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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
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US First Aired Release Date: September 29, 2012
US Last Aired: Ongoing

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26+

Animation Studio: Nickelodeon
Franchise: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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said at 6:32 PM on Thu Mar 5 2015
I know I'm like really late and all, but it's really cool to see Rocksteady and Bebop return.
said at 6:56 PM on Sun Feb 22 2015
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I don't understand why Seth Green is getting messed with about being the new voice of Leo. I mean I get the whole wanting characters voices to stay the same but nick couldn't just overlook the remarks made by Biggs & Seth Green is a good actor & even better voice actor. Also the way they set it up was perfect really, to have the last episode with Biggs have Leo go through so much & then explain the voice change through the injuries sustained in battle that left him in a coma for months.
said at 6:18 PM on Tue Feb 3 2015
Love this show! It's got the perfect mix of old school tmnt voices and today's big name actor's! Go ninjas, go ninjas, go!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:33 PM on Fri Jan 23 2015
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I love that Raphael made a Goonies reference, that was really funny.
Axem Red
said at 4:40 PM on Fri Sep 26 2014
I wonder if Tokka will ever appear in this.
UltimateCharm (Moderator)
said at 5:27 PM on Sat Oct 18 2014
@Axem Red I wonder if Sam Riegel will ever appear in this.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:53 PM on Sat Oct 18 2014
Why Sam specifically?
UltimateCharm (Moderator)
said at 7:21 PM on Sat Oct 18 2014
@Music Meister I'm not really picky. I just want an actor from the 2003 series to appear. Sam seems like the best choice, given he's been working in California for some time.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:23 PM on Sat Oct 18 2014
Good point, who knows. I thought getting the original cast members would be unlikely but they got them so anything is possible.
said at 5:33 AM on Wed Aug 20 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I like how in this series you can actually tell the Turtles apart. The script and the voice acting is really good, despite the animation not being all that fantastic.
said at 12:39 PM on Mon Feb 23 2015
@BlankSlate I agree, except that I kinda like the animation it's definitely way better then in the original show from the 80s that I grew up loving. Also I like there eyes when their shocked or the flame behind them if their mad. But it is a great show, the actors really do a wonderful job making you care about the characters and they all have their own distinct personalities. I get a lot of gruff from my husband and teenage daughter for liking the show so much but my four year old son and I love it and it's one of the few cartoons made in recent years that is as enjoyable for me as it is for my son and not at all inappropriate for him. With my daughter our show we watched together the most was the last air binder. That was a good show too but it was no tmnt!
said at 3:36 PM on Fri Jul 18 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
It was a bummer that Karai got mutated at the end of "Vengeance is Mine".
said at 2:23 AM on Sun Aug 10 2014
@vgiannell5 She was onsssse a woman...
said at 4:04 PM on Mon Feb 23 2015
@vgiannell5 it did work out though because she was able to save her father.
Axem Red
said at 7:39 PM on Sun Jun 15 2014
So is Anton Zeck supposed to be Bebop?
UltimateCharm (Moderator)
said at 7:41 PM on Sun Jun 15 2014
@Axem Red Well, yeah. The hair not give it away?

Oh, and that Steranko guy will become Rocksteady. Oh spoiler alert.
Axem Red
said at 7:45 PM on Sun Jun 15 2014
@UltimateCharm I assumed it was Bebop but just wanted to be sure.
said at 9:15 PM on Mon Apr 21 2014
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Great show for fans both old and new.

