Super Smash Bros. Brawl CREDITS

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
US Release: Mar 09, 2008
Japan Release: Jan 31, 2008
Europe Release: Jun 27, 2008

Game Developer: Sora

Popularity: 27th All Time, 175th This Week

Franchise: Nintendo
Characters on BTVA: 91
First Smash Bros. to feature third-party characters, made by companies other than Nintendo. Snake was added at the request of his creator, Hideo Kojima, and Sonic was the fans' most commonly-requested character.

This is the first game where Luigi has his proper voice. In the previous games, he used Mario's voice, but pitched up.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:17 AM on Tue Oct 10 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Ten years ago today...
Shaun Ince
said at 9:17 AM on Tue Oct 10 2017
@NCZ And in the next 3 months, the game itself will be 10 years old. Amazing how fast time flies. I hope there's a Super Smash bros game being made for the Nintendo Switch somewhere down the pipeline.
Popo and Nana
said at 12:28 PM on Fri Feb 17 2017
Sonic is overrated
said at 8:51 AM on Sun Oct 1 2017
@Popo and Nana
What's you're point
Joel the Pokekid
said at 3:12 PM on Thu Apr 21 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Best game of 2008!
said at 10:25 AM on Sat Apr 9 2016
i like Meta knight because hes like
Yoda+Master Splinter+Darth vader=Meta Night
said at 11:47 AM on Tue Apr 5 2016
Seeing as Rob Paulsen was in this...was this union?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:50 AM on Tue Apr 5 2016

1 - We wouldn't know. Ask Nintendo.

2 - His clips are reused from Twin Snakes (as are Kaneto Shiozawa's)
Toon Angel
said at 3:13 PM on Wed Jan 13 2016
I like Toon Link, Ness, Lucas, and the Ice Climbers! ^_^
said at 1:54 PM on Sat Jul 4 2015
any Project M players here?
said at 9:55 PM on Tue Nov 4 2014
They tend to recycle Voice Clips from Other Games in the Smash Bros. series. In the Original Smash Bros. and Melee, Mario's Voice Clips were recycled from SM64 (and I find it weird on Luigi), which they decided to Abandon in Brawl. I think Mario and Luigi's Voice Clips in Brawl and the Next Installment are recycled from games like Super Mario Galaxy (good to hear those lines recycled for a Smash Bros. game), doubt Charles Martinet would record new lines for Mario & Luigi in Super Smash Bros. games not from other games.
said at 9:21 AM on Wed Jul 30 2014
Man, I kind of hate to say this since I did enjoy playing the game when it first came out, but I always felt that this game was overrated and somewhat disappointing especially with all the hype it got.

At first I thought it was just because my favourite character was cut (that would be Mewtwo) but then I sort of realized that I don't like the floaty mechanics, the art direction feels too gritty and lifeless for a Smash Bros. game, and I just felt overall that there wasn't nearly as much to do in this game as there was to do in its predecessors. Especially Melee, I replayed that one God knows how many times just to get almost everything. With Brawl, when Subspace Emissary was over I just didn't really care about it anymore, Subspace Emissary has its own problems, to keep it short it's boring and confusing to navigate at times, the ending stretch of levels feel especially frustrating, poorly done and challenging in all the worst ways.

I also realized I didn't like how easy it was to unlock all the secret characters, especially since with all the announcements revealing these characters, I already knew what was coming...which I guess is why I haven't been following the new game nearly as much as other people have.

I did like some of the ideas this game had, like Final Smashes and the level creation mode, it's certainly not a bad game on its own but when compared to the previous games I found it to be a bit of a mess and I've kept quiet about my disappointment in this game for too long.
said at 9:24 AM on Wed Jul 30 2014
@Metabad Oh, one more thing I wanted to add, my brother downloaded Project M the other day, and that honestly is what Brawl should've been IMO. It feels a lot more balanced at has tons of interesting costumes and changes from Brawl and Melee, plus our favourite characters are back so that's a nice bonus.
said at 5:13 PM on Wed Aug 13 2014
@Metabad That makes up for the time they couldn't make it just by re-adding roy and mewtwo in this game.
said at 3:26 PM on Thu Jun 5 2014
 5 Shout Outs!
Guys. GUYS.

