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Star Fox Assault

Star Fox Assault

Star Fox Assault

US Release Date: February 14, 2005

Game Developer: Namco Bandai

Franchise: Star Fox
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The Cast

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said at 2:37 AM on Mon Nov 3 2014
Great voice acting although FILTERS ARE EVERYWHERE
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:59 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
 4 Shout Outs! [?]
I never got what was up with the weird voice filter that every character had in this game.
said at 2:37 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
Who do you suppose voiced the Aparoid Queen?
Ultimate Fox
said at 5:59 AM on Thu Mar 20 2014
@SpongeBat1 The same person who voice Krystal!
Ultimate Fox
said at 10:15 AM on Wed Oct 23 2013
I freaking love this GAME!
said at 11:27 AM on Wed Mar 13 2013
@cdaoey: Not just who? The voice actors *did* get the credit. Except for those four "additional" VAs...
cdaoey (Guest)
said at 4:00 AM on Sun May 9 2010
The voice actors should have got the credit, not just them!

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Falco Lombardi
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Peppy Hare
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Listen to all the actors who have voiced the following Star Fox Assault characters.
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Peppy Hare
Slippy Toad
General Pepper
ROB 64
Wolf O'Donnell
Leon Powalski
Pigma Dengar
Andrew Oikonny
Panther Caroso
James McCloud
Prince Tricky