Also one of the (If the not "thee") best interpretations of Splinter yet. Such power, authority, and fatherly care in his voice. He's probably my favorite character in this show.
said at 9:09 PM on Mon Apr 21 2014
Man, I can't wait until they bring back one of the turtles old school friend. For true fans of the series there cannot be a series if they don't bring back the Samurai Rabbit.... Miyamoto Usagi.... That's right! I said it, he was a bad ass rabbit!! Homie got down with Leo and pretty much taught him a lesson or two. Now the voice of the character should be none other than.... Wait forrrrrrr it.... Donnie Yen. The man who played the legendary IP MAN in part 1 and 2. If he could speak english of course. Man, that would be sooo sick!! I know, I know it wouldn't happen but a man can dream. Can't he???
Sajin Frost
said at 5:51 PM on Wed Apr 30 2014
@Chile55 I think that they should have Usagi in the show. but they would have to change somethings to bring him into the show.
said at 8:21 AM on Sun Oct 12 2014
@Chile55 He won't be in it. since Peter Laird's not involved, who's friends with his creator.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 4:57 PM on Sat Mar 15 2014
 5 Shout Outs! [?]
This show will never beat the line "the cheese phone, this must be an emergency!"
said at 6:37 AM on Mon Mar 10 2014
I really like this shows cast.
said at 9:13 AM on Mon Mar 3 2014
I'm surprised how dark this show can be at times.
said at 2:41 PM on Sun Feb 2 2014
I wonder if we'll ever see that Steranko guy again.
said at 5:24 PM on Fri Jan 31 2014
Confirmed: Irma is going to be a goth. :)
said at 8:00 PM on Wed Dec 25 2013
That homeless guy scares me....
said at 6:06 PM on Mon Nov 25 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
The Voltron parody skits are hilarious.
said at 3:05 PM on Sun Nov 24 2013
I know this may be a stretch considering he's a cyborg fish, but since Dogpound became Rahzar, I wonder if Xever is gonna become Tokka
said at 2:39 PM on Sun Feb 2 2014
@skeletonking1234 The idea of him becoming Tokka might work. Since Raph's pet turtle Spike became Slash, he make a better Tokka than Fishface. Assuming he joins the Foot to get even with Raph.
said at 2:23 PM on Wed Nov 20 2013
this has to be the best portrayl of splinter yet. he keeps a extreamly good balance between father type and Ninja master! which is good because as much as i like splinter, i was kinda disappointed that people kept over doing the father side of him. HE IS A NINJA MASTER HE NEEDED TO MORE TROLLING XD. and thats EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID WITH THIS SERIES AND I LOVE IT
said at 12:35 PM on Sat Nov 9 2013
I don't like the design for Casey Jones very much.
said at 1:53 PM on Sat Oct 12 2013
Who here loved the second season premiere? :D
said at 8:27 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
@TheLemsterPju It wasn't half bad. Mikey is seriously mentally challenged. The dramatic chipmunk joke at the end was a nice touch.
said at 12:51 PM on Thu Jul 25 2013
 3 Shout Outs! [?]
Casey Jones is coming! Slash is coming! Irma is coming! Booyakasha!

I wonder what Donnie would think about Casey Jones hitting on April lol
said at 1:04 PM on Fri Aug 9 2013
@TheLemsterPju My thoughts exactly.
said at 9:58 PM on Mon Jan 13 2014
@TheLemsterPju He'll be a little jealous at first, but he'll get over it in time.
said at 2:03 AM on Wed Jun 5 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I'm not gonna lie, if 2012 Shredder doesn't turn out to be a tiny red alien in disguise, a small part of me will be disappointed.
said at 7:35 PM on Thu Jun 6 2013
@TheVengeanceKnight If that happens, half the nerd community will be like :
And the other half will be like :
"R U serious?"
said at 11:32 PM on Thu Jun 6 2013
@VctrBnsn I think I'll be the only person in the TMNT fandom who'll be cheering if that happens. :-P
said at 11:48 PM on Thu Jun 6 2013
@TheVengeanceKnight I think I'm on the boat of keeping Shredder a human. Shredder as an alien in the 2000's series was kinda surreal.
said at 12:58 PM on Fri Aug 9 2013
@TheVengeanceKnight I liked Ch'rell as a villain so you're not alone.
said at 2:34 PM on Sun Feb 2 2014
@VctrBnsn Ch'rell wasn't the only Shredder in the 2003 series. Besides Karai becoming one herself, their were two more of them. The first one was the Demon Shredder and the other was the Cyber Shredder.
said at 4:54 PM on Sun Oct 28 2012
Is Kirby O'Neil another homage to Jack Kirby? This would be the first time TMNT did that the first time being the 03 series.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:45 PM on Sat Nov 17 2012
@pete Because his first name is Kirby?
said at 2:35 AM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@Music Meister In the 2003 series his first name was either Kirby as well or they never said it.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:48 AM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@pete But is it really a reference when it's just the word Kriby as his name. Is having the name Lee a reference to Stan Lee?
said at 2:51 AM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@Music Meister Considering they did that way in 2003 series they could have done it again.
said at 3:33 AM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@Music Meister Look at it this way Lee is a somewhat common name and Kirby isn't. Considering Peter Laird had it done with the 2003 series him(if he's involved with this) or Kevin Eastman could have done it again.
said at 1:13 AM on Sun Nov 25 2012
@pete/@MusicMeister: Well, in the 2003 TMNT series, the episode featuring the "Kirby" character opened with a card explicitly stating: "This Episode is Dedicated to Jack Kirby 'King of the Comics'", so there's no disputing the connection there.

