Mega Man X7

Mega Man X7
US Release: Oct 14, 2003
Japan Release: Jul 17, 2003
Europe Release: Mar 05, 2004

Popularity: 498th All Time, 725th This Week

Franchise: Mega Man
Characters on BTVA: 15
Mega Man X7 Mega Man X7
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Mega Man X7 Cast


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said at 7:47 AM on Tue Oct 10 2017
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said at 10:31 AM on Tue Aug 12 2014
If I cast the voice acting with Studiopolis actors, I'd chose the following:
X-Orion Acaba
Zero-Johnny Yong Bosch
Axl-Nicolas Roye
Alia-Laura Bailey
Signas-Jamieson Price
Soldier Stoneking-Dave Fennoy
Tornado Tonion-Dee Bradley Baker
Splash Warfly-Seth Green
Flame Hyenard-Kyle Hebert
Ride Boarski-Michael McConnohie
Snipe Anteater-Kim Strauss
Wind Crowrang-JD Cullum
Vanishing Gungaroo-Rob Paulsen
Red-David Hayter
Sigma-Michael Sorich
said at 5:42 PM on Thu Jul 2 2015
@TrueMyriad As much i would like see that happen, i think that some of these veteran voice actors won't probably join the Studiopolis due to the fact they hadn't even discover to work with these advanced voice actors and actresses such as themselves yet. And i still wanted to see Blue Water Studios handle the X series in games and maybe in the animated series since L.A. Voice Dub Recording Studios and Dallas & Houston Dub Recording Studios and maybe Vancouver Dub Recording Studios cover ups very most of these games, i think that Blue Water Studios would do the same since X Command Mission and Onwards to Maverick Hunter X. I know it's your dream idea and i would find it interesting and would respect this, but for Dee, Seth, Rob, David, Michael, and Dave being part of Studiopolis i don't see that happening anytime soon.
said at 4:34 AM on Thu Sep 12 2013
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I do like this game but the dubbing yeesh... it's worse than X4's. At least there's the Japanese option

That said Axl is the least unbearable while X is the worst voicewise, the latter reminds me of Jiang Wei in Dynasty warriors 7 and that is not a good thing
said at 2:45 PM on Wed Jun 13 2012
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Wow, that audio clip for Zero sounds much lower and a bit slower than the real thing. Not a great example for a cast which already comes under heavy fire. I for one think the voice acting isn't that bad in X7. In fact, Zero's voice sounds very good to me.
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