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Seiryu of the Saint Beasts

Seiryu of the Saint Beasts

TV SHOW: Yu Yu Hakusho
FRANCHISE: Yu Yu Hakusho

VOICE OF Seiryu of the Saint Beasts


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said at 11:10 PM on Sun Feb 1 2015
I still can't decide if Justin Cook's voice had a filter put on it to sound deeper or its simply his natural deep range when it comes to Seriyu I'm lending towards a natural deep range but he may of had a filter put on his voice like when it was done when he played Super Buu in the original Dragonball Z dub but when the remastered sets came out they took out the filter and his original voice could finally be heard. Its a possibility but I'm not convinced I believe its a natural deep voice from Cook its a difficult scenario to decide on that only could be solved by directly asking Justin himself most likely.

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