Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
US Release: Nov 18, 2012
Japan Release: May 15, 2014
Europe Release: Nov 16, 2012

Game Developer: Sumo Digital

Popularity: 167th All Time, 198th This Week

Franchise: Sega
Characters on BTVA: 21
The sequel to Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing features crossover kart racing action plus a new hook - vehicles that, at set points in the track, can transform between cars, planes, and boats.

Non-Sega characters Wreck-It Ralph, Heavy, Spy, and Pyro, as well as real-life racer Danica Patrick are present as guest characters. Ralph and Danica Patrick appear in all versions of the game, while the Team Fortress 2 trio is exclusive to PC players.
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
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Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Cast



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Belial Edge
said at 2:38 PM on Wed Aug 6 2014

To think this guy is the Japanese announcer of the game. XD
said at 10:37 AM on Sun Nov 10 2013
This game is the BEST racing I've ever played in my life. They really need to come up with something really good to make me change my mind.
said at 8:19 PM on Tue Jan 15 2013
I wish I had the Steam version so I could play as Heavy!
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