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Detective Pikachu Game AnnouncedDetective Pikachu Game Announced

Solve mysteries with a talking, gruff-voiced Pikachu in this downloadable 3DS game

@ 2:24 PM on Thu Jan 28 2016
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Fire Emblem Fates: 40 Minutes English GameplayFire Emblem Fates: 40 Minutes English Gameplay

The next game in the strategy RPG series approaches its NA launch with a new look at its English edition

@ 2:23 PM on Thu Jan 28 2016
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Meet Lin's Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles XMeet Lin's Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Cassandra Lee Morris reveals a little about the process of getting into character for the recent sci-fi RPG.

@ 4:38 PM on Thu Dec 24 2015
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Hideo Kojima Teams up with Sony on upcoming IPHideo Kojima Teams up with Sony on upcoming IP

Kojima Productions lives on as an independent video game studio.

@ 10:47 PM on Tue Dec 15 2015
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Akuma to Appear in Tekken 7Akuma to Appear in Tekken 7

An update called "Fated Retribution" will feature the popular Street Fighter character

@ 10:22 AM on Sat Dec 12 2015
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Street Fighter V Launch Characters TrailerStreet Fighter V Launch Characters Trailer

Spotlights each of the 16 launch characters and a sneak peek at the game's cinematic opening.

@ 1:32 PM on Mon Dec 7 2015
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Uncharted 4: Stories of the Motion Capture SetUncharted 4: Stories of the Motion Capture Set

Nolan North, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, and Richard McGonagle relate their experiences on the game

@ 12:08 PM on Sun Dec 6 2015
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Laura Bailey Is In Uncharted 4Laura Bailey Is In Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog has revealed that Bailey will play a part in the fourth installment of the Uncharted series.

@ 2:07 PM on Thu Nov 26 2015
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Xenoblade Chronicles X Full Voice CastXenoblade Chronicles X Full Voice Cast

Thanks to French Nintendo fansite NintendoActu.com, the massive RPG's dub cast is now official.

@ 9:14 PM on Wed Nov 25 2015
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Street Fighter V: Story Mode PreviewStreet Fighter V: Story Mode Preview

The next installment of the Street Fighter series has the beginning of its story shown off in English and Japanese.

@ 11:25 AM on Tue Nov 17 2015
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How Chris Sutherland Voices Yooka-LayleeHow Chris Sutherland Voices Yooka-Laylee

The programmer and voice behind Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct, and Yooka Laylee reveals his process

@ 5:04 PM on Fri Nov 13 2015
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Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Joins Smash BrosFinal Fantasy VII's Cloud Joins Smash Bros

The iconic RPG protagonist joins Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu, and Pac-Man in an unprecedented crossover

@ 3:03 PM on Thu Nov 12 2015
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Skylanders Are Coming To TV + Voice CastSkylanders Are Coming To TV + Voice Cast

The toy-to-life video game series is getting animated in Skylanders Academy.

@ 4:44 PM on Fri Nov 6 2015
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Fallout 4
  1. Fallout 4
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  2. L.A. Noire
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  3. South Park: The Stick of Truth
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  4. The Godfather: The Video Game
    159 characters
  5. Marvel Heroes
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  6. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
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  7. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
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  8. DC Universe Online
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  9. Kingdom Hearts II
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  10. Bully
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Steve Blum
  1. Steve Blum
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  2. Fred Tatasciore
    296 Roles
  3. Charles Martinet
    254 Roles
  4. Christopher Sabat
    226 Roles
  5. Yuri Lowenthal
    208 Roles
  6. Dee Bradley Baker
    195 Roles
  7. Laura Bailey
    191 Roles
  8. Nolan North
    174 Roles
  9. Lani Minella
    160 Roles
  10. Liam O'Brien
    149 Roles