Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV
Voice Director: Taliesin Jaffe

US Release: Jun 03, 2014
Japan Release: Apr 18, 2014
Europe Release: Jun 04, 2014

Game Developer: Dimps

Popularity: 100th All Time, 264th This Week

Franchise: Street Fighter
Characters on BTVA: 42
Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV
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Ultra Street Fighter IV Cast


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said at 3:36 AM on Mon Jun 16 2014
And still no R. Mika.
said at 4:14 AM on Tue Dec 17 2013
During Capcom cup last weekend, Yoshinori Ono hinted that the fifth new character is a female. So much for my idea for a Daigo Umehara character. Ono said its not R.Mika (boo). Although I'd like to see a female MMA fighter, there's a chance it could be Karin Kanzuki from SF Alpha 3, Eliza Masters (Ken's wife) or a super version of Juri Han.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:58 PM on Tue Oct 22 2013
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Capcom doesn't have the resources to make a next-gen fighter.

Not to mention that a while back, it was reported that Capcom only has $152 million in the bank.

We'd better all enjoy USSF4, because it's probably going to be the last Street Fighter game for a good while!
said at 10:55 PM on Tue Oct 22 2013
@NCZ Oh that Capcpom and their crazy revelaitons!
said at 7:59 PM on Wed Oct 23 2013
@Metabad It's not that much of a surprise really, as Capcom has been digging itself into a hole for a while now. First off, they had to cancel two Mega Man titles. I can (sorta) understand that they may have had technical difficulties/scheduling conflicts and such, but that's rather irrelevant by now. Then there's both versions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, both of which they put NO effort into bringing back any of the current/original VAs! And as if their troubles weren't already painfully obvious, they didn't even bother making an English dub of Project X Zone; laziness at its finest.

Anyway, I didn't mean to come off as upset/condescending, though it's too much for all the devoted gamers to bear at this point.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:15 PM on Wed Oct 23 2013
@pokemastanumba1 Uhh, you can't blame Capcom for Project X Zone. They didn't develop or publish that game at all; Banpresto, Monolith Soft, and Namco Bandai did. All they did was license their characters out.

And to state they made no effort to get the authentic voice actors for MVC3 is completely false.
said at 7:14 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
@NCZ It still doesn't make sense that they didn't bother making an English version of Project X Zone, especially considering the popularity of crossover fighters.

As for U/MvC3, Marvel Studios put far more effort into bringing back the then-recurrent VAs. Roughly HALF of all the Capcom characters had new VAs, most of whom were poor stand-ins for the previous ones, particularly due to how cheap New Generation Pictures was at the time.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:35 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
@pokemastanumba1 "It still doesn't make sense that they didn't bother making an English version of Project X Zone, especially considering the popularity of crossover fighters."

Project X Zone isn't a fighter. Even then, the roster is massive with character voices spread out across several companies, it would be financially, and possibly legally, unfeasible.
said at 7:42 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
@Nightmare Crusher Whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that Capcom made absolutely NO attempt to maintain consistency between their crossover games or most popular franchises.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:47 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
@pokemastanumba1 Many of the actors who didn't return in MVC3 couldn't because of regional differences, among other things. I've heard they still did try to get Lucas Gilbertson and Dee Bradley Baker for there characters too. Capcom has made tons of bad decisions, but this is pretty minor.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:09 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
@pokemastanumba1 As Nightmare Crusher said, Project X Zone had so many characters and the budget would have been relatively modest considering that it's a niche $40 handheld game developed by two relatively low-profile studios. It's a shame that it didn't get dubbed, but completely understandable and again, not Capcom's fault.

As for MVC3...

All the Street Fighter and Devil May Cry characters have the same VAs, as does Frank West.

Resident Evil has never been particularly consistent with voice actors, but 2/3 isn't bad.

The Darkstalkers are understandable because their only "official" English voices prior to this were in an obscure crossover that Capcom themselves didn't have any hand in beyond licensing the characters.

Likewise for Phoenix Wright--he needed a new voice actor because Ben Judd isn't an actor, but just a Capcom staff member since the "voice acting" consisted of six words total. That's a completely legitimate practice--as another example, Sol Badguy was recast in the Guilty Gear games with Joji Nakata because they became more story-intensive and Daisuke Ishiwatari, the creator, wasn't up to doing a lot of voice acting work outside of battle shouts.

Regional differences necessitated casting changes for Zero and Tron Bonne.

From my understanding, Mike Patton is primarily a musician and not an actor, so he would've probably had other commitments.

Hiryu, Mike Haggar, and Arthur have never had official English voices before.

The only ones where there's not as much of an obvious/easily-explainable reason are Viewtiful Joe and Jill, but Jill was recast in the Resident Evil series anyway.

