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Gorobei Katayama

Gorobei Katayama

TV SHOW: Samurai 7

VOICE OF Gorobei Katayama


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said at 8:20 PM on Sun Aug 16 2015
This Gorobei was a disappointment. Not that he didn't have redeeming qualities... in fact, he's a little too nice.

The original Gorobei was selfless and kind in helping save the village. But to Kikuchiyo, he came across as kind of a bully, (to be fair, Kiku was wasted on their first meeting and therefore all the more annoying), even though he eventually sort of accepted him in the end as part of the team once he witnessed Kiku's actions to strengthen the bond between the samurai and farmers, inspiring him and the others to motivate the farmers.

This version... just has quirks. He's weird. He's nice but weird. That's about it.
I felt he accepted Kikuchiyo as part of the team surprisingly early. But it's a difference I should probably let slide.

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