We're forgetting one important thing here...

Jacob M. Keene
said at 11:03 AM on Wed Jul 2 2014
@NAFEDUDE Unfortunately we may never find out, since Walla groups (a.k.a. loop groups) aren't usually credited.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:02 PM on Sat Sep 6 2014
@NAFEDUDE I'm pretty sure it was NOA employees. I think I remember Nate Bihldorff and Tim O'Leary being credited for the part in Melee.
Mr. Kite
said at 6:17 PM on Thu Jun 29 2017
The NOA employees were credited in Melee
said at 4:29 PM on Tue May 27 2014
Ignore my last post, I found 'em.
said at 4:15 PM on Tue May 27 2014
So, wait, why aren't Otacon, Campell, and Mei Ling listed?
said at 11:07 AM on Sat Feb 8 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
One of the best fighting games ever made, all those Nintendo characters.
Ultimate Fox
said at 10:14 AM on Wed Apr 9 2014
@Ross123 AGREE!
Ultimate Fox
said at 10:20 AM on Wed Oct 23 2013
THhis is a great game.!
said at 6:52 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
Are we sure that Donkey and Diddy Kong were sound effects and not Takashi Nagasako and Katsumi Suzuki? I just played the game today, and I could be wrong, but their voices sound like human performances.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:04 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
@Dogman15 Not listed in the credits
said at 1:50 AM on Wed Oct 9 2013
@NCZ What would "sound effects" be, anyway? Actual monkey recordings?
said at 4:27 PM on Tue Jul 2 2013
this is my favorite wii game of all time
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:17 PM on Sat Mar 9 2013
 9 Shout Outs!
I can't believe Brawl's over half a decade old now. I remember the hype and all the forum mayhem so well, ha ha.
said at 11:26 PM on Wed Mar 6 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Caught your description and noticed the section on reused clips. Captain Falcon also qualifies for "reused from Melee."

"Come on, Blue Falcon" is actually found in Melee's debug mode (Search "Missing Super Smash Bros Melee Voice and Music Clips" on YouTube).

I also noticed that you credit "Samus Aran" to Sound Effects in Melee and to nothing in Smash 64. "Samus Aran" here should be that as well, as she once again does not speak when in armor. Now's as good as time as any to make the three match.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:27 AM on Thu Mar 7 2013
@rosebr10 Some of Falcon's clips are reused, but most are new, so he doesn't fully count.
said at 10:44 PM on Fri Apr 12 2013
@rosebr10 Also, virtually every fighting game, Melee and Brawl included, reuses at least some clips for most of their roster from other games, particularly their predecessors, so it would be kinda repetitive to list all of them.
said at 8:40 PM on Wed Aug 1 2012
 1 Shout Out!
This is my favorite game. I play this all the time on my wii, I know a lot of these voice actors in the game!
said at 7:14 PM on Wed Aug 1 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is an awesome game!
said at 10:37 AM on Sat Jul 28 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
To me, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is truly an excellent game. I loved just about every moment and every part of it.

For those who have tried out the Snake Codec Messages, you'll be surprised by the references that are made from them:'s_Codec_Messages
said at 7:10 PM on Thu Jan 12 2012
Does anybody know what month the new one is gonna come out?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:54 PM on Thu Jan 12 2012
@XxDream We don't know anything about the next Smash (release date included) other than it's coming, it's for Wii U and 3DS, and I'd bet money that Mario is in it.
said at 10:55 PM on Sat May 12 2012
@NCZ Of course! What would we do without Mario? I've heard rumors about this game where Nintendo said that they are not sure about whether they will make a no.4 or not since they just finished making "Kid Icarus: Uprising". For some reason, I kinda feel sad that they are making a new one. I don't know why but I guess I just feel like they are going to make it a bit too weird for some reason. I guess its just because it's for a new system other than the nintendo wii. I just wish that Nintendo would change their mind and make SSB4 for the Wii instead of 3Ds. But that's just What I think.
Well Anyways, If they do make a No.4 of the Smash series, I hope they add some sonic characters in the game like Tails,Knuckles,& Silver. Or simply just Tails. Yeah, That would be great. :)!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:59 PM on Sat May 12 2012
@tailz Sadly, the only thing stopping Wii from being dead is that The Last Story hasn't come out in NA yet. By the end of this year Nintendo will have shifted their home console focus exclusively to Wii U, so it wouldn't make much sense for a new SSB to be for the original Wii.

