Lego City Undercover

Lego City Undercover
US Release: Mar 18, 2013
Japan Release: Jul 25, 2013
Europe Release: Mar 28, 2013

Game Developer: Traveller's Tales

Popularity: 408th All Time, 337th This Week

Franchise: LEGO
Characters on BTVA: 15
Lego City Undercover Lego City Undercover
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Lego City Undercover Cast


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said at 5:16 PM on Wed Nov 13 2013
I don't recognize a single name on this cast list.
I'm not sure if I'm living under a rock, or if the voice talent in this game is mostly new.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:33 PM on Wed Nov 13 2013
@RenoRebirth The game was recorded in London, so the voice actors are UK-based. Most of them have been around for a while, and Peter Serafinowicz is probably the most well-known for his work on stuff like Phantom Menace, Shaun of the Dead, and Look Around You. Jules de Jongh and Kerry Shale are also pretty established VAs in the UK.
said at 5:37 PM on Wed Nov 13 2013
@NCZ Well I guess that explains it. I'm not a big movie guy, nor am I that informed on UK media.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:24 PM on Wed Nov 13 2013
@RenoRebirth Perfectly logical reason. A lot of the things that British voice actors work on don't get much exposure to American audiences.

Oh, I should clarify also, Josh Robert Thompson mainly works in LA, but he's in this anyway.
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