Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3
US Release: Jun 29, 1998
Japan Release: Jun 29, 1998
Europe Release: Sep 04, 1998

Game Developer: Capcom

Popularity: 594th All Time, 1,213th This Week

Franchise: Street Fighter
Characters on BTVA: 36
Street Fighter Alpha 3 gained many new characters across its various home console ports. The Playstation version, released in late 1998, added Dee Jay, Fei Long, T. Hawk, and Guile, along with Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma - all of whom were also present in the later Dreamcast and Sega Saturn versions released in 1999.

In 2001, the Dreamcast version was backported to the arcades as Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper.

The Gameboy Advance version, also titled Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (2002), kept the PS1 character roster while adding Yun, Maki, and Eagle.

The Playstation Portable version, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (2006) maintained the GBA roster while adding Ingrid.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter Alpha 3
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cast



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Shaun Ince
said at 9:25 PM on Fri Jan 19 2018
 4 Shout Outs!
The picture for Zangief makes me laugh every time I see it.
said at 11:31 AM on Sun Nov 12 2017
 1 Shout Out!
Can I just say that the soundtrack for Alpha 3 is eargasmic from start to finish? This game legitimately has what I'd consider the most hype OST in the entire franchise; the only subseries I think that could rival it from a musical perspective would be the SFIII saga, namely Double Impact and Third Strike (check the arranged rendition of the latter btw). Though EX isn't that *far* behind either.

Getting back to this installment's score, there are so many fantastic leitmotifs as well as other tracks holding it together. "Performance," "Shining One," "No More Swingin'," "Simple Rating," "Prismatic Stars," "Moments," "Groan," "Black Power"... Oh, the bangers are neverending! Ryu also got a brand new sick theme in the form of "The Road," but's what even sicker? It's not a remix of the SFII one. Look, I understand that's what's typically associated with the character, and for good reason: it's iconic. But damn it, I'm also jazzed to hear that both Alpha 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 1 at least did something interesting with the original Shoto's theme. Lastly, I have no words to express how amazing "Crimson" is for Vega (Balrog in Japan).

Tl;dr: Alpha 3's music is too hard to forget. I wanna thank my boys Takayuki Iwai and Hideki Okugawa for coming up with some rock solid tunes, not to mention Yuki Iwai, Tetsuya Shibata, and Isao Abe for their compositions.

NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:28 PM on Mon May 23 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
We can't upload clips for narrators at the moment, so pretend this is part of the page.
said at 4:30 PM on Mon May 23 2016
@NCZ Ha. You certainly know how to celebrate Playstation month.

I've always considered Alpha 3 to be a Playstation game, seeing as it is for the PSX, PSP and in the PS2's Alpha Anthology.
said at 4:39 PM on Mon May 23 2016
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:00 PM on Mon May 23 2016

Oh yeah, definitely the same. Even though the PS1 wasn't quite arcade-perfect compared to the DC and Saturn versions, it was definitely one of Capcom's most competent ports, along with Darkstalkers 3 and Jojo. The PSP version is basically the definitive way to play in my eyes, but the Alpha Anthology is also incredible. I poured so many hours into the game it was unreal. SFA3 is probably one of my top favourite fighting games ever. I just love everything about it, from the awesome sprites and stages to the unorthodox but memorable soundtrack.


NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:52 AM on Fri Oct 22 2010
They're in the PSP version. The four bonus characters make me wish I had a PSP...
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 12:45 AM on Fri Oct 22 2010
I always knew Eagle was in Alpha 3 but I never heard of Maki and Ingrid.
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