In light of that, and the TMNT creators' obvious deep respect for him, I don't think it's TOO much of a stretch to guess that the Kirby O'Neil character was named as a nod to Jack Kirby.
said at 3:29 AM on Tue Nov 19 2013
@Music Meister In any other circumstance, I'd agree with you. This however, I'd say is an homage to Jack Kirby. They've used at least 3 other references to the creators. the 'Eastman and Laird' reference, Mr. Murakami, and Wolf Hotel. Murakami and Wolf are the producers of the 80's cartoon and featured prominently after the credits of the episodes.
said at 1:42 PM on Mon Oct 8 2012
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
I'll admit, I was cautious about this show, but I gotta say, I really like it! Even the voices are growing on me... and dare I say, they may be the best one so far! Except for Donnie, still can't come around with his voice quite yet.

However, these voices portray the younger versions of the turtles where the 03 series seemed a little older, and thus sounded older. So I like each voice for different reasons
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 10:49 AM on Wed Oct 10 2012
@AMT Interesting, I think Donatello's is the best fit out of the voices...Rob's voice is perfect for a science/tech nerd character. I actually prefer him for Donnie over Raph.
said at 4:53 PM on Sun Oct 28 2012
@AMT I agree they sound the youngest and the most teenage out of the all the incarnations I like both the 03 series voices and 07 movie voices but they were older.
said at 3:34 AM on Sun Nov 18 2012
@pete and the 87 ones as well.
said at 2:24 PM on Sun Sep 30 2012
Not bad voices are top notch my favorites being Mikey and Splinter.
said at 12:16 PM on Sun Sep 30 2012
Gotta say, I actually kinda liked the one-hour premiere episode. It took a little while to get used to the animation and voices, but it came into it's own, and I really enjoyed watching it. Can't wait to see more. :)
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 5:00 AM on Sat Oct 6 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 I actually found the humor spot on compared to most 'kids shows' Was actually laughing out loud multiple times!
said at 5:55 AM on Sun Oct 7 2012
@OptimusSolo I agree. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Like you, I was laughing out loud several times.
said at 5:15 PM on Mon Oct 24 2011
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
According to the cast list... Rob Paulson is playng Donatello... WHY CANT HE JUST PLAY RAPH LIKE IN THE ORIGINAL SHOW?! They brought back an original voice actor from the 80s-90s version, and he's not even playing his own character? WTH?
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 8:15 PM on Mon Oct 24 2011
@BMcCauley Its because they have a different vision for what Donatello is going to be like and you have to realize that Rob is a tad bit older now as well - just wait until you see it before you pass judgment and then if you still don't like it so be it :)
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 11:30 AM on Thu Mar 22 2012
@BMcCauley Uh, because Rob doesn't "own" the character? That's probably why. He's not the only VA to voice Raph. He doesn't have rights to the character, no more than Nolan North or Matt Hill or anyone else. They brought in a talented voice actor to voice someone who he *hasn't* voiced before. That happens a lot in voice acting. I think you just need to cool it, man. :)
said at 7:38 PM on Sat May 26 2012

Finally, someone who shares my pain.
said at 1:23 PM on Mon Jul 9 2012
@BMcCauley Just be glad he's voicing one of the turtles.
said at 11:20 AM on Sun Sep 30 2012
@BMcCauley Also cause Rob played a vastly different version of the character from any other version in any other medium. Probably because they needed to make the 86 series more kid friendly, but the standards of kid friendly has changed over the years so they can the tough one again without fearing that parents would get upset at the show for him being violent.
I like Rob, he just doesn't fit that mold well, but he does fall into donetello's, so there's that at least.

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