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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Toraichi Tamiya with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Ah! My Goddess!

Toraichi Tamiya is a big burly tan man whom is the president of the Nekomi Institute of Technology's Motor Club and is known as Keichi Morisato's Sempai. Toraichi is rarely seen without his good buddy Otaki Aoyama (however they were once romantic rivals for former NIT Motor Club president Chihiro Fujimi until she turned them both down for the good of the club.) Toraichi is a very loud guy with a rather energetic and even eccentric personality as he tries to be quite a manly man. Toraichi much like Otaki are very much the comedy relief of the series and while they may treat Keiichi as a bit of a work horse they never really go too far with that.
Created by Pokejedservo on May 22 2011
Oh! My Goddess! (1995)
Toraichi TamiyaMarc Matney
Marc Matney
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (2001)
Toraichi TamiyaBob Papenbrook
Bob Papenbrook
Ah! My Goddess! (2005)
Toraichi TamiyaMarc Thompson
Marc Thompson


Today on the Ah! My Goddess! VC section we have a little something for the president of the NIT Motor Club...TORAICHI TAMIYA! We shall begin this with the 90's Animeigo dub of the Ah! My Goddess! OVA in which North Carolina actor Marc Matney was the first to voice Tamiya here in English. I must say that Marc's work as Tamiya is a bit of a mixed bag as Marc's voice for the role is just a bit too light and not burly enough for the role here. Oh sure Marc's voice for the role is not particularly high in general and it does have some gruffness but it doesn't have enough gruffness for a big man like Tamiya here. Though to be here Marc's performance as Tamiya is not bad though as it does have a pretty good feel of a goofy and over the top feel for the role pretty well as while Marc's performance as Tamiya is not one of the best ones in the OVA but its not a bad one nevertheless.

Now for the Ah! My Goddess! movie dubbed the late great Pioneer/Geneon the role of Toraichi Tamiya went to late great California VA Bob Papenbrook. Bob's voice for the role does have a good sense of gruffness granted Bob's voice for the role is not that much deeper than Marc's voice but Bob's voice does work for the role pretty well. Bob's performance for the role was also rather suiting as it does have a good sense of manliness and over the top bravado. So in other words the late great Bob Papenbrook's overall handiwork for the role of Toraichi Tamiya was pretty good overall.

Last but most definitely not in the least is New York VA Marc Thompson whom voiced Toraichi Tamiya in the Media Blasters/ADV dub of the Ah! My Goddess! TV series. Now I must say I was quite impressed by Marc Thompson's work here as his role for the role had a great big burly gruff voice that worked great for the role. Marc Thompson's performance worked well for the role as well as it definitely suited Tamiya's over the top personality quite with a good sense of manliness (and a little bit of manly tears as well). To make a long story short Marc Thompson's performance was a nice pleasant surprise as it was a very good example of Marc Thompson's work and a good example of the voice work in that dub. Overall I am actually going to go with Marc Thompson in first place, the late great Bob Papenbrook at a fairly close second and Marc Matney at a decent third.    



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said at 11:09 AM on Mon Apr 30 2018
Another comparison where I actually enjoy all three of them. Marc Matney, Bob Papenbrook and Marc Thompson all fit the character quite well.
said at 6:43 PM on Mon May 23 2011
I actually like them all! I guess Bob would be my favorite though.
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