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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Arthur Read with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Arthur

Arthur Read is the main character of both the Arthur book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur. On the show, he is eight years old, in third grade, and lives in Elwood City. Arthur is an English-American anthropomorphic aardvark.

Believe it or not folks but the Arthur TV Show is STILL going and is as popular as ever. Over many seasons of the show there have been many child actors who have voiced Arthur. Since Arthur almost never ages in the show (similar to Bart and Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons or Ash Ketchum from Pokemon), it is necessary to recast the role once the child actor's voice changes because of puberty or decides to move onto other projects.

Arthur was first voiced by Michael Yarmush from 1996-2000 (season 1 to 5).

Arthur was then voiced by Justin Bradley from 2001-2001 (season 6).

Mark Rendall then voiced Arthur from 2002-2003 (seasons 7 and 8).

Cameron Ansell voiced Arthur from 2004-2007 (season 9 to 11).

Arthur's current voice actor is Dallas Jokic (season 12 to present).

Arthur was also voiced by Carr Thompson for the animated film Arthur's Missing Pal in 2006.
Created by Jackson_H on Nov 18 2009
Arthur (1996)
Arthur ReadDallas Jokic
Dallas Jokic
Arthur (1996)
Arthur ReadCameron Ansell
Cameron Ansell
Arthur (1996)
Arthur ReadMark Rendall
Mark Rendall
Arthur (1996)
Arthur ReadMichael Yarmush
Michael Yarmush
Arthur (1996)
Arthur ReadJustin Bradley
Justin Bradley
Arthur's Missing Pal (2006)
Arthur ReadCarr Thompson
Carr Thompson


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said at 6:19 AM on Wed Sep 6 2017
I'm going against the crowd on this one.

I'm sorry people but I'm rather mixed on Michael Yarmush as Arthur. He is the most memorable of the Arthurs (given that he voiced the character for 5 seasons since it started) and he does a really good job for a lot of episodes but there are some where i find him unlikeable ("Arthur the Loser" and "Francine and the Feline" with the latter being my absolute least favourite Arthur episode in the series). Every time Arthur acted like a jerk for no reason Yarmush's performance didn't help a whole lot. He did do better when he hit puberty though. He's not bad by any means, I just don't consider him my favourite Arthur.

Mark Rendall I feel did a much better job making Arthur more likeable and emoting his frustrating parts better. I also think his voice fits Arthur more. He's not perfect but honestly I think I'm one of the few people who prefers him to Yarmush. He gets my vote.

Justin Bradley is pretty good though I would have to tie him with Yarmush because, while I also find him to be more likeable, he was a lot less natural and sometimes strained his lines a little. I can see why Rendall had to redub him.

The others are ok but don't do much for me.
said at 4:23 PM on Thu Jul 27 2017
TV Show/Arthur's Missing Pal

1. Michael Yarmush- I was honestly surprised when I found out that he was a teenager during his time as Arthur. He sounds the most natural out of the bunch. I know some people don't mind his deeper voice in Season 5, but I find it distracting.
2. Mark Rendall- He's the best replacement of the bunch. He sounds close to Michael, but a little higher.
3. Cameron Ansell- I know a lot of people think he sounds girly, but I personally think he sounds really good. It's young, but it sounds distinct.
4. Dallas Jokic- He has a good voice that is similar to Cameron, though it sounds a bit lower.
5. Drew Adkins- My personal favorite of the newer Arthur voices. It sounds very natural and boyish, but something about him sounds a bit off.
6. William Healy- He sounds a bit similar to Drew, though his delivery is slightly worse.
7. Jacob Ursomarzo- His voice is good, but his acting is the weakest of the new voice actors.
8. Carr Thompson- His voice is fine for the most part and even sounds somewhat like Michael, but it sounds kind of flat when Arthur gets annoyed.
9. Philip Penalosa- His singing is pretty good in Arthur's Perfect Christmas, though it's kind of flat in Arthur's New Friend. I personally think the voice sounds kind of awkward with it being combined by Michael Yarmush's deeper voice.
10. Justin Bradley- His voice is similar to Michael's voice in Season 5, which doesn't fit the character good. His acting is pretty bad too and he sounds bored.

