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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

US Release Date: October 02, 1997

Franchise: Castlevania
Remade in 2007 as part of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. The remake had a different script and used Los Angeles-based actors.
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said at 8:24 PM on Wed Oct 8 2014
Robert Belgrade was the only real stand out performance honestly.
said at 9:57 PM on Fri Oct 24 2014
@Gaddes Dennis Falt as well.
said at 11:32 PM on Fri Oct 24 2014
@Metabad Yeah, he as alright as well.
said at 4:47 AM on Thu Mar 5 2015
@Metabad Didn't really hate the dub like most people do, I thought they did alright for the most part, my only real gripes are with Dracula, Maria and Richter
said at 1:48 PM on Fri May 29 2015
@HienFan I actually liked Maria, but otherwise I do agree for the most part. I don't really like the Succubus' original voice, and I felt Belgrade has always been pretty iffy and entertaining as Alucard, but yeah I don't hate the dub at all, it's flawed, but pretty fun all around.

Plus Death's original voice is pretty much how I always imagined his voice in any medium ever, if skeletons could talk, that's how I'd imagine them all to sound like.
said at 10:10 PM on Tue Oct 7 2014
Some weird voices(Dracula) but also some good voices(ALUCARD) on the old port, Robert Belgrade you will be missed
said at 4:47 PM on Tue Oct 30 2012
Actually, Richter was voiced by Michael Gough II and Dracula by Scott McCulloch
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:52 PM on Tue Oct 30 2012
@Toady_12 Nope.
said at 6:09 PM on Tue Oct 30 2012
@NCZ Really? Okay, but that's what I read everywhere on the Internet. Mabye it was wrong
said at 1:05 PM on Thu Jun 14 2012
Robert Belgrade's voice as Alucard is magnificent. I believe the deep voice suits the conflicted son who knows that his father is evil, and yet has been told—or taught—to kill humans.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:15 PM on Thu Jun 14 2012
@Xenogeist I agree with you. The rest of the voice acting in the PS1 version was iffy, but Alucard's voice was actually really good.
said at 11:45 PM on Sat Jun 23 2012
@NCZ I thought Death's voice was pretty good.
said at 7:57 PM on Sun Mar 20 2011
This game makes a more interesting and high, dark approach to the series... I like that! What with its incredible voice acting (weird and cheesy scripts, by the way), graphics, gameplay and story. However I will say that the nostalgic factor goes more for Super Castlevania IV, in my opinion. And about the voice clips above, why couldn't those be from the original version, and not the PSP version? The recasting is great, but the nostalgic factor is more gone than back and I would not kill to ever play this version. Rest aside, I'd like to steal a little bit of dialogue for my admiration to this wonderful game... Here it goes!

Richter: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute.
Richter: Tribute!?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!
Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions...
Richter: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!
Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk... Have at you!

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