payton or Phil LaMarr working for a Suicide Squad movie inspired Deadshot really well.
said at 6:59 PM on Mon Mar 7 2016
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1. Chris
2. Jim
3. Tom
4. Michael/Neal
said at 6:08 PM on Thu Aug 11 2016
1. Chris Cox
2. Jim Meskimen
3. Neal McDonough
4. Tom Kenny (surprised that was him. really good)
5. Michael Rosenbaum
said at 2:17 PM on Mon Jan 26 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
Sticking with Jim Meskimen, though Neal McDonough was also good.
said at 2:21 PM on Mon Jan 26 2015

Having said that, I was annoyed with the recast. Granted, like many, I was also annoyed with the recast of Riddler and Harley Quinn, but at least Wally Wingert and Tara Strong weren't involved in Assault on Arkham, unlike Chris Cox.
Axem Red
said at 4:24 PM on Sun Oct 26 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
I think Kevin Spacey should voice him.
said at 5:02 PM on Sun Oct 26 2014
Because that's who Rosenbaum was imitating?
Axem Red
said at 7:14 PM on Thu Oct 30 2014
@Lpfan120 Yes. And it to me it seems like they were all trying to imitate him.
said at 6:57 PM on Sun Mar 15 2015
@Axem Red
I still agree that he should though.
said at 2:00 PM on Wed Sep 10 2014
Neal was ok as Deadshot though Chris is better. I'm surprised that he didn't reprise the role considering he voices Gordon in the film.

My vote stays with Jim in the end.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:50 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
1. Jim Meskimen: Smug, smooth, and sarcastic just all around a great voice for Deadshot. He should get more chances at Deadshot.

2. Michael Rosenbaum: Has all the same qualities as Jim but seems monotone in some lines. He could be a little better.

3. Tom Kenny: Voice is fitting though the lack of material holds him back. I think he could do the role well.

4. Neal McDonough: He's alright in the voice department though it is too much like his other voice roles and it doesn't stand out. Plus he just had a dull performance, he lacked any sense of humor and was just bland.

5. Chris Cox: I dunno, the voice just seems too generic and thuggish. Even in Origins I just didn't get a real sense of danger from his voice (though the mission in Origins was really awesome).
said at 7:36 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
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I don't see why Chris Cox couldn't have reprised his role (come on, you had him as Gordon for christ's sakes), but all things considered, he did a great job.

My vote sticks with Jim, but he definitely ranks close up there with Chris.
said at 7:43 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
@chaosincarnate talking about Neal, just to be clear XD.
said at 11:24 PM on Fri Sep 12 2014
@chaosincarnate THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO.......
said at 7:06 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Neal's good, but he sounds too much like his other voices (his Green Arrow and Barry Allen, for example). And it lacks the suaveness I like in my Deadshots. I'm sticking with Jim.
said at 6:12 PM on Wed Sep 3 2014
To anyone that watched Batman: Assault on Arkham recently, what do you guys think of Neal McDonough's voice for Deadshot?
said at 7:40 AM on Thu Sep 4 2014
Really damn good. He wasn't really playing Deadshot like a villain, he almost sounded heroic. I like how they gave a lot of character to him. (Including finding out his motivation for doing all these hits. To protect his daughter. So I like how Neal kept that in mind to convey that in his performance.)
said at 11:25 AM on Sat Sep 6 2014
@Lpfan120 In that case, I don't think it's fair to compare Neal's version of Deadshot to Jim, Chris, Michael, and Tom ;) Since he played a different version of Deadshot and all....
Polyester Funk
said at 12:36 AM on Wed Aug 13 2014
I'll go with Jim Meskimen cuz he sounds smug and dangerous, just how I think a top assassin should sound.

Chris Cox also sounds really good and dangerous.

Michael Rosenbaum is alright, but something about it is off. Perhaps hd just sounds too calm.

It's interesting hearing Tom Kenny do something serious. That clip is short, but he sounds nice.
said at 3:07 AM on Fri Jul 25 2014
It's hard to pick a favourite as they all do a great job. Ok here's how I'd list it:

