Rio: Rainbow Gate

Rio: Rainbow Gate
Voice Directors: Amber Lee Connors, Brittany Lauda

US Home Media: May 02, 2017
Japan Premiere: Jan 04, 2011
Japan Conclusion: 2011

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Popularity: 992nd All Time, 173rd This Week

Franchise: Rio: Rainbow Gate
Characters on BTVA: 24
Rio: Rainbow Gate Rio: Rainbow Gate
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said at 9:43 PM on Mon Mar 27 2017
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Gotta appreciate this cast i mean you got New York, LA, and Texas VA's in this impressive shout out to Brittney lauda and Amber Lee Conors for assembling an interesting dub cast
said at 9:47 AM on Tue Mar 28 2017

There is also a voice actor who is based in Toronto in this anime dub.
said at 3:24 AM on Sat Sep 10 2016
However, out of the other characters' VAs, I was very surprised with the choosing of Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Clark (Mint's grandfather) for the show.

When I first looked at the list, and saw that Todd is playing Mr. Clark, I was like "WTF!?" in a very shocked tone.

I haven't seen a clip with Mr. Clark's voice in it yet (probably wouldn't hear him until the home video or Crunchyroll (which is likely to happen) release), but I saw a clip that featured Tom Howard's voice in it, and Media Blasters made the correct choice picking Mike Pollock for him since he accurately sounded like the pervert based on the clip. :-)
said at 7:07 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016

Check out Rowen from Tales of Xillia if you're still doubtful that Todd could pull off a convincing elderly voice. :P
said at 11:37 AM on Sat Dec 31 2016

Guess what!? I'm a believer now!
said at 5:05 AM on Tue Jan 3 2017

said at 3:02 AM on Sat Sep 10 2016
For some of the characters I bothered to do a prediction for their VAs for this show, I got a couple of them correct. The first one I got right was Amber Lee Connors as Rio, and the second one I got right (even though I didn't put it down publicly) was Anthony Sardinha (aka Antfish) as Carlos.
said at 11:29 AM on Wed Aug 24 2016
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Now this is what I call an All-Star Casts.
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