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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
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US First Aired Release Date: September 13, 2008
Japan First Aired Release Date: April 02, 2008
Japan Last Aired: 2011

Seasons: 4
Episodes: 154

Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh!
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said at 3:00 AM on Sat Aug 1 2015
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Heya, to whoever runs this page, got a bunch of mistakes on here (several of which are my fault, dating back to wikipedia).

Oliver Wyman and Maddie Blaustien were NOT Rex Goodwin.
Veronica Taylor was NOT Martha.
Scottie Ray was NOT Devack.
Dan Green was NOT Regulus (it was always TJ Del Reno).

Sherry LeBlanc is Eileen Stevens; NOT Emily Bauer.
Lazar is Gary Mack; who was NOT Professor Frank, that was Tom Wayland.

These are nearly all from personal confirmations I've had from a while back. Also, here were the original VO credits on the show during its early season:

Greg Abbey - Yusei
Christopher C. Adams
Marc Diraison - Kalin
Kether Donahue
Wayne Grayson - Tanner
Dan Green - Trudge
Bella Hudson - Akiza, Rally
Evelyn Lanto - Mina
Jamie McGonnigal - Blitz
Gary Mack - Jeager
Suzy Myers
Ed Paul - Jack, Mitch
Sean Schemmel - Announcer, Kreiger, Zigzix
Christian Simple
Veronica Taylor - Carly, Fairy Dragon
Murray Thom
Marc Thompson - Yanagi, Roman
Bryan Tyler
Tom Wayland - Nervin, The Professor
Dave Willis - Tank, Armstrong

So there's a few on there still worth piecing together. I'm sure there's probably a bunch of other mistakes I'm not aware of either.
said at 6:13 PM on Sat Feb 8 2014
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I miss this show. I never even got to see all of it, but 5D's is my favorite anime.

...Though I have to say, the Japanese version was much better. 4kidz botched it with all the censorship.
said at 1:48 PM on Tue Aug 4 2015
@Midna The entire Japanese version is now up on Crunchyroll if you'd like to finish it!

And I agree. It's a shame we can't get a good uncut dub for it.

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