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Bravely Default

Bravely Default

Bravely Default

US Release Date: February 07, 2014
Japan Release Date: October 11, 2012
Europe Release Date: December 07, 2013

Game Developer: Square Enix

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said at 11:34 PM on Tue Aug 19 2014
I know it's a dumb question to ask, but why does Edea pronounce her frustrated grunt "mrgrgr" phonetically as "murgurgur"?
said at 1:40 AM on Thu Apr 24 2014
I'm fairly certain Praline is Stephanie Sheh
said at 3:22 PM on Sun Apr 6 2014
here are actors I found in my internet research:
Victoria-carrie savage
mephilia venus-karen strassman
Einheria venus-cindy robinson
braev lee-david sobolov
Magnolia arch-amanda winn lee
saranish steiner-christopher corey smith
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:04 PM on Sun Apr 6 2014
@TrueMyriad While some of those are credible and worth looking into, Carrie Savage and Cindy Robinson aren't listed in the ending credits. And David Sobolov is most assuredly not Brave Lee.
said at 12:18 PM on Sat Apr 12 2014
@NCZ what if Cindy Robinson and Carrie Savage were just uncredited? They most likely had the option not to have their names in the credits, as most voice actors in many anime and games are uncredited for their voice-over work.
said at 4:08 PM on Sun Apr 20 2014
@NCZ you're right about one thing, David Sobolov is most definitely not Brave Lee, but Cindy Robinson and Carrie Savage are uncredited, and Karen Strassman is Mephillia Venus, and Amanda Winn Lee is Magnolia Arch.
said at 2:57 PM on Sun Feb 16 2014
I found some more on both and the final fantasy wikia:
David sobolov-brave lee(Marshall Brave Lee)
Cindy robinson-valkyrie einheria venus(einherjar venus)
Karen strassman-mephillia venus(melfirea venus)
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:49 AM on Mon Feb 10 2014
Full voice cast from credits (no characters are listed):

Amanda Winn-Lee
Ashley Ann
Bill Black
Bryce Papenbrook
Cassandra Lee
Christopher Corey Smith
Dave B. Mitchell
Dave Cox
Dave Mallow
David Keefir
Deborah Sale-Butler
Erin Fitzgerald
George C. Cole
Hailie Alexander
Jyun Takagi
Kaiji Tang
Karen Strassman
Kira Buckland
Kirk Thornton
Kyle Hebert
Laura Post
Lauren Landa
Liam O'Brien
Lucien Dodge
Michael Sinterniklaas
Michael Sorich
Mona Marshall
Popeye V.
Rachel Rigg
Richard Epcar
Spike Spencer
Stephanie Sheh
Steve Cannon
Terrence Stone
Tony Oliver
Valerie Arem
Wendee Lee
said at 5:04 PM on Sat Feb 15 2014

In case your wondering:

Michael Sinterniklaas - Jackal
Victoria - Carrie Savage
Inn Keeper - Paul St. Peter
Barbarossa - Michael Sorich
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:14 PM on Sat Feb 15 2014
@SecretJustin1130 I'm going to need a source for the Carrie Savage credit considering she's not listed.
said at 6:10 AM on Sun Feb 16 2014
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:56 AM on Wed Feb 19 2014
@SecretJustin1130 Wikis aren't usable sources unfortunately.
said at 2:28 AM on Tue Jul 8 2014
@NCZ I'm honestly thinking Victoria is voiced by Carrie Savage. The voice is basically is a dead on Penny Milfer from Shin Chan. I did find this website that isn't Wikipedia that says Carrie Savage does voice Victoria

I'm thinking she either may be under an alias or just went uncredited. To my ears, it truly sounds like Carrie Savage
said at 12:28 AM on Sat Sep 27 2014
@NCZ Im tossing out a guess maybe Wendee lee voiced Victoria
said at 9:47 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
The English trailers of this game so far don't do the English voice acting any justice. It's like they took the worst reads from all of the actors and put them in the trailer. It's practically "play this game with the Japanese voices" bait.

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