No. 27 Masaru
Akira Akira

No. 27 Masaru

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of No. 27 Masaru with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Akira

Created by Pokejedservo on Dec 5 2010
Akira (1991)
No. 27 MasaruCody MacKenzie
Cody MacKenzie
Akira (1991)
No. 27 MasaruBob Bergen
Bob Bergen


Alright folks for this Akira Voice Compare we shall finally handle the 3rd of the 3 "Test Subject" children and this time its for the little boy in a suit... #27 MASARU! In the original Streamline dub for this late 80's movie (which the dub also came out in the late 80's not too long after the movie did) he was voiced by Bob Bergen and I am afraid I will have to be blunt on how he was really miscast here. Now don't get me wrong Bob himself is not a bad VA but despite his efforts he just sounds really awkward in this role on a young boy. Granted I am aware that Masaru doesn't look like a child as much as Takashi and Kiyoko but Masaru is a child as well. So while I do like the Streamline dub of the movie this was probably one of the weakest performances in that dub.

In the Pioneer/Geneon dub of the movie he was voiced by Cody MacKenzie (whom also voiced #26 Takashi). One might find it to be overly lazy casting to have one kid to voice both Takashi and Masaru especially considering on how there is little difference between the two's voices. I could understand but compared to the Streamline dub it is a bit more fitting improvement anyways. While Cody's Masaru voice doesn't sound that much different to his Takashi voice if you hold his work on Masaru by its own merits its not that bad actually. Overall neither one are perfect and they are both somewhat odd casting choices but Cody's work is the better of the two performances seen here.



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said at 7:34 AM on Wed Mar 21 2018
One of the only weak spots in terms of the Pioneer dub as Cody MacKenzie sounds rather wooden here and what's with the rather high voice too.

The Streamline dub can't even win this compare because Bob Bergen is just miscast in this role and doesn't even sound like a child at all.
said at 1:39 PM on Thu Feb 15 2018
I've got an issue with both actors in this role. As much as I love Bob Bergen though, my vote goes to Cody MacKenzie.

Bob is a great actor, but he's a biiiiiiig miscast here on the account that....well, he's voicing a child and sounds nothing like one.

My problem with MacKenzie though isn't her acting (I think her acting's great), it's that she's cast as both Masaru and Takashi who are always in the same scene with each other.

I feel that in a movie like this, there shouldn't be that kind of double casting. Especially not with two characters shown interacting with each other constantly.
said at 8:40 PM on Tue Sep 30 2014
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Cody's take hurt my ears with the high voice and weird pacing, Bob 'Porky' Bergen it is
said at 3:48 PM on Sun Mar 10 2013
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Cody MacKenzie's performance was fairly wooden, he did a much better job as Takashi and they should've had two different kids for both characters.

Bob Bergen's acting does have a little more life in it, but the fact that his acting is at times marginally better doesn't save him from many jarring awkward line deliveries and an all around out of place voice.
said at 11:10 PM on Sun Jul 21 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy There ARE times when I can tolerate a slightly older sounding voice for a child apparently in his teens (James van der Beek's Pazu, for instance), but in the case of Bob, his voice, as agreed, is distracting because he sounds more like a Care Bear Grumpy on helium, and considering Masaru's supposed to be younger than a teen, it just doesn't work. Yes I know he's more experienced than Cody, but I still found his performance very distracting and out of place. I honestly didn't know that Cody played both Takashi and Masaru; I always thought Mona Marshall did the former.
said at 1:55 PM on Tue Jan 29 2013
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Honestly, I don't think either performances are that great.

Bob sounds ridiculously awkward in the role. I don't imagine that sort of voice fitting a child. While Masaru doesn't look like a child, he really is one.

Cody isn't any more convincing either. But to me, he sounds more like a child and that he doesn't sound nearly as awkward.

Neither are perfect, but Cody it is.
said at 10:33 AM on Sun Jul 1 2012
My vote's on Kazuhiro Kamifuji!
said at 2:15 PM on Fri Jan 2 2015
@SmartyBoyboy You do realise that this is about English voice compares.
said at 4:10 PM on Sat May 19 2012
Oh the choices. We got one that is badly acted and one that is badly miscast. I don't like either of theme very much, but I'll go with Bob, because at least he can act.
said at 6:01 PM on Tue Apr 10 2012
Bob Bergen IS a good actor, I will not deny that. But I simply can't stand him in this role. I'll take Cody any day despite a few missed lines or two.
said at 2:34 PM on Tue Jan 10 2012
Cody's voice might fit the character better, but his abysmal performance gives Bergen's interpretation the edge. Besides, an adaptation should take liberties with the source material. Otherwise, it would be boring.
said at 5:19 AM on Sun Jan 1 2012
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Bob's voice doesn't fit with Masaru's appearance but he gives a better performance.
Cody sounds flat but he makes Masaru sound unnatural and ethereal.
I think that Bob takes the edge here.
said at 11:03 AM on Wed Apr 6 2011
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Cody may have had a few moments of inexperience, but overall I thought he did a much more convincing job. With Bob I couldn't tell what Masaru was supposed to be--a kid or a dwarf. Cody's take made a lot more sense despite a missed line or two.
said at 4:43 PM on Thu Mar 10 2011
"Anyone with good taste can clearly hear that Cody's voice is the better of the two..common sense here people."

I thought anyone with common sense would realize the superior actor here is the person who could actually act. Besides, the unknown actor (it's not MacKenzie playing this role) doesn't fit either- Masaru should not sound younger than Takashi.
said at 11:59 PM on Fri Mar 4 2011
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While I can see what Bob may have been trying to do with his Masaru, the unfortunate truth is that he is both badly miscast and sounds completely off half the time. Yes, there are a few moments where he's effective, but overall it's not one of Bergen's finest moments. I steer around that argument for Pazu because he is basically a teenager and either interpretation is fitting, but Masaru is a much younger kid (despite having a weary appearance to him) and to have him sound like Grumpy Bear from THE CARE BEARS is very distracting.

Cody does have a couple of places where his delivery is a bit off, but overall he does a much better job. He's age appropriate, too, and less distracting than Bob's take. I'm with Pokejed in that neither character is a perfect casting choices, but of the two, Cody edges Bob out.
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