Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Voice Director: Robert Buchholz

US Release: Mar 22, 2011
Japan Release: Mar 03, 2011
Europe Release: Mar 25, 2011

Game Developer: Square Enix

Popularity: 85th All Time, 334th This Week

Franchise: Final Fantasy
Characters on BTVA: 34
A sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy, adding nine new characters, gameplay tweaks, fleshing out the plotline, and a new story mode taking place prior to the previous game.

Aerith is an assist character only, and is not playable.
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Cast


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said at 4:03 PM on Fri Apr 4 2014
The number of hours I put into this game, I never realised that Natalie Lander was Terra.
said at 9:22 AM on Fri Sep 27 2013
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I love how Dave Wittenberg put a little bit of a Mark Hamill's Joker impression into his performance as Kefka in the first game, but in this game, as can be heard in the clip, he put ALOT MORE of it into the voice and performance. And there's totally nothing wrong with that!
said at 7:22 AM on Mon Apr 29 2013
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I kind of missed Gregg Berger. It's nice to know that an old school Transformers VA got a role in FF~

Also, I think my favorite voice in this entire game is Kain's. Seriously, Liam sounds awesome in this role.
said at 12:02 PM on Tue Mar 26 2013
There are actors in California, Texas, and New York? How did Square Enix manage to do that?
said at 4:06 PM on Mon Feb 2 2015
@MrParadox well it seems that some
People in Japan were working for square were big fans of full Metal alchemist and since kenji utsumi was the voice of Alex Armstrong Christopher Sabat was brought in for the role of garland
said at 1:36 PM on Tue May 16 2017
@Serfi3289 @MrParadox they also share the role of shenron in dragon ball
said at 4:23 AM on Sat Aug 25 2012
....The cast is a good cast, but I'm sorry, a lot of the delivery from these people are just so bland, and it annoys me because they have no right to be!

Sephiroth speaks a bit like captain Kirk, Cloud sounds like an emo git, Yuna's lifeless... ok, actors JYB is awesome, Liam OBrien is awesome, Laura Bailey and especially Keith David and Anthony Landor are incredible, but they know how to direct themselves as much be directed. Some are good, the rest (and sadly in my op the majority) are just bland.

I think it needs a serious overhaul.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:27 AM on Sat Nov 3 2012
@Aussieroth I think it's mostly direction. The voice director for Dissidia and the other spinoffs (Bob Buchholz) isn't the same as the director for the main series games (Jack Fletcher). I noticed that Lightning and Yuna in particular sound a lot huskier and less emotive than they do in their original games. You do have to admit that the acting this time around is much better than the first Dissidia.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:32 AM on Sat Nov 3 2012
@Aussieroth For the record, I thought the voice acting was quite solid overall, though I found a few characters did sound a bit flat like you mentioned (Vaan could've been more expressive, though his battle clips were much better). There were some truly great performances, like Laguna, Kain, Kefka, and The Emperor, to name a few.
said at 5:28 PM on Wed Feb 27 2013
@NCZ I dunno dude, the more I listen to them (except a few like Keith David) I'm always aware that I'm hearing someone behind a microphone. Though I think the director's more to blame than anyone else.
said at 9:13 AM on Fri Sep 27 2013
@NCZ The voice direction in both games is average at most. Some voices and performances (notably Kefka, Kuja, and Cosmos) are noticeably improved in the second game, most others are about just the same as they were in the first, and in the odd cases of Cloud and Gabranth, they sound WORSE than they did in the first one!
said at 9:18 AM on Fri Sep 27 2013
@Aussieroth Bub Bucholz's direction is totally to blame for this. The cast is near perfect with the exceptions of Ultimecia and Cid's voice actors, who are just awful and miscast. Everyone else have perfect fit voices but inconsistent performances.

I'd actually say Yuna was more Shatner like than Sephiroth here. At least Sephiroth's odd speaking could be excused by the fact that he's inhuman. Yuna has no such excuse, and we know from X-2 and KHII that Hedy Burress can do better.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:34 PM on Fri Sep 27 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus Eh, Gabranth I can forgive because they didn't give him much to do in the new story scenes, although the complete change in his accent was jarring. I will agree that the voice acting in Dissidia isn't as strong as the main FF games.
said at 9:15 AM on Sat Sep 28 2013
@NCZ Gabranth is forgivable but still just...not the same. Upon close inspection, I think George Newbern as Sephiroth sounded a little out of practice here when compared to his performance in the original Dissidia (which sounded almost exactly like his Advent Children one)...but it's still only *a little bit*, so I can still bear it.

Cloud, however...just awful. In the first one, he sound great with his battle lines and in his own story (including his final showdown with Sephiroth in Shade Impulse), but sounded stiff and emotionless everywhere else. In this one, only his battle lines are good. He sounds like he did everywhere else in the first game taken up to eleven. An example of how more consistent voice direction can sometimes be a bad thing.
said at 7:21 PM on Mon Aug 20 2012
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Hopefully some day in a future FF game they can have a cast as good as this I mean Keith Ferguson, Veronica Taylor, Chris Sabat, Dave Wittenberg and Keith David all in the same game ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!
said at 2:28 PM on Mon Apr 9 2012
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The Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy series truly has one of the greatest voice casts ever assembled for a video game series without a doubt.
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