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US First Aired Release Date: March 31, 2003
US Last Aired: 2003
US Home Media Release Date: March 28, 2000
Japan First Aired Release Date: April 01, 1998
Japan Last Aired: 1998

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Franchise: Trigun
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Alchan the Green
said at 8:32 PM on Thu Oct 24 2013
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What really interests me about the "Trigun" cast (at least in English) is the number of voice actors who are unknowns, or were at the time. I've looked through the VA's of several of the characters now, and while some of them carved out pretty impressive careers (I'm thinking of Johnny Yong Bosch and Bridget Hoffman here, for instance) others either did virtually nothing else or had careers but ones that people don't really remember or talk about.

In particular, it fascinates me that of the four main "Trigun" men, only two of them (Vash and Legato) are voiced by actors who've since had much of a career. Both Jeff Nimoy and Bo Williams seem almost completely unknown even now.

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