Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
Voice Director: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

US Release: Jun 30, 2017
Japan Release: Aug 03, 2017
Europe Release: Jun 30, 2017

Game Developer: Vicarious Visions

Popularity: 187th All Time, 166th This Week

Franchise: Crash Bandicoot
Characters on BTVA: 19
Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
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Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy Cast


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said at 4:05 PM on Tue Mar 20 2018
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I'm very glad to see that this is going multiplat this year. Now more gamers will have access to it, and that means more money for Vicarious Visions, too! I'm looking forward to playing it on my PC!
said at 11:41 PM on Fri Jun 30 2017
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After playing this game, I'm truly impressed at the great amount of acting this game had to other. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn did some absolutely solid voice direction and Lex Lang is as his absolute best as Cortex here.
said at 2:43 PM on Fri Jun 30 2017
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Mary McGlynn voice directed this? I thought she was only a VO. Nice job to her solid direction
said at 9:34 AM on Mon Jul 3 2017
@HyperVoiceActing She also directed the redubs for Silent Hill 2 & 3 for the Silent Hill: HD Collection, but I feel those weren't as universally acclaimed as the direction on this is.
Shaun Ince
said at 9:54 AM on Mon Jul 3 2017
@HyperVoiceActing She's done lots of voice direction over the years. The one she's most known for is Naruto's dub.
said at 9:17 PM on Mon Aug 28 2017
@Shaun Ince ...and Cowboy Bebop's.
said at 12:43 PM on Fri Jun 30 2017
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Got to love Debi Derryberry, the voice of Jimmy Neutron!
said at 2:40 PM on Fri Jun 30 2017
@E-Star99 - Especially now that she's actually separated Jimmy from her Coco voice
said at 10:45 PM on Wed Jul 19 2017
@HyperVoiceActing They're BOTH inventors you know.
HK-47 master
said at 2:23 AM on Sat Jun 24 2017
Another thing I noticed is that a few of the voice actors were involved with the Batman Arkham series (Corey Burton, Maurice LaMarche, Dwight Schultz, Fred Tatasciore, and even John DiMaggio because he was in Assault on Arkham).
said at 8:19 PM on Sat Jun 24 2017
@HK-47 master I wouldn't think that as particularly notable since as mainstream VAs based in L.A., they're in practically everything else.
HK-47 master
said at 2:56 PM on Wed Jun 21 2017
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You know, I realized something; both Corey Burton and Maurice LaMarche are known for voicing cold and calculated characters and now they're both in this game and both playing scientist characters.
said at 4:25 PM on Wed Jun 21 2017
@HK-47 master - Interesting coincidence, indeed
HK-47 master
said at 3:08 AM on Thu Jun 22 2017
@HyperVoiceActing To add extra coincidence, I thought that Corey's voice for N. Tropy in WOC sounded a bit like Maurice.
said at 3:56 PM on Tue Jun 13 2017
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Okay, everything we've seen about the game in the past two days is just amazing.

Lex is still killing it as Cortex, and I'm surprised with how well Debi is as Coco here. I was afraid she'd sound like Jimmy Neutron again. John as Uka is very good (filter might be a touch too thick personally) and Fred's Dingodile seems pretty good from the one clip they released.
said at 4:45 PM on Mon Mar 13 2017
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Shame they couldn't bring back Michael Ensign as Tropy.
said at 6:59 AM on Thu Jun 15 2017
@jonhardwick - Is he still voice acting?
said at 3:47 AM on Fri Jun 16 2017
Well his last know acting credit was an episode of The Detour and his last voice acting credit was 2011's Infamous 2, So perhaps he's retired or doing theatre now
The Ear of One
said at 11:08 AM on Wed Mar 1 2017
too bad, whiched for some of the old trilogy to be back. then again, some may bring thier own charm.
said at 2:07 PM on Sun Feb 26 2017
How long Corey Burton hasn't voiced Dr. N. Gin?
Shaun Ince
said at 9:55 PM on Mon Feb 27 2017
@pm58790 16 years
said at 3:17 AM on Thu Feb 23 2017
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I would've preferred Nolan North as N. Gin, or at the very least, Quinton Flynn. But, I'll give Corey Burton the benefit of the doubt, for now.
said at 4:06 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
I agree with the masses about the lack of Nolan North as N Gin. He was, in my opinion, one of the standout performances in both Titans games.

I'm actually glad to see Burton back as N Tropy. I think under the right direction, he'd make a fantastic Tropy and I feel this will be a great display of that.

Fred as Dingodile is definitely the most interesting choice here. I'd love to see more roles like this that'd really show off his range.

DiMaggio is another choice I'm glad is returning. Mainly for his Uka Uka; I actually he had the most well rounded performance for the character.

The rest I feel is a great choice. Just gives me yet more reasons to get this collection
said at 4:48 AM on Sat Feb 18 2017
CTR had my favorite voices for each character and I wish they used them instead. Tawnas "voice" will most likely be gasps and sighs but if she did get a speaking role, I'd really want her to get her own voice actress seperate from Coco. For a Tawna speaking role I'd like to see Jennifer Martin, Megan Hollingshead, or Wendee Lee.
said at 7:59 PM on Fri Feb 17 2017
Really hope Corey's N. Gin will be better around this time.
Black Shadow Zero
said at 4:54 AM on Fri Feb 17 2017
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DiMaggio is back as Tiny so is Greg Eagles as Aku Aku. Amazing! I am extremely hyped for this game to be honest
said at 11:11 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
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Super happy Debi is back as Coco.
said at 6:03 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
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I wonder how Debi will handle Tawna.
HK-47 master
said at 12:35 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
For Corey's N. Tropy, I hope he uses a more arrogant version of his Shcokwave voice this time. Not that his WOC voice was necessarily bad, it just didn't sound much like Michael Ensign (and ironically sounded a little like Maurice LaMarche).

