US Release: Mar 24, 2009
Japan Release: Mar 27, 2008
Europe Release: Mar 27, 2009

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Lux-Pain Lux-Pain
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said at 1:20 PM on Mon Jan 8 2018
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Nice FUNimation filled cast...

shame then that the god awful close to ear bleedingly awful translation takes them and everything else about the game down like a meteor.

One I absolutely cannot recommend to anyone.
said at 5:15 PM on Mon Jan 8 2018
You don't mean the dubbed dialogue, right? Cuz it's mostly paraphrased to flow more smoothly than the in game text. I think the voice acting makes up for the amateuristic in game text, but geez. Wouldn't hurt to make the voiced dialogues and the text align. It's not even that difficult.

I'm actually convinced that the game hasn't been beta tested at all, and even if it did, the beta tester is awful at their job.

To be honest, if I ignore the fact that there's constant grammar, spelling and other formatting errors, the game is actually fairly enjoyable.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:51 AM on Tue Jan 9 2018

Why blame the testers? They're not the ones who make the decisions.
said at 1:25 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018
A beta tester's job is to report back any errors they find, whether it's a game breaking bug, spelling/grammar error, formatting glitch, and the like. Based on what I've played, I am inclined to believe the above scenarios.

It's quite obvious that whomever approved of the final product didn't give enough of a damn about the entire localization (barring the voiceovers).
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:32 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018

And it's the publisher's job to take those findings and actually take action with them. There are several instances of beta testers' work being ignored because greedy publishers refused to budge on their deadlines. In even worse cases they then get blamed or laid off for the executives' decision-making. I don't know if this is the right tree to bark up when it's the executives in charge who have the power here, rather than the grunts at the bottom.
said at 1:38 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018

Yeah, but editing text in a game is super easy. And they had an entire year to work on making it presentable. This is an issue of a lack of competence than greedy.

Zero Escape 999's localization took about four months to complete, and the difference between this and Lux Pain are like night and day.

I'd say blame everyone that is involved with the text. I don't care if the publishers refused to budge, or if the beta testers are terrible at their job. They're all to blame because they're a team.

Whatever the case, look how far this got Ignition. It's obvious that players CARE about the texts' accuracy and the quality of the localization.
said at 1:41 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018
Also: Why hire beta testers when the higher ups couldn't be bothered to fix whatever errors they find? Sounds like a waste of money to me. No reputable company ignores blatant errors. It's pretty obvious as to why Ignition went defunct - cuz they don't care enough.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:01 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018

Okay there are a few things here.

1. Ignition was not responsible for the game's localization. Marvelous handled it themselves. While they can perhaps be blamed for forcing the game out by the end of the fiscal year, the translation isn't theirs and in any case this one game isn't why Ignition went under.

2. When a game is localized after the fact, the original localization has to be reprogrammed into the game. A lot of localizations have faced trouble over the years because the game may not be programmed to have the right fonts or necessary characters, not have enough space or a lenient enough character limit, because the game wasn't originally developed with that in mind. The publisher who picked a release up might also receive poor documentation or communication from the original developers that make things hard to course-correct if anything goes south. It's also entirely possible that there were people involved fully aware of the localization's shoddy state, but their hands were tied or they were put under pressure and weren't able to act. Ignition have been similarly dealt bad hands from Japanese devs in cases like Arc Rise Fantasia, where the "dub" wasn't actually a true dub, but commissioned by the original developers in order to shop it to prospective partners. The majority of games nowadays are developed with localization in mind so it is less of an issue. "Super easy" doesn't seem totally right when game development is notorious for the hellish conditions that almost every release faces.

For all we know the intention clearly was for the voiced script to be *the* script. Evidently something went wrong along the way. Was it that the textual script was done first and then refined for the VO? Or that the VO script had to be compressed liberally to produce the text?

3. It happens. Never underestimate the hubris people will refuse to step down from in order to make a fat check. A small publisher by the name of Sega has famously had that exact situation happen to them.

By no means am I making excuses. There've been plenty of outright shoddy, rushed localizations from publishers of all sizes. It's impossible to say what the story is here since there's a variety of different conditions that can lead to that. Was it incompetence, and if so from whom? How much of a say did each of the various companies involved here have with each step of the way (i.e. from signing the game to setting deadlines, to eyeing the finished product and figuring out what to do with it). The point is here you're being really quick to throw blame at the completely wrong people. ESPECIALLY the beta testers, because it's not them who have any say in the final decisions on a creative or executive level. It's like blaming a waiter for bad food.
said at 2:08 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018
Valid points, but do bear in mind that I also added, "blame everyone that allowed this to happen". At this point, I don't think I even care anymore why it turned out the way it did. It's their responsibility that they allowed a shoddy product to go on sale.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:12 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018

I don't know why there's such a hangup on finding someone *to* blame anyway.
said at 2:18 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018
Because several gamers and I aren't appreciative of publishers that don't care enough to properly produce a localization. Someone's definitely responsible for this debacle. It's a big pet peeve of mine because standards matter.

The result of this wreaks of apathy and laziness. Like, if you're gonna do it, do a good job and give it your all. If not, don't do it at all. That's all I have to say, really.
said at 2:20 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018
Also - yes, Lux Pain isn't the direct cause of why Ignition went under, but it's one of them.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:31 PM on Tue Jan 9 2018

Finding someone to blame IS a thing with gamers yeah. But I don't think it's ever as simple as apathy or laziness. On the executive level, sometimes the creative, yeah it's not uncommon. But I mean you can call that out without throwing everybody under the bus. That's just a bit scapegoaty for me when it's extremely rare for no one on a project to have legitimate intentions, especially when beholden to forces beyond their control.
said at 4:40 AM on Sat Jan 6 2018
One element that I'll probably never understand is why the dub script makes so much more sense than the in game script, and why the dub script is not used in place of that.
said at 4:46 AM on Sat Jan 6 2018
Ah, so it was done by Ignition Entertainment. No wonder why it closed not long after this debacle. Don't get me wrong - the voice acting is excellent. It's just that in game text is so horribly written that it honestly makes me wonder why it sucks so much; even worse than that of a fan translation.
said at 10:22 AM on Sat Jan 6 2018
It's also weird how some scenes are only partially voiced. What I mean is, only characters that have voices speak in those scenes. Those that were never given a voice remain silent. That is REALLY awkward, but it's honestly not as bad as the localization job itself. Like really, did anyone beta test the game at all?
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