I mean, I don't like modern Capcom as much as the next guy, but calling MVC3's voice cast a major misstep and a sign that they don't care about consistency is reaching. Give credit when it's due, man.
said at 8:33 PM on Fri Oct 25 2013
@pokemastanumba1 ...I was just joking.

What have I done...
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:38 PM on Fri Oct 25 2013
@Metabad It was a pretty clever joke too.
said at 3:02 PM on Sat Oct 26 2013
@NCZ It was pretty okay I suppose.
said at 6:35 PM on Sun Oct 27 2013
@NCZ It's still very inconsistent with previous titles, and it shows how little Capcom cares about the VAs of their video games. But, I'm thankful that they at least included the option to switch to the Japanese voices, which (almost) makes up for the subpar English ones. ._.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:47 PM on Sun Oct 27 2013
@pokemastanumba1 Thank you for completely dismissing my post.
Madness Abe
said at 10:00 PM on Fri Oct 18 2013
I just hope the new character is Zubaz.

said at 5:28 AM on Fri Sep 6 2013
Bring out Street Fighter V already..... AND BRING BACK R. MIKA DAMMIT!!!!

That aside, this is a pretty decent cast though I still would recast Dave Mallow. His Akuma's ok but it just doesn't feel natural (not to mention that can't be healthy for him.) I would pick him for someone else though, maybe T. Hawk.

As for Akuma... Chris Sabat or Fred Tatasciore anyone?
said at 3:54 PM on Sat Sep 7 2013
@Aussieroth Since this is just an update, there's no reason at all to recast any of the characters since all of the dialogue from Super Street Fighter IV will be reused. I do agree that Dave Mallow's Akuma is pretty weak. Akuma is a character I think sounds best in Japanese.
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 1:25 PM on Tue Jul 30 2013
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Capcom needs to stop making more Street Fighter 4s it's getting old.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:47 PM on Tue Jul 30 2013
@Heartfilia Mage 721 I'd agree, but this is nothing new either for Capcom or the fighting game world--constant expansions and updates are par from the course for fighters, both to keep them balanced and fresh, and add fan favourite characters. These updates are mainly meant for the hardcore players and not really for the general audience. Also, examining the content and timing of each release, this new version isn't really too bad.

The original game came out for arcades in 2008.

It was ported to home consoles in 2009. As with all home console ports of fighters, they added new modes, and some new characters as a bonus.

Super came out in 2010. Major update, adding loads of new gameplay features and modes, revamped all the menus, and added ten new characters.

In 2011, there was 3D Edition and Arcade Edition. Both of these were minor releases, relatively speaking. Arcade Edition was the same scenario as the original's home console port--it got ported to arcades with four new characters and a balance update, which were made available as DLC. The 3D edition was a straight port for 3DS and not advertised at all as a new update.

Ver. 2012 last year was a DLC balance patch, no more, no less. Also, I'm pretty sure it was available for free.

Ultra is probably going to be a little below Super in the amount of new content, but most of it is just content from SFXTK (which was presumably built on a similar engine and easy to port over--reminiscent of the bonus characters in the PSP port of Street Fighter Alpha 3). Also, it's going to be available as DLC for people who already have Super. They don't have to go get a $40 disc like with UMVC3.

So, really, looking at it that way, this is the first major update since Super, which was a decent while ago. The rest have all been updates, yes, but smaller ones not really on the scale of Super or Ultra.

Anyway, while I agree that things are getting a bit stale now that the game is five years old, SF4's updates are at least handled MUCH better than, say, Street Fighter II, or even the Guilty Gear series. Also, given that the PS4 and Xbox One are coming out this year, I can guarantee that this will be the last version of SF4 for a very long time.
said at 7:38 PM on Wed Jul 31 2013

Any predictions for the mysterious fifth character? I'd like to see Mike Haggar in the game since he's technically a "new" Street Fighter character. It would lead to special intro with Zangief. Another choice would be a character from Street Fighter 1. If its a completely new character then my guess is a MMA female fighter.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:12 AM on Thu Aug 1 2013
@akersaotome Capcom has said it's someone who's never been in a fighting game, so Haggar or any returning characters are out. It's going to be someone wholly new, or maybe someone from the Street Fighter mythos (e.g. Goutetsu) who's never been playable.
said at 1:59 PM on Tue Aug 6 2013

This is Capcom so anything is possible. Would be funny if it were to be Yoshinori Ono; the producer of SF4 or Daigo Umehara.
said at 3:59 PM on Sat Sep 7 2013
@NCZ You explained everything perfectly. This update really isn't for new players, but for those who are still playing the game after 4 years. If you don't believe Street Fighter IV is still popular then watch the EVO 2013 finals for Street Fighter IV. It had over 125,000 viewers and it was insanely hype to watch.
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