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Cruella de Vil

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Cruella de Vil with sound clips and images.
Franchise: 101 Dalmatians

Created by CatsTuxedo on Aug 28 2010
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
Cruella de VilBetty Lou Gerson
Betty Lou Gerson
101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997)
Cruella de VilApril Winchell
April Winchell
One Hundred and One Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (2003)
Cruella de VilSusanne Blakeslee
Susanne Blakeslee


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said at 7:23 PM on Wed Feb 14 2018
Betty Lou is the best. There's just something truly unique in her vocal performance. Both April and Susanne are very deserving replacements, though. Each one is quite good in her own way.
said at 3:57 AM on Wed Sep 6 2017
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Betty Lou Gerson and Susanne Blakeslee are my favourites here.

But I simply cannot pass up Betty's classic performance. She had a sense of class and elegance but also knew when to bring out the dark and psychotic side of the character. Every time she yells or bursts in anger you know this woman is mad!

That said this is my favourite of Susanne Blakeslee's roles! Her voice is very fitting and she captures the class and elegance perfectly! While she doesn't equal Betty she still deserves props for delivering a solid performance. I just wish she had more to work with when it came to the dark side of the character.

Not the biggest fan of April Winchell though. I get the series is more cartoony but I'm not a fan of her Cruella. She's way too over the top in a goofy way and can be a bit irritating in some places. Decent just not that great.
said at 6:50 AM on Sun Feb 26 2017
1. Betty Lou Gerson
2. April Winchell
3. Susanne Blakeslee

I know Cruella is supposed to be English and all that, but I always got an Irish or Scottish vibe from Betty's performance. (Which is the best, in my opinion) I get that same vibe much more from April's performance than from Susanne's. Perhaps that actually means that Susanne is the best one, because she actually makes Cruella sound English, but I like it the least.
said at 9:24 PM on Wed Feb 15 2017
Honestly all 3 of them are pretty good. April and Susanne are trying to mimic Betty as much as possible but both add enough of there own little quirks to make their version different from another. I default have to go with Betty, being both the originator, and her energy and her laugh are just amazing. But again, Susanne and April are both really good as well.
said at 4:52 PM on Thu Jan 5 2017
Betty Lou gets on IS cruella deville.
Jacob M. Keene
said at 7:16 PM on Thu Feb 18 2016
I think everyone does a good job as Cruella, but my vote goes to Betty Lou Gerson just like 46 others here (before me).
said at 11:51 PM on Sun Mar 1 2015
Betty is the original voice of Cruella, and she gives a dramatic yet genuine performance as the villain.

April and Susanne actually sound really similar as Cruella to me, and while they deviate a bit from the original, they are still pretty good.

Betty sounds more natural though.
said at 10:40 AM on Sat Aug 16 2014
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Betty is Hands Down Cruella de Vil.

Susanne & April are fine replacements. The former more so than the latter.
said at 10:42 AM on Sat Aug 16 2014
That may have come out wrong as April voiced Cruella before Susanne did. I prefer Susanne over April just in case any1 got confused.
said at 3:37 AM on Mon Mar 2 2015
@Ross123 I know I said a different order on my comment but I agree completely, Betty is the best Cruella
said at 1:15 PM on Mon Mar 2 2015
@HienFan Glad you agree.

Although I'm surprised that you didn't make a comment saying that you changed your mind.
said at 10:18 PM on Mon Mar 2 2015
@Ross123 By then I'd probably flooded the site by saying how many times I changed my mind overtime
said at 10:50 AM on Sat Aug 9 2014
Need I say anything? Betty is iconic. A faux sense of class and charm, she can be both chilling and hilarious with the way she delivers lines like "Any way you like! Poison them, drown them, bash them in the head... do you have any chloroform?" So irritated and yet so blase about it. April and Susanne both are good, but they lack that extra something Betty has.
said at 4:57 AM on Sun Jun 22 2014
1 Susan
2 April
3 Betty
said at 12:16 AM on Sun Mar 8 2015
@HienFan Eh listening more I prefer Betty Lou with Susanne as the better replacement, April is good but a bit cartoonish
said at 3:53 PM on Fri May 17 2013
I go with Susanne Blakeslee
said at 10:22 AM on Thu May 31 2012
They were all sooo good and sooo evil! But my vote goes to Betty. Her voice was amazing!
said at 7:30 PM on Wed Sep 14 2011
They're all great, but my vote goes to Suzanne Blakeslee.
said at 10:21 PM on Sat Jun 16 2012
@disneyphilip She does do a good version she doesn't sound like she's trying to copy Gerson's performance she sounds like she's made her own take on Cruella
said at 8:58 PM on Tue Sep 6 2011
I like them all Winchell and Blakeslee's performances were in the spirit of Gerson's
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Who do you think has been the best from these Cruella de Vil voice actors?
Betty Lou Gerson
April Winchell
Susanne Blakeslee
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Roger Radcliffe