For John's Uka Uka, I hope he uses a more darker and powerful voice like his Galactus this time.

It'll be interesting to see how Fred will handle the Australian accent for Dingodile, but he might just surprise us and show some real versatility. It's funny that he'll be voicing Komodo Moe since Moe's laugh and grunts in CSB sounded a little Tatasciore-like.

To be honest, I have mixed thoughts on Debi returning as Coco; whilst she has a good history with the character (especially since she's voiced her the longest), I felt her latest voice slipped in and out of her Jimmy Neutron voice which became distracting; but under better direction, she might just get better again. I was actually hoping that they'd give Hynden Walch another shot.

I'm a little disappointed that they haven't gotten Nolan back to voice N. Gin. Sure; the N. Gin he voiced wasn't very cool-headed like the one from the original ames, but with LaMarche and DiMaggio set to play traditional versions of the characters they're voicing I thought it would make sense for Nolan to return. He might just be too busy though.
said at 6:02 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
@HK-47 master Debi's late-2000's Coco voice was more Jimmy Neutron-esque (which I didn't mind), but the character had aged since Wrath of Cortex.

I'm in agreement with the lack of Nolan North. I don't care what people say about the writing in Radical's games, N. Gin was hilarious with North. Corey Burton will do fine, now that he'll have more dialogue to work with.
said at 11:41 AM on Thu Feb 16 2017
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I do like we're seeing characters that have never been given a voice (or a whole lot of material) get new voices, but I'm a little disappointed that it's pretty much mostly multi casting here (exception of Lex, Greg, and Dwight). Just wish there was a couple other names in here
said at 11:50 AM on Thu Feb 16 2017
@skeletonking1234 Seems a bit pointless (and needlessly spendy) to dedicate individual VAs to characters who barely had any lines to begin with. My bet is that the non-speaking characters will get a few grunts or the like just to spruce things up a bit. Besides, multi-casting's a pretty economic use of versatile voice talent, so I'm always behind it.
said at 11:29 AM on Thu Feb 16 2017
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Really disappointed that they didn't bring North back as N. Gin, but I'm interested in how Tatasciore's take on Dingodile is going to go, and I can certainly picture Harnell as Pinstripe (even if he doesn't have any real lines in his game).
Shaun Ince
said at 12:17 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
@CatsTuxedo Me too. Corey Burton as N Gin doesn't sit right with me. Makes him sound like a weak simpering lackey in comparison to all the other N Gin voices
said at 12:24 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
@Shaun Ince I'm willing to pin that more on direction and writing than anything, since that's pretty much all Corey had to work with at the time. At the very least, he should be able to give a better performance this go-round.

Besides, I suppose I kind of get where they're coming from with this decision. Since this trilogy is meant to be a recreation of the series' earliest installments, they're playing it particularly safe with the casting, and while North is certainly funny as N. Gin, he's not very representative of how the character was back then.
Shaun Ince
said at 1:45 PM on Thu Feb 16 2017
@CatsTuxedo Yeah you make a good point. I think if this was a new sequel instead of a remaster maybe we would have got Nolan back as N Gin. Though I'm willing to see how Corey Burton will sound under better direction.
said at 3:54 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
@CatsTuxedo - If that was the logic they're going under, then shouldn't they have passed over LaMarche for a voice actor better fitting of that era's version of Brio?
said at 4:07 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
@HyperVoiceActing I don't see how LaMarche is too deviant from Brio's general characterization, so I guess they figured it was a safe bet to stick with him.
said at 4:16 PM on Sat Feb 18 2017
@CatsTuxedo - Fair enough. I will say that it's interesting to see him play a more classic N Brio after the complete 180 his personality took in Mind Over Mutant (which was honestly one of the few personality changes from the Titans games that I thought worked well)
Shaun Ince
said at 9:48 PM on Sat Feb 11 2017
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Eagerly awaits to see whether or not Nolan North will reprise as N. Gin. If most of the cast from Twin Sanity to Mind over Mutant is coming back, Nolan as N. Gin is very likely as well. Hopefully we'll get another cast announcement in the next few weeks.
Shaun Ince
said at 9:35 PM on Wed Dec 28 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
I hope in some way, shape or form they bring Brendan O Brien back even if he's not voicing N Gin or Cortex anymore. Heck I'd be glad if they got him back as Tiny Tiger
said at 2:20 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
@Shaun Ince It'd be nice if he voiced someone, but based on recent developments, most of the characters will likely be voiced by their most recent voice actor. Tiny might be the exception given his heavy retooling in Crash of the Titans, but there's still John DiMaggio. If Pinstripe gets any actual lines in the remakes, I would love if Brendan reprised.
Shaun Ince
said at 3:16 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
@Scrappy-Fan92 Considering this trilogy is a remaster of the first 3 games, it's going to be the first version of Tiny Tiger, the hulking beast that hates the bandicoots in contrast to the timid, apologetic version in Crash Of the Titans.
said at 7:14 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
@Shaun Ince That's what I'm saying, Vicarious Visions will likely consider the most recent rendition of "classic" Tiny as first priority, so the remakes will probably use DiMaggio.
said at 8:57 AM on Fri Dec 30 2016
@Shaun Ince I would love to hear him as N Gin again. honestly. But that's not going to happening sadly haha.
said at 9:44 AM on Wed Jan 11 2017
@Shaun Ince
I wonder if Greg Eagles is Aku-Aku again?
said at 1:18 PM on Wed Jan 11 2017
@SonicWarrior234 Considering he reprised for Skylanders, that's a very safe bet.
said at 2:44 PM on Sat Feb 4 2017
True, but he sounded really different in the gameplay.
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