Video Games

1. Duncan Wold- He has a good voice for Arthur, but his acting is kind of flat in Arthur's Teacher Trouble. However, it improved enough in Arthur's Birthday for him to make it in the top spot.
2. Ben Ellis- When he first started in Arthur's Birthday, his voice sounded similar to Duncan, but as time went on, his voice got a bit deeper by the time of Arthur's Computer Adventure, so it does fit the character as good.
3. Pamela Aldon- I was surprised to learn that she was the voice of Arthur, since I'm used to hearing her deeper and raspier voice for young boys. Her voice sounds boyish, but her acting is really flat.

Full List

1. Michael Yarmush
2. Mark Rendall
3. Cameron Ansell
4. Dallas Jokic
5. Drew Adkins
6. William Healy
7. Jacob Ursomarzo
8. Carr Thompson
9. Duncan Wold
10. Ben Ellis
11. Pamela Aldon
12. Philip Penalosa
13. Justin Bradley
said at 4:26 PM on Thu Jul 27 2017
*doesn't fit the character
said at 9:56 PM on Tue Jul 18 2017
First of all, let me say that "Arthur" is a household classic in our family since I was born. Because of this, I pretty much like all of the voices, but clearly the best one for me are Michael Yarmush. Second place goes to Mark Rendall who's a pretty good replacement and clearly takes second place. Cameron Ansell is pretty good, but he sounds too high and feminine. Justin Bradley is OK, but yeah, I can't defend the fact that he does sound pretty deep. Despite finding "Arthur's Missing Pal" OK, Carr Thompson actually does a pretty decent job sounding almost like Michael Yarmush. As for Dallas Jokic, his Arthur voice almost sounds similar to Cameron Ansell, if not more or less deeper.