I wouldn't count on seeing another playable Sonic character. As cool as it'd be to see Knuckles or Shadow, Sakurai mentioned the goal for guests in Brawl was 2 or 3. Assuming they keep the same number for the next installment, I'd think the extra spot would be best used for someone from a different series.
said at 12:32 AM on Sun May 13 2012
@NCZ I know, I know. I guess i'm just used to seeing the smash series on a TV screen. It'd be weird to see it on a portable system.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:16 AM on Sun May 13 2012
@tailz Well then, it's a good thing the next one will be the best of both worlds. Nintendo will be making a version for the Wii U in addition to the 3DS.
said at 5:52 PM on Fri Apr 8 2011
there should be a smash bros. for the 3ds
Stephy Laurens
said at 7:44 AM on Thu Jun 9 2011
@jonhardwick Yeah, that would be pretty cool..but I like the whole TV game play better...but's it's inly my opinion. If they ever did have a Smash Bros. for 3DS, what modes would be added to it? I'd say they should add more characters to the roster too! That would be so great!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:21 PM on Sun Jun 12 2011
At E3, Reggie announced that the next Smash bros. will be on both 3DS and Wii U. So now everyone's happy! Looking forward to see what's in store! I hope Sonic and Snake stay aboard, because they were some of my favourite characters. And if they want another third-party character, Mega Man should definitely be added!
said at 5:28 PM on Fri Aug 19 2011
@NCZ These are about two-to-four-month-old comments, I'm sure... And I, myself, am looking forward to a SSB4. However, about the character roster, Sakurai said something about a limit, getting characters from a completely different universe into Nintendo's... I sorta agree with that statement, since if you put Nintendo together with characters from other brands, it would work a bit out of place, but Snake and Sonic are exceptions.

Also, the new Smash Bros. installment won't be in development until after Kid Icarus: Uprising's release date has come, I assume... So our time for waiting is now, until November or December, that is. But I have no idea, overall...

One more thing: the first Super Smash Bros. title had some nice balance in, so this new one will definitely have balance tweaking as well... Good news since Brawl and Melee had some fair share of balance issues, yet the former isn't as bad as the latter.
said at 10:08 PM on Tue Dec 27 2011
@jonhardwick luckily there is gonna be one.
said at 5:08 PM on Wed Feb 9 2011
Despite not everybody thinking about this in the meantime, we may as well need a new SSB installment. We have a SSF2 currently in development as a flash game, but the thought of another sequel in the main series is very unlikely. I've even heard from a few people that Brawl is actually the last game in the series, but some of them don't know what they're talking about since the series still lives on. But back to the main subject, wouldn't it be at least impressive if a sequel was made? I mean, c'mon! Originality from the first game needs to return like music, stages, and an epic announcer again. The only thing that doesn't need a change in my opinion are the graphics, which may look updated from Melee, but would work anyway. I usually like my media tastes from the 90s to early 2000s
SM Scorx
said at 2:39 PM on Thu Feb 10 2011

I think they release a new Smash Bros to coincide with a new Nintendo console.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:21 PM on Sun Jul 4 2010
Yeah, that's what I thought. Looks like all we need are some sound clips, maybe some more VA info, and we're done!
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 2:12 PM on Sun Jul 4 2010
nah, I say pass on the Pokemon, there's just way too many that they aren't even important characters
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:17 PM on Sun Jul 4 2010
There! The bosses and Assist Trophies are up. OK, I should be done... unless I should add all the Pokémon. Ulp.
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 2:37 AM on Sun Jul 4 2010
great pics NCZ, esp the ones in action poses
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:06 PM on Sat Jul 3 2010
OK guys, I added all of the playable characters, plus a few NPCs. If I'm missing anyone, just let me know.

Next will be the Subspace Emissary bosses and the Assist Trophies.
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