Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Voice Director: Alan Dinehart

US Premiere: Sep 12, 1981
US Conclusion: 1983

Seasons: 3
Episodes: 24

Animation Studio: Marvel Productions

Popularity: 391st All Time, 424th This Week

Franchise: Spider-Man
Characters on BTVA: 50
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
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said at 10:35 AM on Thu Dec 31 2015
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A.K.A. Prototype Ultimate Spider-Man
Shaun Ince
said at 3:03 PM on Tue Jul 14 2015
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Peter Cullen's performances in this show were definitely the highlight of this show. Mysterio & Red Skull are brilliant. It's also a good example of Cullen's range seeing as most people are more familiar with his Optimus Prime & Eeyore voices.
said at 4:43 PM on Wed Jul 15 2015
@Shaun Ince As I said before, all the villain performers were great in this show. Cullen is no exception.

And as I mentioned in my comment below, all the villains had some of the best evil laughs I've ever heard. You can hear some of them here:

said at 1:47 PM on Tue Mar 10 2015
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Along with the 1967 Fantastic Four, the 1967 Spidey cartoons, the 1989 X-Men pilot and the 1982 Hulk cartoon, this is one of the best Marvel cartoons I've ever seen. All the stories, casting choices, voice direction and performances were perfect.

This show also gave us some of the best evil laughs ever. Whether it be Dennis Marks with his Green Goblin's cackle or Hans Conried's delightful Captain Hook laugh for the Chameleon, every villain was excellently portrayed.

Also, the use of radio veterans like Hans Conried, Shepard Menken, Michael Rye and June Foray was a great addition to this show (and something the solo cartoon really lacked). Also, you get stage veteran William Marshall, who had one of the most awesome deep voices I've ever heard, as the Juggernaut and Tony Stark.

It saddens me that this show, along with the others I've mentioned above, is becoming extremely underrated. I mean, come on guys. Old people know a lot more than us, and that makes us respect them. Why can't we respect old TV shows???

Anyway, this show was one of the best Marvel ever did.
EPA Deane
said at 7:02 AM on Wed Nov 23 2016
@Starscreamsfan "Why can't we respect old tv shows???"

Possibly because they can feel dated, be it from writing, animation or Voice Acting standards.

Lack of personal connections to older shows can also play a factor.

For Example, I prefer later versions of Scooby Doo (in particular 'What's New Scooby Doo') partly because I find Daphne to be less of a flaccid damsel in distress than she was in the original Hanna Barberra cartoons. That and there was less distracting recycled animation footage.

That's the best explanation I can think of.
said at 4:48 PM on Wed Dec 7 2016
@EPA Deane Animation, yes. However, I honestly think the writing in this show was really good. Really witty old timey writing which calls back to the old radio days.

Plus, the actors are really having a blast doing all these quirky and fun performances. I have seen shows that have dated badly (the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon), but this one is not one of them. I really think this show is still fun to this day.
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