Would someone also care to add Drew Adkins (seasons 16–17), William Healy (seasons 18–19), and Jacob Ursomarzo (season 20)?
said at 6:34 PM on Sat Mar 25 2017
I remember the Living Books voices.. they did not age well. They really sound like they gave the kids some lines to read, and went home afterwards.
said at 5:27 PM on Sat Mar 25 2017
My ranking:
(Some of them are not on here, though)
1. Michael Yarmush: Yarmush has the most authentic sound in his voice, I didn't even mind when his voice began to change.
2. Mark Rendall: Rendall is a worthy successor, despite a slight speech impediment.
3. Drew Adkins: Adkins does a great job as well.
4. William Healy: Great voice, but the delivery of some of his lines is awkward.
5. Cameron Ansell: A little too high-pitched and at times his voice was higher than Jason Szwimmer's D.W.
6. Dallas Jokic: Not as high-pitched as Ansell, but his delivery on certain lines makes Arthur sound confused.
7. Jacob Ursomarzo: He has his moments but at times he sounds a little wooden.
8. Carr Thompson: A little too high-pitched.
9. Justin Bradley: Bradley's voice doesn't sound age appropriate, and the delivery of some of his lines makes it sound like he was bored during the recording session.
10. Phillip Penalosa: A good match for Yarmush, but at a disadvantage only because he didn't do any speaking.
said at 1:59 PM on Tue Mar 15 2016
Justin Bradley sounds exactly like steven universe
said at 1:25 AM on Sun Dec 27 2015
 1 Shout Out!
I like all of them, but Yarmush always sounded more distinct and unique to me than the rest.
said at 5:04 PM on Sun May 3 2015
Yarmush is the best, and the worst is Bradley.
said at 8:46 PM on Tue Apr 21 2015
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Without a doubt the worst is Justin Bradley, I can't stand the episodes he's in
said at 9:40 AM on Fri Feb 24 2017
@MisterX867 thankfully repeats of his episodes are redubbed with Rendall.
said at 10:13 PM on Sun Nov 23 2014
I never even knew Michael Yarmush was replaced in 2001 i just thought his voice got deeper.
said at 10:13 PM on Tue Sep 30 2014
1 Pamela Adlon
2 Michael Yarmush
3 Justin Bradley
4 Carl Thompson
5 Cameron Ansell
6 Mark Rendall
7 Dallas Jokic
said at 9:57 PM on Sat Apr 11 2015
@HienFan Pamela Adlon?
said at 10:04 PM on Sat Apr 11 2015
@Dogman15 That was something I saw on Wiki for the living books games but I think it could be a rumour now that I'm thinking about it
said at 3:21 PM on Wed Jun 18 2014
i prefer bradley & jokic
said at 11:28 PM on Thu Jun 5 2014
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They literally all sound the same.
said at 1:28 AM on Sun Dec 27 2015
For the most part, yes, though some go a little higher or lower pitched if you listen closely.
said at 5:08 PM on Sat May 31 2014
1. Yarmush
2. Thompson
3. Rendall
4. Jokic
5. Bradley
6. Ansell
said at 8:10 PM on Fri Dec 20 2013
Michael is the best one. Justin was a good stand in for him. I didn't notice the difference when he took over. However, he did lack Michael's vocal range and his acting wasn't that good. Mark and Carr both did very well. Dallas and Cameron both made Arthur sound like a girl.
said at 7:16 PM on Sat Sep 28 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
I have to re-do my ranking
1. Michael Yarmush - As I said a great actor, he played Arthur as teen
2. Mark Rendall - While he suffers from a speech impediment or something, he is a worthy successor
3. Drew Adkins (not on here) - A bit young sounding, but it's workable
4. Cameron Ansell - Alright, but when he screams his voice is higher than D.W.'s and it's noticeable
5. Justin Bradley - Wooden and lacks the vocal range of Yarmush
6. Dallas Jokic - His one-liners are alright, but when he has a monologue he sounds like he's confused
7. Carr Thompson - Downright terrible, I think this film was done in the US and not Canada which explains the voice talent being different
said at 6:46 PM on Tue Oct 16 2012
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Arthur has a new voice actor for Season 16
His name is Drew Adkins
said at 12:47 PM on Sun Jul 8 2012
Carr - no comment
Michael - great
Justin - no comment
Mark - as good as Michael, maybe even better
Cameron - OK, but a bit too young
Dallas - AHHH!!! Way TOO whiny and high and too girly!
said at 9:36 PM on Wed May 30 2012
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Hands down Michael Yarmush, He's the voice I heard growing up.
said at 1:15 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
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Michael is probably the best. Mark wasn't that bad either.

There's a reason why Mark redubbed all of Justin's work for Season 6!
said at 1:59 PM on Fri Aug 5 2011
@PurpleWarrior13 I believe it's because Carol Greenwald the Executive Producer at the time
complained that Bradley lacks the vocal range of Michael Yarmush and would make Arthur sound whiny when he was upset
said at 4:32 PM on Fri May 20 2011
Michael Yarmush was the best one he was 14 at the time the show began and he stepped down at age 19
Justin Bradley - uhh he sounds like one of those hired on the spot guys
Mark Rendall - Second best
Cameron Ansell - too girly for Arthur
Dallas Jokic - voice is too high
Carr Thompson - What the heck?!
said at 11:42 AM on Mon Aug 8 2011
@MatthewC17 Jokic sounds like he could voice D.W.
said at 8:13 PM on Thu Jun 2 2016
@MatthewC17 He sounds exactly like Steven Universe
said at 6:14 PM on Mon Feb 7 2011
Michael Yarmush is by far the best. He breathes life into Arthur. The second best is Mark Rendall, then I think the third is Cameron Ansell though he kind of sounds like a girl. Dallas Jokic has a decent voice but he's not a good actor. Justin is the worst (terrible voice, terrible acting, absolutely no range) and no comment on Carr.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 1:46 AM on Wed Nov 18 2009
It is amazing how close those all sound. It is like hearing the same actor six times!!
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