Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution

Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution
Voice Director: Tom Wayland

US Premiere: May 31, 2014
US Conclusion: Dec 26, 2015
Japan Premiere: Apr 03, 2014
Japan Conclusion: Oct 29, 2015

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4

Animation Studio: OLM

Popularity: 1,199th All Time, 1,208th This Week

Franchise: Pokemon
Characters on BTVA: 21
Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution
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said at 12:22 PM on Thu Mar 9 2017
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The Mega Evolution specials are some of the more better dubs that TPCI has done (though of course they are one or two mistakes here and there). Weirdly enough though I really do not like Ed Goldfarb's music it didn't bug me here as much as it did in say the XYZ series where it really showed.

In terms of actors, Jonathan Silver was really good here with some solid lines for him. He also did good in XYZ though the first full episode ae appeared in had him sounding rather monotone but things got better afterwards.

Meredith Zeitlin was also solid as Mairin though she may be a bit too old for the role, it nevertheless still fitted.

It was great to see Andrew Paull return as Steven Stone and here he was given more to do than the Advanced series.

Jake Paque is brilliant as Professor Sycamore, probably one of the best casting roles TPCI has done. Don't think I need to say anymore on him.

H.D. Quinn was also good as Lysandre and everyone else did a good job for what they've done.
said at 12:09 AM on Sun Jan 22 2017
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The dub of the Mega Evolution Specials is *very* similar to the dub of Chronicles, only this time around, TPCi repeats similar mistakes 4Kids made there (except in these 4 episodes, there is no Japanese music kept whatsoever). That being said, considering how much I really dislike Ed Goldfarb's music scoring, his theme for Alain was probably his best work thus far on the Series- has a mysterious, yet subtle atmosphere.

Jonathan Silver actually did a good job as Alain here in terms of using an appropriate voice with solid acting here, though for some reason, his performance declined in quality in the main Anime dub, when the character cameo-ed with this OTT "MEGA EVOOOOOOLVVE" goofiness- most likely a directing issue, though honesty, that's nothing new for Pokemon dubs in general in their current state.

Meredith Zeitlin's voice sounded a little too old for Mairin, but her acting itself is pretty good, so I won't say more than that.

Ironic that Andrew Paull would be one of literally a handful of actors or actresses to get a chance to reprise a role in the TPCi dub, they did in the 4Kids dub, as Steven Stone- personally, I prefer how he did the role during AG over XY here, but that's most likely due to Darren Dunstan being the director as opposed to Tom Wayland for this Series. Still, his Steven performance was decent nonetheless.

Jake Paque is excellent as Professor Sycamore, no complaints there, I really like how wise yet young-sounding he makes him sound.

People often give Mike Pollock (to me, undeserved) flak for his narration, yet I'd listen to it over H.D. Quinn's rather monotone narrating here that sounds like he's reading a storybook to children. His Lysandre performance, however, is considerably more natural in contrast here and he acts the part pretty well in these Specials compared to the main Anime (see Alain).

I prefer how Malva sounded in Pokemon Generations, sadly, this performance was just too condescending for me to enjoy fully. I'm sure her actress tried, but it didn't work out to well due to inept vocal direction.

And of course, kanji is still evil in Pokemon land as it's been for the last 19 years, so we must erase it! Joking, but the dub still does this even now.
said at 12:21 AM on Wed Aug 10 2016
I hope Alain realizes Lysandre is just using him for some evil purpose.
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