1. Jim
2. Michael
3. Chris
4. Tom

So Jim's my favourite as he gives off a performance that shows Deadshot is tough and should not be messed with.
said at 2:55 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Jim Meskimen and Chris Cox are both do deadshot justice, though Tom Kenny really surprised me here.
said at 3:53 PM on Tue Dec 24 2013
i like Micheal and Tom the best
said at 7:44 PM on Mon Nov 11 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Jim Meskimen is my favorite for sounding appropriately smug and cocky while sounding cool and threatening at the same time, so he's definitely my favorite. Chris Cox is in 2nd place, he did an awesome job and improved significantly in Origins(he even sounded like a younger Jim at points.) Michael is also good even though he sounds a bit too reserved and muffled. Tom Kenny is the weakest for sounding generic, but it works well enough as a performance of its own and it's a nice change of pace for him that showcases his range.
said at 9:17 PM on Wed Dec 4 2013
@chaosincarnate We need a clip of Chris Cox voicing Deadshot from Arkham Origins...cuz the Arkham City clip didn't do him much justice
Tyler Reznik
said at 4:30 PM on Tue Nov 5 2013
 8 Shout Outs!
Say it with me now: Troy Baker as Deadshot.
said at 11:52 AM on Thu Nov 21 2013
@Tyler Reznik **** yeah!
said at 3:52 PM on Sun Nov 3 2013
Jim plays a cocky and menacing Deadshot really well, and Chris is good, though he doesn't get to do as much as Jim
said at 7:34 PM on Mon Nov 4 2013
@allthingsuper haha Chris Cox sounded better in Arkham Origins, though. That's my opinion!
said at 7:20 PM on Wed Oct 16 2013
Jim Meskimen and Chris Cox!
said at 9:42 PM on Mon Oct 28 2013
@llawliet159 actually, after listening to Chris Cox's voice in Arkham Origins, I'm changing my vote to him. His voice was better in my opinion in that game.
said at 5:14 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
They all tie for me, though I think the edge goes to Chris Cox.
said at 5:41 PM on Mon Sep 30 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Giving it to Meskimen. Wanna give it to Rosenbaum, but eh...the acting sometimes was just so....monotone, it hurt. Mainly after the the Batman threat scene.
said at 7:12 PM on Thu Oct 30 2014
@Comicfan117 yeah I got that vibe from it, but it didnt hit home with me.
said at 4:53 PM on Fri Sep 27 2013
I'm convinced. I like Tom Kenny the best. I couldn't even tell it was him.
said at 9:15 AM on Sun Jul 28 2013
Michael Rosenbaum: 10/10
Jim Meskimem: 10/10
Tom kenny: 8.5/10
Chris Cox: 9.5/10
It's hard to decide who I like the most between Rosenbaum and Meskimen, but I think I will give the edge to Rosenbaum.
said at 12:50 PM on Thu Jun 20 2013
I like Michael's cause it was a kevin spacey impression so I vote him
said at 3:35 PM on Sat Mar 23 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Michael and Jim were good, and Tom really surprised me. Watching the show I was trying to figure out who was voicing him, and my jaw dropped when I found out it was him. Overall, though, I'll give it to Chris Cox.
said at 7:04 PM on Fri Jun 8 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Overall, they're all great as Deadshot, so I'll just talk about each of them:
Michael Rosenbaum - I love the persona he's going for; completely full of himself and very much a smart@$$.
Jim Meskimen - He sounds pretty cool and he has some pretty good quips every now and then.
Tom Kenny - He plays a more menacing version, not one to crack jokes very often (which is ironic, considering the show).
Chris Cox - His version of Deadshot is much more cocky and he pulls it off very well.
said at 12:15 PM on Sat Apr 21 2012
It's all pretty close but I think Chris Cox does a fine job here.
said at 7:51 PM on Thu Dec 29 2011
1.Jim Meskimen
2. Chris Cox
3.Michael Rosenbaum
4:Tom Kenny
said at 12:05 AM on Mon Oct 24 2011
They're all pretty good overall, but I'm gonna give this one to Jim Meskimen as I thought was the best-sounding as Deadshot.
said at 3:43 PM on Sat Oct 22 2011
Is it me or does Chris Cox's line I NEVER MISS a Bullseye ripoff?
said at 12:57 AM on Mon Oct 24 2011
@pete I doubt it. Since they both never miss.
said at 1:26 AM on Mon Oct 24 2011
@Weirdperson31 Not that famiilar with Deadshot's character so he must be DC's Bullseye
said at 6:20 PM on Tue Mar 13 2012
@pete Usually, that statement speaks for every hired gun in existence. They are always braggarts. doesn't make it a rip on anyone else.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 10:23 PM on Wed Sep 7 2011
 1 Shout Out!
The problem with Kenny is I kinda hear him trying to sound evil. Doesn't come out naturally.

Micheal is pretty cool, I can't find anything wrong with it.

Jim comes off cooler and brings more depth to the character.
said at 12:23 PM on Tue May 10 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Jim Meskimen for me, but Tom Kenny and Michael Rosenbaum put it off really well in their respective shows.
said at 3:08 PM on Mon Apr 25 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Im going with Jim Meskimen. He really gives off the vibe of someone who truly thinks he's the best of the best and can never fail.
said at 9:26 PM on Sun Apr 24 2011
Something sounds a bit off in Michael's clip, idk if pitch was changed or it was just a bad clip, but I vote for Michael's cuz I know it's better than that, from later episodes
said at 9:30 PM on Sun Apr 24 2011
@AMT That clip was from the first episode that Deadshot was in and had his mask on at the time that might be why he sounds a little different to you.
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 11:29 PM on Sun Apr 24 2011
@Pokejedservo nope, the pitch is much higher than normal and the clip itself is crackly and pretty low quality. can you get a better one?
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