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Lego Batman: The Videogame

Lego Batman: The Videogame

Lego Batman: The Videogame

US Release Date: September 23, 2008

Franchises: Batman, Lego
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said at 10:45 AM on Wed Nov 20 2013
A great Lego game though nowadays it has been outranked by many others that followed but it will still be good no matter how great TT make Lego games in the upcoming future.
said at 9:28 AM on Fri Nov 1 2013
Some of the greatest voice actors in the buissnes come together to voice this iconic comic book characters,only to end up doing some grunts.Goddamit what a wasted oportunity.

Most of all perhapsed our onlt chance to hear Steven Blum as the Joker thrown in the toilet.
said at 10:44 AM on Wed Nov 20 2013
@Xymor i'm sure Steve will get his chance to voice Joker full time one day.
said at 8:03 PM on Thu Nov 8 2012
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I wouldn't mind seeing some of these voice actors actually speak in these roles
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:46 AM on Wed May 30 2012
I'm amazed they got such well-known voice actors just to do grunts.
said at 2:51 PM on Wed May 30 2012

Cant wait for the sequel eh?
said at 12:31 AM on Sat Jun 9 2012
@NCZ Dang. They actually put more effort into the casting of this game than Cartoon Network: Punch Explosion... which is sad because that game was fully voiced with familiar characters...
said at 10:48 PM on Thu Jul 5 2012
@NCZ Well, it's a LEGO game; what do you expect?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:57 PM on Thu Jul 5 2012
@pokemastanumba1 Not sure what you're getting at here, but I do own this game for the record. Obviously, I wasn't expecting that such voice actors would be doing the grunts.
said at 6:14 PM on Fri Jul 6 2012
@NCZ Now that you mention it, it IS quite unfortunate that such great voice talent did go to waste here, especially with Steve Blum as the Batman! Though I suppose that that's the way it is with Lego games.

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